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How To Know If You Have Real Paranormal Activity

Read the below articles to know if you have real paranormal activity going on in your house.

Read the below articles to know if you have real paranormal activity going on in your house.

Do you know how to tell if you have real paranormal activity going on.

Do you know how to tell if you have real paranormal activity going on.

How You Can Know If Your House Is Haunted Is Explained To You In This Great Video. So Be Sure To Watch It.

How To Know If You Have Real Paranormal Activity

You may not believe it but there are some people who experience real paranormal activity in their homes. Over five years ago I moved into the house where I now live and I have experienced different levels of paranormal activity here in the house I live in ever since I moved in.

Several times I and my girlfriend have heard a woman singing in the middle room of my house that I use as a living room. It is not coming from a radio or television on in another room but appears to come from overhead. Several times when we have come back to the house after dark we have spotted a rather old appearing lady with her hair up in a bun looking out the kitchen window even though the house was securely locked when we left. And upon checking out the house no woman is ever in the house.

If you are wondering if your house is haunted there are a lot of things you can check out to see if you have real paranormal activity going on or is there a logical explanation for what you are experiencing in your home.

Over the years I have lived in several houses and locations where their was high levels of paranormal activity going on and many unexplained things going on. For many years I have known for a fact that ghosts and paranormal activity are very real. So if you have strange unusual things going on in your house read on to find out how you can tell if you have a real haunting going on.

Update October 2010. My New House And Two New Ghosts

I now live in another location and I have at least two spirits living here in my house, One is female and the other is male.

I have seen the female walk straight in through the front door , walk across the kitchen floor and then fade almost out before she walked out through the back door. This happened to me at 4 A.M. one morning and to say the least it was frightening. Through research into the history of my home I know she used to sew in the house on a pedal sewing machine and I often hear the sound of a pedal sewing machine. I don't think she is ever going to hurt anyone. Through my own research I now know she fell dead out the back door one day and I'm not 100 percent sure the lady even knows she is dead.

I also know there is a male spirit about 6 foot tall but I don't know who he is. I have seen him as has a friend of mine. I have tried to find out who he is but so far I've not been able to find out anything about him.

I will try to keep everyone updated on these two ghosts and what they do as I observe and watch them. I am going to keep trying to find out something about the male spirit. So far I have only been able to find out about one person who died here on the property and that was the lady.

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Haunted Alaska , Ghost Stories From The Far North. This Is A Really Great Video. Spooky.

Are you wondering if you have a ghost in your house?

Are you wondering if you have a ghost in your house?

Do You Have A Ghost In Your House? Or Other Paranormal Activity Going On.

One thing you may find if you have real paranormal activity going on in your home is cold spots. Is there a location in your home that is unusually cold. The first thing to do is to do a through investigation of your home and know where the vents are that your homes air conditioning comes out of. There may be an air vent under a bed or behind a piece of furniture that you don't know about. Always rule out the logical answers for unusual or unexplained activity first. But if your experiencing real cold spots in your home that are not caused by air conditioning then you may have paranormal activity going on. Be sure to check for wind coming in around a window or a hidden vent. And if possible buy a simple thermometer to take the temperature of your cold spot or cold spots. Keep a journal and document what you find in your journal.

Snap Photos Often With A Digital Camera

Next over the next week or so snap photos with a digital camera around your house. If you suspect or think you have paranormal activity going on in a particular room or area take lots of photos in that area. And do it at different times of the day and night. If you hear a strange noise take a photo in the direction of the noise. Okay now go through your photos carefully and look for people that were not there when the photo was taken or orbs or other lights. You will probably want to upload your photos from your memory card to your computer so you can see the full size photos and be able to see anything in your photos. If you spot something on a photo don't panic and don't take it for proof of a ghost or paranormal activity until you have examined the photo carefully and ruled out any logical solutions for anything strange in your photos. Keep in mind that mirrors even around a corner can cause some strange images to show up in your photos. If you have a photo you can't explain show it to a friend and ask them what they think it is. If you come up with a strange photo I will be glad to look at it for you if you will email me a copy.

Do You Have Objects That Move On Their Own?

Do you have a chair or other object that moves on its own. Do you have a door or cabinet doors that you know for a fact you shut but they are open when you go back then you may indeed have something strange going on. If possible set up a motion activated camera to see if you can catch the object moving. If this is not possible be double sure you check the item out and go at once to it when you come back home or back into the area and you will know if something has moved. I have a door that I know I shut well but I quite often find that the door has opened on its own. Again make double sure to look for logical solutions. I have seen doors that were not hung correctly that did indeed open on their own but their was nothing paranormal going on. I had a lady call me and I went to her house because a door was closing on its own. Upon investigation we found that when her air conditioner came on the change in air pressure in her bedroom would indeed shut her bedroom door but there was again nothing paranormal going on. Her husband had recently died and she was sure it was he that was closing the door.

Do You Think Your House Is Haunted?

If its possible and you think you have paranormal activity going on or you think your house is haunted thoroughly investigate the history of your home and the surrounding area. Find out if there are deaths or tragic activity that are associated with your house or other location you suspect is haunted. If you find out their was a death or several deaths of people who lived in your house then you may indeed have a haunted house or live in a house that has paranormal activity going on. Be sure to keep a journal of everything going on around you. Write it down and document what is happening along with the date and time of what you see or hear. Does it happen the same time every day? Then you may very well have a residual haunting going on. I know where there is a house in a certain southern state where you can hear a car crash happen every Friday night that happened back in 1953 when two teen boys were killed when they ran into the house. In some places residual hauntings are quite common. Be sure to learn everything you can about the history of your house. You may be quite shocked at what you find out.

What To Do If You See A Ghost!

If you see a ghost try to have a camera handy and try to take its photo. Ask other family members or other people who live or have lived in your house what they have seen. Don't tell them your full story of what you saw until they tell you their story. If their story matches up with what you saw then yes you may have a real haunting. And again always keep a journal of what you are seeing along with the date and time. The more you can document the better off you will be.

Do You Think You Live In A Haunted House?

If you think you are living in a haunted house or have paranormal activity going on please post a comment or question below or email me through Hub Pages and I will be sure to answer your questions as soon as possible. If you are experiencing paranormal activity please tell us about it in the comments section below. And thanks for taking the time to read my Hub Page on How To Know If You Have Real Paranormal Activity Going On.


You can email the author of this Hub Page at thomasbyers@gmail.com with " Paranormal " in the subject line.

I will be glad to try to help you with any paranormal problems you may have if I can at all.

About The Author, Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost

I've been able to see ghosts and other paranormal activity all my life. I'm surrounded by spirits and paranormal activity on a almost every day basis. I have two spirits that live in the house I currently live in and another that visits on a regular basis. The visitor is my Mom and she always does things to let me know it's her like turning my TV to QVC which was one of her favorite stations.Imagine setting there watching a movie on TV and you hear a cough and the TV goes straight to QVC. I've even played along and asked after turning back to what I was watching. " Mom if that's you turn it back " And the TV went straight back to QVC. I had the Cable company send someone out to check it and the guy who came out changed the cable box out and the remote and it still does it.

Imagine A Quilt Crawling Crawling Down A Hall By It's Self.

Last week the mischievous spirit in my house pulled a new one on me. I keep a quilt on the back of my couch in the living room and he threw the quilt over into the kitchen which is open to the living room. Now that was not enough. Oh no. The quilt then crawled down the hall and into my bedroom and two of the three friends in my living room fled the house like the devil himself was after them. And I doubt if any of the three will ever come back in my house again. I think it is a man's spirit who is one of two spirits in my house. He often does things to try to scare people. Imagine living in the house with him.

My Mom Still Calls My House Often

My Mom passed away on January 6th , 2010 and her old phone number is a non working phone number but she still calls me from that phone number. She also calls a real good friend of hers and mine. How she is able to do this I do not know. She has even yelled into my answering machine for someone to pick up. However if you pick up the phone when she calls all you hear is static. It really is happening and at times it can even be scary.

Have You Ever Read About The Winchester Mystery House

Mrs Winchester kept building her house for 38 years to keep the ghosts entertained. Click the below link to read all about it.

Click To Read About The Winchester Mystery House

Phone Calls From My Mom Who Died January 6th 2010

My Mom's Old Number Is A Non Working Phone Number But She Still Calls My House From That Number Even Though She Passed Away On January 6TH , 2010. I documented one of the phone calls back in July of this year. How she does it I don't know.

My Mom's Old Number Is A Non Working Phone Number But She Still Calls My House From That Number Even Though She Passed Away On January 6TH , 2010. I documented one of the phone calls back in July of this year. How she does it I don't know.

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(C) October 2010 by Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost.. Any and all rights are reserved.

(C) October 2010 by Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost.. Any and all rights are reserved.

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looking for answers on March 17, 2016:

Many things that can not be explained happen in my home. First and always trying to logical trying to make good sense out of it.I never go hard with it. Just drop it because that's all that is left. I started as a child growing up here. My parent bought it from a chinnes family who were the first owners. The home was decorated in traditional reason with Chinese family. Very dark lots of red. Long skinny windows. Except one rm. In back cornner. On the 4 walls one black one white one pink and the other was a giant upside down peace sign made of all three colors. I should say we moved in around 1912. Thought it was weird but left it at that. My mother loved bright and light, so she changed up things as much as she could. I have 2 sister's and each of us agrees something was different and home felt errie. One of my main experience was sister's were married and gone and my parents were out of town. I came in late, when I opened the dr. I felt concerned right away. I took 3 steeps went around the family rm. Wall till I reached the corner with light off. I crunched down and didn't move till the next morning. And no sleeping eather. I could feel something noise to noise with me. And I knew If from I moved something bad was going to happen. My aunts that have come to visit say something is going on here. They won't sleep alone when they visit from out of town to see my mom. One night they were sleeping an there were 3 of them. The one in the middle set up and started talking out of her head and being really crazy. Well time moves on it is what it is. My mother years later only one that lives in the house. She doesn't like to worry people so I know when she shares it's real.things on on with here all the time. Unexplained. I'm concerned with this last one. She gets her clothes ready for work the night before always hanging them in diameter spot. Dress and shoes a it in there to be put on next morning. She wakes up gets ready go's to put dress on but only shoes are sitting there. Well that's hard to egnor. I spent a whole week searching the house with her even the garage. Never to be found. Little things all the time. A very healthy lady she was got ovarian cancertain out of no where and passed. She leaves house to me. Before I move on my father would swear someone keep coming in the house too. So here I am back in the house. Going on three year of unexplained things. You just have to leave it there? Things just vanish, frustrating but what can you do. The bolted dr. Keeps opening and slamming while locked alerting dogs and more than one person. Dogs act terrified when they are left by there self. By almost screaming and grabbing on to us, that is highly unusual. Police were involved a few times I heard someone on other side of bathroom dr. While home breathing louder and loude7. So I called because I was home alone. The two were looking for passages ways into house. And I never shared any of these things. But they were weirded out buy the house. Another time they came because I was standing in play rm door with one hand on dr. Telling my daughter about a not normal noise I heard in hall way. While I was talking I saw a flash of someone and the door got slammed on me. Several police came and seamed puzzled about the whole thing. My grandson 17 claims lights turn off or on doors slam and feels someone there. Please remember we don't even talk or carry on about any of these things. There is so much more I've never spoke or ask about any of this before. And BTW we have cameras set up in the house it takes pics. Or you can watch it live. The doors have always been heard never seen until today. We watched it open like someone came in or out. But it's looked with deadbolt and no one is there. It's as if our family has been cursed sense we have moved back in. And the door doing that today was just something you caneed not egnor. Just want a educated answer on this.

Carl on December 03, 2015:

I have had my door handles being tried during the night, moving up and down on their own accord, I decided to set a trap, knowing they could not

get away, they were moving on their own with no other human involvement, really odd, I keep my doors locked now and also put in extra security, it was like a message from the spirit world, they always

do it a between 3 and 4 pm, I saw the gate handle moving and there was

no one there.

