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What Are the Meanings of Tarot Cards in the Suit of Pentacles?

Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.

The Suit of Pentacles relates to the element of earth.

The Suit of Pentacles relates to the element of earth.

Suit of Pentacles: Health, Wealth, Career, and Earth Energy

The Suit of Pentacles is the suit in Tarot cards based on the element of earth. The images in the suit have to do with career choices, prosperity, family, spirituality vs. materialism, and, of course, earth.

  • Tarot is also known as trionfi, tarrocchi, or tarock.
  • Tarot started out as playing cards in approximately the mid-15th century in Europe.
  • During the late 18th century, people began using the cards to try to predict the future.
  • Cartomancy led to the creation of custom decks with unique designs for occult purposes.

There are four suits. Each suit has 14 cards: Ace through ten and four face cards. The four suits make up the Minor Arcana.

The Major Arcana is made up of other face cards, symbols, and experiences. The Major Arcana has 21 numbered cards and one unnumbered card, The Fool. The unnumbered card can be used for the number zero or 21. The Fool often represents the self and the other cards are its journey.

Suit of Pentacles: Earth Associations

The Suit of Pentacles is also referred to as the Suit of Coins. In a common deck of playing cards, the pentacles are the diamonds. The red cards in that deck are earth and water; they're considered the receiving elements. The black cards are fire and air; they're considered the activating elements.

The four face cards also have their own individual elements.

King = Air

Queen = Water

Knight = Fire

Page = Earth

Major Arcana: the Tarot has 5 other cards outside of the Pentacles suit that are associated with earth. These are: Empress, Hierophant, Hermit, Devil, and World.

Western Astrology: there are three signs in the zodiac that are associated with earth those are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. These three signs are considered hard workers, driven by practical goals, family oriented, logical, present-minded, and patient. Taurus occurs during the center of spring. Virgo is in late summer. Capricorn is the beginning of winter. There is no earth sign associated with fall.

  • Earth is the second element that comes into the cycle after fire. It represents the physical body and physical manifestation. Fire is the dreams and goals; Earth is when those ideas come into fruition.
  • The sign comes after fire to take care of the chaos created by fire.
  • This sign focuses on reality rather than fantasy.

Chinese Zodiac: there are four signs associated with earth in the Chinese zodiac. The ox, dragon, goat, and dog. These four animals all occur at different times of the year. Earth signs appear in all four of the trines, which make up the seasons.

  • The ox may also refer to a bull, cattle, or buffalo.
  • The goat can be translated to sheep and ram.

Earth feng shui is considered to have the most balance of yin and yang compared to the other four elements of metal, water, wood, and fire.

  • Earth nourishes metal by creating minerals.
  • Earth destroys water by drying it.
  • Fire creates earth. Fire turns into ashes and collects together and hardens helping land to spread.
  • Earth is destroyed by wood which pops out of it and dishevels it.
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Land gives flora the space to grow and thrive. Through earth's materials, we build our homes.

Land gives flora the space to grow and thrive. Through earth's materials, we build our homes.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

The Suit of Pentacles deals with what is present, what can be counted, and what can be sorted. The suit can give clues about one's health as well as their finances. This suit has a focus on outside beauty, on appearances, luxury, and feeling good about yourself. The cards are about feeling in-tune, setting down firm goals, and having excellent organization skills.

Earth is a smart, classy element that doesn't just make decisions based off impulse. It plots out carefully what it wants, it looks for lasting results, and lasting beauty. It is represented by gardens, vineyards, and spring-time imagery.


  • Taurus is often described as Adam from the Bible. He searches for a perfect mate and he lives in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve are kicked out of the garden for indulgence. They lose their prosperity by listening to bad advice from a snake.
  • Adam is so wealthy that he appears to be chosen by God. He is given the task to name all the living creatures.
  • Taurus is guided by the planet of love, Venus. Taurus is like the World card.


