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Astrology - How To Get Along - Leo and Capricorn

Christofer has been a counselor, contract administrator and has studied astrology with his mother since the 70s. He has eight grandchildren.

Lion Goat

How To Get Along – Leo and Capricorn

The Lion and the Goat

AstroCompatibility Is The Goal

This series on AstroCompatibility will cover all of the potential matchups in the Zodiac. We will continue this series thinking about and commenting on Capricorn and Leo. You can get a book of all 12 matchups at and info on sexual fulfillment, couple's relatioships, the future, the cosmos and human aspiration at Christofer's new website:

Leo - Capricorn

Capricorn is Earth and Cardinal. Leo is Fire and Fixed. The cardinal and action-oriented Capricorn adds its strong organizational ability to the Leo whimsy and grandiosity. Capricorn can be proud of its learning and its relations. Capricorn sees life in its entirety as part of its total plan, Leo can easily fit in. A little shy and less extroverted than the Leo, Capricorn sees Leo as a very complementary “asset”, which they can use for their positive plans and goals. Instead of a view that Leo is too “over the top”, and someone to be controlled or limited, Capricorn can view the Leo as a personality to be admired. After all, who can match Leo’s outward stylized way? Capricorn can profit from Leo’s personality and ride along with it on the road to socializing, connections and great networking and all those things that fit into Capricorn’s grand plans for success. Putting a limit on Leo would be more like managing a performer, not monitoring a spendthrift gambler. Capricorn cardinality would have a great person to get into business with.

Leo can view Capricorn favorably, if it will just see their relationship as ultimately helpful to the Leo. Leo does not like the natural restrictions that Capricorn will tend to put on the Leo; but it needs to understand that one hand shakes the other. Much like a star’s manager, the Capricorn is there to give Leo a blessing. View Capricorn’s love as part heart and part head. Leo, you know just a bit of discipline is not harmful or deleterious. After you examine your heart and see that your attraction and love for each other is strong, you can safely fall backwards into Capricorn’s arms and have faith that you have a great destiny together. If there are too many sparks, restrictions and general negativity, then both will have to make assessments. The sturdiness the Capricorn infuses into the musculature of this “entity”, union, marriage can actually bring all of the outlandish and expansive plans of Leo into greater possibility of fulfillment. When you really think about it, this is a great combination for potential achievement. The chance that Leo could run into a better life/business partner is remote.

Positive Postulate: If you choose to frame this scenario completely positively, it is a vivid animated image of goal realization. Capricorn is at its happiest and humming with plans, small and large, pushing and managing the great Leo personality toward realization of all of the great schemes that Leo can hatch and talk about. Leo can be unhindered but controlled. Capricorn, freed up and allowed to march up its cliffs of achievement with the hopeful and happy Leo in tow, can be secure. This is a most positive view for both characters that can get the most out of each other.

Romance Recommendation: Since we have talked much about career and goals in this analysis, a look at romance would be useful. Capricorn should not restrict Leo in matters of style and heart and romance. Limitations here could be damaging and thwart the glamour and grandness of Leo’s more than dramatic romantic ways. Following Leo’s big smile, magnanimous gestures and sweeping ways, allows Capricorn to look through the binoculars of Leo and participate in the overall fun and sexiness that The Cat engenders.

Conflict Quotient: The Lion and the Goat could fight easily over the many things we have been observing. The stakes for these two seem to be larger and the players more serious. Thus they should know that a fight puts the loss of these things in play. Leo’s loud roar and Capricorn’s calculated ways do not make a peaceful scenario. Capricorn plotting should go toward gentleness and Leo should pull in its claws.

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Peace Parlay: Life in the end is repetitive and mundane, and so is Romance itself. This factor asks the question: "Can we be bored together over the long term?" Boredom does not come on the radar screen with Capricorn. Goal realization might make them sit back a bit, but they have too many plans for this to be a problem. Leo can love boredom, but they are always fun, even when bored.

Keep Up The Interest Graph: The Goat has style. The Goat loves the accoutrements of wealth and elegance. Interest is always there for the Goat. Leo’s is up for almost everything, and thus these two would have to just tire of each other and become fatigued that way. Otherwise, new and vitalizing interest would always be in the pulse of their activity

Seven Year Itchiness: There are some signs that by their nature are more stable in their love interests and family concerns as time goes on. Others are not. A Capricorn would not countenance the possibility of a 7 year itch openly. Not to say that they are not human, but it would be “beneath them” officially. Leo gathers its pride of admirers from all over the Serengeti, but they can be loyal. If this match was really working, it would be close to a real dramatic success. Infidelity would be foolish.


ASTROCOMPATIBILITY POSSIBILITY RATING: 70% Positive Long Term – 80% Short Term. Leo meeting Capricorn, maybe at an Amway get together would seem to “purr culate” easily! Depending upon their individual charts, harmony or struggle could occur. Long term positive outlook would be great. Possibility of constant struggle is also possible.

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