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How Clairvoyance Works

S.P. Austen has over 40 years experience as a clairvoyant medium and healer.

As someone who up until recently worked as a professional clairvoyant, I would like to share some of the experience that I have had with using clairvoyance and the mechanism of its operation.

For me, clairvoyant faculties came naturally and unbidden, as early as I can remember. It has been with me all of my life. But what is clairvoyance and how does it work? Is it even a real sense, as real as any other sense?

Let's begin with an explanation of the meaning of the name first; clairvoyance is a word of French origin, which succinctly describes the meaning quite well. It means simply, clear seeing, or to see clearly. I think that pretty much describes it well, however, it may sometimes be misleading and doesn't quite give us enough information regarding the full extent of this clear seeing.

This idea of seeing clearly is a recognition of this extrasensory faculty as being of a better quality than the usual method of seeing with our eyes. But in essence, what it means is that using clairvoyance can help us to see or understand things better. So, clairvoyance has as much to do with our inner understanding and knowing as it does with an esoteric function of seeing.

The Third Eye

The concept behind clairvoyance, or clear seeing, is one that enables the seer to be able to go beyond regular sight, and to perceive in visions, the underlying truth to a subject or to a person. We see clearly only when we can see this underlying truth, rather than just the facade which appears on the surface of a thing or a person. We see beyond the object or the subject, understanding it more deeply, and we see beyond the sham or show of the outer person, seeing the inner reality. This is real clairvoyance.

So, a clairvoyant is able to see in visions, or mental imagery, information regarding a person or an object, or a place, or even a time in the past, present or the future. Clairvoyance can see into all these realms of being, and is not confined to merely seeing in the conventional, physical sense that is so familiar to most people.

But how? We could devote vast chapters to the mechanism of clairvoyance, explaining the esoteric system of chakras or vortices of energy which are found in etheric matter along the spinal cord. But there are thousands of books available on the subject of the chakras if you care to study them. So let us confine this information to mentioning only that clairvoyance needs a special apparatus in order to function well. That apparatus is called the Third Eye.

Image by: Activedia

Image by: Activedia

The Third Eye, so-called, does not normally exist in everyone. The average man on the street does not posses one, or if he does, it is only in a rudimentary form. The Third Eye is a special spiritual organ which takes time to develop, and if accepted by the reader, this takes time over many physical incarnations.

This special organ of clear seeing emerges from the interplay of energies from principally three chakras, all of which interlock and overlap their vibrations as the soul in incarnation develops certain soul qualities. The chakras involved are the Throat Chakra, the Brow Chakra and the Crown Chakra. These vortices of energy are found in the locations of the spine which correspond to the regions of the throat, between the eyes at the centre of the brow and at the top of the head.

As the energies from these three centres interact according to the spiritual devotion and aspirations of the particular individual, the three centres form a crossing over of energy which knits together in such a way that a new centre is created. This new centre of energy is the Third Eye. It becomes a window or a lens which sees into different realities.

Seeing and Perceiving

Clairvoyance is several things at once; it is:







It involves three time frames:

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Clairvoyance may even be much more than my lists include above. Let me give you some examples of my own experience using clairvoyance as follows in order to shed a little light on the mechanism of clairvoyance and its perception.

Clairvoyant Perceptions

When I was about 8 years old, I was on holiday with my parents and one of my older brothers. We were at a zoo and a monkey had escaped and got up in a tree. We were all watching this monkey in the tree, and my father wanted to go, but I said, "No, no, stay, it's going to be on the TV." Of course, I was ignored, and we went home. And what did we see on the news when we walked in the house and my other brothers and grandfather were sitting watching TV? The very same monkey at the zoo sitting in the tree!

This is just a small example of how clairvoyance works. I have had countless thousands of such experiences over the years, too many to detail, but this is generally how clairvoyance works. There is not always a 'vision' per se, but the clear seeing is actually a direct perception or consciousness of the event that will take place. It is a sure knowing, although it may not (and rarely does have) any basis in known facts as they stand. It is a direct understanding of the subject/object or person all at once.

One more example was of a friend recently, who was visiting with her husband, both good friends, and as they left, and I embraced the wife of this couple, I immediately sensed that she was to become a widow. There was no obvious reason for this feeling, as there was no health issue pertaining to the husband at all. I used discretion and did not say anything to the couple, but within about three months this predictive sense of a rather alarming future for our friends came to pass. The husband died suddenly and the wife became a widow overnight.

