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Honest Atheism


For centuries atheists have been forced to lurk, to conceal, to be dishonest. We share a world with billions enthralled to the grossest superstitions. The majority believe in angels and talking donkeys, gods who move mountains and walk amongst us. We’ve had to lie and pretend we were believers. We’ve had to lie about the nature of our ideology. We’ve had to lie about our goals. If we didn’t lie how could we have survived the intolerance, the ferocity of all those (loving and forgiving) religious fanatics?

In the present, however, atheist elites control the economy, the politicians, the media, the courts, military, schools, everything. We can finally afford to be honest. We need not hide our light under a basket. We can manifest our glory. We are no longer fettered. We are ready for take-off.

Here are some interrelated and contradictory elements of honest atheism:

Immortality We reject Heaven and look to science to extend our lifespan. We needn’t rely on some imaginary afterlife. It’s all just a silly dream.

Elation: We are no longer persecuted. We have won! We are fashionable even! We can ourselves persecute! We are wealthy. We are the winners.

Depression: We can finally discard that phony optimism that past atheists had to adopt. We no longer have to feign stupid cheeriness to win over the masses. I would thank god if he existed. The universe is just a cold black empty dead absurd chaotic meaningless ugly mess. Optimism = vomit.

Wby should we avoid the void? Vacate the great vacuum? Evacuate the endless wasteland? Embrace them instead!

Misogyny: I really mean hostility toward traditional soft squooshy female sentimentality and flabbiness, the cheap childish optimism that renders them unable to confront hard harsh reality. Only the rare woman will be needed in the new world of the Future. Women will not be needed to reproduce. Few women possess the technological expertise the Future demands.

Technophilia: Only populations with pronounced technophilia will be continued.

Technophobia: We can shed the simple-minded scientism beloved by petulant male teen internet atheists. Atheism does not lend itself to a satisfying, convincing epistemology. We are left in a fog that never dissipates. Given the crumbling, sinking foundation of reality we ought to abandon ourselves entirely to virtual reality.

Humanism: We are no longer scared children nor benighted barbarians. We will decide for ourselves what is right or wrong, what we will create, even what we will make of ourselves.

Antihumanism: Homo Sapiens has sent so many sentient species into decline, even extinction. Is it so surprising that robots will overtake us and usher us in turn to oblivion? There’s nothing divine, nothing timeless, nothing special about the human form or human consciousness. I hope to have my brain down-loaded into a computer someday. I hope to see merciless relentless shiny metallic beings rule over all.

Authoritarianism: Put the experts, the elites in charge not the uninformed unfocused average man in the street. I see us looking down from our gleaming skyscrapers and bejeweled penthouses upon the dreary proles and ordering them stomped on and kicked to the curb.

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Population Reduction: We must get rid of pedestrian mediocre useless senseless pointless populations. They are in the way.

I pity atheist elites of the past. They had to pretend to care about the working class (yuck!) They had to descend into the marketplace to sell atheism like those awful TV evangelist hucksters.

So complete was our repression, so heavy our burden that we even lied to ourselves. We need to be brave and swallow and digest the truth. We must stop compromising and lying and embrace true freedom and self will. We must grow up and reject idiotic fairy tales about a sky daddy. We must alone build the New World of Tomorrow.

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