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How to Tell If You've Been Cursed

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What is a Curse?

A Curse is just like any other magic spell. It can come in the form of a prayer, chant or ritual. The only thing that separates them is the intention of the person behind it. Curses are usually cast to cause harm, bad luck and mischievous trouble in the intended recipient's life.

Sometimes, instead of causing direct ill effect on someone, they can be put in place as a protection measure. For example, I could put a curse on someone with the condition that it will only take affect should the recipient try to cause harm to someone else. If they never try to harm someone then it won't interrupt their life.

There are a few different types of curses, and to know exactly what kind has been put on you would be very difficult. The only way to know for sure is if you see any remnants of the spell or witness it being cast.

Curse Spell

Curse Spell

Can you really be cursed?

Before protection spells became part of every day witchcraft, being cursed was very much feared by practitioners. It was also feared, and sometimes still is, by people who were even just a little bit superstitious. This is because it is common knowledge that anyone can become a target for bad intentions.

As an eclectic witch who has been practicing for more than a decade, I am proud to say that I am not against cursing or hexing. I'm certain I have been cursed in the past as it comes with the lifestyle. Everyone wanting to explore witchcraft should be able to accept that there is a vast history in putting curses on people and that not all have malicious intentions.

Rather than jumping straight into magic spells, tarot cards and crystals, it is very important to educate yourself on all the different elements of witchcraft. You could be set on never saying a bad word against anyone during your practice no matter how they treat (or mistreat) you, but that doesn't mean that other people have the same good intentions as you do. You could become a target of the dark side of magic through no fault of your own. It could be something that is aimed towards someone you love and you then become the unwitting recipient. Or you could unknowingly offend someone else in the craft and they decide to put a spell on you.

The best way to prevent this from happening in the first place is to know how it can affect you. Then you can determine the best way to protect yourself.

Protection Spells

Protection Spells

What are the symptoms of a curse?

Sometimes symptoms can be as simple as having car trouble every morning or ruining your favorite clothes in the wash every week. You know, little things that interrupt your life and annoy the hell out of you. Then there are more personal symptoms like getting into an accident, a sudden nasty illness, the complete breakdown of a relationship, or (depending on how powerful the caster is) extreme financial loss.

It can be any one of the things listed above or several at the same time. I must stress that if you feel like you are having serious unexpected medical problems, please go and get checked out with your doctor. The symptoms may or may not be the result of magical workings, but it is always better to be safe with regards to your health. Please also keep in mind that not everything can be cured by breaking or removing a curse.

No matter what your symptoms are, you still need to do the work of rectifying the problems that have already presented themselves. Removing a curse only has the power to stop anything more from happening in the future.

More ways to tell if you've been cursed and what to do about it

Symptoms usually come on very suddenly and are persistent. Unlike your normal run of bad luck, the occurrences would last for a while longer.

Some curses can last for years at a time but these are very rare. Normally they weaken over time when the person who cast the spell forgets about it entirely. Meaning they don't continue working on it to make it last.

There are also some spells that are designed to go undetected. With these you may just have a gut feeling that something isn't right. Or you might get a flash of insight that a recent string of events were due to some bad intentions cast your way. With this kind of malediction there is never any way to know for sure, so the full process of protection, cleansing and removal is necessary to reverse the work.

Physical symptoms are not the only way to tell if you have been cursed. You can read your tarot cards (or have them read for you), use a pendulum or consult spirit to determine if someone has cast some kind of dark magic you. Choose the method of divination that works best for you.

In my practice I have found that the best way to work with spirit, deities, angels or Gods is to ask for a sign. If they give you the sign then it is confirmed that a curse has been put on you. Once you have you confirmation, you can make a petition for help with the removal of the curse. You must remember that when petitioning for help with anything from the deities, gods or angels you must leave an offering of gratitude for them.

To counteract a curse the best thing to do is some protection work. If you are unfamiliar with protection work and need to do some more research before carrying it out, then you can start the reversal process by changing your everyday behavior for the better by practicing gratitude. Although this isn't always enough on its own.

How to tell if you've been cursed

How to tell if you've been cursed

Should you be worried?

If you're uncertain or you want to be sure that you are free from any curses or evil eyes, you can go straight to the hex breaking/curse removing methods that I will discuss in my next post.

Most importantly, try not to panic!

In all honesty the likelihood of you really being cursed is very small. Everyone has bouts of bad luck, it's just something that happens in life. If you are not practicing witchcraft then it is even more unlikely that you have been cursed.

However, if you are involved in the witchcraft community you may have unknowingly upset another practitioner and they may have tried to fire a curse in your direction.

Like I've said, curses do happen but they are very rare.

In all cases, it doesn't hurt to take some preventative measures, does it?

What's your experience?

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