Sandra on May 21, 2015:

The house I live in is haunted. Many strange things have happened since I moved in. From my phone losing all battery power after I fully charged it to my phone telling me I can only make 911 calls. TV shutting off at 3:00am almost every morning, to each person getting scratched in there sleep. My son cough a mist on his video game recorder but deleted it not to upset the spirits. Most terrifing are the nightmares I have almost every night about converseing with the dead in an alternate version of reality. I recently met a celebrity who claims he is angel/demon and since that day the activity has gotten worse-now objects are moving and clothes are flying off the clothes rack in broad daylight. I fear a demon may have attached itself to my energy and is now interfering with the spirits I already have in my home. Neither my cat nor my dog will come upstairs alone. I pray,I light candles-my next step is to move!

Tamaira jibbison on January 09, 2015:

So I don't think my house is haunted but I've only gotten 2 signs that it might be a low level of haunting. So first it's almost every night that I feel deep breathing behind my neck which is much colder than my air vent that is facing the direction of me, but I also feel like someone is watching from the opposite end of my bed or they're wrapping their arms around my waist when I'm awake laying in bed. And second of all every single time I went to my computer room to watch my anime or catch up on my Instagram or facebook, I would hear my floor creek in the same exact spot every time I was in there right out side and it sounded like a step of a persons foot. I don't feel like they're true, but its just a creepy feeling. Oh yeah! And also every single time I'm in my room, something would always fall by itself even though its been laying there for days and weeks and it also happened sometimes when I'm in another room and it still falls in my room.

Catalina on November 14, 2014:

Hi I'm Catalina from kingston ok

I have a few questions we hear noises often in are home we rent it's a trailer house.. And sometimes we feel there is someone watching us last night a around 4am i heard some one saying a name outside it seemed like someone was hollering but it heard from far away I couldn't heard the name clearly..

trina81 on September 15, 2014:

I'm not sure if this page is sill going seens as the last comment was a couple of months back, but i really need to get something of my chestI do kind of believe in things like this or did, but recently well in the last 2 years ive been experiencing something that has been happening in and all around my house since my partner and his daughter moved in. I have a hree bed home and 4 children who live here which includes his daughter. It all started two years ago when the first strange thing happened, which was a bucket of mop bucket water that was left in my stepdaughters room suddenly was tipped over, i was in the bedroom listening to the radio with headfones on so i didn't notice anything until my daughter who is 6 came running in to our room shouting at me that the kitchen wall was leaking and water was running down it from the ceiling, it happened so quick so i shouted down to my partner what was going on he was panicking because the water was leaking everywhere and he was trying to hastily run around to find towels or anything to hand to stop the water seeping towards our kitchen plug sockets I aked him where my 4 year old was and my stepdaughter and our 11 month old they were all accounted for my 11 month old was sleeping in his travel cot my stepdaughter and my daughter were still eating their dinner in the kitchen with dad and my year old was sprawled out on the sofa so i ran into the room to find the whole mop bucket had been tipped over the mop bucket is heavy when full there is noway one of my kids could have tipped this. anyway that is when it started few months later a phone line cover pinged of the wall and hit my 9 year old sepdaughter while she was sleeping, it landed on her bed woke her up. the nest thing few months down the line my son started talking about something that stands in the corner of the room near the window at 2.30 in the morning, i figured this might be to do with light from outside but i changed around the room anyway.then things died down for a bit then it started a few months ago again. little things at first beads dropping to the wood flooring in my hallway near the front door while all my kids were sound asleep i did check them to make sure me and my partner were in the living room then i started to see something run from the front door to the kitchen i thought it was one of my girls but rechecked the time and i knew it wasn't them this was about the same time round about 2-3 in the morning. from there it started to get heightened. again round about twoish in morning my lil un was only a few months at that time he needed a feed i started to feed him on the other sofa ha we have and no he one near the bookcase good job i did. An xmas bottle that my son had made in nursery with water and glitter in it was on the book shelf next to my other sofa faceing the sofa but the sofa being at least two feet away from the book case. i was to engrossed in feeding my son until i looked up to see his bottle being thrown or more like pushed fiercely from the book case and it landed in front of my other sofa i called my partner in about it, thats when i knew something wasn't right the other hings they could have possibly had logical explanations which i always try to look at first but the way that bottle flew was unexplainable. After that couple of months things were okay and they died down again. Recently on the other hand i went to jump in my shower and i felt a burning on my left arm ( I still have pictures of These) I was moving shower curtain out of the way and this burning started on my left arm, i looked down and there were two long scratches down my arm that looked like nail scratches, I continued with the shower came out told my partner took pictures but i still have scars now. A week later which was only last week my partner tried to jump in the shower and he ended up with child like bitemarks and scratches inside the bitemark that had been inflicted on his underarm there is noway he could do that to himself, i looked at it and it is just not possible that he could reach that area, he described he felt the same burning sensation. anyway he had to go to hospital and is still there now because our daughter isn't well, so imagine the panic that started to set in for me last week when he left on Wednesday ,and i was right to do so, On Friday i was woken up by something stroking my leg while i was under my duvet but the hand that was stroking my leg was on top of my duvet and it was on the back of my right leg, Now i know i wasn't imagining it because it felt like the way my partner would stroke my leg with his force which is just a caring type force but i felt it and it had woken me up, i laid there fully awake with my back to whatever that was and it continued to carry on that has really freaked me out I was awake because it had woken me up and it just continued and it felt ice cold after a few seconds i moved slightly obviously panicked really bad, It was definitely not any of my kids because my other daughter was at her dads and my 11 month old was sleeping and so was my 4 year old, but once i moved it all of a sudden it stopped just like that, i grabbed my phone checked the time it was 4.45 am in the morning. After that i sleptt downstairs for the rest of the morning on my sofa bed. I would not go back into my bedroom. and even now while im sitting in my bedroom I'm remembering exactly what i felt on Friday. Its freaking me out because it seems to have turned its attention to me in a different way which i am not liking the thought of, I feel like im nuts talking about this and I've only ever spoken to one other person about this the same as my partner, because were worried in case we get told were nuts or something, and if both of us and my kids are experiencing this then surely something must be going on but what, i don't know. And obviously I am freaked about it. I have been open minded since i was a child and I have seen my grandfather a few times standing at the end of my bed in the last 10 years twice to be exact but he doesn't bother me in fact i like seeing him there, and i will just shrug it of smile and go back to sleep. I have been open minded for years but this is getting far to what's the word, much with what is happening, Have you got any advice or anyone for that matter on what i can do because the last thing i experienced with whatever it is stroking the back of my leg is concerning. Any support/ advice would be brill thanks :)

More info I also live just down the hill from our old church and graveyard which stands on top of the hill and we have to walk past this all through the week to walk the kids to school could that be also something to do with what's going on

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on July 08, 2014:

Interesting comment. Thanks.

Jaiswal Pradeep from Noida, India on July 07, 2014:

Hi All,

I came across with an unusual activity where I was disappeared from my room for an hour. strange fact is this that nobody noticed me while moving out or coming back.

Even I dont remember what happened to me for that hour.

My roommate and maid told me that I was not there in my room and they were shocked that how I back to my room ?

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on May 01, 2014:

Interesting story. Have you experienced things like this in the past. Do you know the history of the location where you live.

Nicolle DeMarco on April 30, 2014:

I live in a Motel and this happened tonight. I was laying in bed and all of a sudden I see our metal fan go flying a couple feet into our bathroom. Keep in mind this is a fan I even have trouble picking up. Metal fans don't just fly feet, If it were to just be falling over, it would had fell over and stopped, not fly through the air into another room. I think we have a spirit or ghost. I don't know if it is mad or if it is one of those ones that likes playing tricks on people, but it scared me so bad, it's almost like the ghost didn't like the fan that the fan was blowing the ghost around or something and got mad. This isn't the first time anything has happened around me paranormal, when I was living with my mom, a couple times we couldn't find our tv remotes and we would finally find them and the remotes were hoovering above the ground like at least 3 inches. And another time we found cake icing and it had NEVER been opened and we open it to use it and there are finger length marks it's almost like the thing scooped it or something. But the whole fan thing that happened tonight, should I be afraid the ghost is going to hurt me?? Because that is just not normal!!

Laura on April 08, 2014:

My backyard gate opens every night unless I tie it then I hear footsteps on the roof and footsteps coming towards my room. Everyone in the house hears it then the dogs next door bark uncontrollably but my dog stays quiet and hides under the table in the backyard. Could this be paranormal? I'm tired of it because I can't sleep.

Kirstin on April 07, 2014:

My grandpa died September of last year and now weird things are happening. The one that occurs the most is our radio in our kitchen will turn on full blast out of nowhere. Even if we are standing next to it, it will turn on really loud. Or when we're listening to a cd on that radio, it will switch to the radio station and get louder. We always joke that it's grandpa but I really want to know. Also, my mother has told me that she actually sees him sometimes and that when I'm ready I will see him too. I don't know if she's like over exaggerating or if she's right. Help.

randyj81 on April 03, 2014:

I am a 32 yr old husband and father of Baton Rouge, La. Since I was a kid I have had strange experiences occur. My parents were the first owners of their house. Yet for some reason I would have strange things happen to me especially when alone. I once was laying in bed about to fall asleep multiple nights and have watched in amazement as my closet door that was secured closed opened. I have seen objects out the corner of my eyes. I have even been other places like a local park and have felt as though something is about to grab me. The strangest thing happened to both me and my father. We both on different days and times have heard what we thought was a car door shut, the back door open and shut, and then the sound of what we thought was a person walking down the hallway to the bedrooms. Yet when we would get up to check and see who was there within a few minutes after the experience we would find no one there. Now flash forward to now in my home in which I am the first owner of a house that was built on what most locals would classify as wetlands. I have been here for 9 years in my Walker, La home. I am experiencing objects moving on their own. Mainly toys have been the target. Keep in mind these toys are not battery or self moving in any way. One such event was when a matchbox that was located in the middle of my kitchen table surrounded by a stack of mail and some papers was relocated to the floor at around 9:30 at night when everyone else was asleep. I heard it hit the floor and looked to see who did it because no one was supposed to be in there, but found no one. Two other times recently I have heard objects move in the playroom or a bedroom during hours when I am the only one at home. The only explanation I have would be the spirit of a recently deceased Aunt who was very (playful) at times. She liked to play jokes on people when she wasn't over stressed and sick. The thing is is that things like this and worse have happened to me all my life. I have had dreams of things happening before they happen and have even seen myself in the up and coming great war between good and evil. I have never been diagnosed as crazy, but have been tested. I feel very alone in this and would like an explanation. How do I control it so that it doesn't catch me off guard and stress me out. I also seem to get it from my dad who has in the past had dreams of talking to scared people right before they die, and have eased their mind so that they can pass over. If anyone knows how to control this please let me know.

Lizzie on March 29, 2014:

I have always been skeptical of 'paranormal' activity and experiences, however, recently I have been feeling very uneasy. Yet not just in my home, but at work too. A colleague in the local store in which I work came up to me asking why I had asked him that question, I was totally oblivious as to what he was talking about. As I was In the back of the store I had not been with him at this time and he claimed to have heard someone right next to him ask "lizzie are you ok". We checked and no one was In the store at that time. Only tonight I came home and was alone and at about 12 o'clock am, a kitchen stool had moved from the fridge where I had placed it only moments before and back under the breakfast bar, this means it had slid the whole way across the room. And not only this but the fridge door had too opened with a bang. I want to know is this could be paranormal activity and if so could it pose a threat? Please reply soon! Thankyou and best wishes

vania on March 28, 2014:

I live in a rent house in Indonesia. Last night (2014.03.28) at 3 A.M, my roommate heard something strange. she heard a sound like someone knocked our bedroom's door. she told me that the knocked really hard. after the knocked was stop, the other sound came out. sound like someone throwing something big . she was afraid. she doubt to check it out. but then, when she wants to check it out, the sound was gone. in the morning she told me what happened last night. then, when we are opened the door, so many bloods in front of my bedroom. can someone tell me what is it ? it feels really strange. and I wanna tell you that the rent house, always be locked at 21:00 P.M . the gate and all doors too. thanks ..

SLB1193 on March 28, 2014:

I too have had "paranormal experiences" throughout my life from age 6. On more than one occasion I have experienced things move from there normal spot after returning to a room, or here family members come home and then come out my room to greet them and they haven't arrived yet. There are many other experiences also I haven't mentioned. My point is you know how I got past it? I realized that reality is more harmful to me than any of those creepy experiences. I started focusing my energy on how to protect myself from a real intruder rather than things that have never harmed me. I focused on real issues in life and I rose above it. I am 42 now and I haven't been bothered in over 15 years.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on March 28, 2014:

You really need to observe long term and see what happens. Keep a journal so you can look back and see what is happening and has happened. Have you experienced paranormal activity in the past.

