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How Mediumship Works

S.P. Austen has over 40 years experience as a clairvoyant medium and healer.

In this article, I am going to share with you some of my own direct perceptions of mediumship and perhaps give some understanding of how it works and what to expect from a session with a medium. This faculty called mediumship basically means 'middle man' and is the ability to communicate with those who have so-called 'died' and have passed away from this earthly life. I worked both professionally and in a free capacity as a clairvoyant medium for over 40 years, but my involvement in this field has covered my entire lifetime.

A medium could also be rightly termed a sort of catalyst, that is, a person who acts as a blending agent or a connector, who can be used to relay messages from one sphere of being to another, principally, to relay communication from those who have passed to the subtler worlds of Spirit and pass these messages on to those they have loved who still dwell in an earthly body.

Image by: Wallenstein

Image by: Wallenstein

Is it Spooky?

I have often been asked if I have had unpleasant or frightening experiences as a medium, and I can honestly recount no, that it is much more natural, casual and matter-of-fact than that. My experience of mediumship is very much one that encompasses the ordinary everyday experience, reaching someone who has passed on to the greater life beyond the Earth world and is earnestly seeking to give a message of comfort love and hope to someone they care for who may still be grieving, in the earthly world.

People who pass to Spirit are not suddenly transformed into high-minded intellectuals or guardian angels, or beings of light. They invariably come as they are, with all their familiar earthly characteristics and demonstrate who they are by the messages they relay. There is nothing scary or spooky in that at all. It is also perfectly natural, that having found themselves very much alive and in the next world, a person would want to convey this fact to those they love still living on the Earth plane.

Evidence of Survival

But why go to a medium? People come to mediums (we can refer to those consulting a medium as the sitter) usually in order to assuage their grief and get some confirmation that the person or persons they love have survived physical death and do in fact still exist in a greater world beyond the Earth.

Is it enough then for a medium to say, 'Oh yes, auntie Flo is here and she sends her love?' Such a statement wouldn't prove anything, because anyone can say that the person who has passed gives their love. However, if the medium did not know that there was such an Auntie Flo in Spirit then the name given itself would be what we call evidence.

Evidence means that the medium is not just giving generic statements which might apply to anyone, but is actually giving names or other details that can be recognised by the sitter including facts or events in the loved-ones life and circumstances which could not possibly have been known by the medium.

In many of my own readings, I have given details to some sitters who have not known at all what I was talking about, until they went home and someone in the family could place the name and the incident or circumstance or other details that I had given during the reading. Therefore, I was reading 'in the dark' as it were, without gaining any immediate confirmation from the sitter at the time of the session.

This is particularly good from the perspective of giving evidence, as it rules out any concepts of suspected underhandedness if the sitter did not even know the details themselves. It also rules out telepathy if the sitter did not know the details given by the medium and had to get confirmation of the medium's statements from a family member much later. That does not imply that accidental telepathy is never involved in a reading, as there is bound to be some form of that faculty at work. However, I find it rather devious that some sceptics will use telepathy as a tool to rule out mediumship, when they do not really believe that even telepathy is a genuine faculty!

So in a mediumship reading there can be all kinds of evidential references, from names, places, jobs, incidents, and little or even big incidentals that the discarnate person will relay in order to give proofs or evidence of their continued existence beyond the earthly life.

Image by: doreen_kinistino

Image by: doreen_kinistino

How do People From Spirit Communicate?

For me, this has always been via a mental rapport with the person in Spirit. Thoughts from the discarnate person come as mental imagery which the person in Spirit wants me to see and then convey to the sitter. I have often heard about other mediums, some of them very famous ones, who have said that they see auras constantly around people, and see people from the next world standing in physical space. This has never been the case for me, and therefore I cannot speak for others and what they see. I can only give you my own honest experience as I have received it personally.

Mediumship for me has always existed at the level of the mind and this is the case for many other mediums too. This kind of mediumship has been termed mental mediumship. It involves the person or persons in Spirit conveying or rather projecting thought images towards the medium in the hope that there will be a strong enough telepathic rapport that the medium can register such mental impressions and then relay them to the sitter.

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience

For me, most of these mental impressions are of the visual kind, that is, being impressions of actual thought-forms which appear in my mind, nearly always in full colour, but sometimes in black and white like old still photographs. Most of the images appear 'static' to me, i.e., non-moving, rather like still photographic images. In this way, I can concentrate on the image and describe what I see. This is basically a clairvoyant faculty, which simply means 'clear seeing.' It is a psychic faculty of the mind to see into subtler realms of being.

