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How Do I Deal With Hope Deferred and Staying on Course?

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There’s Pressure Put On You To See Where You Leak So That You Could Be Sealed Up

You have to stay on course you have to stay in there with the Lord when things don’t turn out. You have to deal with the fact that sometimes things are delayed and your hope is deferred. Hope doesn’t disappoint us.

You have to stay on course you have to stay in there with the Lord when things don’t turn out. You have to deal with the fact that sometimes things are delayed and your hope is deferred. Hope doesn’t disappoint us.

How Do I Deal With Hope Deferred And Staying On Course

This is part one of our question and answers session and the topic is “How to change history” or “How to be a history maker”.

God has a perfect plan for you and we’re assigned to you to make sure that we provide everything we can for you to accomplish what God has for you. Getting back into it. I'm going to do another question which is How do I deal with hope deferred and staying on course?

The Holy Spirit ministers to me a lot about this because, if you remember my story I was saved in 1980, and it has been 40 years next month in October. I've walked with God and 40 years ago Jesus appeared to me and told me that I was called to be a prophet and this is the first year I've walked in that office. It’s been 40 years of training, so I understand about hope and how sometimes things are deferred, and they don’t always come to pass right away. I also wanted to be a pilot. I ended up being a flight attendant for 30 years and being on an airplane that I could fly, but I was not allowed to fly it. I got several times asked to be assigned to F-16 squadrons. Three times to go to flight training to be a jet fighter pilot and the Lord told me no all three times. That doesn’t include the very fact that senator Hines from Pennsylvania nominate was going to nominate me for the air force academy.

I understand this but you have to stay on course you have to stay in there with the Lord when things don’t turn out. You have to deal with the fact that sometimes things are delayed and your hope is deferred. Hope doesn’t disappoint us. Paul said because we have the gift of the Holy Spirit inside us and it’s a deposit guaranteeing that we will have the full payment one day.

God Is More Concerned About Your Character Than Your Comfort.

God promises things, and he told Joseph something. It took a long time for them to come to pass, but he ended up being a deliverer for all of Israel. He was sent ahead to Egypt during a time when it was prosperity there. Then there was a famine and God used Joseph to save all his lineage, and we have Israel today because Joseph was obedient and went to Egypt and became number two spot under pharaoh. He was in charge of all of Egypt just under the pharaoh himself. We can go on with Abraham, and we can go on with all the different patriarchs. They were promised different things and then it took a long time for those things to come to pass.

Jesus told me that he is more concerned about your character than he is your comfort. There are times when you’ll be in situations. What’s happening is you’re being put through tests of your character to see if you’ll stay in there. If you talk to anybody who is in specialized training for military special forces, they go through many more hours of grueling training and pain beyond what they would normally encounter just to build up their resistance to it and be able to do things that are superhuman to us. That’s what the angels do.

It was in 1990 when I was in Sacramento, California. My wife Kathy was in Phoenix. We always talk when I get in usually around three o’clock and I went to the mall. I went to the mall in Sacramento California to eat and then on the way back I was shopping. Then I called my wife, and she was in Phoenix. We were talking because two angels walked into my room while I was sitting on my bed after going shopping and the whole room turned blue. This beautiful sapphire blue, and it was a thick mist, and so the angel said. I want you to call your wife and I want you to repeat everything that we tell you so we talked on the phone and the angels were right there in front of me. They told me what to say and the room filled up with this sapphire fog that was so beautiful and the angels have had a blue tint on them as well.

This is what one of the things they said. It went on for a long time but the power went through the telephone and hit Kathy who was 1300 miles away in our house. She was overcome with the same power that was happening to me and this is what the angels told me. They said that you have been put through things that would be impossible for people to function in a normal circumstance. They said we have been told to put you through this training so that you can withstand and stay in there when no one else would.

They said that you are pretty much closer to being done and being promoted than you are at the start. I was over halfway at the time through it, and they said please just stay in there. Be faithful to God. The pressure you’re going through is tough. You can change the course of people’s lives.

They showed me a vision they took me to Alaska in this vision at that time, and I was talking to Kathy, but she didn’t know that I actually went there. I was at this giant pipeline in Alaska that was huge and it seemed like it was about 14 feet in diameter, and they were welding and building it. The angel said that after they weld it they blow steam through it, and it’s four times as much as what will ever go through that pipeline. Then the steam, where it leaks, it causes like a fog to come out because it’s really hot inside and it’s cold up there. These guys go through and I saw them welding where the leaks were. They said that’s where you’re at now.