Patrick reeve on March 27, 2014:

I have been laying here with new partner at 5:15am in bed, looked into hallway and spotted my hallway flashing black..can anyone understand this,and..tell me what it could be & how to get rid off it if it is paranormal?? Thanks guys..p.reeve

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on March 26, 2014:

Thanks everyone for your great comments. But please know that attacking clearly negative comments will never be approved. If you are posting this kind of comments then that is why they will never show up as they will never be approved. All comments must be approved before they show up.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on March 22, 2014:

Did you recently change something in the house. Minor remodeling. Paint something in the house. Paranormal activity or ghosts is not something to really be scared of. A ghost is not going to hurt you. It can make you hurt yourself but it won't hurt you.

Jennifer on March 22, 2014:

I lived in my house for 3 years and I have never seen or experienced ghosts, spirits, or demons, until last week. I was home alone that day and I was cleaning the house. My restroom has a mirror that opens and closes however the mirror has a magnet and it can only be opened by someone because its heavy. The first time I walked in to the restroom I saw the mirror fully opened and didn't think much of it but found it odd because it was closed since the morning. I closed it and continued cleaning. As I finished the kitchen I went to the restroom and started cleaning it and as I was cleaning the bathtub I felt someone watching me I ignored it and continued and then I felt a breeze on my neck . It felt as if someone was breathing on me and I felt scared when that happened but I continued to clean. I left the restroom to grab something from the kitchen and when I came back to the restroom the mirror was wide opened. I knew someone or something was there and I was so scared I ran out my house. My question is why after 3 years am I experiencing this. I have only experienced it once because ever since it happened I refuse to be home alone because Iam so scared it might try to hurt me. My boyfriend lives with me and has not experienced anything. I feel like its taking over my life because I live in fear I cannot be in my own house alone and Im even afraid to shower alone and be in my room alone. How can I find out what it is or what it wants and why after 3 years of living there this happens to me. I just want it gone and out of my life and I want to know where it came from. Thank You

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on March 21, 2014:

I suggest keeping a journal and maybe set up a motion activated camera so you'll know exactly what is going on.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on March 21, 2014:

It would be strange. But the ghost could have made friends with the dog. I have a cat that plays with a ghost all the time.

Anne on March 21, 2014:

This is a very interesting page. Thank you for providing such a great forum (and a place where my story might not sound too crazy).

I've had a number of strange things happen at my house recently, but the strangest one involves the dog. I came home from work and the dog was waiting for me on the back step. I brought him in, fed him, petted him, & then went out for the evening. My husband called me later and yelled at me for leaving the dog outside. I am certain that I did NOT put the dog back out & my husband didn't either. This seems crazy, but could a ghost open the back door & put my dog on the line?

hollynicolerobert on March 21, 2014:

Ok this might sound really crazy but my bedroom is always ice cold even when the rest of the house is 73°... I tried to brush it off as just a faulty vent but as it turns out it works very well as you can feel the heat coming out when you put your hand over it but the room never gets even remotely warm, that's just one of the strange things, for the last month or so I've waken up in the morning with strange objects from my bedroom under the blanket with me, listing just a few... a shoe (just one), a hair brush that was kept on the bathroom counter, my purse which is next to the bed every night, a bottle of pills, bottle of parfume and last night the box to my cell phone... either this is some very strange sleep disorder or I have something else going on here. Please help me

chris on March 18, 2014:

I have a two year old son an today he was talking to something an I asked him who he was talking to an he pointed to a hole in the wall an said him I asked him who an he said the man an I said what man an he just pointed at the hole in the wall again an said him idk if this is anything or not but it has my wife pretty freaked out

donna on March 18, 2014:

A woman died in the house I live in. She always harked and spit. She was over weight and had problems breathing. About 3-4 times per month I hear her, always around midnight. How can I get her to leave? She died 8 years ago.

Talisha Jones on March 17, 2014:

My fiancé and I are buying a house and we have very strange accurances that happen , but they only happen in our master bedroom! It first began with the feeling of having a presence among me when I go into my bedroom! (Like you feel that something is there but you just can't see it), really gave me a weiry feeling ! This only accures right at dark and threw the night hours NOT IN THE DAY. Then strangley a dark image will huvor in the left hand corner of my bedroom ceiling , now just want to say that I though dang ain't no way ! The last accurance that helped reasure myself that I wasn't crazy was 2wks ago me and my fiancé laid down for bed app.9:30p.m and at 10:17p.m something awoke me from a sleep by snatching my left arm !!!! I haven't and want sleep in the bedroom SINCE THAT HAPPENED!

kari brinkley on March 13, 2014:

Hello i believe there is something going on in my house one night me and my husband where in the bedroom and we heard a woman and child running down the hall and the child was screaming as if he was getting spanked. I saw a black shadow in front of my bedroom one night then it dissappered we have had printers fall for no apperant reason and blocks the door so u cant get in the door and then i come home one night the porch light was on i get out to come in and the light goes off i come in to think my husband did it and he was asleep we see shadows out side at nighttime any help or suggetions would be appreciated

ben on March 13, 2014:

i don't know if anyone checks this anymore but can someone please answer a few questions for me ?? I have moved into a house with my mum and her boyfriend. He has a son and I have a younger sister at the age of 6 and another at the age of 1. I've been in the house for about a year or two now and small things have happened only when i'm alone in the house. But recently things have been strange. Every tuesday i get out of school at 3:30, i also forgot to mention i'm twelve years old, sorry for not informing you before, but anyway i get out of school at 3:30pm and arrive home around 4-4:30 pm by the bus. Once i get to the house home alone i try to lock the door after me but the lock will get stuck and no matter what time it is it won't let me lock the door, i then continue into my kitchen and hear a noise of footsteps running upstairs, like some once running from my bathroom to my mothers bedroom, i believe the old woman who lived here died in that room at the age of 92. Her children live next door to me. I continue to hear a tapping in my mothers bedroom floor but the thing is, the floor is not solid, it's a carpet. The noise is as if someone has literally hung themselves, but thats not the case. Now the part that i find the most interesting is that my mother has put a baby gate at the bottom of our stairs to stop my little sister from getting up, and every time i open it and walk away with my back to it it slams shut and i'm very good at building pc's and manufacturing computer parts, so i checked the gate and i couldn't find anything wrong with the gate and I set a camera up to see if i could capture anything but i couldn't. Someone please help me and tell me what you think.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on March 13, 2014:

Usually it is not a reason for real concern. It will scare you but usually you won't get hurt.

Emilie Wyszynski on March 13, 2014:

Pictures in my parents home keep falling off. My dad has a picture of Jesus he liked keeping in the kitchen. It fell two times in a row. Since then, the clock in the kitchen randomly fell off its hinge and shattered one afternoon. At like 4:15AM this morning, the mirror hanging in the bathroom fell and bounced off the toilet without breaking. Very loud though. This has all happened since the beginning of 2014. Both of my paternal grand parents died in here as did my first boyfriend, who ODed on heroin and died in my bed. All the pictures were securely hung over nails in the wall and have never fallen in the years they've been hung up. Recent phenomenon. Is this paranormal activity? If so, should I be scared? I am.

heather on March 12, 2014:

I don't what happen to my house in past three years but i know ten yrars before that even my real mother knew my house is well either haunted by one or many spirits but i think that depends but not two years later once again i am cleaning this house out and moving back in and this time once again I'm not sure the same or new orbs and mist has started appearing in my pictures like they did when i was a kid now the renters were bad but i think they left something behind and not just rubbish a spirit or two that doesn't mind appearing some in the light of day in a normally dark house

plz help tell if that's possible or if its the original spirits saying welcome home

note please my grandmother and i think the house was ment for me to own cause I'm the only one able to live there if nees i can tell you the backstory on this house

tiff on March 12, 2014:

I keep hearing foot steps up stairs in the attic above my bedroom and when that happens my bedroom light flickers I look outside to see if its one of the four people I live with I know its not my bf's nephew he don't get home until 2:30 its not his mom she don't get done at work until 5 or 6 and it not my bf he don't get of work till 5:30 and it's not his step dad he don't get home until around 4 and I don't hear the garage door open its kinda creeping me out am pergant and afread to go see what it is any advice please and thanks

samfield119 on March 11, 2014:

Hi, I'm going to get straight into it. I'm 21. I have no mental illnesses. I have had many different experiences and have moved houses many times and had it happen in each house, but never this obvious or frequent (Or perhaps I never really noticed it as much before). I will give a few examples:

I'm an identical twin and when my Brother and I were both babies, my Aunty and her friend used to babysit us. One night the light was off and my Aunty thought here friend was sitting on her legs and told her to get off. Her friend said "No I'm not!" and turned the light on and my Aunty had a big scratch up her leg. I have heard from many people that went to that house that had strange things happen. Could be coincidence, but who knows. I do remember being about 3 years old and having a strange, eery feeling in that house and nobody told me that they had strange experiences there until recently.

Another night, not so long ago at about midnight, my Step-mother was talking about how she wished a certain person would die and was being extremely negative which in itself freaked me out, when I noticed a tall, black figure standing behind her which sounded as though it walked away when I acknowledged (the floors started to creak even though it seemed to hover). On the same night I could hear something that sounded like someone was running around knocking things over in the garage next to my bedroom. I'd never seen anything like that before that night and still haven't seen anything quite like that since. For a while I thought I was hallucinating from lack of sleep, but I have had other strange experiences since then, more frequently than ever.

Last week I was at my Dad's new house awake by myself when I heard a door handle (not a knob) turning. I looked up and thought that someone was trying to get in. I walked over and grabbed the handle as it was still turning, opened the door and looked outside. Nobody was there. Needless to say, this freaked me out a lot, but I tried to remain calm. I heard more noises like the ones in the garage at the old house but on the roof this time as well.

Every time my little brother (18 y.o) comes over to my house, he is very negative and aggressive. When he leaves, weird things start to happen when I'm by myself even during the day like things falling off walls and things moving around. The only reason I'm writing this right now is because he left today after we had a really big fight that turned violent.

Right now I can hear what sounds like rocks hitting the washing machine and other random noises only in that area of the house. I can also see things moving in the dark and sense something is there. I have always been able to sense things and every time I do, random noises come from that direction. I also get ringing in my ears and headaches and a little more cold at times like these (it's summer in Australia). The light bulb always breaks in my room and not in anyone elses room and at the strangest of times. Also, every time I react to the noises or look over to where they are coming from, the computer goes offline, like something doesn't want me to type this. This is no joke. Some of this is probably coincidence and I'm a bit of a skeptic for the most part, but I'm a little bit freaked out right now.. Could it be attracted to the negative energy that is put out to the universe by people around me? Is it trying to scare me? What could be happening?

Ibnayed6 on March 08, 2014:

I know what you guys are talking about is real without a shadow of a doubt even though I haven't experienced it. I recommend you look up a YouTube channel called Dawah man and look for his video about Katy perry. It might give you a little insight as to what is going on

Rina on March 07, 2014:

Also, at the old house that used to be a brothel, my mom woke up one night and saw a glowing white ball come towards her face and it very softly hit her. What does That mean?

Rina on March 07, 2014:

I used to live in an apartment duplex, and my neighbor's apartment used to be a brothel back in the Western days. The apartment I lived in was later added on. I used to see shadows on the floor, a small white figure in the tv, and I used to hear voices either calling my name, or once when I was messing with something of my mother's, I heard "That's not yours." I'm sure they could sense I was scared, but they have never tried to harm me thankfully. I think they were just there and wanted my attention. I don't know why. I was 10/11 at the time.

I even had a visit from my Nana when I was 14/15, as she had passed away when I was 11. (Maybe it was her who tried calling out my name at times? Not sure.) But I knew it was her because her perfume became really strong in the computer room. I told her that my mom, brother, and I were all okay and she needn't worry. She left not long after. I haven't heard from her since, unfortunately.

Once I was in the store with my mom three years back, when I was 17. My mom was all the way down the aisle as I was on the other side. I heard my mom yell, "Trina!" so I yelled back, "Yeah?" She said, "Come here." So when I went to go see what she wanted, it turned out she never even called my name to begin with. I still don't know who called my name and why. Anyone have an answer to that?

