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How to Stop Stray Thoughts and Not Worry

I like to share information that makes life more joyful and meaningful. My main interests are health and general wellness in body and mind.

It's A Merry-Go-Round

Our mind is like a wild monkey. Never for a split second the mind can stay put. For a person not familiar with watching the mind, he thinks there is nothing wrong with his mind. He goes on his daily life not knowing that his mind has been leading his life, at its whims and fancies. Perhaps he is aware of his mind leading him to act in certain ways, and he goes along with it. Some people just live instinctively, always thinking negatively without a thought of getting out of the box. These are the people who live a life of stray thoughts and worry. Their minds incessantly jump around unstoppable. When they decide to do something, their minds immediately conjure up myriads of negative thought patterns. Then they end up worrying about those conjured thoughts that have no basis to be there in the first place.

Take an example, if this person decides to go fishing, his immediate habitual negative thoughts will be, "Will it rain?" Then from there, more stray thoughts will be generated in split seconds. "Should I call this friend of mine? No, he is always a pain. Where should I go in the first place? No, not this place. What if I run out of bait? What bait should I use this time? Will there be any fish this time of the day?" And on and on....

Another example. This person needs to go to a gas station (petrol station) but does not know the location. He asks for directions. Let's say, he is given a few locations where he can find the gas station. Now the trouble begins. "Shall I go to location A or B or C? Location A sounds a bit confusing. Location B sounds too far. Location C may have too much traffic." And on and on.........

Stray thoughts may lead to forgetfulness. When this person enters the room, she switches on the light. She takes the dress out, and think, "I hope this dress is right for the occasion. What if they don't like it? Will I be embarrassed? Is this color suitable for the occasion?" Then she leaves the room, forgetting to switch off the light. Sounds familiar!

What when this person notices a lump on his chest? "What is that? Am I in some trouble? Will this be cancer? I don't want to die? What about my family? It is going to be very painful, a very painful death. Shall I go see doctor immediately, or maybe it's nothing, not a need to see the doctor." And on and on......

Stop Stray Thoughts And Stop Worrying

Stop these stray thoughts and stop worrying unnecessarily. Without these stray thoughts, there will be no cause for unnecessary worrying. It takes effort to stop this vicious cycle of stray thoughts and worrying and forgetfulness. Take control of your mind. This takes a bit of practice. And constant practice makes perfect. You need to tell your mind to stop this nonsense. We call it to be aware of the present moment, that is, be aware of what you are doing now, and stay focus on the "now", and not to allow your mind to invent stray thoughts to haunt you.

Tell your mind, enough is enough. Stop wandering. Stay where you are. After a lot of constant practice with perseverance, you will notice that once in a while you will be able to control your mind from wandering with stray thoughts.

If you want to go fishing, just go. If you are looking for a gas station, decide on one and just go. If you enter the room to take a dress, just take it. If you notice a lump on your chest and getting worried, then go see your doctor immediately. Period; full stop. The other thoughts are stray thoughts, not helping you at all, but wasting your time and creating further fear and worry for you. "Just do it." Some very clever brand has hit the nail on the head!

We never go anywhere regretting the past or worry about the future. We must live in the "now", the "present moment". Live for today, one day at a time. We can learn from the past, and plan for the future. But never waste our time regretting the past, and worry unnecessarily about the future. Stray thoughts are like riding the toy animals in the merry-go-round or the carousel. We go round and round without arriving at any point.

Make The Mind Your Servant

Make your mind your servant. Don't allow your mind to control you. Stay at the present moment, and you will realize that you can make your mind your servant. So each time when your mind wanders, just be mindful to pull your mind back to the present moment. You can start to practise this especially when you are washing dishes. I bet you, once your brush or scouring pad touches the plates, your mind is no longer on washing dishes, but cursing someone or worrying over whether world war 3 will start tomorrow, or whether your mom-in-law is staying over the week-end in your home.

Question: What is this physical person?

Answer: Body and mind.

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Question: What is body?

Answer: No mind.

Question: What is mind?

Answer: No body.

So, if you don't understand this message, never mind, for your are no body!

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Justin Choo (author) from Malaysia on September 12, 2014:

Thank you WiccanSage for the comment and encouragement.

Mackenzie Sage Wright on September 11, 2014:

This is very useful, it's so true. I started practicing meditation and mindfulness years ago, and it practically saved my sanity-- I used to have a brain that worried about everything, particularly of the 'what's going to happen' varieties. I learned that when you let your mind linger on those kinds of thoughts, your body fight-or-flight reaction can kick in as if you are really living it and not just thinking about it.

Changing the habit of how you think takes some effort but is well worth it. This hub has some great advice, voted up.

Kang Gary on September 03, 2014:

That's why we must always be mindful.....not mind-full.

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