  • Virgo is the most independent sign. They're hard workers. They are perfectionists. They select very few people to be priorities.
  • Virgos want knowledge, they want things precise, and they represent the harvest.
  • This sign is often described as the maiden, the Virgin Mary, or with the classic Greek myth of Hades taking Persephone with him into the underworld for 6 months of the year.
  • The Devil card comes into play with the legend of Persephone and Hades.
  • Virgo often represents Peresphone's mother, Demeter.
  • Virgo could also represent Ruth from the Bible.


  • Capricorn is a hermit who focuses on survival.
  • They prioritize their family above their friends.
  • They have instincts to make it through winter.
  • They hibernate, hide themselves from the world to think, and plot out how they could fool death.
  • Capricorns are like Jonah in the belly of the whale, Moses retreating into the wilderness alone, and the writer of the Book of Revelation. By taking the hermit path, they all ended up encountering something bigger than themselves.
  • Capricorn is represented with the Hermit card.
Garden imagery is associated with the Suit of Pentacles. Hard work translates into fruits and material gain. Pentacles are related to wealth, health, and beauty.

Garden imagery is associated with the Suit of Pentacles. Hard work translates into fruits and material gain. Pentacles are related to wealth, health, and beauty.

Earth Abhors a Vacuum

Earth creates structure. It is tangible, not abstract. It is the land and fulcrum for flora to grow and spread. Without earth, we wouldn't have a place to build shelters. We would be floating around just bobbing in the sea. Maybe instead of primates we would be highly advanced and socialized fish.

  • Earth is grounded, stable, and sturdy.
  • The earth is fertile and receptive. This allows it to take in seeds and grow plants.
  • The ground takes in sunlight and uses the energy to nourish life.
  • When Pentacles cards come into play, they often have to do with business, property, money, and material goods.
  • An overabundance of earth has to do with greed, indulgent activity, poor management of finances, a lack of sense when it comes to spirit.

Quick Descriptions of the Coin Cards

Ace of Pentacles

Description: A hand reaches out from the clouds with a large coin in its open palm. The landscape in the background is lush. A small path leads to a garden area. A mountain reaches to the sky.

The hand is making an offer related to business, a career, or a financial opportunity. This the start of a new venture. A new job. Signing up for Bitcoin. Opening up a retirement account.

Upright: new financial path, a new job, a promotion, a contract, an offer related to money, a step in the right direction.

Reversed: lost opportunity, pitfall, separating from a company, separating from a financial opportunity, lost account.

Two of Pentacles

Description: A man holds a large coin in each hand. The coins are connected by a ribbon making an infinity sign. The man has on two different kinds of shoes. There are two ships behind him in turbulent waters. The man is juggling two different fortunes. The ships symbolize the turbulence of careers with all their ups and downs. The man needs to focus on three things: his passion, his ability, and opportunities.

With the right focus, the man can handle having more than one financial opportunity at a time.

Upright: juggling priorities, time management, yin and yang, career discernment, handling challenging tasks, moving forward, handling extra income and possibilities.

Reversed: out-of-control turbulence, mismanagement of funds, pulled in opposing directions, barely holding onto any money.

Three of Pentacles

Description: A young man works on a project at a cathedral. He has his tools with him. There are three pentacles in a doorway. The three pentacles could be windows.

The young man has impressed the architects around him. They value his dedication and perseverance. He could be an intern or a new hire -- his accomplishments have allowed him to become an essential part of the team. More growth is expected of him.

Upright: teamwork, collaboration, progress, dedication, learning, skills, advancing, impressing others, potential, growth, youth.

Reversed: mismanaged team, conflict, disagreement, retrograde, setbacks, unseen potential, unintended consequences, not blending with the team, wrong emphasis.

Four of Pentacles

Description: A man sits on a stool outside of a town. His arms are tightly wrapped around a large coin. He has two coins at his feet. He has a coin on his head. He fears if he loosens his grip the coin in his hands will fall. He is protective of his wealth. He is on guard for possible thieves.