At the apartment building my mom lives at now, when I was still living with her, I've had a Few odd things happen. It was the middle of the night, I had just fallen asleep, when all of a sudden my trash can was knocked off the dog cage and onto the floor. There was no way it could have fallen off by itself. I even tested it the following day.

Since then though I could always feel a presence with me. When I start thinking about it, I get the usual tiny nerves, but I get a calm, peaceful feeling with it. Sadly, I am unable to sense Who it is that's there with me. But as long as I don't feel threatened, I'm fine.

I've worried lately that even though experiencing the paranormal may be normal to some, I sometimes worry that schizophrenia is involved, even though I feel like it's not. My brother has some mental issues wrong with him. He believes in the Awakening, or something like that. And he's always babbling about this BS stuff that my mom and I don't know what to make of it. Any chance there's religious schizo?

And despite dealing with the paranormal when I was younger, I worry I might go insane. But again, I've never felt threatened nor had I had any symptoms of schizo. I'm just an over thinker and I've had a past with health anxiety. x:

Newf on February 26, 2014:

So my ex passed suddenly at 39 and I think came to roost at my place with our son. Since his death, we have seen multiple shadows, the cats flip out and hiss and grown at nothing (or it looks like nothing to us). I have been scratched, we took photos of the scratches as they were happening it looked like part of his initials. We have a team come in and got EVP's of his voice and another. I had a knife literally fly out of the dishwasher and stab into the floor right beside my toe, missed it by a hair. My son's closet doors are always opened though no ones' opened them or his dresser drawer. I have tried to open his bedroom door only to be met with what only can be described as someone inside putting their weight up to the door not letting me in. Finally after 2 attempts I had my son do it and it opened without incident. Then our cat ran into the room and behind the door leaped up at something and was then tracking it. I have a blanket on the couch and it is often in a ball though no one's touched it. We alot some heavy duty cold spots and now and then we think we hear someone but no one's said anything... So is my place haunted? Something is happening and if it were not happening to me I wouldn't believe it.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on February 20, 2014:

Not really sure. It could or could not be something paranormal.

julie on February 20, 2014:

My mum woke up this morning and there was blood splodges on her floor and gouing out into the hall even though her bedroom door was closed and they just stop. It hasn't came from her , and there are no animals in the house could there be an explanation for this ?

Lena Williams on February 12, 2014:

I was wondering if my house is haunted we got this house from a redo and placed it on a large hay field we had a preacher pray over the house when we first moved in which I loved made me feel confort about the house but since we moved in my little girl which is now 9 but was 7 at the time we were sitting one morning fixing to leave and she says she saw

A little girl by the dog cage petting the dog and j said o yeah well what did she look like she said she had a long gown on and she had red eyes I said what she said she had long hair and I took her to school on the way she dident won't to talk anymore about it I have been told things like I was taking gutair lessons and I went to leave the house and something told me take your gutair tunner I said no it will be fine I don't need it and on the way there I had to suddenly stop when I did my purse fell on my gutair and bumped it out of tune , at the time I was cleaning for a business in town even though we moved and I was at the house one day washing dishes and I got told when you go to clean for this buissness they will ask you if you won't an application for a job I said to my self yeah right ok what ever and within a hour they had caked me so I went and after I got thew cleaning she asked if I wonted a application I was shocked , I was vacuuming one day at the house and I got told that my husband was going to ho out of state on a job to work I said ok what ever and with in 30 min he called me and told me he had to go out of state I was like ok what is going on here , I was working out side just doing things outside and I was told that my sister in law was pregnet and she can't have kids so she thought that same night she text me with the photo of the test and told me she was pregnet I was like o my I couldent tell her I dident won't her to think I was crazy but I have told my husband and my mom and a few other people I heard thing voices when I was out side wisper things I was touched on the back when I was bent over to take out clothes from the dryer I was in my bathroom one morning getting ready for church and I had went to my bedroom to count some money and my oldest son knocked on the door and I heard my voice respond saying wait a min but I dident say anything I have taken a naked photo of me and next to my face was a very pretty women but all I could see was her face and mine right next to hers , I have my gutair next to my bed by the door of my bed room I have woke up to that being bumped , I have been in the living room and seen a black shadow go from the tip of the cabnit door and float out to the two double doors , just recently I was taking a shower and I saw a black shadow go by freaked me out , I got up early one morning about 4:00 and I was sitting on couch and a black dot came out of now where I was startled be cause I thought it was a spider and then right after that I saw a shadow in the kitchen , and I was sitting on my couch just other day and it happened again the black dot just seemed to come out of nowhere but nother was there and last night I went to bed and I told my oldest son who was up on his iPad to mute the tv because I can't get to sleep if I hear a tv going I'm a real light sleeper and I heard him do it I went to sleep and woke up about 1:00 and I heard the tv so I got up and muted the tv again because after I feel asleep my oldest son had unmuted the tv to watch it and had fell asleep so I muted it again I went back to sleep I woke up to the tv blarring on high and off of mute at 4:04 last night I forgot to mention that we have Video cameras out side and on halloweeen night we caught a ball of light on the camera and I have been just sitting on my couch and hear a bang on the window from the inside I jumped it freaked me out I don't know what's going on but since all this has happened moving out here our marriage went downhill and the kids fight all the time I don't know what to do

Craig on February 10, 2014:

I live in an old house now for going on a year. My children and my sister and her children live here. Starting 3 weeks ago we hear loud banging on the kitchen wall. Always in the evening hours and always 4 bangs. Very loud. Now we are having things move and light bulbs removed from the kitchen ceiling light and smashed on the floor. This happened 8 times now. Usually when you hear the banging something is going to be moved or a light smashed. Things in the basement get moved to the center of the floor. You put it back and later it is moved again. A bathroom window was removed and gone, then the next day it laying up against the bathroom wall suddenly appearing again. Priest have come twice now to bless the house with no effect. Seems to even get worse after they leave. Never anything happen when they are there. The children are terrified and missing alot of school because they cannot sleep at night. This is unbelievable. I do know that the person who owned the house before us lived out of the garage, not the house. He died in the garage last year. Did he know this was going on, and that is why he stayed in the garage. Things started happening earlier in the evening now, and more frequent. We need help. Any advice , Please help.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on February 03, 2014:

Your not crazy. Paranormal activity is very real.

RiftPlayer3 on February 03, 2014:

Hi. Im here because i believe that something is following or in my head. Im not insane or mental or anything it's just that things happen to me that i can't describe and it just happens constantly to me. I hear...voices in the back of my head speaking to me trying to tell me things but i cant understand them as if the have to hide there voice's from someone or something. Here and there i can make out some of the words some have said happy things like "hey im your friend you can trust me" and other...say things like "grab that knife you know you should slice it across your arms, neck, or chest. I can block out the voice's by playing music which is rock and screamo but there sorta soft sounded like here's one: CrownTheEmpire - Breaking Point. I all ways have my headphones on blasting my music loud enough people who are over 5 feet away from me can hear my music clearly because when things are silent the voices come back and torture me. Next is the things i see. I really have no idea how to explain it but here's a easy description: there usually tall dark figures just standing around staring at me but i can only see them in the corner of my eye sometimes and when i do i tense up and i feel like not moving an inch while my chest tenses up more and more until i at its direction and then its gone in a flash. There are these feelings i get to it's like a shiver like when your cold but more violent and it feels as if somethings not right with the area im in. I am currently attending school and as i pass through in life and grow older these figures and voice's come by more often and often and i sometimes feel like killing myself to end this madness!

Cr8tvGrl on January 31, 2014:

I'm really quite envious almost of people who have witnessed supernatural episodes. This blog is inspiring. I say envious, as my father passed away last May on my parent's front porch. I would absolutely love to hear from him again. My whole family consists of 'science' minded atheists. I've only recently started opening my mind up to possibilities of an after life, since I'm finding so many articles that state people's accounts dealing with spirits in some fashion - such as this blog. I can't imagine that everyone - in such great a number, is trying to lie...ultimately what is the point. I'm dubious of sounds in older homes - ie. creaking, high pitched squealing, etc. as wind in pipes will cause that, floors flexing, water pipes, and the list goes on. There's typically a logical explanation. However, when people witness a physical presence in front of them or see an object fly across a room..that's a whole other issue that intrigues me. I really really want to believe that there's somewhere my dad went that's not so 'final' and would be thrilled to ever see him again, although since I've never had a supernatural experience, it's doubtful it will happen.

I have had extremely realistic dreams that have predicted ailments or death of loved ones (can count them on two hands though - so very rarely). Many years ago, I dreamt my mom had cancer - it was very abstract in the dream - the cancer was on her stomach - like a black patch. The dream was concerning enough that I ran downstairs and told her that she needs to see a doctor. It was very upsetting. She laughed at me and essentially acted like I was sipping crazy kool-aid. Later that week or the week following that (can't quite recall) when I arrived back from school and both her and dad were gone, I found out that she had had melanoma skin cancer removed at the hospital. They had hidden it from me, worried it would interfere with my school work.

For the 5 years prior to my father's death I dreamt of him dying on a few occasions - once again, very disturbing, very real and somewhat abstract. The last dream was the year he died. I dreamt that he fell in the basement and that's what killed him. I told them and they shrugged me off. He had been dealing with thrombosis which had been triggered by hip surgery - required after falling on the basement floor many years ago. 2 years ago the blood clot formed. We all thought it was under control but it ended up traveling to his lung and killed him. So yes, the fall did kill him and my dream was right again...

Two weeks ago I dreamt that my mom had breast cancer - a very real dream. I told her to get a checkup but she basically ignored me again. Since I'm a skeptic at heart, even I tend to 'doubt' my dreams, but these 'real' ones seem to eventually come true - either quickly or years later. This is as close to 'supernatural' as I've ever gotten...and arguably could be a coincidence I suppose...

smilezzz on January 24, 2014:

Hi i live in an apartment. I have always felt oppressiin here as well as my nieghbors. I have had dreams of a black figure trapping me like he was at every door in my apartment & i couldn't leave. I was scared & wanted out desprately. Also i seen him outside mywindow standing by the woods he is a black figure with a hood he was next by my bed as i was sleeping and wispered ( black magic ) . These were dreams . Also one dream i was n my kitchen and in all my dreams im n my apartment and its dark. Theres never color. But he tossed me my house key but i didn't catch it . I woke up to the sound of a key hitting the floor . I jumped up & ran to the kitch and my house key was n the floor !!! Also me and my husband have seen a glowing light coming from our kitchen that cant be exsplained. Ive had objects fall n front of me and almost trip. My nieghbor end up killing herself and come to find out she was studying Wicka . I know i spelled that wrong. Any way theres to much to mention. Please email me . Sorry for the end sentence i couldn't erase that .by the woio a black figured line

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on January 19, 2014:

You need to check with who you bought the house from and also do a search at your local newspaper on your address.

shelby on January 18, 2014:

Hi. What I have seen id not really residual but it has happened twice since we have moved in five years ago... I was wondering how to find out our houses past? (I'm deaf just wanted you to know because if she has talked or anything i did not hear it but my siblings and dad might have...)Once when we very first moved in... I went upstairs and went to my brothers empty room just to look and I started to turn around and I saw in the corner of my eye... out of no where, a ball came bouncing and stopped In the middle of the bed room. I just ignored it thinking it was nothing. But then recently, my mom had stayed over watching the house, she was about to fall asleep and she felt someone hit her head out of the blue... but there wad no one home...

I was wondering if there was anyway I could fund out about my house's past

Kristi on January 15, 2014:

Okay, my father passed away 10 years ago January 10th 2014, he came to me in a dream, then 5 days later I saw a hand print on my ceiling, it was never there before. What could this mean?

Carla on January 11, 2014:


My story is a bit peculiar and a long one; i will concentrate in telling you some of the phenomena that affected me directly and not my family.

I live in an apparment, built in 1954.

When moving to this building , the first things we heard were metallic sounds on my exercise equipment, like if somebody were hitting the bars of the machine with something in a non- violent way.

My bedroom door (i dont have kids, either people living in my home), were knocked two times, softly but you could hear it...after the two knocking came the third one, it was a dry knock. I definitely didn't open the door. Altogether, in the past 10 years my bedroom door have been knocked around 3 times.

Second obvservation; when i moved to this apparment, walls were in a great condition; they all were painted white.