There’s pressure put on you to see where you leak so that you could be sealed up. The angels said you’ve got to stay in there, and they were giving me hope. It was so hard. I would go through impossible things. I would have all kinds of things happen to me where people would be so rude and so mean. At work, I had 29 different employees that try to get me fired, and if it wasn’t for the fact that my boss knew what was going on I would have been fired many times over. But all 29 of those employees were fired. For the last one, it took over 20 years for that person to be fired. They finally were fired and several of them died of AIDS. They died of different diseases and things like that they died. It was bizarre because I was part of that situation and being a manager I wouldn’t even believe it, because I would never steal from the company. I would never do anything like that, but the things that I was accused of, my boss knew that I would never do those things. I would go through situations like that. I was constantly put in situations, where I was being blamed for things that I was not doing. It was kind of hilarious because I didn't even want that job anyway, actually hoping I’d get fired. It was kind of like somebody that I watched on tv. They tried to get fired, and they even failed at that. They couldn’t even get fired from their job when they tried.

It’s like God knows exactly what your situation is and Paul says that he can help you in any situation so that you’re able to sustain through the temptation. There’s every temptation that happens is common to man. No one’s been selected as a special and encountering something more terrible. You have to remember that what you’re going through is a common thing and it’s all over the world. God in that temptation will come in and gird you up so that you can bear up under it.

He creates a way of escape for you under that. I'm sharing these personal things with you not because I want to talk about myself but I want to encourage you. You have to understand that things haven’t been easy for me just because I went to heaven. It’s actually the contrary. I have people act up all the time. It’s just the personalities of devils getting into the personality of the person. I'm not wrestling against people. I'm wrestling against these demonic spirits. Some of them are very high up spirits. Some of them are little fluffy things that you can kick with your feet in the name of Jesus.

The bottom line is you got to stay on course no matter what. If people don’t treat you right, Congratulations! Because they didn’t treat Jesus right. When I met Jesus I remember him talking to me, and he was sharing some things with me. I was looking at his beard and it was so perfect and the father had taken away all his scars off of his face. There were no visible scars even on his neck and his back that I could see. I remember looking at how beautiful a person this messiah is to us. He’s a perfect God, of course, he’s perfectly God. He’s perfectly human too. God had restored him.

He was the most handsome gentleman the kindest person that I've ever met. I felt completely safe with him. I felt value. I thought who would ever pluck his beard out? Who would ever spit on him? He’s talking to me and I'm looking in his eyes something, and he literally created me. I'm thinking who would ever mistreat this man, who would ever even doubt him. I thought if anybody really met him how could they reject him. They did, they rejected him. They mistreated him, and so in your life.

I would look at everything you go through as being a test that you’re going to pass and start looking at that way. I believe that God will start to put you on a course out of that because the angels told me. They said there’s a time coming where you’ll be proven, and then things will change, and so that was many years ago.

That was in 1996. We were in our phoenix house. It was after 1996. Shortly after that things started to break open and then the devil doesn’t talk to me much anymore. He doesn’t visit. He doesn’t call. I guess we just broke up but see some of you probably have situations where you haven’t broken completely free of the world.

Break The Soul Attachment With This World.

You can get discouraged pretty quickly if you have any soul attachment to this world because he uses that soul attachment to mess with you. You can’t really date the devil during the week, and then go to church on weekends to be with God and then expect to have a full harvest spiritually. Your soul attachments will come back to bite you. You’re a human being. You like ice cream. You like to do certain things. I'm not talking about being completely shut down in a cave with sackcloth and ashes. I'm talking about you are a child of God and you have a promise, you have a future, you have huge amounts of benefits, and you should look at what you’re going through as a test that you’re going to pass.

Once you qualify and you’re free of all these things that bind you. It’s going to stop. The devil will go and pick someone else and that’s the way it is. I've had some crazy things that happened to me which I can’t share with you. I've had stuff happen to me that was bizarre. How demons get to the place where they can’t stand you. When you tell them well, I can’t stand you either then it’s like we have nothing to talk about anymore and it’s a bizarre thing. I can’t talk about it now but I want to tell you there is a time coming where the devil is going to leave you alone. He will leave you alone because you passed your test and no one’s teaching that.

There comes a time when the devil just opts out. He’s like a lion. He’s looking to devour someone. If you watch what lions do they look for the straggler. They look for the weak one in the pack. They don’t try to go after the king and the pack of anything. They go after an easy catch an easy kill, and you don’t make yourself edible. Not palatable to the enemy. He despises you, and just go ahead, and let him go. Let those devils just go from your life. Don’t let them hook you and I'm telling you because of that you will have hope. I know what I'm talking about. You start to get depressed or you start feeling bad. If you’re getting to where you feel like you want to give up. This is the time you’re about to pass your test. That I know. When I was in heaven I saw that.

That was your breakthrough. You’re about to see a promotion. This has happened so many times with me, and Kathy knows this too. It’s like the devil knows that within 24 hours your breakthrough is coming. Anyway, you have to deal with things, the things that God speaks to you. You have to realize that when he speaks it to you, it’s just as real as when it happens. Even if it takes a while for it to happen.

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