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The Best Way To Study and Appreciate the Bible

Claudette Carter, graduated from Widener University and enjoys focusing on her love for God as well as the positive things in life.

Why Should We Study The Bible Daily

Getting to know and love #Almighty God and his son Jesus, is so vital in these critical times we live in. Imagine having a creator and trying to function without the maker's advice. When we don't read our Creator's thoughts which come through the Bible, it leaves us in a state of confusion. During these times we are dealing with concerning the Coronavirus people are determined to be faithful to God. On the television program Good Morning America correspondent David Wright explained how, “The faithful are finding a way to worship together. Some communities are pointedly defying #Social Distancing guideline. In Kansas today the State Supreme Courts will hear arguments to determine whether congregations can gather with more than ten people.” Governor Laura Kelly acknowledged, “With a shockingly irresponsible decision they will put every Kansas life at risk.” Wright went on to report, “From Manila to Manhattan the vast majority have found creative ways to get by. In Germany drive-in theaters are making a come back...” Hundreds of cars fill these parking lots in order to take in spiritual information and demonstrate their faith in God.

Nothing makes sense in our lives as some even try to claim God does not exist but that man evolved. If man evolved, why are we not continuing to evolve today? Why are apes not evolving into humans continuously? We truly should attempt to make sense out of our beliefs which can cause us to disown or eliminate a Creator in our lives. When we do this, there is no longer a need to read the Bible which is Almighty God Jehovah's thoughts. My family and l discovered free #Online Bible Study Lessons. “How do they work? In this course, you will get the answers of some of life’s most important questions: Who is God? Why do suffering and evil exist? Will God ever bring an end to suffering?” The website is listed at the bottom of this article.

Some people no longer demonstrate the desire to learn as much as they can about their relationship with our savior Jesus Christ. Reading the Bible daily not only allows the thoughts of our Creator to penetrate our hearts and minds but we discover just how much he cares about us. When we discover that personally, it is so easy to just love our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus. Recognizing the wonderful accounts in the Bible such as the ultimate source of love that exist between a father and his son. The appreciation of that precious relationship inspires us to look further into why, after billions of years Almighty God created Jesus first and foremost. Then through Jesus, "everything was created through him and for him." Without Jesus, "nothing came into existence." What a powerful role Jesus plays in our lives as human beings created by our #Heavenly Father Jehovah. The proof that we were created comes from God’s word, “And God went on to create the man in his image, in God’s image he created him; male and female he created them.” (Genesis 1:27) New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures.

To not fully understand and appreciate the thoughts in the Bible, would cause any creation to be confused and without true hope. That is why today, some people are still in search of the right #political leader, to make things right in the world for them. The dilemma is that we are all imperfect and no man can solve the problems of this #world. Only our creator, through his son Jesus and their future government or kingdom, will solve the problems of death, sickness, hunger, #climate control and violence. We must return to God's word the Bible for the answers to the world's problems today.

We see so many politicians today, trying to fulfill the roles that only #Almighty God can accomplish. Individuals put so much hope and trust in these leaders of the world which leaves mankind empty and constantly in search of things that do not make them happy. Studying and appreciating God's thoughts; brings so much peace and contentment. We never feel lonely or disappointed because as readers of the Bible, we become aware of God's wonderful hope and promises for the future. Nothing can steal the joy we feel when we study the Bible daily and see events unfold before our very eyes.

The abundance of violence, hatred and critical times, helps us to understand that we are truly living in the last days of this wicked system. Knowing this gives us the hope based on what the Bible says about the future. Imagine living in a world where there is "no sickness, death, pain or sorrow." Living in a world where people love and respect each other regardless of #race or gender. What a glorious time that will be. That is why it is so vital that we read and appreciate the Bible in order to have a meaningful hope for the #future.

Angelladywriter has no control over the advertisements that surround this article. She also writes these articles for free and tries to promote Jehovah God and his son Jesus Christ wonderful purposes for all mankind.

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Claudette Coleman Carter (author) from Media, Pennsylvania on September 30, 2020:

I have found the best time for me to read the Bible is early in the morning around 6am when l have had a good nights rest. My mind and heart seems to be more appreciative of what my Heavenly Father is trying to tell me through his word the Bible. It’s so comforting especially during these critical times.

Claudette Coleman Carter (author) from Media, Pennsylvania on July 11, 2011:

Julip Manor,

The best time for me to read the Bible is the afternoon or evening, when I have wound down from the day. This gives me time to reflect on things that have happened during the day and how I can prepare myself mentally for the next day. Early in the morning is also good while eveyone in my household is asleep. This also gives me inspiration for dealing with the day and its problems. It is truly vital that we take the time to read the thoughts of our Grand Creator. May you find comfort through God's word as well.

Julip Manor from Kingwood, Texas on July 03, 2011:

Thanks........when is the best time for you to read? What is your schedule like?

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