But, in one of the corners of my bedroom appeared a number 4. (It appears like if somebody would have wrote it with a pencil...) a very clear 4 it was. I tried to figure out that "maybe it is because the 350 liter aquarium is there one the corner and could have something to do with it?!), empty it is but it still there. Funnily, the number appeared above it, like if something climed to the aquarium to draw the number.

The number 4 is a very significant number for me; i was born in 4 of July at 4.40 am, my family crest has 4 black wolves. So, i truly want to know what is going on?!

And for last, one morning before my cardio, close to where the number appeared....I heard a clear mocking laughter. What impressed me was that when the laughter ended, within seconds it continued but as a "close" laughter in a mummeling way.

All these phenomena happened on different periods, never one after another.

I hope you could guide me here.

Evelyn on January 07, 2014:

I've experienced paranormal activity once in a while and it happens to be today again at 5:56 am when I woke up. I heard someone or something mess with my room's doorknob like trying to open it then it stopped.I wasn't. Scared because I live in this house for like 9 years and I'm already used to some paranormal activity things that happens.The other days I was sleepin alone just like today in the first floor while my mom sleeps in the second floor which is the attic, I wasn't sleeping I was actually awoke with my Ipad and some headphones on when I heard a noise in the living room it sounded like someone tripped or kick the glass table hard enough that I was able to hear it and I was 100% sure there was no one cause the lights where off and no walks at night with the lights off but me. Way before that I was sleepin alone again when I was trying to sleep I changed sleeping positions facing the wall to my right and at that very moment I felt my mattress was lowering itsef as if someone sat there next to me, I got freaked out and went to sleep with my mom. I think its the kind of poltergeist however you spell that ghost name. I'm scared I also dream once in a while when someone is going to die, I dream with dead people sometimes. Can someone help me understand any better about these ghost problems and my dreams to. Thank you.

Sierra on January 07, 2014:

My room has always been freezing. While the rest of the house is hot.

No big deal.

But my mother had bought me a beautiful vintage ballerina jewelry hanger from a thrift store. Every time I come in my room it's knocked over or moved. I'm not sure what to make of this.

Tyson Johnson on January 06, 2014:

I was just doing some English homework in my dining room and I heard a faint ringing sound. I realized it was the phone downstairs which I found weird because if the phone downstairs was ringing then the one upstairs would be too. So I went downstairs and as i went to grab the phone it stopped ringing and the digital display said "line 1 in use." As I read that the phone upstairs begun ringing. At this point I was frightened. I stood still for a few moments then ran as fast as I could upstairs to answer the phone. When I answered it I said hello and got no response. I then hung up the phone and discarded my English homework to write this. Was this just a phone malfunction? Because this scenario is slightly scary.

Kelly on January 03, 2014:

My friend has a 5 month old baby girl that would scream bloody murder when she went to her in laws house, her husband's older brother passed away in that house when he was a baby, the aunt told her to tie a red ribbon around the baby's wrist, ever since she did that she never cries while inside the house. The Aunt says it keeps the spirits away even if they are nice spirits. This is the first baby girl ever in that family.

q on January 03, 2014:

hi, we have been renting our current house in the uk for almost 2 years, the last week my partner has seen a figure from the corner of her eye move off into adjacent rooms, and last week we had her brother stay, he was taking a shower and said he heard 3 knocks on the bathroom door, then the door opened, me and my partner were downstairs so do not know how this happened, a medium came to take a look and said he could sense nothing bad, but my partner keeps seeing whatever it is and is getting upswt, any advise would be great

macy mooring on December 24, 2013:

I was in my room and I was playing a game on my tablet then all of a sudden my Cat was going crazy and I didn't know why and I didn't even pay attention to her and she was just running around d the room and all of a sudden my frame on my shelf was scuffed off my shelf and then I heard it and watch it just fall and it irks me to see that and I don't k ow weather. I should be scared or not I need answers please tell me something that will make sense

Tyler Howell on December 14, 2013:

Hey, my name is Tyler Howell. I do believe I have paranormal activity going on in the home I just moved into. I've felt with demonic activity in an old home. But that was long ago. When we moved in (me and my roommate) there where hand prints on the walls all over the house but appear to be children's hand prints and they are just a different shade of white compared to the walls and appear as if they had liquid that ran down from the hand onto our wall and down the wall. And it seems that they are appearing more and more. Other things are happening and I'd like your help if your have the time. Thank you

Sonya on December 04, 2013:

I have been experiencing things since the age of 5. At the age of 15 i had a horrific experience with a bad spirit that left bruises, chipped my front tooth and thrown me into the wall. Last year at my current residence, i seen my first, but very defined, ghost...it was like looking through a thin cloud, but i have a full description of what lasted only 5-6 seconds before disappearing. Now my kids are feeling something in the house. We all have gone to the front door to see who may have come in but the funny part is that our door is locked and deadbolted. My dog barks at random times while looking at a wall. Several friends have come over and came inside to tell us of a man standing at the back corner of our home outside but then he is gone. Lord, i just want to know what is going on here!

Tanya on November 26, 2013:

I stayed at a friends apartment last night, and I've stayed there in the past without anything odd happening. It's not that old of a place, and she's lived there for about 10 years now. I slept on the floor and she had left me a blanket folded up on the back of the couch to use if I needed it. I reached up in the middle of the night to grab it in the dark, and the spot I grabbed it on was warm, but the rest of the blanket was cool to the touch. I pulled my hand away, and then grabbed it again, and it was still a little warm, and the rest of the quilt was still cool. Her grandma made most of these blankets she has, and I've used them before too. My friend has a cat, but she was in her bedroom all night. I've had a few paranormal experiences in the past (not there), but they were more on a psychic level experience. There weren't any vents or heating elements anywhere near the quilt either. Any thoughts?

Sarah Roberts on November 24, 2013:

I have not experienced things, but I'm helping my friend and her sister out. They are being haunted in their new house. My friend told me that she sees this woman in a black dress with brown hair up in a bun and she is older. Every two minths she sees her. Her sister sees this little boy about the ages between 3 and 6. He had bright blue eyes and blond hair. He only shows up for her. He also wears a blue top and blue pants or jeans. He gets frightened when she calls someone then he disappears. They often see a black shadow roaming around and even in their mirrors. Therir pets also go blistic at random times. My friend also told me that she has felt someone pressing into her back with his fists and wisper/mumble things into her ear whilst trying to sleep. Thanks so much for taking time to read this. I hope they can get an answer to their problems. Plus I loved this article.

mandi on November 18, 2013:

I don't what is going on but even since i was little my mom said i would tell her that i seen things and felt as well. when i was 10 i seen my dad standing in front of thestove smiling at me I've also made a bed from him and i would wake up and see the imprint of a head in the pillow. I've been able to feel if someone was there and i would make the hair stand on the back of my neck, example i was at my familys house it was night i was about to go down stairs for a drink when i was at the ttop of the stairs i couldn't walk down i felt as if i was looking straight at somethubg bad it was very strong to thus day i feel that way about their hine and now they have been experiencing things. I've seen dark shadows and heard voices and more. now i live in a new home with my husband and three kids and things are going on we only lived here a month now, it started with the boys room me and my husband would hear stuff like the closet door shut when we walked to the bathroom my one yr old wakes up a 3 am evey night and screams my 4 yr old did the same when i went to see what was goung on he was in the corner with his covers in a ball crying he said a cat meowed really loud in his ear and then a witch was in the window, then my 3 yr olds room is always cold there's no draft or anything and the rest of the house is warm but in both room i feel uneased then theres the kichen it feels off and when I'm in the living room i hear things like tapping and clicking and other sound but when i go in it stops but now its bad my husband has been having bad dreans and wakes up every night around 3am and goes to get a drink and the last teo nights he said it smelt of rotten meat but couldn't find the source and when i got up it was gone this morning his clothes were thrown around the living room and his shies behind the couch i can't explaun how they got this way and we both are uneased about this. if there's anything you could suggest to help it would nice!!! My email id lovingstar412@yahoo.com or mandi.ingram1990@gmail.com please let me know what you think

Babygirl241 on October 27, 2013:

I was at my aunts house in chino where my mom lives now I live in Baldwin park CA with my two aunts my cousin my little cousin n my cousins bf well we were getting ready to leave the house so we made sure all the windows were locked made sure the back doors were locked all the house phones were hung up n made sure we left some lights on so my cousin my little cousin n my cousins bf came back from the casino they would not enter the house pitched dark my one aunt my cousin my cousins bf n my other aunt had went to the casino to gamble a little so I decided to stay the nite at my aunts house in chino with my mom n my aunts roommate my two aunts stay the night at the casino so my mom my cousin n my cousins bf came back they dropped my mom off so they went to pick up my little cousin from her grandma house and after they did that they went home they opened the door to find all the lights were off n in my grandmas bedroom where one of the house fones are at they notice the house fone was off the hook laying on my grandmas bed n they no darn well when we left we left some of the lights on n all the fones were hung up.

One other time I had always locked my door so my little cousin wouldn't go in my room n mess with none of my stuff so I go to my door to unlock it n I heard like knocking sounds n like someone was like kicking my door at the other end n I no darn well my room was empty like there was nobody at the other end so when I opened it no one was there at all.

One other night well I was helping my bedren aunt get settle into bed we had a old 1986 Nissan pick up that don't work don't turn on nor does the lights work well the front lights would go on they went on 3times but not in the same night n we no darn well the truck don't work dont turn on nor does the lights work so I got the keys went out side to Turn on the trunk to see if the truck would turn on n it didn't turn on at all so I also turned off the lights on the truck so after I turned off the lights I went to turn them on I was kind of freaked out a little cuz I was like how in the hell did the light go on if the truck don't work nor the lights.

One other night I was in my room all by myself n I kept hearing someone say HELLO HELLO but I looked all around my room to find no one was in the room with me so I said hello who are you n what do you want but they didn't say none thing back n I had another expenses where I was laying down in bed n I had someone whisper my name in my ear n other time I was asleep in bed n had work up to find I couldn't move nor scream it felt like someone was holding me down.

And another time we had a cross that was hung up in my grandmas room so my aunt wet to the bathroom came out to find that the cross that was hung up was laying on the bed with the fone on the bed off the hook laying on the bed as well another time I was in my grandmas room with my aunt n my aunts friend well the three of us was talking the curtains moved like there was a gussed of wind but I was like hell in the hell did the curtains move if the back door was closed n lock if the window was closed n locked n the bathroom window was closed n locked as well n it was night time to.

N finally I was in the garage watching tv in there all the lights were turned off n the lamp by the window turned on by it self n the one of above the pool table turned on n I like how in the hell did the light turn on above the pool table if the light bulb was un screwed so I checked the light bulb to find out the light bulb was still un screwed a little so do you think I have paranormal activity going on in my house the house was builded in 1964 n that's when my great grand parents had bought the house n they moved in there with there kids n grandchild so hit me back up or email me please I always feel theres something or someone in my grandmas room besides me

J on October 27, 2013:

I often hear what I perceive as the motions of someone either coming home or going to work, only to have them actually come home or begin stirring in their bedroom later. It happens so much that I will actually peak out the window to see whether or not their car is actually there. Also, I hear a lot of creaks and soft sliding which sounds like someone is present upstairs when there is definitely no one there.

Lucinda on October 22, 2013:

Recently, the televisions in my home have been turning on and off at different times of the day..sometimes, when they turn on, they turn on with the volume full blast, which scares the hell out of me especially when its 5am and im dead asleep..also, the radio in my kitchen turns on every now and then. I have checked to see if there are timers on all of my tvs (including the radio), i have checked the settings, I have changed the batteries, I have made sure no buttons are stuck, I have thought of everything possible. The house I live in is brand new, I am the first owner of this home. It is not built on an old cemetery or indian reservation or anything like that. I have done my research, and I refuse to believe that I am experiencing some sort of paranormal activity in my home, however, there is no other explanation for these weird events. I have lived in this home for a year now, and never felt uncomfortable, until my televisions started turning on and off, and now i feel a creepy presence in the home. Not sure if this is just my mind playing tricks on me..anyway, i have exhausted all possibilities, please give me your opinion on what this may be that I am currently experiencing in my home...

