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How Do We Know? A Personal Look at the 6th Sense

Though Anna dislikes labels, she'll call herself a JewBuUU (Jewish Buddhist Unitarian Universailst).Here are musings on the supernatural.

Hummingbird at Marigold

Hummingbird at Marigold

In the mid-1970's I was in junior high school and we were studying the Cold War. At the time, I clearly remember thinking that we did not need to worry about the Soviet Union. In my mind, I knew for certain that an unknown, fringe, crazy guy from the Middle East was our next big problem.

In the 1990's, I was living in a small rural town in western New York State with my then husband, our two children, and our foster son. One night our foster son was out late and the next morning I asked him if he had gotten in trouble with the police the night before. "Why?" he asked me. "Because," I replied, "I had a clear vision of you and the flashing red lights of a police car" I responded. He looked at me with big eyes. "No, I did not get in trouble with the police," he said, "but I was shopping for a Christmas gift for David and I picked up a police car with flashing red lights."

Around the same time, I had a dream or vision where I saw huge flames near me, but I also sensed that I was safe. Two weeks later the wood plant, which was kitty-corner to my backyard, went up in flames.

In the beginning of 2015, I was making plans to visit my Aunt Blanca who had Parkinson's Disease and who was quickly deteriorating. She was in a nursing home. I myself was dealing with the debilitating effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I wanted to visit her and I knew I had to do it soon; in my mind, I somehow knew she was going to die by the end of March. I planned a trip in February, but when the time came, I knew I was incapable of driving all the way to New Jersey. I called her and promised I would be there on her birthday, March 27th. Even though I was not feeling well, I forced myself to make the trip in March. I drove to my parents' home in Pennsylvania and then my mom drove us to New Jersey. I brought my aunt balloons to celebrate what would be her last birthday. She died on March 29th.

I felt that she was waiting for me to visit. When I got there, I showed her a video of her cats I had made just before coming to visit. I was led to do some energy healing, yet when I did I felt she did not need it; she did not appear to be suffering. Next, I felt I should do a chakra clearing even though I was rather inexperienced with it. I started at the crown chakra and could feel it get cleaner. I went down to the third eye and it too became clear. As I went to the lower chakras, I felt nothing. When I went back to my parents' house, I did an internet search and learned that as we prepare to die, the chakras leave the body, starting with the root chakra and going up. It was then that I knew that she was preparing to leave as she did two days later.

A little while after that, I was doing a chakra meditation during which I saw a purple tear drop and then a second purple tear drop. I knew it was significant but had no idea what it meant. A few weeks later I was visiting my parents when my uncle called. I asked my mom to ask him to bring me a coffee mug or tea cup that my Aunt Blanca liked to use. I wanted something to connect with her. He told my mother that Aunt Blanca did not have any favorite cup. I let it go but the next day, my uncle showed up with seven rings that belonged to my aunt. She had a lot of jewelry and he chose these seven pieces for my mom, my niece, and I to choose from. Without looking closely at the rings, I grabbed the first one that looked like it might actually fit me. My aunt had a slender figure and slender hands, so I went for the one that looked the biggest. I slipped it on and it fit. When I looked at it, it had two purple tear drops on it, just like the ones I had seen in my meditation.

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A little more recently, I had a vision where I saw my dad fall in his house. It was not like he was tripping; it was more like he just went down. I decided not to tell my mother as I sense there was nothing that could be done to prevent it and she would just worry and hover over him. Two weeks later, my dad's leg went out on him and he fell, causing a fracture. It was not a bad fracture and there was nothing that could have stopped it from happening except if my dad just did not walk around at all. I told my mom afterward and she said she was glad I did not tell her.

At the end of 2018, my mom told me her long-time friend Angie had cancer again. Angie and my mom go back about 50 years and talk on the phone every night. My mom commented how she had been through so much in her lifetime and she had beaten cancer before. She added that in April, Angie would turn 90 years old. I checked in and said, "no, she won't make it to her 90th. Best to enjoy these final conversations with her." Angie died in February, a couple of months before her 90th birthday. The day she died, I was playing Words with Friends and on my rack, spelled out for me, was the word "eternal."

And one other thing I 'd like to add, though not really about a vision. When my sister (in-law) Dee died in 2018, in the week following I had three bird separate bird feathers presented to me. Never had that happen before.

These are just some of the ways I have experienced my 6th sense. Call it ESP, intuition or whatever you wish, but there are ways to sense things that go beyond seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting. The 6th sense is something we all have, some being more skilled than others. If you begin to just pay attention, I am sure you will find that you sense or know things that you don't quite know how you know it. If you think about it, seeing, hearing, and smelling all involve invisible forces such as light waves, sound waves, and odors which give us information. We also know that the body reacts to this information on the subconscious level, automatically, without thought. What kind of invisible information is out there that allows us to intuit or have a vision? Perhaps someday science will identify and define it, but until then know that it does exist if we decide to notice.

© 2022 Anna Eskenazi Bush

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