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How Do You Pull the Dreams and Prophecies You Have Into This Realm?


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At night your spirit should have free reign in you to bring forth some truth from the other realm.

You’re having dreams because the demon activity is influencing your soul.  You have these dreams that are really telling you the spiritual atmosphere around you

You’re having dreams because the demon activity is influencing your soul. You have these dreams that are really telling you the spiritual atmosphere around you

Soul Realm Is More Predominantly Involved In The Dream Process

First, I want to tell you that the dream is a transference from the spirit realm to the soul realm. The soul realm is more predominantly involved in the dream process because of many reasons. You can eliminate all the bad things out of the equation if you would allow your angels to come at night and stand before you and minister.

Then if you would renew your mind by the word of God and have it playing at night while you’re sleeping or listening to good teaching or good music whatever that’s anointed. If you allowed your mind to be renewed then your soul part of you would start to agree with the spiritual part of you. They would have common ground and at night for most people even Christians your soul is fighting.

You’re having dreams because the demon activity is influencing your soul. You have these dreams that are telling you the spiritual atmosphere around you. You’re not getting it during the day. You don’t know why you feel depressed. You don’t know why you feel irritated. Why you don’t feel motivated. You feel motivated to go to McDonald’s and get a hamburger. You don’t feel motivated to sit down and do what you need to do. Study the word of God. Get into the Strong’s concordance and do some study.

Journal every day. Everybody should journal and write down because you never know that might turn into a book someday. There are things that the soul wants to do like go to a restaurant and eat. Go and get entertained. Your soul loves to be entertained. Your soul needs to be trained in spiritual things. It’s like training up a kid that’s rebellious and doesn’t want any of that.

Your soul is not seeking spiritual things. Your spirit takes control of your inner part of you. You’re going to have to bring those dreams into line and those prophecies into line in this realm. That’s going to take discipline so your soul is going to have a framework that’s going to agree with the spirit. At night your spirit should have free reign in you to bring forth some truth from the other realm and then transfer it to your understanding. To your soul. This is going to happen to you. I’ve seen this over the years. No one’s preaching this but your dreams start to clean up and be more specific as your mind is being renewed.

I have found that the two ways that you can speed this up. If you want a shortcut it’s meditating on the word of God. Getting the concepts of what Jesus is teaching through the word. Then allowing your angels and treating them as real people that have been sent to help you. And invite them to stand with you. They don’t get tired just standing there all night watching you sleep. They are like security. They love to stand and guard, and they love to minister to people. How they minister is they show up. They don’t have to say a word. I don’t know where people got into that the angels have to say something when they come.

Most annual visitation I have is this. Angels being assigned to me to stand there and make me cook like a baked potato and foil on the grill. I feel like I’m cooking inside by the presence of an angel. No, it’s not the Holy Spirit. It’s the same presence of God as the Holy Spirit. Angels are of a different substance but the Holy Spirit’s involved with that. They’re spirit beings so of course the Holy Spirit’s already involved. There is a different presence. When I was in the throne room I was there but it seemed like a dream. It seemed like a vision. It was a reality. I felt different things. That was different when I was near the father. When I was with Jesus and then the Holy Spirit has had a different sense to it too. He was a different person now.

The angels when they come they were different and their voices were different. I had all these different experiences. Your spirit has a voice. You have a conscience that you have emotion. That has a voice. There are different voices, and they’re all very distinct in the spirit.

Dreams And Prophecies Are Given By God In Their Truest Form.

In the flesh when you’re down here in your body you’re involved with the busyness of your day. You’re not going to always be able to discern what’s really being said. There are what we call familiar spirits. These are evil spirits that are just assigned to your family. That’s why they’re called familiar spirits. They’re familiar with you. That’s where the word family and familiar came from. There are even certain religions and certain cultures that they actually invite their family spirits to be with them. They believe that when people pass on they just stay with you.

What’s happening is you’re encountering the demonic, and they’re familiar with you. You got to be careful that a familiar spirit doesn’t attach itself to your soul in some way that they can communicate with you. They have a voice too. It’s a legitimate real voice. He’s a liar, and they can influence your dream state and get you into fear. In the prophetic movement right now there are familiar spirits that are trying to infiltrate prophets and prophetesses. They see and feel and encounter things that are absolutely real. They are not legitimately the truth. If you misinterpret what’s being shown to you and you don’t discern you could be led astray. Then you can actually lead a bunch of people astray too by that spirit. You’ve yielded to a wrong spirit.

There’s another thing that’s happening. Maybe the prophetic doesn’t understand that. You can actually see into the spirit what’s going to happen. If you do nothing and you can be shown the enemy’s plans which is really what’s happening. A lot of times with the prophetic you’re being shown this is what’s appending. The prophet doesn’t understand it. You’re supposed to get in there and change it. You can change what’s about to happen.