Twinkle on October 22, 2013:

I've always liked the idea of an afterlife however I've never really believed in "ghosts". But the other night I had a very vivid dream that I was in a haunted house (very unusual for me, as someone who isn't scared of ghosts). I was terrified. The next day my mother told me not to use the washing machine because she thought it was broken. When I asked her what was wrong she looked a bit uncomfortable and said that it had set itself off at 5am (no other problems with machine, on a different setting to what it usually is). And also her bedroom tv turned on in the middle of the night. It's all a bit strange. Just a week ago we were having a discussion in our house about how we didn't believe in ghosts. Is it all a coincidence?

Jodie on October 10, 2013:

Oops sorry about above :/

Anyway i need some thoughts on a recent event that happened early hours of this morning. I was asleep and around 4:30 am i herd a loud bang and maybe a scraping noise, not to sure as i was asleep. This morning i got up and found that a glass mirror picture had fallen off my wall, now.. the hook is quite long and is still on the wall and the string on the picture is still in tact (not broken) and the picture did not break.

A few yrs ago something grabbed my foot and startled me to wake up but nuthing was there. I have moved about every yr because of feeling something following me, but this picture has startled me more so than anything as its actual evidence something has happened. Your thought? plz

Lia on October 01, 2013:

Okay so last night some quarters fell out of my pocket and one landed on its edges .. My floor is carpet ... So it's pretty weird . I took pictures of it too ... What could that possibly mean ?

bettyrubble on September 24, 2013:

I live alone in a house built in 1963. At times, usually at night, I will smell a faint smell of cigarettes. I live in an older neighborhood so all the houses are spread apart- not close enough to smell a neighbor's cigarette inside my house with all the doors and windows shut. Occasionally I will also smell something baking. Before my son moved out several years ago, I woke up one morning to the smell of toaster streudels and thought my son was up and had made breakfast. When I got up, he was in bed sound asleep. I looked in the freezer and the toaster streudel box had not been opened and there were no other signs that any cooking had taken place. When my son got up I asked him if he'd been up earlier cooking and he said no. Also, almost every night my cat will stare at a certain spot towards the ceiling in my computer room. Last night I woke up about 4:30 a.m. and had been lying on my back trying to go back to sleep. I keep my old cell phone by my bed. The SIM card is no longer in it and it's not usable. I only keep it there because back when I used it, I had downloaded a sleep noises app and it still works so I sometimes use it. Anyway, suddenly the phone lit up. It's never done this before that I know of. I checked it and didn't see anything weird, so laid it back down. A few minutes later it did it again. I unplugged it and about 7 or 8 mins. later it lit up again. I finally put it face down in a tissue box and was able to go back to sleep.

Recently, I was looking at public records on my house trying to find some property line info. when I discovered by accident that my house had sat unoccupied for an unknown (to me) period of time in the late 60's or early 70's because the home's owner had died. I couldn't find out anything else but after reading these stories, it makes me want to check into it further. I've always felt if the house was indeed haunted, it was by an older woman, so I'm interested in finding out if that's the owner who died.

LizD on September 07, 2013:

Ahhh.... I hope I'm not over posting- I don't comment on anything, practically- ever... I forgot to mention that when my house was what I would consider haunted my electronics drained at an astounding rate. My laptop would be at 0 five minutes after it was fully charged. My phone would die, my camera, etc.

& finally, at one traumatic time in my life- for about a year straight- every night I had a dream about killing myself. I wasn't suicidal- I was TERRIFIED by these dreams- yet I woke up every morning horrified that I was out of control. (This was after a near death experience- I was in a coma for four days and almost died- by accident)- there. that sums up all my paranormal experiences. I'll quit the hijacking of this thread. :)

LizD on September 07, 2013:

I forgot to mention a few things...

1) I've had a very hard time with feeling "foggy" lately. Like I don't speak correctly- words will come in my mind, and I'll have thought I've said them already, but then when they come out I have forgotten to say them- I mix up dates on my calendar frequently.... it is a relatively new experience for me.... it is very alarming to me. I really, really, really don't like it.

2) I have become a very active member in society since all of the badness of my childhood. I recently almost won a House race in my state. I now run a statewide non profit agency, and have two kids of my own.

3) When I was a child- about 8 or so- I was locked in the basement. My parents had thrown me down the stairs and told me that I was an animal. I was so scared and terrified- I thought about drinking the gasoline in the be can that my Dad had down there- I just didn't want to BE any more. The thing that saved me from this was me closing my eyes and imagining my biological mother. She was very tall, very skinny and had very long black hair and a black dress. She spun in a circle and looked at me- and smiled so big and bright- I felt like I was in her arms, but I don't remember any sort of contact.

4) When my husband and I split once, we weren't married yet- I was in my studio apartment (before I had kids) and was sooo tired and was extremely sad. I felt that someone was in the room with me all of a sudden- and I was elated for a second because I thought it was him. I opened my eyes and there was a silhouette- of his head- (only 5x too large) on the wall in front of me. There was no possible way this was him- the light was on my side of the room, where I was looking- coming from a floor lamp- with no light behind me, whatsoever.... I suddenly felt the most evil feeling I've ever felt in my life. Nothing has still ever compared to that evil, dry, of the earth evil feeling I felt that day.

5) When I was a teen my parents sent me to an outdoor wilderness school for 'troubled youth' -aka brat camp. I would see what I now know to be called will-o-the-whisps- those lights that are there one minute and disappear the next. Green. If you move your head a HAIR they disappear and reappear somewhere else. Similar looking to green street lights- only we were in the middle of the woods in Oregon. No way were they street lights. I also tried to find them in the morning (and sometimes at night) to no avail. I chalked it up to glowing moss perhaps. It was strange. We (campers and I) also regularly heard drum beats in a certain area of the mountains- that would happen only around what I assume to be 3am or so. Very Native American sounding. &, last of all- to make me sound like the craziest loon in the world- I think I have seen Sasquatch. TWICE. The first time I was sleeping under the tarp with some other girls (boys and girls were split under diff tarps) and it was raining hard that night. I couldn't sleep- I was waiting to hear the drums I'd heard the night before. I saw a jerky movement at the corner of the tarp that was tied off to a tree- and saw a 10 foot-ish maybe more very, very, very, dark figure that seemed angry (and shaggy looking) pull the tarp up and rip it from the rope off the tree- and then yank it down very violently. I thought I was mad- but the girl next to me apparently saw it, too- and I heard her talk about it the next morning- I couldn't believe it. The second time I think I've seen Sasquatch was when I was gathering firewood VERY high up in the mountains. I had an uneasy feeling- and I looked over to something that suddenly for some reason drew my attention- and there was this very hairy, very tall- very DARK THING. It was - stretching or something-? I dropped my wood and ran tot he group. I wasn't one for being frightened- and yet all these crazy things have happened to me. I used to hate the dark- and then I started making myself like it... I'd take late night walks in my suburbia neighborhood- and loved it. If I grew unafraid it almost seemed welcoming.

The last & tagged on bit... when I was about 8 or so I had a 'dream' where a dark figure walked into my room and I invited it inside me. It turned into a snake and slithered inside of me, between my legs. I have no idea what the hell that means- what was going on- I mean- I know I was being sexually abused for years- but that was freaking WEIRD. Any comments much appreciated.

LizD on September 07, 2013:

For the last few months on and off I've felt my bed vibrating. By my feet- and while I'm laying on my back, or side, or stomach- it doesn't seem to matter. I sleep next to my husband and I've wondered if it's been him doing "something" and no- I sit up, look at him- he's sound asleep. I place my hand on his calves and there's no movement, but I place my hand on the bed by my feet (it is only by my feet area, and is a side to side movement- nothing like the Exorcist!!!) I look around for my dogs, and they're looking at me or sleeping, depending on the night- in their respective corners of the room. Last night this happened to me again. It's never really bothered me before, but I do have a history of "feeling haunted". I've never seen a ghost before, though- I'm also a stout atheist- with a leaning to sometimes believing there are strange scientific reasons we can't and might not know the rest of the "story"... so anyway. The scary part (for me) about last night. After the bed tremors (I decided to ignore them and close my eyes- I was EXHAUSTED, and didn't have time to feel around with concern- I just wanted to get some sleep.) I think I had JUST drifted off to sleep when I felt like I was poked with a needle or something REALLY hard- I immediately sat up and mouthed an expletive or two, rubbing the sore spot- noticing it was swollen immediately. I thought brown recluse- I thought nasty, big spider- but I also thought it was a really, really, unusual type 'bite' if it were- because it was like a combination of being struck with something and being stabbed with a needle. WEIRD, huh! So, anyway, I rub my arm and stand up- immediately I shake out my blanket and pillow- feel around my sleeping husband to make sure there are no spideys in his covers while he snores himself into oblivion- and go to the bathroom where I turn the light on and there is a BRUISE!! It's also puffy and swollen around it like ''''poison'''' or something was coming into my body- it was the most bizarre thing ever- I was SO tired- I must not have been in my right mind, because I was like, 'well, I'm f'n tired- I can't stay up and worry about this' so I went back to bed. In the morning my husband woke me and I FREAKED out. No idea why- I just felt completely disoriented. I jumped to a standing position and felt really fuzzy in my head & for some stupid reason the words "What day is it!??" came out of my mouth like I was afraid or something. So- I do the morning bathroom routine and assume for a second that I must have dreamt that crazy poking stabbing vibrating bed crap, and I have a bruise on my arm. No puncture mark anywhere- no raised bump where a bug would bite- no double dots a spider would leave- it looks kind of like an angular C shape, and is about the size of a quarter. Freaks me OUT.

Aside from this story- I used to live in a house that was haunted. I found out after moving there (as a newly single new mother) that a lady had died in the house- I found that out after I heard the thumping in the room above mine. It was almost a 100 yr old house- kinda weird- but I kept going upstairs when I heard it and trying to recreate the sound, because it was constantly freaking me out. Every time I closed my eyes I heard it. The more tired I got, and the more afraid the louder and more obnoxious it would become. After about 4 months I started to not believe myself until I finally closed my eyes after coming back from upstairs (it never happened when I was investigating, only when I closed my eyes to SLEEP!) the LOUDEST thump I'd EVER heard in that house happened, and I felt paralyzed. I was trying to sleep with my light on because I was so scared- and I looked up, eager to see the light and not the darkness of my eyes- and my ceiling fan chain was swinging gently back and forth. The fan was not on. It coincided with the thump.

After that, my ex-Catholic crazed self decided I needed a "house blessing" (couldn't hurt, right?) well I called the parish down the street & unbeknownst to me the old Priest from my old church was the new Priest there! (The only Priest I'd ever found not disgusting!) so I made an appointment with the woman. I received a call from Father Collun a few days later telling me that address was where his Aunt had recently passed, but that I didn't know that, and that's okay, and he'd be happy to come bless my 'new home'. The apointment was 2 weeks out. No noises happened for those 2 weeks. On the day he was SUPPOSED to come, the noises started again that night. I was fed up. I called a few days later to find out if we could re-schedule since obviously that date hadn't worked out for him- and found out that Father Colun had fallen down some stairs and broken his leg. THE SAME DAY HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BLESS MY HOUSE BECAUSE OF CREEPY NOISES - THE SAME HOUSE HIS AUNT PASSED AWAY IN. Finally, I got it to go away by yelling up the stairs one evening that it was dead and it needed to move on. That I lived here now and I was sorry to tell it that its dead, but it had a place to go and this house was not it. The noises stopped. I have no idea why.

Anyway, now I live ina new place. Occaissonally, when I am very stressed, coinciding thumps occur. I chalk it up to my imagination- nothing could ever have been more real than that old house craziness I experienced.

When I was a kid I used to see little whitish-gray figures under trees. They were always a little off in the distance. I don't know what they were, and they would just disappear.