The man doesn't feel he has anyone to talk to about his problems which is why he has secluded himself. The man is fixated on his wealth and is coming up with plans on how to grow it. He is in a conservative state of mind.

Upright: saving money, conservatism, protection, control, safeguards, budgeting, thrifty, frugal, focused, private.

Reversed: greed, self-preservation, sneaking away, hiding money from others, secretive, stealing, materialistic, uncharitable.

Pentacles are about having a healthy relationship with money.

Pentacles are about having a healthy relationship with money.

Five of Pentacles

Description: Two people walk through the tundra. It's bitter cold, snow is falling, and the wind is fierce. They're both destitute. They have no money. One person is barefoot. They have thin clothes and are unprepared for the harshness of winter.

They pass by a church that has candles in the windows, it acts as a beacon of hope and spiritual support. However, the two people are focused on their plight and fail to see the available support and resources from the church. If they stopped and asked for help, it would improve their journey and keep them alive.

Upright: unprepared, poverty, lack of funds, dire need, jobless, lack of property, destitute, survival of the fittest, consequences, trials and tribulations, not seeking the right kind of help, stubborn.

Reversed: financial advice, financial recovery, healing from poverty, coming out of homelessness, change in fortunes, stepping into the light, finding spiritual honey.

Six of Pentacles

Description: A man dressed in luxurious clothes hands out coins to two beggars who kneel at his feet. He holds a scale, a symbol of Libra. The man is an authority on money, a tax collector, an accountant, a financial counselor. He is the rich giving to the poor.

The card represents spreading wealth among people. The man is generous rather than selfish. It is better to give than receive. It's also a reminder that there will be times that we all must depend on the support of others.

Upright: generosity, balance, rich giving away wealth, charity, signing up for a loan, grant money, grace, new chances, sharing.

Reversed: unpaid debts, one-sided charity, pay day loans, trickery, usury, imbalance, poor giving to the wealthy, lawsuit filed.

Seven of Pentacles

Description: A woman works in a garden and looks at growing plants. Tiny seeds have matured into blossoms and crops. The maiden can take a break from her hard work to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

Success from hard work translates into material gain and prosperity. We all need days off. A Sabbath helps replenish the soul and the soil. A time of rest should be scheduled to make sure you do not burn out or become sour.

Upright: sustainable actions, take a break, Sabbath, investment, long term goals, direct results, prosperity, hard work pays off.

Reversed: too many breaks, too much time off, limited success, pitiful rewards, lack of a long term vision, scattered priorities.

Eight of Pentacles

Description: An apprentice works away at carving coins. Seven coins have already been produced. He is working on the final coin. He is learning how to become a master. He has separated himself from distractions so that he can focus on the tasks before him.

As he creates each new coin, he grows in his skills and becomes better at his craft. If he continues to focus on his practice, the apprentice will soon become the master. His hard working is paying off and will surely get noticed.

Upright: repetition to gain skills, mastery, dedication, focus, skill development, skill enhancement, progress, ripe for success, almost there, close to completion.

Reversed: perfectionism, misdirected activity, using tools incorrectly, no guidance, losing focus, scrambling to get things done.

A person holding several cards from the Suit of Pentacles.

A person holding several cards from the Suit of Pentacles.

Nine of Pentacles

Description: A maiden stands in a garden with a dove in her hand. Fruits and other plants are growing out of coins. The bird symbolizes self-control, modesty, and sensibility. In the background is a large house, a further sign of financial stability and abounding wealth. The woman is one with her money and nature. She delights in the vineyard. She has found strength in her long term vision and that has translated into material joys. She herself is fruitful, if not fertile.

Upright: pregnancy, abundance, luxury, financial independence, self-control, wisdom, modesty, growth, fruitful, fertile, ripe opportunities, labor.

