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Hindu Vedic Astrology and Bhrigue the foremost Exponent of Predictive Astrology

MG is an air warrior and a global traveler well as an amateur astrologer who loves to visit and explore new places.


Astrology and Bhrigue

Astrology is not considered an exact science by scientists as they feel there are too many variables in it. In a way, it's true, yet astrology commands a wide following all over the world. Some astrologers have also made uncanny forecasts that defy rationale.

One of the branches of Astrology is Hindu predictive Astrology. The first exponent of this branch of astrology is considered to be a Saint named Bhrigu. Bhrigu is supposed to have lived around 4000 BC but the beauty of his forecasts is that they are relevant in the modern world. On the face, it looks perverse, as one can legitimately ask how a horoscope cast many centuries back can be valid in the 21st century.

Bhrigu and his Horoscopes

Bhrigu is recognized as a saint in Hindu mythology. It is possible that he lived about 4000 years back, much earlier than the Vedic age. History records very little about Bhrigu, but he must have been a real person as some of his horoscopes have survived to this day. Bhrigu reportedly cast about 500,000 horoscopes but after almost 4000 years with the invasions and wars occurring at frequent intervals only a few thousand have survived. But a study of these few thousand horoscopes will convince even the hardened skeptic that Astrology is indeed a wondrous science.


Who was Bhrigue

As per Hindu mythology, maharishi Bhrigu was one of the seven great sages, the Saptarshis, one of the many Prajapatis ( legendary agents of creation) created by Brahma. The first compiler of predictive astrology, and also the author of Bhrigu Samhita, the astrological classic, Bhrigu is considered a Manasa Putra(Human son) of Brahma-the supreme Hindu deity.

Bhrigue Granthsthan

A granthsthan is a place where books of learning are kept. Now for a little bit of information. People will be surprised to learn that a portion of these horoscopes is available at a place in the Indian Punjab at Hoshiarpur. This is a small city about 40 km from the mainline railway station at Jullundur. The horoscopes came into the custody of one Pandit Desraj who is no more. How Pandit Desraj got hold of these horoscopes is not known. Some people say he picked them up from Kabadi (Trash goods) shop in Lahore. The horoscopes have now got distributed among his sons who all reside in the same area at Railway Mandi. But with the passing of Pandit Desraj, his sons have brought an element of commercialization and gone against the grain of the philosophy of the saint Bhrigu. The result is that searching for a matching horoscope has become more difficult.

There are many other places in India, where Pandits have a portion of these horoscopes. It obviously means that the Brahmins made a number of copies of the original. In any case, the originals were on parchment and could not have survived 4000 years. One can almost be sure that the originals are lost and what is available are only copies.


Bhrigue is supposed to have cast about 500,000 horoscopes. With the population running into billions the theory that Bhrigue cast all horoscopes looks weak. More likely he cast only a fraction and for others, the results are simple interpolations.


Discovering Bhrigue

I read a biography by the Ex Indian Army Chief General J Choudhry. In the memoir the general mentions that he was retiring as Army Commander Western Command in end 1964. As he had a few days to go he was persuaded by his staff officer to visit the Bhrigue granthsthan at Hoshiarpur. In those days Army Western Command HQ was located at Simla close to Hoshiarpur where the horoscopes were available. The general further wrote that he went to the place and was pleasantly surprised that his horoscope was found. It was read out to him by the pandit and it states "An army general will come to this place as he is to retire but he will not retire but become the chief of the Indian army." the word used is "Senapati" meaning Commander-in-Chief.

Needless to add, the retirement papers of the general were canceled and he was promoted chief of the army and led India successfully during the 1965 war with Pakistan.

This was my first brush with Bhrigue and subsequently, I visited the place in 1987 and 88 and again in 1995. But I will add that I came back very dissatisfied as I found only a passing reference to me in a horoscope of another person who had also come there. This certainly intrigued me but I never got any forecasts as others have claimed. However the fact that my name figured in the horoscope of another person as a man who will come there was startling. How was this possible?

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Tryst with Bhrigue

The Horoscopes

The horoscopes are perhaps the ninth wonder of the world. These horoscopes cast many centuries back refer to births in the 20th and 21st centuries. They not only give the position of the planets but also cast the future and past. They also offer remedial measures to avert a crisis in life. The wonder of these horoscopes is that they mention the name of the person whose horoscope is found as well his father's name and name of his wife and children. But to learn about this one has to visit Hoshiarpur and give his place, date and time of birth to the custodian who after a search will come out with your horoscope. But there is a good chance that your horoscope may not be found and that is just bad luck.