When I was 14 my parents (who adopted me, abuse me, and then shuffled me off to differnet places until I was 18) put me in a psychiatric hospital. The hospital staff loved me to death. The Drs actually told me once that there was nothing wrong with me, that I could go home- if only my parents would answer the phone when they called. He said they had been trying to reach them for six months. If they didn't answer soon, he said, I'd become a ward of the State. That same week I became more in tune to others. In 'Group' we could pick a number from the group leader- a staff member- who would write her number (1-100) down and hand the # on paper to the staff on her right. We met twice a week. I guessed the number on the dot right for months after that. To a point where I was scaring myself. At first it was fun- and unbelievable- and amazing- and then it was kind of worrisome- and then I started to get scared. I try not to do it any more. I also used to read palms (when I was 14) and I was told I had an uncanny knack for reading them. I don't do them any more, either. I feel like I might be some sort of magnet for disaster- and I really am trying to ground myself. Without feeling too in danger- and without feeling too bizarre- I am trying to be an atheist, after all. lol. I just want to feel safe tonight. I just want to feel like I'm not afraid any more.

scared and confused on August 28, 2013:

I don't think that my house is haunted because I've experienced something in every house. From about 12 which is when I remember the first thing happening my grandpa had just passed away and his entertainment center was put in my room. That night I had a dream that he was talking to me. In the middle of the dream he randomly said wake up wake up now! And I jumped awake I saw someone sitting at end if my bed thought it was my dad so I yelled out dad right as my dad walked by my Dior and said what? I screamed there's someone at the end if my bed my dad turned on the light and all you could are was the imprint of where someone was sitting. Every house I've experienced something the last house I was in I also had a dream about people in the house. The bathroom mirror and curtain would rock back and forth then all of the sudden stop. Or u would here a gchild's footprintsg running across our livingroom. The house I'm at now the stereo when I walk by creates static anyone else and its quiet. I have heard a mans voice behind me say hello and I jumped out of bed to turn on the light and in same voice heard I'm still here. I've heard footprints walking to my door. Stop then turn and do thus again constantly when the lights are off I've seen a thick black cloud coming from our bathroom and a little boy sitting on our stairs also I've heard a child laughing. I've tried to stay in livingroom I looked into our lift and could see someone standing staring at me then walk across to other side and hold eye contact. I don't know what to do I'm scared to be home I've been told that when I touch someone they get a flash of whatever I'm feeling at the moment or I don't look like myself at moments in the house that ill look angry. Helpppppp

kay on August 20, 2013:

I was just recently visiting a friend in the same hospital where my step-son died and I had two weird things happen to me I was in the rest room and one of the stalls doors opened and shut nobody was there then I was standing in the hallway waiting to go in and see the friend and I thought a picture was falling off the wall but it wasn't could this been my step-son trying to reach me

Colleen on August 16, 2013:

I live in an apartment n I been here for 2 months I don't kno if its someone coming into my apartment or a ghost of some kind, but when me n my boyfriend come home sometimes my cabinets r open and my drawers a lot of my stuff is messed with but nothing's missing. Can u help me out please my name is colleen

Nickie on August 01, 2013:

Um hello. I don't want to use n real name but I have ghost in my house I think. I've been living in my mobilhome for 1 year and 1 month. When I first started living here I had to move back to my friends home to go to school. We moved at the end of my school year and I wanted to still go to my school. But when I started living here I would pack sum bags to go to my friends house to go to school and every time I left the house it felt like I have stuck to me. Heavy like. And after that I started hearing children following behind me when I walked down the hallway. They would laugh at me but every time I turned around there would be no one there. Anoter thing that would happen is that at midnight in our masterbedroom bathroom you would hear sumthing light fall on the tiles. Then at 1 in the mornin you would hear it again. But it has become heavier. Than at 3 in the morning u hear sumthing fall that's really heavy. I came rushing into the bathroom but there was nothing there. Then one night my stepdad was sleeping in the living room and I suddenly woke up and I looked in the hallway and there was a black shadow there. I could see him clearly. He was about 6 feet tall. He was mid 30-40s he wore a striped suit and a fancy hat. He just stood there and then I made a sound. He turned his head towards me and just stared at me. He didn't move or anything. We stared at each other until I fell back asleep when I woke up he was gone. Then about 4 or so months ago I walked down the walkway and looked into the kitchen and I saw a women with long black hair a sweater shirt and a long skirt she was looking down and I said hi to her thinking she was my mum but then I went into my mums room and she was sitting the sofa with the computer on her lap. I asked her if she was in the kitchen but she said no. She hasn't left where she was since this morning. My mum told me that when I went over to my friends place she was hearing children alighting by her ears and she told them to stop they disappeared. Another thing that has happened is that I was reaching for the milk in the fridge and it was on a shelf. I reached for it and it started movin across the fridge by it self. Another thing is that I went into my grandmas room to fetch sumthing for her and I heard a dog growling at me. I quickly ran out and every time I go back to her room I stay away from that area. Outside on the patio we have a window with the blinds down and everyone was outside and we saw shadows moving. Also if your taking a shower in the master bedrooms shower you have people having a conversation. Most of the time it's the man and a woman. Bu one time I heard a man a woman and children saying that they didn't want to leaving. It seems they were arguing. I was just listening and they were continue arguing about 10 minutes. I also had the radio going while they were arguing and it was going crazy. There this one thing that happens to when were listening to music. If they don't like the music were listening to they would change the channel or lower the sound. If they do like the song they would raise the volume. I don't know anyone in the house notice this but I really don't want to tell but I think sum of is being possessed. Cause I think it has happened to me to. There would be moments to where I would end up on the other side of the house an I don't even know how or what I was doing. It creeps me out. It has happened to my friend he was helping me move stuff out my closet and he started acting weird when he walked into the closet. It's a walk in closet and its very creepy. The most recent thing that has happened is that my uncle was home alone and he was on his computer in the dining room. He said that he saw a white mist that sorta looked like a woman that walked in front of him down the hallway and into the master bedroom. That's was the most recent thing. I hope nothing else happens.

SolveMyMaze on June 19, 2013:

I've always expected that there's paranormal to some degree in my house. I can't put my finger on it, but at times something just doesn't seem right. There's been times that I'm sure that I've seen something out of the corner of my eye, but when I look around it's gone.

mrs hill on May 07, 2013:

i have seen a little girl dressed in victorain clothes on my landing and a black shadow walk down my stairs many people have witnessed this and also pictures on my wall start to swing round and fall off the as well as light buld blowing out making a smashing noise but when we have gone to check they have been full bulds just laying on the floor also my daughter as seen a girl that reminded her of the girl out of the ring in her bedroom the ghosttly figure tryed to talk to my daughter

Phil on May 04, 2013:

So I have a phone on a charger and it was beeping extremely fast, till I looked at it then the beeping slowed a bit, as I walked towards it it got slower and slower till I looked at the caller id and it stopped. I then turned around and walked away and it starts again, as I turn around to approach it same thing, when I get closer it slows down and I at the ID and it stops, and I walk away and it starts again.

Emilee on April 30, 2013:

What does it mean when things are turning upside down?

We've been living in my house for eleven years now. Not many strange things have happened since we've lived here. Yesterday, things started getting really weird in my kitchen.... My family is Christians and we have plenty of magnets on our fridge of crosses, I believe magnets, Bible verses, etc. We all were in the kitchen acknowledging the dry erase board we have on the side of the fridge and the new Bible verse we put on it. We all turned to continue doing things (cutting up vegetables, feeding a baby), and when we went to look again, everything was upside down. The dry erase board was upside down, all of the pictures and frames were upside down, all of the crosses were upside down. We were a little concerned, but then just figured that someone in our family was pulling a prank and not confessing. We put them all back and then continued with our lives.

The next day, I had woken up for school and had to take my allergy medicine. I walked by the opposite side of the fridge to get my medicine. I checked that side of the fridge as well because I was concerned about my fridge. Everything was fine. I got a text from my mother and my sister saying that on the other side of the fridge, all of the magnets and photos were flipped upside down once again and I was being accused. I have not been home and had just looked at it before. Every magnet and photo and frame was Christian related. We checked to make sure they were all straight. We fixed them all again, and we were kind of concerned.

Not long after, we reached over to get a cup, and saw that there was one magnet flipped upside down. It was a magnetic timer, that was originally set at 0:00, but was set to 4:09 when we found it. We had made sure it wasn't flipped upside down. Does this mean anything?

This is the most recent activity, and my family is concerned. Any advice?

rotsuchi on April 30, 2013:

This was when I was around 12-13, I do not remember completely my age...

I was a weird little kid, I loved the paranormal, I actually sought it out, and though it may be hard to believe I have seen stuff for a long time. I used to wake up and not be able to move or talk, i'd barely be able to even breath (still do but only every once in a while). I got used to it after a while and just went back to sleep.

Then this one time, I remember the most, I woke up and seen a tall black figure standing over me, it was pushing on my stomach so hard I could barely breath, since I couldn't move or talk I had nothing else to do but to close my eyes and pray to God it'd go away. After a few minutes (could have been seconds but it seemed longer to me) I opened my eyes and it was gone, though I still couldn't move or talk... I slowly ent back to sleep.

Nothing else like this happened for a long time (except the normal things i'd see like glimpses of 'stuff') until I moved into my current home and met my fiancé, he told me that it wasn't normal to see this stuff, so again I prayed to God that I wouldn't see 'stuff' anymore, that night was the last night I SEEN anything like that. It was a woman in a white dress and she had black hair, the only thing scary about her was that her face looked like a pencil smudge. (normally they'd look normal with only black eyes), it looked like she was staring at me, although I couldn't see any eyes...

From the next day on I'd hear scratching on the bathroom wall before i'd fall asleep (my bed is on the other side of the wall) if anyone went to the bathroom while I was hearing it i'd hear something thump down the hallway quickly, and the sound of claws hitting the wood floor... I still do to this day and nothing else has happened yet...

(i posted this on another site and still havent received any replies...)

LostAngel95 on April 24, 2013:

Okay, so tell me how weird this is. Please someone explain how this is possible. My Stereo is hooked into my TV. My TV is off. My Dvd Player is off. Never before have I heard anything come out of my Stereo unless my TV was on or I was listening to a CD. I was sitting in my room, alone, brushing my hair. Everyone is in bed. My Stereo is still set on "Audio In." For some reason I heard talking coming out of my Stereo, it has never happened before EVER. I got closer to my Stereo and went to turn it up and the talking stopped. I couldn't understand what was said but it was clear as day with no static. I told my brother and sister about it then went to listen again and nothing. Not one sound. Is it just me or is that down right creepy???

patience on April 06, 2013:

i have 3 cats lying next 2 me now and i herd a car door slam i know it wasn't next door because it was right in front of my door. before that the lights flickered and the cats did not even wake up. ill be honest i have holusonated before but this was real the door slamed so hard i almost felt the floor shake

Lisa W. on April 04, 2013:

@Kayla: my friend who has since passed had a good friend die in a motorcycle accident a decade+ ago. He and my friend Ingrid lived together in an old home in New Orleans and she is very sensitive. They had a lot of strange things occur, like the stereo turning on by itself with the on button depressing. My friend had some items that belong to the man who died. Ingrid would have dreams of a blonde man and when described, it matched the dead man (whom she never met). She made him get rid of all the possessions from his dead friend and after that, the weird things stopped. Long story short, I'd get rid of the mirror. I would also talk to "it". Same female friend lived in a house with her family after moving from location in my following story and they felt that the lady who had died in the back of the house was still around. Her vacuum would turn off and she would hear the click of the on/off button. Shutters (interior) would open slowly in the middle of the night. She was being kept awake by the noises; so, she kindly told "her" to please be quiet and to stop playing with her vacuum but that she is welcome there. Things calmed down after that.

Same couple lived with my then boyfriend and I a few years ago with their son. We would hear heavy footsteps in the loft (son's room) at night and would check and he was passed out. I heard whispering and a deep exhale early one morning. My ex saw some amorphic blob one night. She would see a tall figure in the hallways and my poor godson was okay with it at first - it being the tall man in all black in a long coat & top hat and sometimes a large creature he likened to a cat. He would hear growls and it would wake him up. He ended up sleeping downstairs. We took photos and asked questions but nothing came of it. One night we were telling friends about "it" and then we heard the loud heavy footsteps from upstairs and no one was there. It was like it knew we were talking about it and was proving itself. On another note, the basement was creepy and we all felt like something was watching us. We attributed it to EMF as the house was a post-war home. The main creep factor in there was a piece of felt with puffy paint (who remembers that?) of a stick figure boy & girl on the chimney. We never touched it and on the day we moved out, it fell. It was just very eery. The chimney was exposed in the loft and that is where the "man" and "cat" would peek around and originated from. We tried to debunk somethings and I got the chance to return and ask the current home dwellers but they seemed like meth heads. The woman said she heard heavy footsteps but the man said it was squirrels.

