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How religion unites people and tear them apart


The world as it is today is filled with malice and strife as well as togetherness and love. There are those that choose to hate others based on many things such as their religion, ethnicity, or even income just to name a few. I’ve however chosen to base this discussion around religion and how it can both bring people together and push them apart.


In today’s society religion is considered a taboo topic to talk about. In order to not to offend, many choose to leave the topic alone altogether when in public. That doesn’t go for everyone though; many strive off of the topic and the controversy it brings. There are those that use the beliefs of other to drive families and even entire communities apart based on one simple thing, which God do you serve!
All over the world people have used religion to target certain groups of people. Be it Christian’s vs. Muslims vs. Jews vs. Muslims etc. The division in religion is sometimes so bad that even people who serve the same God sometimes hate each other because or of small differences. An example would be the protestant church and the Catholic Church, during the time the pilgrims fled Europe so that they could worship freely.
Religion isn’t all about division; there are instances where religion has also brought people together. For Christians, it provides a chance for people to get together and celebrate their beliefs and to converse with like-minded individuals. The same can be said about those whom are Jewish Muslim, Sikh or any other religion as well, although the days may differ. These organized religions also contribute a lot to the communities they inhabit as well. Sometimes it’s a bake sale, a fund raiser, or even a high holiday that may be celebrated within that religion that may bring people together to either aid a cause or celebrate a day. Christmas is a prime example of a religious holiday bringing people together. Although not originally a Christian holiday, it is widely considered one today.
The traditions of Christmas bring a multitude of varying beliefs together. This holiday is celebrated worldwide by Christians as they believe this to be the day that their messiah was born and for many others it’s just a reason to give and receive gifts from those they care for. This religious holiday also brings people or varying faiths together in the form of charitable giving as well. Many people donate to organizations during this time. These organizations vary from feeding the needy to helping the poor or buying gifts for children whose parents can’t afford any.
Religion in some sense seems to be a double edged sword when it comes to the community. It has the ability to bring people together in support of a good cause as well as drive them apart due to differences in beliefs some larger than others. Regardless off a person belief, we have to share this world and should not allow it to drive us apart, especially if the basis of all religions is supposed to be love, be it for your fellow man or your community.

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