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How Do You Know and Walk in the Full Calling on Your Life?


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Your calling is progressive

 I don’t understand my full calling yet because it’s much bigger than my mind can even imagine. I don’t even have the ability or the tools to imagine it which seems crazy.

I don’t understand my full calling yet because it’s much bigger than my mind can even imagine. I don’t even have the ability or the tools to imagine it which seems crazy.

How Do You Know And Walk In The Full Calling On Your Life?

This is a mystery to me. I’m telling you that there is no real answer to this because if you look in the bible most people that were called of God didn’t understand or fully engage in the calling right away. I mean take Jacob for instance he had to be disciplined constantly. He ended up limping for the rest of his life because of a situation. If you look at Abraham was so scared of the king. He lied and said Sarah was his sister when she was really his wife. Well, when Isaac went through the same country the same king did the same thing and Isaac lied about his wife. It happened twice. It was transferred down. Abraham was afraid of a king when God had blessed him. He was afraid that he would lose his wife. He hid her but he almost lost her anyway. Then when Isaac went he did the same thing. Most historians will say that was the same exact king from what I’ve read in my studies.

I might be wrong but it looks like it was the same king and the same mistakes were made. When we get to Jacob the third generation every one of them went through bethel and Abraham built an altar there. When Isaac went there he honored that altar. When Jacob went there he fell asleep in the area of bethel and he took a rock which the Lord told me was one of the rocks from the altar of Abraham. He laid his head on it and he had a dream and he saw the ladder going into heaven. They call it Jacob's ladder. He woke up and he said I did not know that the Lord was in this place. Jesus pointed it out to me that he should have known that the Lord was in this place. His grandfather had built an altar there and then his father had honored that. Third generation Jacob, he didn’t discern it.

He had forgotten his heritage. There’s something about the heritage. Jesus referred to a fatherless generation that we’re in right now. Where Satan has come against fathers and get against the transference and against to where we don’t see the handoff anymore like we used to. We don’t see the honor in honoring your parents and honoring your lineage. What God has had to do is visit people himself and confirm a calling. Then you have situations where there was no handoff. Jesse Duplantis had a mother that prayed but there was no one in the ministry. He was arrested in the spirit one night when he heard a preacher preaching on tv and it touched him. He started to tear up and he repented and received the Lord over a tv program where Billy Graham was preaching in a stadium. He became an evangelist and has been one for now 40 to 44 years. His only heritage was that he had a praying grandmother or a praying mother.

There are examples. See the history of someone called Paul the apostle. He was named Saul. He was arrested by God himself. Jesus appeared to him and knocked him down. He was called to be an apostle since birth. We didn’t know that and you couldn’t tell that by the way he acted. I mean Stephen would testify that hey you had me killed. Stephen was killed at the command of Paul who was Saul at the time.

Transference of a Mantle From Another Ministry

I have to tell you this ahead of time because there’s a couple of ways that God does this. He could cause you to have an inheritance in your family to where you have a transference of a mantle, of a calling that was on your grandparents or your parents or someone in your family. You could walk in that. That would be God’s perfect will. We don’t have that transference as much anymore because Satan has come against the family.

We have what we call transference of a mantle from another ministry. An Elijah and Elisha type transference where you have that kind of other thing. You could actually have the calling of your ministry given to you by another person. A man or a woman of God who transfers that mantle over to you.

If you didn’t have a family type of transference then there’s the other one where an angel appears and John the Baptist is spoken of in the womb as being a voice of one crying in the wilderness. Then Jesus was in the womb of Mary and when they were together the babies jumped within the wombs because they knew each other.

God can do things just because he wants to. We have many Muslims that come to the Lord because they were visited by Jesus Christ and told I’m the one you’re seeking. I’m the true God. I’m the true messiah and they’ve renounced Islam based on visitation. It had nothing to do with an inheritance in their family because they were Muslim.

These different types of things that could happen to you. How you walk in your calling and how you understand your calling is that matters. I don’t understand my full calling yet because it’s much bigger than my mind can even imagine. I don’t even have the ability or the tools to imagine it which seems crazy.

That’s the way it is. It’s so big immeasurable. You’re taking something from the other realm and you’re trying to frame it in your organic mind or in your imagination. It’s not really possible but with God all things are possible. There is this progressive revelation of understanding your calling. What you’re going to walk in eventually you won’t walk in right away. A lot of times God has to see if he can trust you by giving you smaller portions and assignments. Then when you’re faithful to it then he gives you more.

Passing the Test is your Calling

He doesn’t want you to have more than you can handle. He will lose you and he even told me this about prospering people. I always wondered why people be givers and they say they’re givers. They say that they’re doing this and this and yet they’re having trouble financially. There is this trust factor. That’s not talked about with blessings where you have to pass your tests and you have to have this love of money burn out of you.