Such spontaneous clairvoyant experiences come unbidden, 'out of the blue' as it were, and may be perceived as warnings, or perhaps just random things that a person may pick up on, for no other reason than that a clairvoyant may inadvertently 'read' a situation. Should we resist such impressions? I don't think so; but then I have never been afraid of such prior knowledge. What it does demonstrate however, is that such information from a future which has not yet taken place may make itself known to someone who is able to receive it. How many times have we remarked, on hearing something from another source, "I knew that would happen!"

Clairvoyant Images

What form do clairvoyant images take? For me, there has never been a whirling mist out of which comes a spooky form or image of some kind, as might be depicted in some films or TV shows. It comes naturally, and cannot really be distinguished from merely day-dreaming or imagination. In fact, I would go so far as to say that clairvoyance is simply an extension of the imaginative faculty and that day-dreaming is a pre-requisite for clairvoyant development.

Image by: LeandroDeCarvalho

Image by: LeandroDeCarvalho

I was always a day-dreamer at school, and have always been highly imaginative. I probably spend most of my time in my mental world in one way or another. This seems to me, to be intrinsically linked to clairvoyant faculties.

For me, when I worked professionally as a clairvoyant, I would see images in my mind's eye, rather like photographs, usually in a still pictographic form, rather than moving around like a movie film. From this still image, I would be able to decipher certain details and describe what I could see. But I might miss some things, and clearly see others. The images are nearly always in colour, and sometimes very vivid colours indeed. Occasionally, they might look like old black and white photos.

Mental Clairvoyance

I would describe myself as a mental clairvoyant, for the reasons cited above, and I think that most clairvoyants work similarly. I have heard of some clairvoyants who can see things in the physical tangible world, in the very space around a person they are focussed on, for example, and occasionally, I too might see spots of colour like little sparkling lights, often in blue, white or gold, but mostly for me, I will 'see' in my mind's eye. That is, if I had to say where do I see images, I would say, inside my head or my brain. The image would arise like a day-dream or an imaginary image, and I would then be able to describe and get feedback from the person receiving, what I would describe for them. This is how it works for me.

Clairvoyance is Spiderweb Thin.

I would explain to the reader, especially to those who are wanting to develop along clairvoyant lines, that clairvoyant work is spiderweb thin; that is, the 'thread' may appear, like a spider's web when some dew is shining on it in the sunlight, and you can see it all clearly, and just as suddenly it disappears when the light changes. It can come in sudden bursts of insight and you may barely notice it, until after the event comes to pass, and you declare "I knew that was going to happen!" It is very easy to miss.

Image by: monicore

Image by: monicore

The fickle nature of clairvoyance means that it takes years of training and experience to know when you truly have the 'thread' as it were, and when you have lost it. It can disappear quickly, especially if interrupted by something or by a change in the atmosphere around the clairvoyant. Thoughts can interrupt its flow, especially negative and hostile thoughts. Even in accounts in the New Testament, we read that Jesus was unable to perform his miracles in some places due to the unbelief of certain people. Ever has it been so with this delicate work.

Spiritual faculties such as clairvoyance must be performed in an atmosphere of well-being and harmony to be at their very best. However, I must say, from personal experience, that I have had men sent to me by their wives, with dubious and negative thoughts, and have left telling me that they are now "believers"! If a person is at least willing to try, this may be enough to open their mind and allow them to become receptive to clairvoyant impressions. But it isn't always so. It is a delicate mechanism.

Past, Present and Future

So we see that clairvoyance operates through all time; the past, the present and the future are all involved, and none of these time scales is prohibited. We could go off into the world of quantum physics at this point, but that would involve too much for the space of this article. However, clairvoyance may certainly be regarded as an element of quantum physics, because it involves the element of Time itself, not clock time as we normally understand it, but Time which stands outside of the three-dimensional world.

In this concept of Time, (Universal Timeless Time if you like) the world is not made up of a timescale that is linear, running from A to B to C and ultimately to Z. This time is a continuum and in fact is more like a circle than a straight line from one point to another point. If it were in a straight line we would have to have a beginning, and also of course an end. But the universe itself is the Alpha and the Omega all at once, the beginning and the end, which means that it is in fact circular. The two ends, Alpha and Omega are joined forming a circle. This means that we can go back as well as forwards, or stay where we are in the present moment.

