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How Do You Evolve Through the Chakras?

PS is practicing yoga since the age of 11. Her yoga retreats in India have helped her gain deep insights into self-awareness.

How Do You Evolve Through the Chakras?

How Do You Evolve Through the Chakras?

All living beings are evolving at every millisecond including us, human beings. The relentlessly moving human evolution, whether as individuals or race, is the development through the different chakras. The root chakra, Mooladhara, is a basic chakra. From here, the evolution starts, and at Sahasrara, the crown chakra, the evolution completes.

As you progress upwards to the Sahasrara, the external experiences enter into your life and the internal experiences enter into your deep meditation. With this, your nervous system starts to get charged with different capacities and centers. This happens due to the flow of energy and rate of vibration through the Nadis, at higher voltages in your psychic body.

Mooladhara is considered to be the base of human incarnation, while in animals, it is the highest chakra that they can awake. For them, Mooladhara is their crown chakra i.e. Sahasrara. Beyond this, animals don’t have any higher chakras. This can be proved by examining their nervous systems that show a relative deficiency.

In the evolution of the animal kingdom, there are more chakras below the Mooladhara. They can only raise the sensual consciousness and not mental consciousness. They don't have self-awareness and ego issues. It all starts with the Mooladhara. All the lower chakras don’t function in you because you have already surpassed them.

In animals, these lower chakras, as well as Nadis, are located in the legs. All the Nadis in them meet at the Mooladhara chakra, the way Nadis meet at the Ajna chakra in the human beings. Mooladhara is the lowest chakra in humans and Patala is the lowest chakra in the animals. Patala represents the dark dimension where nature doesn’t survive and the matter is lying dormant and lifeless.

While Sahasrara is considered to be the highest chakra in human beings, there are some more chakras above it that are connected to the supreme consciousness. This means Mooladhara is the highest possible evolution in animals and is a base for human evolution. Sahasrara is the highest possible evolution in human beings and is a base for divine evolution.

The more you learn about the chakras, the better you’ll understand that kundalini is the main controller of every aspect of your life. When this shakti (energy) passes through the animals, it transforms every being with Avidya (ignorance). Due to which, animals are completely inclined to sleeping, eating, mating, and fearing. This is where the tamas guna begins. From Mooladhara, you start to gain a rajas guna, and finally, at Sahasrara, you achieve sattvic guna.

Unlike animals, you are gifted with higher consciousness

Till the root chakra, Mooladhara, the evolution happens by itself. Animals don’t need to practice yoga and meditation. They don’t need a guru or live a monastic lifestyle. They eat anytime anywhere. They are under complete control of nature. Since their thinking capacity is minimal, nature lovingly caresses them in their phase of evolution.

At the peak of this evolution, when kundalini reaches the Mooladhara chakra, evolution stops being spontaneous. This happens because human beings are not entirely surrendered to natural laws. For example, animals look for companions only during particular seasons otherwise they don’t care about them even if they live together. Unlike them, human beings are free from these laws and they can find a partner whenever they want.

You are well-acquainted with time and space. You, certainly, have an ego. You have the power to think and gain widespread knowledge and repeat this activity as many times as you want. This indicates the development of the ego. The ego creates double awareness. To better understand this, take the example of animals. Animals don’t have double awareness. They don’t know if they are chasing or running after another animal. It is their instinct that drives them to do so.

Thus, you, as a human being, are gifted with a higher consciousness. You need to work for its evolution. That’s why kundalini is said to be lying dormant in the Mooladhara chakra. It won’t rise from its base till you push it.

Proper preparation can help you evolve the full potential of your brain

When your kundalini shakti wakes up in the Mooladhara chakra, it doesn’t move by itself. It may sleep again and then wake up after a while. This is an on and off process. It may, sometimes, jump to the Swadhisthana and Manipura chakras, then goes back to the sleep in the Mooladhara. However, the moment it enters into the Anahata chakra, there’s no going back.

The chakra gets blocked only when the Sushumna Nadi is not functioning well or the previous chakras are restricted. There are chances that your kundalini may get stuck in one particular chakra for a long time, even for the whole lifetime.

When your kundalini is stuck in one of the chakras during the ascending, you may inherit some sort of psychic energy connected with that chakra. This can hinder your self-control and may make you lose your practical understanding. When you attain Siddhi or psychic consciousness, you are curious to show them. You feel you are doing it for good results, but in reality, you are just boosting your ego. You may get caught up in the web of ignorance. This can stagnate your progress.

If you are possessing Siddhis, this means you have successfully opened that particular chakra. Unfortunately, these Siddhis don’t stay for very long. You may be able to read other people’s thoughts for a few days, but this is just a temporary ability. You may be able to heal others, but this is also temporary.

You must remember these powers emerge when the awakening of your kundalini is stuck at one of the chakras. You start to possess the power relevant to that chakra. However, this doesn’t happen when your kundalini awakens and passes through all the chakras in a single practice.

There’s a certain possibility that some of your lower chakras are already awake without your knowledge. Each one of you is at a different stage of evolution and thus, it’s not recommended to start the practice of kundalini awakening from the Mooladhara chakra. But to help you understand the whole concept, the explanation of kundalini always starts from the Mooladhara chakra.