Satan does this in this world system. He tries to get you attached to this world system and then you’re in a survival mode. You need money. What is your real need? You need every word that comes from the mouth of God. Then after you get to that place where you know whether you eat or you don’t eat you’re going to serve God. Whether you get promoted or you don’t get promoted you’re still going to serve God. Whether you’re poor or rich you’re still going to serve God. Then what happens is you pass your test.

Then your giving starts to be even more effective. Even though giving is part of what we do. We give of our sustenance. We tithe because we want to honor God with a portion which he set in the motion. That was not a man thing that was a God thing. We do that and we honor God. There are still things that don’t happen. This could happen with your calling just like it does with the money.

There is a trust factor where Elijah had to train Elisha in trust. Elijah had to learn and then when it got to the end Elijah tried to talk Elisha out of being with him. As he was ready to be taken away he said I’m going to go to Bethel. You stay here. I’m going to go to Jericho. He just kept doing that and Elisha knew that. The word was that if you’re with me when I go then you will have my mantle. Elisha remembered that so he was very diligent until the very end to do that. He received his mantle. He grabbed it. When Elijah disappeared he went down to the water and he smote the water and he said where’s the God of Elijah and the water split. It’s not a big surprise to us. When we read that story he fulfilled everything up until that point and he was faithful. You know of course he got that mantle. That’s a story that we learned in Sunday School.

To Have a Relationship with God is My Ministry

How about you? You’re studying. You’re taking courses. You’re studying and praying or fasting. You want to be a good warrior and you want to be a good disciple. You’ve done everything that you can do. A lot of you want to help us to start Warrior Churches. That’s a big responsibility. It starts with just a bible study at your house. It’s just caring and loving on people and ministering to people. Even if it’s just half-hour or 45 minutes once a week. That’s part of your test is. If you can do that then God will give you more.

What I learned about God was that ministry is part of my relationship with God. This is something that’s not being taught. I didn’t learn this in bible school. I was taught. Then we have a transference of mantles. We have gifts of the spirit, we have the five-fold ministry. The church is the government of God. The executive branch of God’s government. We have all those things and I was taught all that. What was missing was is that. Having to pass tests. I wasn’t being explained to it in school. I was seeing if I would be trusted with the little. What I would do with it and then God would give me more. Was I able to keep my attention on him and draw the people to him instead of to me? Was always being trusted. I kept giving credit to God and not to myself. I realized that we have to have a relationship with God and that is ministry. Jesus said my relationship with my father was my ministry. I’ve never heard that before. So if any of you have heard me say that, that was from Jesus himself.

He said I only did what my father was doing. I only said what my father was saying. He said I didn’t speak on my own. It was kind of strange even Paul got caught this. It was kind of strange, I never saw this until just last year.

Even the apostle Paul he would say you know this is the command of the Lord. He would say on the night that Jesus was betrayed He broke bread and he said this is a command of the Lord. This is what we do. We honor him until he comes. We reflect on what Jesus did and he said this is a sacred thing. He said essentially some of you are dying early because you’re not honoring and discerning the Lord’s body. You’re coming together and you think it’s like a meal and it’s not.

He would say you know what? You rather just stay single and not be married so that you can give your full attention to the Lord. He said this is not the Lord this is me. He said I think I too have the spirit of God. He would discourage people from doing certain things. When you look at his personality he had certain things happen and if you look in history he had certain things happen where he might not want to encourage someone to go through what he went through.

He had experiences where he said it’s I. If you’re asking me not the Lord but if you’re asking me I would never marry. He differentiated between that being his opinion but a Godly opinion. Then Paul would say it seemed good to me and the holy ghost. That’s good and so it bore witness at times for him to do certain things. You can get this in the book of acts. That’s how I walk out my calling. My calling is my calling. An election is sure in Christ however I still have to walk it out.

Your calling is to Humble Yourself Under the Mighty Hand of God

I have to walk it out with fear and trembling which means I got to be humble. How I walk into my calling and how you would walk in your calling is you walk in the fear of the Lord knowing that’s the beginning of wisdom. Which means you’re going to be humble. The word of God says humble yourself under the mighty hand of God that he may exalt you in the season.

In heaven, I saw that we’re not supposed to pray that God humbles us. We’re supposed to humble ourselves. now you know I saw that the proper order was to submit to God and then resist the devil. He is going to flee from you. That word resist is to push back like you’re resisting arrest. It’s a very violent push so when you resist the devil you’re pushing back. You’re refusing to submit to him. You submit to God. You resist the devil and the devil flees from you in terror it says.

He’s afraid of you because you did it in the proper order. These are kinds of things to answer the question of how I walk out my calling is. I have the fear of the Lord. I have humility in my life. I don’t wait for God to humble me. I humble myself under his mighty hand and then I push back against the devil after I’ve submitted to God. I push back against the devil violently. I don’t apologize and I don’t ask him nicely. He’s never done anything nice to you. Why should you be nice to him? You’re allowed to hate the devil. You should put all your anger and your hate toward him. If you’re going to be mad it says be angry and sin not.

