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How To Make and Use Dowsing Wands and Pendulums

My own L Rods created by using wire coat hangers

My own L Rods created by using wire coat hangers


Pendulum Charts

pendulum charts are used when doing a reading

pendulum charts are used when doing a reading

Contact me for a custom chart

Contact me for a custom chart



Perhaps you've seen or have heard of someone called a water witch, this is a person usually an elderly man or woman (but not always) that uses a Y shaped stick pointing the length end of the stick upwards with their hands held outward palms up holding the sticks 2 Y ends until it dips towards the ground indicating a water source. They measure the amount of water by the strength of that pull. Some are so adept at their craft that they can estimate depth of drilling or excavation and even the amounts of gallons per hour the well will take to fill. This practice is the practice of dowsing.

So what is happening to make this process work? Well the subconscious mind is interacting with the ideomotor-functions of the body. Involuntary movements are exaggerated by the object that is being used as the tool for dowsing. This object is usually an extended or suspended object that can easily respond to automatic involuntary muscle movements in the body and can then be observed in its actions as the smaller movements are exaggerated by the tool. It is much like the art of lie detection, involuntary body functions such as sweating, tensing of the muscles, salivation, eye movements are all ideomotor-functions. At a deeper level the mind is communicating at a quantum level with the type of material you are seeking. So if it is water, then you can dowse for water, gold for gold, bottle caps for bottle caps. The key is to identify and visualize the type of material or objects you want to find and then to use that imagery to help you find it.

Programming Yourself and Your Tools to Dowse:

So you think you want to give it a try. Great! Well whatever tool you choose or make to be your dowsing tool should be programmed by you. Try to visualize how you want your indications to be answered. If you're using a Y rod then you should imagine a positive signal being a dip towards the ground. If you are using L Rods then imagine any positive signal being where the two rods cross. Manually make the tool do this, be it dip downwards or crossing. Imagine the indication word YES or NO by the action of the dowsing tool that you are making it do. This is programming yourself and the tool to indicate correctly.

Here I will cover the types of tools one can use for dowsing

  • Y Rods - Y rods are either a Y stick, or flexible wire or twig with a pointed end that is held out by the Y handles and pointed upward until the pointed end pings on the target and points down. Holding the Y rod outwards you walk slowly in a pattern covering the ground until the indicator strikes the target.
  • Bobbers - Bobbers are flexible wire or springs with a heavier ball or point at the end that indicates a target by bobbing up and down.
  • L Rods - L rods are two L shaped rods held loosely in the hand between the thumb and the index finger or placed into a tube of some kind for freedom of motion. L rods are held out at arms length and allowed to rest with their tips pointed towards the horizon or slightly at a downward angle. Walk slowly forwards in a back and forth pattern, the target will be indicated by the crossing or opening of the rods, depending on how you program yourself to dowse. For targeting a specific object I suggest programming the cross. To locate a large source opening of the L rods would be more efficient, but this is just a suggestion.
  • Pendulums - A pendulum is a small heavy object of any kind be it a key or a crystal suspended from a chain, or string that is allowed to hang freely while being held between the thumb and the index finger. Pendulums can be used in many different ways. The military has used pendulums to navigate mine fields and to detect enemy positions in the battlefield. Placing a pendulum over a map can give you an idea of where to start a search for your intended target. Pendulums can also be used to give psychic readings or for personal knowledge in yes or no cases. There are pendulum charts but the basics are a + upwards and downwards for yes and side to side for no. Over a map you can use this to indicate where something lost is located or you can slowly walk around the room until the indication is positive.
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How to Make A Pendulum and L Rods:

L Rods can be made by simply taking a coat hanger and cutting it in half with wire cutters. Take the lengthy end and then using pliers shape the wire into an L shape. Once done use needle-nosed pliers and twist the ends into a curl as not to have sharp end sticking out that can injure you or someone else. At the shorter end place a tube like a hollowed out pen tube over the short end so you have something for the rod to swing freely in. You can now personalize your rods however you wish to, or keep them simple. I actually wrap mine in copper wire.

Pendulums can be anything heavy and small suspended from a string or chain. The most simple is a key and string. To make a pendulum just find an old necklace chain you don't use and then glue or attach it to a heavier object. To create a Yes or No chart you can simply use a piece of paper and draw a cross + with yes and no for indication. This is also a great way to program your pendulum. You can also buy pendulums and charts at many spiritual stores or online at places like amazon.


outfitter from Western Canada / North Central Saskatchewan on May 22, 2012:

I have been reading 'dowsing books / articles now for 3 months and took the plunge today! wow! what a feeling.I have been putting off from fear of the unknown and what my reaction would be;it was amazing.i 'm now moving to the next step tommorow and program my pendulum and even thinking of making a 'rod'.

The4player on June 02, 2010:

This works. I'm dowser and I have search finded lost things with success. I'm actually working with lottery numbers, it's works, but is more difficult than others fields. In this the practice is the way.

thevoice from carthage ill on March 19, 2010:

terrific hub thoughts

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on March 19, 2010:

Very cool sheila b., yeah what I've found is that dowsing is a great tool for location targeting. As far as dowsing the lottery numbers with a pendulum you are going to find that it probably won't work, at least it hasn't for me. So unless you are treasure hunting then I think your odds are as good as anybody else when it comes to winning the lottery. For finding gold or another source of mineral you may use it along with a metal detector.

I digress though, using dowsing will help get you in touch with that part of you that is veiled from your sixth sense. Your conscious mind is a filter, dowsing just bypasses that filter. We can all do it. Try and see for yourself.

sheila b. on March 18, 2010:

When I lived in Danville, VT, dowsers met there once a year and it was interesting. One man from town who was well respected was well known as a dowser. I interviewed him for the local paper, and he told me about another interviewer, who'd asked, "If you're so good at this, why aren't you rich?" The man answered, "How do you know I'm not?" He showed me letters from people who had called him with problems he solved, such as where to find something they'd lost. I went away believing in his ability.

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