Other impressions however, can involve sounds, especially names that a person from Spirit may wish to give in order to confirm who is making the communication. This faculty is known as clairaudience, which simply means 'clear hearing' and involves the mental faculty of hearing sounds from other dimensions, such as words given telepathically from a discarnate individual. If the person who has passed was named 'Jim,' for example, they might project that sound at the medium until it is received and given to the sitter.

Mediumship and all other psychic faculties work on a very fine vibratory rate, and so there can be breaks in communication and mistakes can be made, because it is not an exact science. It's rather like a crackling radio going in and out of reception as the tuner finds the signal and loses it again. Therefore, the medium might mis-hear the name of Jim and interpret the sound they heard as Tim instead. Similar sounding names like this can cause such errors for the medium, but I think any reasonable-minded person can see that the approximation is close in this case. This can occur often in mediumship sessions, with very similar sounding names, and yet there can often be just as much highly accurate information with names being spot on and sometimes very difficult or foreign names too.

During a mediumship reading the medium will often feel sensations which are not related to the earthly world, and can receive impressions of the mental and emotional state of the person who has passed, including physical ailments which they had in their earthly life. These often come as impressions that are sensed rather than seen clairvoyantly or heard clairaudiently. This faculty is known as clairsentience and means 'clear sensing.'

Image by: Prettysleepy2

Image by: Prettysleepy2

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Animal Survival

Mediumship is not confined to reaching human beings who have departed this life, and in my own work it has been very common for me to bring animals through to make themselves known. With animals, it is often simpler, as they are less complicated and there will be basic information as a general rule, as their lives are not usually complex like a human life.

However, if the circumstances of the animal's life are unusual in some way (a dog killed by a car, for example) a medium might be able to pick up on that incident. Also, names of animals can be either spot on or even very unusual, even if what comes through is a very close sound-alike name. I had one incidence of three dogs all with names of alcoholic spirits, Whisky, Brandy and Sherry which I received and another dog that I called Micky but was actually Mikey; a subtle difference, and not quite a phonetic sound-alike, but close enough in spelling to be accepted by the sitter, along with other details given.

Animals too survive physical death, and if they have had human attachments on earth, they are just as keen to make their presence known.

A Universal Language

Another interesting feature of mediumship is that there appears to be a universal language in the next world, as I have had many communicators from Spirit who have relayed all sorts of information to me, even when I have sensed that they did not speak English in their earth life. I recall a Japanese lady's grandparents communicating perfectly, even though they had never left Japan and never learned to speak English.

Mental communication is therefore, universal, and is no barrier as speech can be, as the emotional intention is clear and the thoughts relayed have no need of clumsy words to describe anything. Telepathic rapport is in fact a language of feeling, of emotion, intention and imagery.

Symbolic Imagery

One of the most important aspects of mediumship is the use of symbolic imagery by people in Spirit. Sometimes just one strong mental image will provide overwhelming evidence that the person who is claiming to be communicating does indeed live on.

By symbolic imagery, I mean that the person in Spirit may just give the medium a strong mental image by which they try to convey something that they want to use as evidential information.

Sometimes the clairvoyant or the medium doesn't know why he or she is seeing the thing that comes into the mind; an example for me once was that I 'saw' mentally, a huge red lipstick, larger by far than life. This was during a mediumship session for a group of three women, all friends.

They laughed aloud when I tried to make sense of it, as their friend who had passed to Spirit had played a joke on her husband once when driving into a gas station. The husband was driving and asked for some lip balm, so the wife (now communicating from the next world) had winked at her friends in the car and handed him her lipstick, which he applied unknowingly whilst he was driving, and went into the gas station wearing bright red lipstick!

The lady who had passed on had impressed upon my mind this larger than real life lipstick as a symbolic image of this story, (which her friends recognised immediately) to make her point and provide evidence that she was there. She had clearly also not lost her very natural sense of humour!

Image by: geralt

Image by: geralt

There were still occasions when I would not give something out due to not understanding it, or that it came in very faintly, and I would only kick myself later on when the sitter mentioned that very thing that I had 'seen' but had remained silent about!

However, over the many years that I worked in this field, I learned in mediumship never to question anything that I saw, simply because I could not understand it or interpret it. The point is that if the sitter knows, or can recognise why the image came into my mind, that is all that is required. It was not my job to make it 'fit' if it didn't make sense to them.