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If you have awakened chakra from birth due to the Sadhana performed by either or both of your parents, you may be born with your kundalini in the Manipura chakra. In this situation, you must practice kundalini yoga from that chakra.

This is difficult to know if your kundalini exists in second or higher chakras because the powers of that chakra are present in you since birth, so you don’t feel anything different. For this reason, a guru will always ask you to practice the kundalini awakening from the Mooladhara to avoid any risks. This means you may not feel anything when you go from Mooladhara to Manipura chakra, but when you reach the Anahata chakra, you may begin to experience something new.

Before starting the kundalini yoga, you must try to find out the level of your evolution. To find this out, focus on Mooladhara for 15 to 30 minutes daily, then on Swadhisthana for at least 15 days, Manipura for 15 days, and so on. Your chakra awakening can activate the dormant areas of your brain. Each chakra is directly connected with a specific area of your brain. The activation of complete chakras means boosting the full potential of your brain.

Awakening the chakras help you gain receptive consciousness

The awakening of the chakras is crucial for the complete evolution of a human being. It is often misrelated with the occultism or mysticism. With the opening of the chakras, your consciousness transcends and your mind grows. These changes influence your relationship and communication in your daily life.

Since you are reading this. You are curious to know about chakras means your present state of mind demands more, to skillfully handle the affairs of your life. Your feelings of love, hatred, and indifference, your connections with people are the result of your present state of mind. Also, if you look closely, then your frustrations, agonies, and sufferings are not because of your circumstances, but because of the responses given by your mind. Therefore, your main purpose of awakening chakras, Nadis, and kundalini must be to make your daily life healthy and conscious.

People born with awakened kundalini or chakras have a superior way of living. This comes naturally to them. They can be influential artists, musicians, writers, inventors, scientists, prophets, scholars, and so on. Unfortunately, the worldly societies consider their manifestations as deviating. The society forces them to psychological treatment and medication. On the other hand, your personal conflicts with your family and in the workplace are considered normal.

When your mind expands and you reach the higher consciousness, you are attentive to every event of your life, even to the negligible affairs of your life. This is an abnormal behavior according to the ordinary people, but it is a natural effect of the chakras’ awakening. This changes your mind frequencies and as a result, you gain a very receptive consciousness.

Example of Issac Newton and Lord Buddha

Every sound you hear, every color you see, and everything else have a certain frequency, though it may not be the same. Even your thoughts have frequencies, it can be either low or high. Consider this example:

According to a popular belief, Issac Newton, the renowned scientist, saw an apple falling from the tree. Everyone has seen fruits falling from the trees, but no one ever gave any thought to this. But Newton did because of his alert consciousness. It was the quality of his mind that made him discover the concept of gravitation.

Why you should stay away from telling lies and killing animals?

Telling lies and killing animals has become a natural tendency of human beings. You may surely think it’s right to be deceptive sometimes to earn money, rule over people, or suppress a particular group. This whole situation heavily depends on your level of consciousness.

With a lower consciousness, lies are not such a big deal for you. You use it when you want things to turn in your favor. But when the frequency of your consciousness changes, you no longer adhere to the old norms.

Besides, many people are also quite convenient with killing animals, sometimes for pleasure and sometimes for food. According to some people, killing the animals can liberate them from their current state and allow them to born again, faster. Your attitudes and thoughts are the outcomes of the quality of your mind and consciousness.

At one time Lord Buddha, along with his cousin Devadatta, went for hunting. Devadatta shot an arrow at a pigeon and it became severely injured. Buddha felt the suffering of the bird and immediately removed the arrow. However, Devadatta didn’t feel anything. He, in fact, felt quite honored to hit the bird with one shot. It concludes that Buddha’s higher consciousness made him empathize and develop compassion for the bird.

The expressions of love, charity, mercy, forgiveness, compassion, etc. are the signs of supreme qualities. These are found in man when he has awakened all the chakras. This also explains why the opening of the Anahata chakra is so crucial. Every chakra is equally important since each of them possesses unique abilities. But as per the spiritual texts, there is a great emphasis on the awakening of Mooladhara, Ajna, and Anahata chakras.

  • Mooladhara is the initiation of kundalini energy.
  • Ajna is the union of kundalini energy with all the Nadis.
  • Anahata is the bridge between the lower and the higher chakras.

Anahata chakra is highly responsible for building a sublime relationship with the supreme deity and with our family and friends as well as the rest of the people.

The awakening of chakras spontaneously changes the quality of your mind. The change is so fast that you may or may not realize it. Your perception, the quality of your love, and your relationships drastically improve. You start to value your life and that of others in a new manner. At this level, you understand how to deal with the unavoidable frustrations and disappointments. This enables you to live a life of higher standards because your attitude towards life has become so much better now.

The moment you have awakened all your chakras, you’ll realize that you have brought an unbreakable unity in your family and friendships. What else will you need after that? Will you think about deception or hurting others? Obviously not. A human being, consciously or unconsciously, is always looking for happiness as well as inner satisfaction. And as much as can be understood, the true and permanent happiness is possible through the systematized method of awakening the chakras.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Prachi Sharma

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