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Mindset Of a History Maker Parent


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As A Busy Parent How Can I Stay On Track And Make History?

You can make history by being a good parent. It says that great and mighty are your offspring on the earth. Psalms 112: 2 You could just prophesy that over your children so you can be a busy parent and be a history maker.

You’re investing in your children and you’re really going to change history. Your children might be the ones that change history. You get the credit for it because you’re also part of the process. If you want to be a history maker you as a good parent can you still sit and journal. You could do something that God shows you, that you can do while you’re at home with your kids.

Why don’t you develop some teaching and some things you could do with your children? With the idea of homeschooling them, maybe do some projects and things then document it. One day you can publish your book on what you did to bring your children up or some games that you invented or the lessons that you did. You are the manifestation of God. We are the manifestation of the ministry of Jesus so someone would benefit from what you did as a parent.

Keep a journal of your dreams. Keep a journal of what you do with your children if God gives you ideas on how to teach them things. That would be enough just being faithful as a parent. You can take the courses. If you’re taking warrior notes courses that’s something you can do and still watch your kids.

You’re not always going to be tied down to your kids. Eventually, they will grow up and you’ll have all these things that you recorded and wrote about and you can help somebody else in a younger generation.

How Do You Change History If You Have Wasted Most Of Your Years?

This is interesting because a great man of God whom you would know who has one of the largest ministries in the world once asked the Lord. He wasted a lot of his life as an entertainer. He asked the Lord. Where would I be if I had just followed you since a child instead of wasting all my years, my 20s and 30s? I wasted all those years and was in Las Vegas. The Lord said you’d be right where you are right now. It had nothing to do with when did you start. It’s not taught here but there is a designation in a project called project catch-up. God will catch you up. He will accelerate you into that and you can complete your calling.

Once you are submissive and you develop your walk with God then the Lord can get a lot of things done in a short amount of time. You really would be right where you are even if you wasted your early years. The bottom line is that. Does God have you now? Does he have all of you now? I'm telling you, I know I saw in heaven, and I know this is going to happen. He literally can add another 20 years to your life or 30 years to your life.

You could live to whatever years you wasted. He gives that to you at the end of your life and even the doctors would be amazed that you’ve lived to be a hundred years old. So it’s not over unless you decide. Do you want to pursue project catch-up? I saw that this is possible and it’s a supernatural but I saw in the end days, from now on people are gonna start living longer. No one will be able to define why because you know the way. I look forward to it.

There’s a lot of things that are happening right now in the world that it almost looks like this is the way things are set up. It’s set up to kill you before you get to 80 years old. It’s almost like the United States should be one of the healthiest nations in the world because of our technology and the wealth of our nation. Yet why do people in the United States still only live to be 70 or 80 years old?

There’s something wrong. If you dig into what’s going on you would understand why. God is going to start reverse the curse in people’s lives. He will cause you to make history and catch up for all those years.

How Do I Change The Future Of My City?

Well, you have to find out from God why you are there and what is his plan for that city. For instance, Los Angeles is the city of angels. Now it seems like it’s a city of demons at times. What happened? Well, it’s because God pronounced over it but even in the name, it’s a city of angels.

There was a great revival there at the turn of the last century. We had a lot of good history in the church. Revival came out of Azusa street. The Assemblies of God came out of Azusa Street. After Azusa street kind of revival in 1908 they migrated to hot springs Arkansas and met and formed the Assemblies of God in 1914. And then there’s a Four Square Church that was formed as well. Things that we have today you know go back to Los Angeles and then from there you can go back to the Parhams. In Kansas that had a school right before where they were getting baptised in the Holy Spirit. They were trying to figure out what was going on there. Some of those went to Azusa Street and then the revival happened there.

You can trace these things back in history. What your city is designated for is written in heaven. You might want to check out the name of your city and find out what it means and then you could pray. If God has you in that city then you’re on an assignment. You live there and the best thing you can do to change the future of your city is beat the living daylights out of the devils that are there. How you do that is you obey God. You love God more than them.

You hate evil, you hate disease, you hate sin, you despise injustice and you go and you vote for good people in your city and you pray. You start a bible study, you start to minister to your neighbours, you start to give to your community and love on people and that’s how you change history. That’s how you can change your city.

Now you know there are lots of cities that are big and it’s not going to be changed just by one person. It could be changed in the spirit by one person if they would pray and fast. So you can change the future of your city and never leave your house but eventually, you will have to leave your house and you’ll have to vote and you’re going to have to love on people.

You can break those powers over the city because they’re higher up powers that are over cities. They have these smaller demons that are assigned to slow the Churches down in that city and to promote the agenda of the devil in that city. You have to break that chain of command by fasting and prayer. That’s why we have cities like Zion Illinois that was completely won over for God. That’s where you guys have history.

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