Some mediums and clairvoyants fear that they might 'get it wrong' so they hold back on some information if it doesn't seem to make sense or seems illogical in some way. But this is a mistake, as great gems of evidence can come out this way, as outlined above.

My motto became, if you fear getting it wrong then you will never get it right! Such fear would always hold the ability back.

Beyond Religion

One of the best things about mediumship is that it is beyond the limitations of earthly concepts of religion; people of all kinds of religious faith have communicated through my own work, and that of many other mediums, and also those who were agnostic and atheist in their physical lifetime have come through elated that life goes on.

Children come through, the old, the middle-aged, the good, the bad, the ugly! All kinds and every conceivable type of person can communicate if they so desire to reach someone they care about on Earth. I have even had a Jehovah's Witness from Spirit come through to a reformed JW sitter (the JW's do not believe in the reality of life after death unless one follows their own particular belief system) who had left that organisation and relayed how wrong her own beliefs were on Earth, and that she wished she had realised the truth of the eternal soul before she'd passed, as the sitter did.

What mediumship demonstrates to us is that there is a natural law in operation at death, in which the soul leaves the physical shell, casing or 'overcoat' behind, and returns to the world from which it originated. This has nothing to do with the beliefs held by the individual in the lifetime, and is based entirely on a natural process.

The only thing that does matter is the content of the soul, the qualities of soul gained in the incarnation whilst on Earth. The most important being the capacity for love. The beliefs are merely 'window dressing' and are only secondary to love and unselfishness.

The Purpose of Mediumship

The purpose of mediumship is therefore, to provide evidential information that the person who has so-called 'died' still lives on in another plane of consciousness. This is of immense comfort for instance, to parents who have lost a child, or someone who has had an accident and died or has been murdered or committed suicide, for example.

Even in the normal event of a natural passing in a good old age, people want to know if the person they love still exists somewhere, and this is where a good medium, experienced in the field, can help enormously, by providing various kinds of 'proofs' or evidence, as outlined above.

No, mediumship is not an exact science, and yes, mistakes can be made, little errors in dialogue, mis-hearing the fine telepathic communication from the spirit communicator, and incorrectly mispronouncing a name or only getting a close phonetic sound-alike. Yet, overall, if a medium is able to provide enough information that paints the character of the person or animal, that provides some small detail, or even just one outstanding point which 'blows their socks off' as I used to call it, then the medium has achieved their purpose; they have provided the sitter with indisputable evidence that the person they love has come through and made a definite communication which confirms that they live on.

The whole point of mediumship is therefore to provide such evidence that the sitter can leave in comfort, knowing that there is a real, lively and definite existence beyond the morbidity of the grave, and that the people and animals they have loved will be reunited with them someday.

It makes perfect sense to any reasonably minded person that anyone who has crossed from this earth life to the next world and finds themselves very much alive, will want to shout this fact from the rooftops, and reach out to the people they love still on the Earth plane. A medium's role in this can therefore prove to be indispensable.


Please note that S.P. Austen no longer works professionally as a clairvoyant medium, so he politely requests that readers do not ask for appointments. Any mention of his own experiences in this article have been for illustrative and educational purposes only, and not to procure work from the public.

Image by: geralt

Image by: geralt

© 2019 S P Austen


brian on September 17, 2021:

i remember been a young nine year old my nerves were still rack and ruin i was recovering from the flu which seemed to go on for more then then the two weeks if i could not breath id panic and rush out side i feel my self going faint thats probably what it was but too the point i was alone in my nan living room all the other were in the lounge as i felt this light headness i started to move to kitchen door to get to the outside it had just gone dark so i knew the cold air would bring me round more just before i touched the frame of the kitchen door it was like i was thrust into another world or was looking through a window it was daylite i could see my grandad who passed away when i was a baby and two of my uncles who looked like very young men and were smiling my mom came through and snapped me out of it and said are you ok booboo that was a nick name given to me by my uncles i just said i felt a little unwell and needed some air i never told my mother as things of that nature were taboo and un godly looked on differently in those days at that age i d made a mental decission not to do this kind of thing because of my extereme nervousness biought on by early trauma

brian on September 17, 2021:

i feel this is something that i should have done but due to my upbringing and a violent father to my mother at a very early age ruled this out although i kept seeing things no body could see and almost got put in a mental hospital by my father which my mother put her foot down to stop such a thing happening it was not untile later on in life i accepted it and my fear of the dark beccame my best friend i satrted learning more

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