I really enjoy reading others' stories but don't have many suggestions. I came here in search of help for another friend who is scared of things she's seen, heard, & felt in her apartment. She lives far away; I cannot go over there easily and she doesn't even want to talk about it while she's at home. I can only suggest burning sage throughout your places to cleanse it and doing a protective spell/prayer/whatever you want to call it. If it is a nuisance, I'd let it know that it is it and that it is welcome there. If you are afraid of it, then I wouldn't do talk to it (seen enough horror movies). For people with kids, you may want to contact TAPS with Ghost Hunters. They are quick to get to places where children are involved. Good luck and sorry for the extensive post.

Cindy on April 01, 2013:

It's funny that you mention the calling thing about your mother. My best friends cousin was tragically murdered and they buried his cell phone with him, and one time they recieved a call coming from that same phone. Very creepy in my opinion.

Randal Camarillo on March 19, 2013:

ok so my husband was sitting outside on the back porch in the middle of the day with the kids,as he was sitting there something grabed both shoulders at the same time he thought i had came home early he tured around and there was nothing. so i called my cousin the next day to tell her about it and she said OMG when i stayed the night lastnight something grabbed my hip and this is the first time she had told me. i had got up for work at 4 am that morning and she got up as well and left to go home i didn't know thats why she left. then my husbad came home for break that eveing and said it happen at work to but htis time they only grabed one shoulder. what does this mean???? ayone help please

help me on March 19, 2013:

My car radio turned on full blast in the middle of the night last night. The car was off and there were no keys or anything in the car. It was on all night. Before that (same night), my mom's car broke down and my dad had to go get her. We have two cars, so he took the other one and the locks were going on and off. He was really scared, he thought it was a sign that my mom was going to get robbed or something. My mom's car was puffing out loads of smoke. Both cars are used. Can someone tell me if my car is haunted?

bailey morris on March 19, 2013:

i am a 14 year old male and weird things have happened to me i am asberges and suffer from anxiety i have studied both and this could explain somethings but not everything this is what is going on although i dont think anyone reads these anymore my parents have recently broken up and at the time they did strange things started to happen to me people talking to me people strangling me but no one is there i believe it is paranormal and i am highly psychic and i am a medium i can also speak to them they tell me to do things i dont what to and when i dont they hurt me i see them feel them sense them they throw things around the house even the family car moved from outside to inside when i told them i wouldent kill my father even know they dont like me writing this i have gotten a priest in and a higher level psychic in the psychic is my godmother and she tells me that my room especially is very large like a football field so she tells me there is a "portal" im my room and that is where everything happened the whole room is always dark even when i turn on the light the room wont light up black shadows pin me to the bed and scream at me to do things i am not schizophrenia and i am as i said a high level medium and my entire family is psychic i try to lucid dream and talk to people through the dream scape but demonds are im my room i see them dancing and playing around with my things they make facebook statuses for me and i dont even touch any technology i really need help please email me at baileymorris99@icloud.com if you read this PLEASE HELP WE ARE TERRIFIED

me on March 12, 2013:

I know this will sound strange, but i feel ok putting this here on this page.

I have hair products in a very small plastic container, they are cylander shaped so they are somewhat tall. i have them in a plastic bin on my bathroom counter and while drying off after a shower one of them tilted to the right and then tilted back (i have alot of products and its a tight fight so idk how this happened on its own). Another night my standup toothpaste container was laying on the counter and it also tilted as if i did it with my own hand and then it went back to where it was. in my living room i have long hair clips on the curtains to keep them closed, i looked up and the clip was wiggling back and forth. 2 nights ago my vicks container was on my bed a flat surface and then it somehow landed on my toe as i was laying down and it fell hard enough that it hurt (yes the vicks and me were laying on the flat bed) this morning my pen was on my leg (when i went to bed it was on a folded blanket to the far right of my bed) and just now the pen moved on its own it tilted forward and back (it is on my flat bed). I have woken up a couple weeks ago and saw a vision of a mylar baloon and on the balloon it said I LOVE YOU. my grandma passed almost 2 years ago this saturday and i cry for her alot and idk if these things are related.

Marie on March 03, 2013:

About a year ago I stayed at my best friend's house with her infant son, who I'm very close to. In the middle of the night she heard him wake up and cry, which was followed by the sound of a woman singing and soothing him back to sleep. The next morning my friend thanked me and I didn't understand. I didn't get up and put him back to sleep that night, I didn't even wake up when he cried. This was unusual, but I chalked it up to my friend having an odd dream or something. Since then, odd things have happened when I stay the night there but nothing like that. However, the other night my 2 year old stepson stayed the night at our house. My boyfriend and I had the baby monitor on. That night he heard my step son giggling and talking over the monitor, followed by a woman's voice coaxing him to fall back to sleep. To my boyfriend's horror I was asleep right beside him so he went to his son's room to check him and slept on the couch outside his room for the rest of the night. Are these incidents just random or is it possible to have a motherly spirit follow me? I didn't think spirits moved from place to place or had deliberate actions like this...

jay on February 27, 2013:

im 31 year old all my life i had seen ghost on oct i move to a house from day one i felt weird things in the house i cant expand on feb 24 2013 my daughter woke up for milk it was 6:24am i got up put her to sleep then i woke up at 8:10am i go to see my daughter she was sleeping but next to her i saw her hair cut my wife saw it to cuz i couldn't believe what i was seeing i ask her did u do it she sais no i know she was saying the true cuz the scissor was on top of the cabinet kitchen ..on feb 26 2013 at 9:37 pm i was in my room with my daughter my wife was at the kitchen with our baby he 8 months old ,i heard a band i got up and my wife thought i threw it ,it was the scissor across the living room she saw it i told her it wasn't me now it getting worse things keep moving around the house only at night we dont know what to do ....

katrrina on February 23, 2013:

I'm 11 years old and I think my house is haunted because like things just fall off other thing out of no were and my sister witch is twelve and last night she got up out of bed because she sleeps with me and she got up out of bed and walk about 5 feet away from my bed and stood their for about 20. Minutes and then went into my closet and hide in there like something was comeing after her and then ran out of the closet and my room and about 3 feet away from my door and just stood there like she couldent move at all and then about 30 minuets later came back into the room and stood on one cearten spot in my room and stared at me for about another 30 minuets and then came back and and went to sleep again and got back up and stared at me and her eyes were completely black and that's the thing that scared me cuz she was holding my porshland doll

tawana on December 23, 2012:

I am constantly waking up everynight at three o'clock andwhen I wake I feel a presence.I assumed that maybe its just the house but this, none of this had started until I purchased a Demonology book from the library and I read these big words out loud that sounded finny for a minute then I got an eery feeling and stopped reading and I took the book back to the library the next day.when I was leaving I saw a mirro clock and I broughtit home and put it on the wall and now it's gotten worse.I am hearing small noises and bhearing noises in the television and every time I try to sleep its lime a deliberate sound is being made just to keep me woke.my cat wont stay in the same room with me now and when he looks at me his eyes look really big and dilated.I am having Orville dreams like I am having sex with two celebrity. Or people I don't even know.I am waking up feeling like I have been fighting in my sleep.it even feels like I am being watched.I just had a boy scan so could this all be because of that.I don't have a religion or go to church but I do believe in God the most high but I do not believe in Christianity, is this what is wrong because I am tired of sleeping with the lights on and being deliberately. Messed with every night.Someone please help. Is this all in my mind or what.

Kirsty on December 19, 2012:

One more thing to add to that is that I've noticed the internet on my phone doesn't work, as i'm scared and trying to keep my mind off it and go on Facebook etc to take my mind off it.

Kirsty on December 19, 2012:

I've been experiencing some strange things over the last few months and it's gradually become more frequent. At night when I go to bed ususally as i'm half and half I feel the sensation of someone jumping into bed. It jolts the bed and myself at the same time and I feel really scared and daren't move when it happens. It happened months ago on the odd occasion and in the last few weeks it's pretty much been every night. Sometimes i'm asleep and it wakes me, others i'm awake and have just got into bed. I was originally putting it down to my imagination but since it's become more frequent I tend to think otherwise. Another thing that happened on the odd occasion a few months ago and again has become more frequent, is the sensation that I can't swallow at night. Again it tends to be either when i'm lay there but awake or half and half and my throat goes numb for a few seconds and I can't swallow and this can go on for quite a while. I also noticed a big woosh of air go across me one night after the bed had moved, I felt it go across the room.

A few months ago I also found a handprint halfway down my bed, it was black and stiff where the print was. I took a photo of it as I was confused as to what could have caused it. I don't wear fake tan, I never go to bed with greasey moisteriser on and when I found it, it was in the afternoon so it was anything wet it would have dried. I tried not to think too much of it and forget about it, I went back to it later and it was gone. I thought it wouldn't go without being washed with the way it felt. I had forgotten about it until recently and I thought maybe it has something to do with what's going on now.

I'm losing so much sleep at night, I feel fine until I feel someone getting into bed. I daren't let myself go to sleep and I leave the light on and try and stay up as much as possible. I feel when my awareness is down that's when it happens. I've lived where I am now since May and I love it. I really don't feel it's anything to do with the building.

Lisa on December 12, 2012:

Well, it happened again! Third night in a row. The missing medium size Santa magically reappeared in the hallway by a closed closet door and the smallest Santa is now missing again. And the large Santa, was again twisted open into two pieces. What the heck! My husband and I are the only ones in the house and we're experiencing this together. It's starting to freak me out just a tad!

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on December 11, 2012:

Probably just a spirit prank. And likely nothing to be scared of.

Lisa on December 11, 2012:

My husband and I decorated the house for Christmas on Sunday. One of my favorite decorations is a wooden, egg shaped and hand painted nesting Santa set. The are three Santas , each fit inside each other with the largest being 4" tall. I placed all three Santas on a bookshelf in our family room. The following morning we awoke to find the medium Santa on the floor and the small Santa missing. We tore the house apart looking for the missing Santa, but it was nowhere to be found...i mean we tore it apart!

This morning we woke up to find the largest Santa open in two pieces on, still on the bookshelf, the medium Santa now missing, and the smallest Santa(missing from the day before) reappearing in the hallway on the tile in front of the door heading to the basement, which we used at least 12 times the day before!

A spirit prank? Or should I be concerned?

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on December 04, 2012:

Thanks very much for a wonderful comment. It is appreciated.

Scarlet on December 04, 2012:

After reading all these comments from people who have had some very nasty experiences with spirits, I thought I'd pop on and comment that I am "haunted," but I actually count the ghost as a good friend and (at times) a guardian. My ghost, Nathan, first started appearing when I was about 14 or 15, and my first experiences with him were mostly a sense of somebody else being in a room with me. Normally, I would be sitting on one end of the couch, and would just KNOW that somebody was leaning over the other end. From there, things progressed to hearing his footsteps up and down the hall when I was in bed, and a few times I caught sight of a faint, glowing blue figure, or heard a young male voice that spoke with a very strange vowel inflection that sounds something like a refined pirate. Nathan led me on a merry chase to learn who he was, but I eventually learned that he was a young man who died early in the American Revolution at 22. In the years since then, I have become capable of having full conversations with him, and on occasion he will oblige me and "watch over" somebody.

One such occasion came when my grandmother had a stroke, but sent the paramedics away, and my grandfather was still driving to their house to take her to the hospital himself. I asked Nathan to go sit with my grandmother until my grandfather got there. Later, my grandmother mentioned a "young man" who had walked into the house, sat there a while, and left before my grandfather arrived. Nobody except me believed her.

Nathan has also interacted with other people (although they usually don't acknowledge him for what he is), doing things like opening and closing blinds to keep the sun out of my mother's eyes, or playing with the cat. When my brother was little, while our mother was putting him to bed, he would occasionally point over her shoulder and exclaim, "mommy, look at the blue ghost!" My mom thought he was pretending, and he stopped doing it as he got older.

The most interesting thing Nathan has done recently is take a sort of liking to my best friend. While my friend and I were talking one day, I accidentally let slip that "I see dead people." When questioned, I explained the whole thing, and he was open minded, but not convinced. He asked me if Nathan would appear or talk to him, and I said I'd ask. When I called Nathan and told him, "Will you talk to Tim? He doesn't believe in you," Nathan replied, "Oh he doesn't? Tell him I'll believe in him if he believes in me." The two then proceeded to have a lengthy conversation though me. Nathan has "visited" Tim a few times since then, and Tim believes now.

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