Reversed: miscarriage, overstretched, hustling to make ends meet, chaos, unkempt, structural damage, property loss, idle play.

Ten of Pentacles

Description: An older man meets with a young couple with a child. The man has immense wealth; he is the patriarch of the family. His adult children have come to see him for blessings and wisdom. They are in need of direction. His success and accomplishments allow him to give of tales worth their time.

The aged man has created a legacy for himself. He knows how to instruct the younger people to create legacies for themselves. The man through his hard work has become a consultant. The man and his family have great respect for their lineage and are the keepers of the secrets of their ancestry.

Upright: wisdom, legacy, genealogy, family, direction, consultant, business savvy, expert advice, aging well, strong health, strong wealth.

Reversed: financial failure, abandonment, no legacy, nothing left to show, has been, unsettled life, relegated to nothing, disposed.

Page of Pentacles

Description: A woman is under a tree. She is among the flowers. She wears fine jewelry. She wears a stunning dress. A large coin is in her hand. In the distance is a freshly cut field: a promise of a strong harvest.

She is Persephone. She is aware of the challenges ahead and also the pluck she has to survive the harshness of winter. The Page holds the gold coin and examines it carefully that way she can come out strong in the end.

Upright: harvest, financial blessings, surplus, magic, eternal youth, providence, restoration, charm, health, fertility, feminine presence.

Reversed: malicious plot, lack of progress, kidnapping, failure, masculine presence, rebel, unprepared, mortality.

Knight of Pentacles

Description: A knight appears on a black horse. He carries in his left hand a large coin. He is dressed for battle. He is focused on the path. In the background is a field that has been diligently manicured. The harvest has taken place.

The knight is on the way to something important. He is focused on completing his task and making sure he is in accordance with his creed. He isn't languishing in the garden or the field. He is on a mission to create wealth.

Upright: focus, power, might, vast fortune, militant progress, stability, trade exchange, business acumen, diplomacy, progress, collector.

Reversed: difficult trade talks, unclear mission, freezing accounts, trepidation, cautious steps, extra armor slows the knight.

The court cards in the Suit of Pentacles are associated with prosperity.

The court cards in the Suit of Pentacles are associated with prosperity.

Queen of Pentacles

Description: The Queen sits upon a throne with a coin in her right hand and close to her lap. She has flowing, beautiful hair that merges with the throne. There are flowers at her feet and a rabbit bounding into the garden.

There are coins on the walls and hanging from the ceiling. The woman is blessed beyond compare. She is gorgeous, fruitful, intelligent, prized, virtuous, and poised. She prioritizes her family and is in-tune with herself and the possibilities before her. The Queen has learned how to be a good wife and mother.

Upright: fertility, nurturing, motherhood, wife, dedication, long term plans as a parent, gorgeous, strong health, hospitable, down to earth, comforting.

Reversed: conflict with balancing work and home, barren, too much focus on work, loss of a child, loss of self, difficulties with aging.

King of Pentacles

Description: The King sits on a throne with a medium sized coin in his left hand. He holds a staff in his right hand. There are symbols in the card related to Taurus from garden imagery to bulls and the staff.

The man is the leader of a nation's wealth. He decides the path for those in his domain. He can bring his people to prosperity or to ruin. A crown is upon his head, he wears fine clothes, he has a necklace around his neck. At his feet are fruits and flowers. He is a determined king who intends to bring about a reign of surplus.

Upright: future stability, financial mastery, surplus, survival, lottery, gold raining down from the sky, prosperity for all, utopia, immortality, wealth beyond compare, mansions.

Reversed: obsessed with wealth, greedy, reverse Robinhood, dictator, obstruction, climate of fear, stolen riches, high taxes, faulty housing.

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It's an interesting article, but you are the first person I've ever seen refer to tarot suits as houses. Houses are part of astrology. Astrology is a part of tarot; but suits are still suits. I suppose it's your own nickname for the traditional name, but still...?

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