At night, you’ll have dreams and visions. For instance, you’ll see America being destroyed or being invaded by another country. Your spirit is picking up what the enemy’s plan is. This is in the second heaven where the demonic is. Yes, it’s not the throne room the third heaven. It’s not the throne room briefing where “thus saith the Lord this shall not happen you shall live and not die and this country shall be a launching pad for the greatest move of God has ever touched this earth.” That’s what’s being written in heaven. That has already been written in heaven.

Dreams and prophecies are given by God in their truest form. We’re supposed to wage war with those prophecies. Paul told Timothy. We’re supposed to take the prophecies. The prophecies are calling things that are not as though they were. They will be contrary to what you’re seeing.

A lot of times I will be given a word and call out the worst person in a church. The troublemaker and the pastor’s thinking this guy’s missed it because he’s pulling out the troublemaker. But I’m prophesying and that’s what the Lord told me to do. He is calling those things that are not as though they were. God’s going to speak to that person as though not only they’re going to go to heaven, but they are going to fulfil their calling. He’ll choose that person as a sign and a wonder. If they mix that message with faith and do something about it, they wage war with that prophecy. You’ll see people’s lives change. I’ve seen it happen where people have just turned around and become great men and women of God. God was calling them as they are in heaven not as they are acting. This is how you pull things into this realm and I use this example. It happens a lot.

There are times when I have a dream about this or a person will give me a word. It will be from the second heaven. We’ve had it happen several times. We’re told that you’re going to experience this delay. You’re going to be delayed by a day getting to Germany. But you’re still going to make it to your conference. As soon as I hung up from that person who you know was legitimately seeing the delay to Frankfort. I had been to heaven and I knew that what was given to me was to change it. I said to my wife in the kitchen. I said that will not happen. We will push the gate early to Frankfurt tomorrow, and we did. I remember sitting on a huge airplane, and we pushed 10 minutes early. We actually took off before we were supposed to take off, and we arrived on time into Frankfurt. The Lord showed me if you hadn’t done anything about that nothing would have been done.

You can’t back off of dreams just because you don’t understand what’s being said and done

The other thing is prophets at times it seems like they miss it. What they’re doing is they’re calling things. The prophet was said to Hezekiah to get your house in order because you’re gonna die, and he had a disease that he was going to die of. But see what happened was that the prophet left. Did exactly what he was told. But he hadn’t even left the outer court yet of the king. He hadn’t even left the outer court yet and Hezekiah turned to the wall and started to weep and repented. When he repented the word of the Lord came to the prophet. He turned around, and he said you know what thus saith Lord you have 15 years. Well, what happened did the prophet miss it? No. Did the king miss it? No. Did God miss it? No.

What happened was is Hezekiah took what he heard from the prophet, and he did something with it. He responded to the word which in this case was repentance. See king Hezekiah, the reason that had come upon him was because of something wrong. There was something wrong with him and when he got it right then God made it right. The prophet followed through. Now, this is a perfect example of how a prophet could miss it if they don’t discern what’s going on.

If you have a dream chances are that you’re seeing is a temperature gauge. It’s a temperature gauge of the surrounding environment. What you’re seeing is the activity of demons. If you’re being chased by an alligator or a wild animal and you can’t run. That’s one of the most common things that happens. You can’t seem to get away and you wake up as this thing is about to devour you. Then you know you’re being targeted at the time by a demon spirit and your ability in the spirit is not great enough to take care of what it is. That’s coming at you now. What happens to me is I actually turn around and I either start laughing at it or I just beat the living daylights out of it.

I learn to win in my dreams. I turn the whole thing around in my dream and then it’s never mentioned again. It never happens at all. If you see your city burning you say that shall not happen. That is a warning. You come against it. You repent for your city. You take upon it yourself. You intercede like Abraham did for Sodom and Gomorrah. It still happened but at least his brother-in-law got out or his relatives got out. Some of them did but Abraham was able to change the outcome because Lot wasn’t even supposed to be in that city. He was given that grassy plain. Abraham took the rocks in the mountain which was a worse situation for his cattle. Yet Abraham ended up prospering. Abraham got Lots saved from destruction. It was because Abraham interceded. What if Abraham hadn’t interceded?

That’s why you have to pray that you have angel visitation now. I ask my angels to come at night and not only just guard me but minister to me because during the day we’re being tempted. We’re being seduced. We’re getting attacked constantly. Well, even Jesus who was the son of God after he was tempted by the devil in the desert says that angels came and ministered to him. When was the last time you believed for the ministry of angels after you’ve been tempted? If we’re tempted every day then we should have angel visitation every day. Angels have a great deal to play with this and also renewing of the mind.

Here’s what I want you to do to finish up this question is that God allows you to have dreams, and he allows you to receive prophecies. So that you can change things. Why would Paul say wage war with the prophecies you received. That’s what he told Timothy. Why if it was going to happen anyway. Why would Paul say you got to wage war with them.

That’s because in the New Testament there’s a different role of the prophet than there is in the Old Testament. In the New Testament, it’s conditional. You mix with faith what is being said in the New Testament. We live, and we operate in faith, so we have to mix faith with the word that’s been spoken.

