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Horoscope Review: Michael Lutin, Proven Astrologer, Quirky and Urbane


Sylvia Sky, astrologer, Tarot reader, and gemstone enthusiast, is a widely published author of books and articles about spiritual matters.

He's Stylin'

Michael Lutin, astrologer

Michael Lutin, astrologer

Explaining the Hot Mess We're In

Michael Lutin's daily horoscopes are like fashion shows. The apparel is brilliant but most people can't wear it. It isn't created for "most people." To appreciate Michael Lutin's online horoscopes requires a certain level of sophistication, and tolerance for his eccentric humor and flair.

Lutin used to write the witty and knowledgeable horoscopes for Vanity Fair, and that's how I found him. On a daily basis, Lutin gives a general forecast for all signs, based the day's most powerful planetary energies. He calls this the "Daily Fix." Click "Contact" at at the top of his "Daily Fix" page to find his "Next Week in Review" and monthly horoscopes, always interesting, often piercingly accurate.

"Mikey" is a genuine astrologer, and you will probably feel the vibes he describes. But his campy, free-form Daily Fix, often illustrated with images and/or film clips, sometimes obscure his point. Often forecasts are late or skip a day, or are riddled with typos, probably because busy "Mikey" lives a fast-paced life in fast-paced NYC. It's proof that Lutin writes the forecasts himself, in these days of computerized astrology. You'll either love or hate his personal style.

Much better for Sun signs are Lutin's weekly "Next Week in Review" horoscopes -- for all twelve Sun signs -- accessed through a menu button on the "Contact" page. Usually these are refreshed late Monday or early Tuesday. Weekly and monthly predictions consist of a few sentences and are often metaphoric ("Financially you are in over your head, so go with the water and don't fight the rocks"). Lutin believes planetary activity affects current events, and gives astrological reasons for the hot mess the world is in, predicting that a new world culture will emerge. That's no joke: Lutin predicted the crash of 2008 and the constant surveillance we live with. He's definitely in touch with the future.

For $15, from "Mikey's Store," Lutin will email you his interpretation of, say, the Uranus-Pluto square and what it might mean for your Sun sign, or other specialty forecasts. I ordered one and thought it skimpy. In astrology you get what you pay for.

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