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Hopi and Hippies of the Rainbow Family

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Petroglyphs all over the rocks near Painted Desert Arizona.

Petroglyphs all over the rocks near Painted Desert Arizona.

How the Hopi met and Helped the Rainbow Family

Below is a beautiful story about how a small family of hippies living in an Oregon commune met the Hopi Indians. And how a few Hopi Elders helped these hippies design and create the Rainbow Family. Today the Rainbow Family is spread all across the USA and around the world.

There is a major festival every summer for a few weeks over the fourth of July in a different location every year. People from all around the country come to celebrate and pray for world peace while camping far off the beaten path in the wilds of nature. The Gatherings are usually held in a National Forest miles from the nearest road. A caravan of hippie campers makes the hike from the nearest road through the woods to base camp.

The location of the Gathering starts with a base camp and central campfire then laid out in a circular design around it. Consisting of a medical area, several centrally located kitchens, arts and craft tents with seminars including training with camping areas surrounding them. There are kitchens set up in precise locations near the camping area and the toilets are dug out far and below all of that. This is camping in the wilds with none of the conveniences of home. There will be water close by to boil and drink and also bathe and swim.

A Story of the Hopi Indians and the Beginnings of the Rainbow Family of Hippies

Below is a beautiful story about how the hippies that are now known as the Rainbow Family met the Hopi Indians. And how a few Hopi elders helped the hippies design and create the Rainbow Nation. The Hopi helped the hippies create the ideas the family now lives by and put it into action. Nowadays the Rainbow hippies mostly go by the name of Rainbow Family for their gatherings. Their major festival is held for a few weeks before and after July 4th, at a different location every year. Rainbow tribes also have minor festivals near their hometowns throughout the year. Over the years since that first meeting in 1970 Rainbow Tribes have sprung up all over the world. The yearly Rainbow Gathering is for not only all Rainbow hippies but any and everyone who wants to come to experience camping out in nature with a bunch of hippies. Be a crazy hippy for a week and then go back to your normal life in "Babylon", as the hippies call normal society.


The Hopi nation believes they are the garden tenders of our mother earth. They have an ancient culture and have a very beautiful religion.

The Hopi has the same calendar as the Mayan. Hopi elders helped the hippies design and create the Rainbow Family tribe. An ancient Hopi prophecy says that there was once an ancient hero who traveled to meet the Great Spirit and returned carrying a stone tablet. The stone tablet broke and a piece of it was lost. The story goes that their ancient hero will return and come to the aid of mankind in their darkest hour of the great purification. This peaceful warrior will return the missing piece of the stone tablet to the Hopi nation. This is how they will know of the arrival of the Rainbow Warriors.

Back in about 1970 a small group of hippies built a community in the backwoods of Oregon and lived there in harmony with nature. This community began as a small commune and grew. One day while a few of the hippies were gardening. They decided to climb up a hill and rest while they enjoyed the view. As they were sitting around smoking a girl noticed a stone with ancient petroglyphs carved on it. They all looked at this stone and then threw it back where they found it. Soon they climbed back down the hill and forgot the stone.

Later they traveled down to Arizona to watch a Hopi dance festival. Talking to some Indians they were told of this tale about the stone. Suddenly they remembered the broken piece of stone tablet they found on the hill. They called home and had the stone piece found and stored. Later they returned to the Hopi elders with the piece of stone.

The hippies gave the Hopi wise woman the stone and she took it and compared it to the original other pieces of the tablet the Hopi people still have. She told the hippies this is not the stone that fits and the color is wrong. But it is a real piece of a tablet containing real petroglyphs. They instructed them on how to care for the sacred stone and gave it back to the hippies.

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The Hopi elders told the hippies that they could see that these multi-culture children were living and working with the Great Spirit the same as the Hopi. And so the Hopi helped the Hippies create a new tribe or nation of peoples called the Rainbow Nation. The Rainbow Family works with the Hopi to bring balance back to nature.

The Hatching

For just a moment. Empty your mind and let your imagination roam free.

For just a moment. Empty your mind and let your imagination roam free.

A Beauty Enjoying the Beauty of Nature

A Rainbow hippie girl sketching out a new base camp for the summer's gathering.

A Rainbow hippie girl sketching out a new base camp for the summer's gathering.

Rainbow Hippies

Today the Rainbow family of hippies are spread across the USA and around the world. Every year they gather and have a festive over the fourth of July. It is celebrated in a different national park every year and lasts a week or so. The yearly gathering is always far off the beaten path and the people attending need to walk in a few miles from the road. The Hopi are not a part of this gathering unless they attend as individuals. People from all walks of life attend these gatherings to experience camping out in the wilderness with a large group of like-minded people to pray for world peace.

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Randy Horizon (author) from Philadelphia on February 23, 2015:

Thank you SusieQ. The Hopi tribe is very interesting.

SusieQ42 on February 23, 2015:

I studied Native Americans in college, the main tribe was the Hopis. Great and interesting hub!

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