So the past, the present and the future are predictable, because they are all joined up in one complete whole. They also repeat themselves. A clairvoyant can therefore see patterns emerging in a person's life, or in world events, because of this circular mode of Universal Time. Think on this carefully, and it will reveal many things to you.

Being Consciously Aware

One of the great secrets to successful clairvoyance is being aware of it. That is, if we remember that it is spiderweb thin, and can easily be lost or not even recognised when it comes, the clairvoyant must be aware of the little passing images that come into the consciousness. A true insight into something may go unnoticed and hence unheeded.

That does not mean that you have to be taking notice of every passing thought that you have, because no one can do that without too much strain on the mental faculties. It just means that if for example, you have an issue that you want to know about, allow yourself to passively dwell on it and see what your so-called imagination or day-dreaming brings up for you. There will certainly be a clairvoyant instance in there somewhere. We can all do this with practice.

The best form of help in this regard is through meditation; when you take a subject into meditation and tune into it, perhaps also asking for help in prayer, an answer will invariably come to you, via your own mind. It may not come there and then, but it will come to you.

Mental Focus

When you focus on anything, either a person or a subject, it will often start to uncoil clairvoyant information rather like a spring, revealing more and more of itself. My experience of this has proven itself time and time again; a person may request that I look at a particular issue, and if we're in luck, visual information will start to unravel from the subject focussed on.

Many yogis of the East have declared that we can know anything that we want to know about any particular thing if we just give ourselves some time to really concentrate and focus on it. Sooner or later, much can be revealed to us. Anyone can do this with a little application, and you might be surprised what you can inherently 'know' about someone or something if you just allow yourself to express it openly.

Image by: dp792

Image by: dp792

Symbolic Imagery

Because clairvoyance is a subjective ability, it shares much in common with altered states of consciousness like dreaming. It really is an altered state in essence. In dreams we experience the language of symbology all the time. That's why there are countless dream interpretation books on the market, because so many of us receive the same basic symbols.

Clairvoyance, being of the same subjective order as the dream state, uses the language of symbols which are very ancient archetypal thought forms that are buried deeply in our subconscious. They are universal to all and go beyond language and culture. These symbolic images must then be carefully interpreted by the clairvoyant.

But sometimes the clairvoyant or the medium doesn't know why he/she is seeing the thing that comes into the mind; an example for me once was that I 'saw' mentally, a huge red lipstick, larger by far than life. This was during a mediumship session for a group of three women, all friends.

They laughed aloud when I tried to make sense of it, as their friend who had passed to Spirit had played a joke on her husband once when driving into a gas station. The husband was driving and asked for some lip balm, so the wife (now communicating from the next world) had winked at her friends in the car and handed him her lipstick, which he applied unknowingly and went into the gas station wearing bright red lipstick! The lady who had passed on, impressed upon my mind this larger than real life lipstick as a symbolic image of this story, to make her point and provide evidence that she was there.

Clairvoyance has Many Dimensions

In many instances, it is possible to 'hold' a mental image that has clairvoyantly appeared to you, once enough experience has been gained, and literally turn it in your mind and see all around it. I have done this on many occasions, literally reversing an image and seeing behind it, around it, above or below it and sometimes where it is located. Your mind can turn it into a three-dimensional image.

It seems then that the clairvoyant imagery is pliable, and has a certain amount of plasticity to it, once the clairvoyant learns to 'play' with it a little. This ability of clairvoyant perception can travel thousands of miles through both time and space, and I have successfully conducted this work with distances between myself and the client of several thousands of miles in countries as far away as Australia.

It seems then that the ability of clairvoyance to traverse both time and space at lightning speed has within it some function that is like the speed of light. It is instantaneous, no matter where the subject or object may be or whatever distance it is from the clairvoyant.

All Is Mind

In essence then, everything in the world, no matter what it is, living or inanimate, has an essence to it that is alive and vibrant, just as quantum physics tells us. That essence is connected by a substance that quantum physics calls the quantum field. We can also call that essence Universal Mind.

In fact, all that we can see, hear, sense or perceive is all Mind. There isn't actually anything else. I believe that clairvoyance is actually an aspect of this one Mind substance which pervades everything, and which therefore is connected intricately to everything that it is possible to conceive of.

Clairvoyance may be a bridge between minds, between interspecies, between organic and non-organic forms, and can be viewed as a bridging faculty which unites everything in a continuum. It works because the very atmosphere around us is charged with this energy called the quantum field which serves as a conductor between object and subject.