Jesse Duplantis said Jesus you might want to turn the other way because you might want to see what I’m about to do. He’s rough with the devil. He doesn’t tolerate it. He said if you tolerate sin you’re going to be contaminated. You have to embarrass sin so that it doesn’t embarrass you.

The full calling of your life might not be revealed. I have walked in different offices in the five-fold before I walk in the office I am in now. I’m not even finished with it. Won’t be finishing out with the office that I’m in. I will be going on to the apostolic. I will be going on if I’m faithful in the prophet’s ministry. I will go on to the apostolic. But if I’m not then I will stay where I’m at. I’m not faithful in the prophet’s ministry it will be pulled from me. I could always be a servant. I could always love people. I could always preach the gospel. I don’t have to be a five-fold minister of the church to preach the word of God.

You can Accelerate into the Full Calling by Totally Yielding and Submitting to God

God calls you to a certain calling like a five-fold ministry of the church or so or a purpose on the earth in whatever capacity. Whether it’s in business you might have to start out working at a fast-food restaurant right before you own a business. That’s what we do.

When we go places I try to bring my staff with me. And I say I want you to watch everything they’re doing. Ask questions and learn. Because of that, we stay up to date. We’re not troubleshooting all the time. People like Brother Hagin used to say in class. He said if you’ve run into somebody who’s been in ministry a long time, they have gray hair keep your mouth shut because they might teach you something. If you spout off what you already know then you don’t know what they know.

The other thing you can do is ask questions like you’re doing here. How you end up in your life is going to be far greater than what you can imagine. You won’t know your full calling. Just as an example this year is my 40th year actually and I’m in just less than a month. It’ll be 40 years of walking with God. The month after I was saved I was told by the Lord Jesus Christ himself in person that I was called to be a prophet. The 40th year is the first year that I’ve officially walked in that. It took 40 years. God had to get a lot of things out of me so that what was needed in me would be able to fit where it didn’t fit.

I wasn’t able to operate in the fullness of what God had called me to do for 40 years. I was in training. What I learned in 40 years, to be honest with you, is what I can’t do. I’ve learned everything I can’t do. I can do nothing without him and that is in John chapter 15 verses 5 and 6.

I believe you have to come to a place where you don’t do a thing unless the Lord tells you to. There are certain things you can do. I don’t have to pray about certain things because it’s revealed in the word of God. Your calling is written somewhere in heaven. Everything about you is written already. You have the word of God but the reality of that the experience might not happen right away.

You can accelerate into the full calling by totally yielding and submitting to God. The problem today in our culture is there’s a lot of rebellion. It’s deep-rooted in people and it’s spilled over into the church to where everybody has an opinion. Ministry is supposed to be people speaking forth from the spirit of the truth. If it is pure truth it is not up for discussion. It’s interesting. It sadly starts in colleges where I took hours and hours of theology.

There are 14 different ways you can interpret the word in the bible. I just want to know the right way. You got so involved and it helped in a lot of ways. I saw that if we just knew the truth and stuck with the simplicity of the gospel we would see a lot of people get saved. We see the fruit of that. If we concentrated on too much on learning where it got carnal in our learning then there was no life in it.

You can study and learn about people that have been used by God but can you learn to love people. Can you love people? Can you walk away and not defend yourself? Can you deny yourself? Can you say I’m gonna let God handle this? He’s going to promote me and can you do that.

That’s some of the things that I’ve learned about walking in my calling. If you are called to be in the five-fold ministry of the church or if you’re called to start a business or be an entrepreneur or just be a financier of the gospel by letting God just pour in the prosperity into your life so that you can support the gospel in different places in the world.

Then you might start with learning the business by being at a grill cooking or like what I started with just doing dishes right in the cafeteria at my college. For two dollars and 85 cents, an hour and I smelled like whatever they cooked. I went home smelling like that. I was a servant and that happened for a long time. I believe that’ll help you. I don’t know my full calling completely because it’s too big. I know that at the end of my life. I saw that the shining ones the sons and daughters of God would be like the noonday sun.

Like what Daniel saw. In the end, the wise ones would shine like the new day sun. I saw that we were all coming into unity. It would start with people that were crazy enough to believe God and just wanted God and nothing else. They got everything. I mean they got everything. If they were put in jail the other prisoners were complaining because no one turned the lights out.

It was one of the sons of God that they put in a cell and the whole jail was just lit up and people couldn’t sleep because they felt convicted. They said can you move this guy. He’s too close to me. I feel convicted and people are getting saved and healed. If angels could open jail cells back in the book of acts that he can do it now. That’s what I saw is that eventually there’s going to be a lot of crazy people at warrior notes and this is going to be a movement of people that just will not take no for an answer when God has spoken to them.

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