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Horoscope Review: Clairvoyant Astrologer Sara Freder


Sylvia Sky, astrologer, Tarot reader, and gemstone enthusiast, is a widely published author of books and articles about spiritual matters.


She Cares So Much About You

"Sara Freder" is not a woman but a computer or "bot" and works just like the better-known Norah or Jenna. Signing up with her site sara-freder.com for a free "Personal Clairvoyance Horoscope Reading" brings her "Urgent" spam to your e-mail box, saying how worried "she" is about your future, or promising that $10,000 can be yours if you order her Magic Ring of Luck and Happiness. The next might declare that you are a rare "Supra-Celestial Being." Ignore that email and she might say "she" will perform special occult rituals during times the sun and the moon are not releasing their usual "harmful radiation," so you can start a new, lucky, wealthy life three weeks from now. Sara will also calculate your seven lucky numbers! But you must act today! Before the moment slips away! And out of the hundreds of people she "knows," Sara Freder in France will do this just for you!

How much would you pay for a promise of a new life? Well, it's $19.95 for Sara's "immediate" predictions, $34.95 for predictions about your new lucky future, and $5 extra if you want priority handling. In the world of psychic ripoffs, these are relatively cheap prices, and experience proves that the cheaper the psychic, the more likely "her" business is failing.

By now, most of us know that "online psychics" are big businesses run by robots programmed to send every customer the same or very similar messages. These businesses are losing money because of bad publicity and negative consumer reviews. They are also just plain ridiculous. Sara Freder's website "interview" claims the public awarded her the Dessuart Cup 1985 ("one of the most prestigious reward [sic] in the world of clairvoyance"). There is no such thing as a "Dessuart Cup," 1985 or otherwise; you will find it mentioned online only on Sara Freder's site. There is no such thing as a "clairvoyant horoscope" either. A horoscope is a sky map created with calculations and interpreted by someone educated to do it. Horoscopes have nothing to do with "visions" or psychic power.

And Sara Is Dead, Anyway

According to this abandoned blog called "Sara Freder Tragedy" which was set up just to talk about it, a psychic named Sara Freder was killed in a car wreck in November 2007. It claims that "Sara was rated to be the 2nd best love psychic in the world by The New York Times." I checked the Times archives which date back to 1851, and found no mention of Sara Freder. The blog's purpose isn't clear, but the late Sara Freder is said to have grown up in Connecticut, and Sara Freder the clairvoyant, based in France, doesn't speak good English, as shown in her website interview, where she says:

"I do prefer to care for the poors because they really need my Assistance in bad times. It is for them that I want to struggle with a maximum effectiveness."

Just so this doesn't all sound so cynical, I checked Sara Freder's "References" page where clients are pictured and their testimonials quoted,but at the bottom of the page it says "Pictures may not match the quotes." Why not? If I allowed my photo to appear with a testimonial, I would want to be matched with my own quote and nobody else's.

I hope all of this together convinces you that the online Sara Freder is a decoy for a "bot," run by a company desperate enough to ask you to help market her services on your website (click "Affiliations" on her homepage). Like other online clairvoyants such as Pasqualina or Gabriella, "she" is not worth your time or money. If you need help, find a counselor, pastor, or relative you can speak with face to face. Don't send money to "Sara Freder" and her kind.

Sylvia Sky, experienced astrologer, monitors psychic and horoscope sites for quality and accuracy. Sylvia does not select or endorse the ads appearing on her pages. Copyright 2014 by Sylvia Sky.

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Aurobindhan S from Chennai on October 09, 2019:

Those who search for karmic answer to their life never entangled in such automation messages. Planet influences and guide them to act in such way. Person with consciousness always succeed they never go to robots.

Shameful on October 19, 2016:

Would robots be able to answer/reply to email's sent to the "psychic"? I an unsure of how everything works in the industry... but...I did email Sara...and crazy as it may be....I received an email in response to questions I had. Bad thing is... when going through hard times we want someone/ anyone to give us a small bit of hope...a "light at the end of the tunnel". We may only have $10 to our name...but $5 could give us the life altering answers...and for some of us...to "know" its going to be okay...is worth a million dollars!

I haven't paid any money. But I am guilty of waiting on specific dates...being hard on myself cause I didn't pay and my luck didn't change. Ive lit candles, printed talismans, all for "hope"...

I feel foolish.... I hurt more than anything.... because I do want better...

I thought I was showed the light....

When your homeless with 2 children and your husband just got out of prison for bank robbery....you just want to believe it... when your told how your life "was" and you know you was born wealthy but lost your job...and family.... due to what your husband did-and someone can tell you this....YOU BELIEVE....

I had it all....lost it in 1 day....I know my life isn't meant to be this way. My children should not suffer the heartache and pain they have. Married for 20 years... Led good life. ...

Shameful..I feel so shameful....

Thank you for your insite Sylvia

mukesh patel on August 27, 2013:

please can you send my astrology report on my email adress. i paid $29.95 my order reference #10927/23111035vp8913235. i m not in computor master so i cannot go in url.

Nicole on January 12, 2013:

At a time when people are looking for answers...it is important to access the most accurate and honest astrologers/psychics.

ruth on April 14, 2012:

Computer or not, but the funny thing is, that "she" helped me in a hard situation.. to make a choice in my life. Astrologia and numerologia of my birth numbers.. So, what happened? I took the advice and thing started to happen.. in two weeks, as the "robot" said. So, this is a strange case.

Karthik Kashyap from India on March 09, 2012:

she is not the only one. There are many such "psychics" who are minting money from that.

Anamika S Jain from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India on March 08, 2012:

Whatever you say... these online psychic robots are minting money for sure.

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