Clairvoyance works because the very Universe is made up of particles of energy which are continually conducting vibrations at the speed of light, uniting this person with that one, even thousands of miles apart, interacting with everything that lives, or ever did live, or ever will live, in the past, present and the future.


Please note that S.P. Austen no longer works professionally as a clairvoyant medium, so he politely requests that readers do not ask for appointments. Any mention of his own experiences in this article have been for illustrative and educational purposes only, and not to procure work from the public.

© 2019 S P Austen


brian from uk on September 26, 2019:

Hello again

Many years ago when i was 12 years old and attending what we called secondary high school for a few id see geo metric shapes with a rainbow of mixed colour in my minds eye i have read what you written but never less it happened to me. Know i have had somethething similar in my peripheral vision either left or right eyes and top part of my eye multi coloured in nature with only triangle shape this time lasts off and on for a few hours over a few days is it possible something is trying to communicate with me i had my eyes checked there nothing there but a change of prescription for glasses although i can without them i need them for reading fine print

Many thanks


S P Austen (author) from Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada on September 25, 2019:

Thank you Brian;

Yes, I worked as a medium for over 40 years. It's always fascinating!

Best Wishes,


brian from uk on September 25, 2019:

Hello Steve have you ever tried mediumship in your career i must admit i was skeptical until i done some training at the time i gave more credibility to clairvoyance then we experienced been blindfolded having no body speak to you while they are sitting just touch you to tell you they are there then this sudden flood of images mostly with me its certainly different i must admit i was impressed that been you do not know male or female who.s going to sit opposite you brilliant

S P Austen (author) from Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada on June 11, 2019:

Yes, I think I follow your train of thought, Brian;

Clairvoyance can also be in the dream state and also you never really fit in with those around you who have not felt 'different' in their life or experienced such things.

Best Wishes,


brian from uk on June 11, 2019:

You talk about past present and future when comes,to clairvoyance can one have what i call a waking dream experience and you have dream clairvoyance. Can one be a bit of each eg psychic experiences through life and not really acknowledge it till much later in life although the signs were there in early childhood but did not really go away and theres this not fittings like you try to be one of the lads but they seem to treat you differently at work. For me its like im only supposed to experience those things and unless i write them down i lose most of what i have experienced and then it suddenly makes no sense cause the logical thought has taken over

S P Austen (author) from Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada on May 31, 2019:

Thank you for the input, Brian.

Best Wishes,


brian from uk on May 31, 2019:

May I comment on on non psychic thoughts which are ego based and come about by self generated thought patterns

Were psychic thought is free of ego and do not rouse any emotions speak or desire and may seem scattered and unfocused and un alarming this is what I have read from Llewellyn Journal I beleave this to be true this how I receive my own psychic info

S P Austen (author) from Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada on May 30, 2019:

Thanks Nell,

This will always be a source of fascination for all of us, I think.

Best Wishes,


Nell Rose from England on May 30, 2019:

Hiya, I have been psychic all my life so this was fascinating to read. Whichever way it's used or works it never fails to amaze me how it works in the first place, lol!

S P Austen (author) from Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada on May 27, 2019:

Thanks for the input Brian.

Best Wishes,

Steve (S.P. Austen)

brian from uk on May 27, 2019:

Yes I find symbolism very strange esp when it appears larger then everything like you said but I always found it difficult I found meditation and OM chanting in a group calms the fear

S P Austen (author) from Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada on May 25, 2019:

Thanks for your input, Annette.

Best Wishes,

Steve (S.P. Austen)

Annette Grimenstein on May 25, 2019:

I don't know if animal magnetism in a form of Clairvoyant or not I know I do have it

S P Austen (author) from Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada on May 20, 2019:

Thanks, Evie, I appreciate your feedback, and I hope that you benefitted from the information.

Best Wishes,

Steve (S.P.Austen)

Evie Sparkes on May 20, 2019:

Very interesting. I have always been fascinated with the subject of second sight.

S P Austen (author) from Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada on May 20, 2019:

Hello Rashmi,

I do not usually recommend books of this nature, but there are several good ones by author Ted Andrews, on all kinds of spiritual development, including clairvoyance.

When asked several times over the years if I would run clairvoyance and mediumship classes, my response has always been this: there are first three prerequisites that I believe are essential to development. These are:

1) Meditation

2) Meditation

3) Meditation

This is how important I consider meditation to be if anyone wants to advance spiritually.