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Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), the last Messenger of Allah

The prophet was the greatest reformer in the entire history of mankind whose every action portrayed excellent qualities of best virtues, unlike any other human which signify Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) as the messenger of Allah.


- The Prophet(pbuh) was a symbol mercy and forgiveness for all creatures, ranging from

his bitterest enemies to close kinsmen, due to which he is titled as the Rehmat-ul-lil-Alameen in Surah Anbiya as in:

- “We sent you not but as a mercy for the creations”. (21:107).

- Throughout his Makki life he found utmost and worst kind of opposition and inhumane persecution

- In response of these hardships he never cursed his enemies.

- Filth was thrown on him while praying, he was strangled, mentally and verbally tortured and even attempted to kill.

- Every time he remained patient and showed exemplary attitude of perseverance

- At Taif being brutally treated despite cursing them he forgave them and prayed for them

- At the conquest of Makkah the prophet would have taken revenge for all the ill-.

sufferings done with him instead he announced the general pardon for all, not only winning Makkah but the hearts of people as well.

- Comment being this quality showing he was not an ordinary man of ordinary qualities.


- The Prophet had been rewarded with the bestowment of God’s commands through revelations.

- At many places it is being signified as a blessing and unique sign given to Prophet (PBUH) by Allah. In Surah Yousuf verse # 3 it is mentioned that

- “…..We reveal to thee this Qur'an: before this, thou too was among those who knew it not” (12:3) Surah Yousuf

- The verse clearly proves that the revelation discriminate him from others.

- The receiving of these divine revelations was the proof of the prophethood bestowed on Prophet t Muhammad (PBUH).

- As Prophet could not read or write and was called as Ummi, thus the telling and preaching of such divine words by an Ummi was a quality no normal human would process.

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- Also, these revelations were a source of information for the Prophet about the secret conspiracies against him such as the plan to kill him at Dar-un-Nadwa, the parchment of boycott being eaten by insects and also the plans of Banu Nazir against Muslims, upon whose basis the Prophet took actions which traveled the conspiracies.


- In the 12 year of prophet hood, the Prophet under went the miraculous experience of Mairaj.

- The angel Jibrael came to him along with a horse-like creature named Burraq upon which the Prophet rode in the skies towards Jerusalem. The incident is described by God in verse # 1 of Surah Isra :

- “Glory to (Allah) Who did take His servant for a Journey by night from the Sacred Mosque to the farthest Mosque, whose precincts We did bless,- in order that We might show him some of Our Signs: for He is the One Who heareth and seeth (all things).” (17:1)

- In a flick of a second the Prophet (PBUH) and angel reached Masjid-e-Aqsa where the Prophet was greeted by the past messengers of Allah & the Prophet led them in prayer.

- The Prophet then ascended the heavens & finally reached Sidrat-ul-Muntaha where he was shown Allah’s greatest signs.

- The incident of Mairaj is proven evidence that confirmed the prophet as a messenger of Allah to his people.


- The prophet is a man, whose entire life is recorded, ranging from important events to details of his daily life so that the following generations could learn & get inspiration form his example as Quran describes his personality

- “And you (stand) on an exalted standard of character”

- The Quran is Allah’s command & the Prophet’s life is the fulfillment of these commands.

- Sincerity & simplicity, truthfulness & honesty were part of his character. He not only preached Allah’s words but showed them through implementation addressing every form of life.

- He was a just ruler, who treated everyone equally. As a husband, he helped his wives & carried out household duties.

- As a victim of Makkan persecution, he stood steadfast. As a soldier he even took part in digging the trench at the Battle of Ahzaab. Thus his implementation of each of Allah’s commands in daily life, also signify him being the messenger of Allah who showed God’s commands through his actions.



- The Prophet (PBUH) was granted with miraculous voice

- His voice could be heard by masses clearly regardless of the crowd numbered and distance.

- In front of thousands of thousands, Prophet (PBUH) delivered his last sermon in 10 A.H and his voice was heard by everyone when he said

“Let all those who are present warn those who are absent”

- His last sermon assigned duties to everyone and was the message summed up his teaching.

- This miracle of Prophet (PBUH) and a unique quality made his followers ascertain about his prophet hood and being a man of extraordinary qualities who could be none other than the Messenger of Allah.

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