Then things change. Whatever it is that you’re having if it’s a recurring dream and it has to do with you being pursued or you just not being able to graduate like I had. I had a recurring dream where I was still at my elementary school and it was embarrassing because I was 20. In a dream, I was like 25 or 30 years old and I’m with second or third-graders. In the dream, they’re like what is he doing here. I was like just you know how happy to be there. I’m like the whole time I’m mindful like this. I need to grow up, so I essentially graduated and then I was in junior high in my dreams. It just kept on going. I said Lord what is it he goes you’re not receiving the engrafted word which can save your soul. You’re not receiving it quickly enough. What happened was at the end of it I was in high school, and I was shown that I was a victim. I needed to get out of that mentality and I never had that dream again. I never had another dream like that again because I had in my dream state I had graduated and it just stopped. I’ve never had those dreams again.

Now I tell you the truth my dreams are real-life clips of the future. I mean they’re in a bright color, and they’re going to happen exactly as I see them. It has nothing to do with warfare. It has everything to do with situations that are going to happen in six months to a year. There’s no warfare at all. Well, what happened? I took out the giant and then I started to walk in dominion instead of just in my authority that it became a domain. I wasn’t just kind of enforcing my authority with the demonic anymore. I was being established in my domain and it got around.

You just don’t go to war with someone that you’re gonna lose it. I know that the enemy. He assesses his ability. It’s like animals. They know if you come upon a wild animal they do a very quick analysis of the situation and if they decide that they can’t take you they will just opt-out right away. Or they’ll go get other animals to gang up on you. They assess whether you’re feasible or not. The demons do that. They know it gets around That’s what you want as a student.

You want to establish your domain in the spirit to where demons know who you are. And where you are and they opt-out. This is what I know. This will help you but that’s all I take. I take my dreams and my prophecies and I change everything to match up with what’s with my books. Not all dreams are telling you what’s going to happen.

Dreams sometimes are telling you the spiritual atmosphere around you. If left undone, if left with not doing a thing you could see things that are going to happen. That’s why they happen. I can’t get off of this even though I got to go on. I saw people that were going to witches. I had co-workers. They were going to witches all the time, and I was telling them you need to stop doing that. They go well, the stuff they tell me is going to happen. I go no kidding I see there’s a demon spirit right beside that person who is going to go make sure that happens after they pronounce it. You’ve given them power because you went and inquired of them and then if you agree with it that demon has permission to do it. They’re like you gotta be kidding. I go you need to repent right now and I mean we’re at work, and they just bow their head. I said just pray after me I repent of witchcraft, and they repent right there at work sometimes. Seven miles up and I saw that evil spirits just accommodate what we agree upon.

Did you notice the prevalence of different storms and hurricanes and things like that? It’s because we’re naming them names, and then we’re mentioning those names, and we’re giving power to it. It’s an inanimate object that becomes powered by a demonic spirit. Of course, this is a lot too much for a lot of people. I have got to tell you that as students you have to start eating meat and understand that if you give a storm a name guess who’s going to accommodate you. It’s going to be a devil and some very powerful devils are excited. They even said that right now. They’re powerless at the name of Jesus.

They’re not these little fuzzball devils. These are big powerful spirits that can partake of a storm. This week we’re live, so I was told and encouraged to cancel this whole thing this week because we’ve just gone through several hurricanes that were coming right at us. Each time I would just stand in front of our offices. I was standing in my yard and I say you’re not coming near me. I would name the name of the storm or the hurricane or tropical storm whatever. I would command dry air to come because I know that dry air will destroy a hurricane. If you change the direction of the wind as well because we’re in a climate change right now. In a season change so you have cold dry air coming lower in the fall and that’s going to influence the storm patterns. We had to come against that and stand against that. The Lord told me no we’re going to have this and this happened.

A couple of weeks ago we were going to Houston. We were going to the Lord. I’m not canceling, and we had 1400 people signed up for Houston. We’re not going to cancel if the Lord tells us not to. These things went a different way, and just today, another one went another way. Because you can stand up against these things. You’ve got to be known in your spirit your dominion. It’s not just like requesting a storm not to come here. I don’t know how to tell you this.

The dreams that you’re having are so that you get an edge about that. A command about that. It’s not so that you can have a meeting with a demon and come to a compromise. You’re calling the shots here on the earth. I mean it’s so good, and some people have already walked in this dominion. And didn’t die of foul diseases. They were able to pray for people and help people. John G Lake was one of them, and he stood against the plague and saw many people live and not die. Because he decided that this was part of the enemy, and he hated sin. He hated sickness, and he came against it. He never got the disease even though it was contractible by touch and by breath. There you can’t back off the gospel just because people get sick. You can’t back off healing for that. You can’t back off of dreams just because you don’t understand what’s being said and done.

I think that Jesus gives you dreams, and he wants you to interpret your dreams. I don’t think you have to have someone always interpret your dreams. I believe that God gives you things so that you can understand. I mean He gave you the dream. I think he wants you to understand it. I’m telling you a whole other world is open to you at night. I want you as students to learn how to beat the devil and change things in your dreams to be dominant in that.

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