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Horoscope Book Review: Why Buy "The Secret Language of Birthdays"?

Sylvia Sky, astrologer, Tarot reader, and gemstone enthusiast, is a widely published author of books and articles about spiritual matters.

You Are Your Birthday

830 entertaining pages

830 entertaining pages

The Secret Language of Birthdays, and Sequel

The Secret Language of Birthdays, by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers

This is's #1 New Age astrology title, and enchants everyone wherever it appears, because everyone has a birthday and wants to know what it means. Born August 18th? This book calls August 18 The Day of Endurance, and you share it with Robert Redford, Patrick Swayze and Mozart's rival Salieri. Born November 27th? That's The Day of Electrifying Excitement, shared by guitar genius Jimi Hendrix and martial-arts star Bruce Lee. Look up the "personology" of all of your friends, family, and historic celebs in this five-pound encyclopedia of 366 birthdays. (February 29th, the leap-year day, is "The Day of Eternal Youth. " I know someone born on that day in 1920, and the shoe fits remarkably well.)

Each birthday gets a two-page illustrated spread of "Personology," a detailed reading of strengths and weaknesses that startles because it sounds so much like truth. Were you born charismatic? Poetic? Classy? Popular? "Personology" neatly summarizes your traits, your birthday numerology and ruling planets, astrological sign, and Tarot card, and their meanings for you, all in bite-sized sections. Along with this come birthday celebs, their pictures, suggestions about health, and sensible advice: "Control the hurricane inside you and guide its power constructively. Try to understand yourself a bit better. Don't be afraid to ask for help or forgiveness." (That's for November 27th.)

"Personology" is not an established art or science. Its "secret language" is unique to this book. Author Goldschneider drew his conclusions by collecting information about 14,000 famous people. Without pushing any particular spiritual agenda, the book's roots are clearly in Sun-sign astrology, accurately and intelligently treated, by decanates, in its first 80 pages. Those born on a cusp who sometimes feel neglected can find very good information in here.The book is also arranged so that March 21st, the day the sun enters Aries and spring begins, is the first birthday in the book. But I've seen Christians and pagans and all types and ages enjoying The Secret Language of Birthdays as pure entertainment.

First published around 1994, this beautifully designed and illustrated book went out of print for a while, and used copies were priced at $75. I hung onto mine while visitors tried to buy it from me or make me photocopy the birthdays of all their exes or grandchildren. Fortunately this book has been reissued and costs much less, with a slightly different cover than the one pictured. There are also some sequels and a "tween" version. As of September 2016, there is no e-book version.


shb on May 02, 2015:

I believe in all and in ibrahim too,but Jesus wasn't crucified for the sins of the humanity.every man is answerable himself/herself to/Elohim/Elaha/Allah.

on the day of resurrection.

Jesus was saved by father/GOD and He is alive in heavens,and is coming in about fifty years time.

he will kill the antichrist,break the cross,kill the swine,the will be a revolutionary time.

ALL is preserved in scriptures.

anyways...i like your broadmindedness.

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thank you for your answer.

Sylvia Sky (author) from USA on May 02, 2015:

Religions are coping mechanisms. They are used for framing and navigating what otherwise might seem like a chaotic universe. I think they're all cool, except when believers try to impose their faith on others.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are intimately related; their believers are all "People of the Book," and each honors the Bible in its own way.

shb on May 02, 2015:

@ sylvia what do you say about religions ?..

You seem a reaseach oriented learned.

what is your viewpoint about christianity,Judaism and Islam.

is there any conjuction to them ??

How one can believe in something amended by humans to be a survival for the whole of the humanity ??

Is there some book or some article written by you on this topic ?.

klarawieck on May 27, 2012:

I own this book, and you're righ - it's very accurate. It describes me and my my family and friends to the last T. Incredible how he did that. I was amazed!

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