The Wondrous Knowledge

Hoshiarpur has its fill of visitors many of them from Europe and the United States. The Horoscopes written in Sanskrit and on parchment paper have to read and translated by the custodian, unless of course if you know Sanskrit.

People who go to Hoshiarpur hand over their birth details. The custodian will then sift through the horoscopes and take out the matching horoscope. In case you are lucky your horoscope may be found in a short time otherwise, it can take months. In case your horoscope is not found you can leave your contact details and the custodians will contact you when it is found. You can then visit Hoshiarpur and have your future revealed. I can assure you the information will startle you.

Last word

I have never doubted the authenticity of the parchment papers but there is time now to get the parchments examined and perhaps computerized. This is a gigantic task and the new custodians of these parchments are not likely to agree. Thus the scientific evidence may not be forthcoming but the very fact that some people's horoscopes are found supposedly written 4000 years back is a wonder of the world.


Bhrigu Samhita ( in Hindi) Falit Prakash- Publisher Pustak Mahal, New Delhi 2

Bhrigue Samhita Dr. TM Rao -Publisher Mahal, New Delhi 2


MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on April 10, 2021:

Thank you very much Vanita for giving your comments.Just for the record I am an amateur astrologer and hold a degree in astrology from the college of Astrology Shankar Puram Bangalore. This used to be run by Professor Sheshadri Aiyer who is no more. By virtue of my service and of course my inquisitive mind I have been to all the Bhrigue centers mentioned in India and I can conclude and say that the only genuine one is at Hoshiarpur..There also, a lot of commercialization has taken place after the death of pundit DesRaj but Bbrigue did not state anything strange because an astrologer in Bombay by the name of Bellaji told me that the planets reposition themselves every 2600 years. There are some astonishing forecasts which come from Hoshiarpurand I remember when I had gone there I had met a German who was staying in the rest house for last six months reciting some mantra which had been given by Bhrigue and he was told that after that a great gift would come.The surprising thing was that his father and his grandfather's name were mentioned in the horoscope. This is the beauty of the horoscope located in Railway Mandi.I have one more interesting anecdote to relate I had wasted Cambodia on a short holiday with my GF and in the lobby of the hotel I met a man who had come from India and he started talking with me and then took my hand and from my hand he made some calculations on a piece of paper and plotted my exact horoscope. can you imagine it? this is a glorious sign and much of the credit must go to the ancient Hindus. Nobody else can match the knowledge and of th eVedas. More on that later God bless take care and feel happy.

Vanita Thakkar on April 10, 2021:

You have given some very interesting facts about the horoscope records left behind by Maharshi Bhrigu. The references of the predictions being true are interesting and intriguing.

I have read about Maharshi Bhrigu. The original name of the place called Bharuch, about 80km to the south of my city, Vadodara in Gujarat, was Bhrigu Kachchh, after Maharshi Bhrigu, who is believed to have resided there.

I have also heard about these horoscopes. Someone had told me that there is a place in South India where one can go and verify if his or her horoscope is there in the records or not. However, I did not find the findings the person talked about anywhere close to reality. Perhaps, he was misinformed / misinforming.

I believe that astrology is a science, but I think people who truly know it are very rare. Lots of misleaders around. Every now and then, we hear incidents of fake astrologers trapping curious / anxious / tormented people into troubles.

Sometime in 2005-06, I had met a very elderly Sanskrit scholar who was supposed to be a great astrologer. Our talk was not about astrology and I was requested by those present to sing a song. The comments of appreciation he gave me were rare. I remember them as the best compliments I have ever received - the best ones a singer can receive. I was surprised by his understanding of music .... I have felt that he must be one of those rare scholars of astrology who is true and deep in his knowledge.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on April 06, 2021:

Chrish, This is a fascinating field and I am so happy that you have added your comment here.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on April 06, 2021:

Bill, it is always a pleasure to read your comment, thank you very much for it.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on April 06, 2021:

Tom, Bhrigue requires great study. It is wrong to use astrology for matrimonial matchmaking. This Is not the purpose of astrology and obviously, astrology can show no clue in this field. Yes, the Nawab of MALERKOTLA was spared by the Sikhs because he gave shelter to the sons of Guru Gobind. This is the only district in Punjabi with a Muslim population and all the uniforms of the army are made here.

Chrish Canosa from Manila Philippines on April 06, 2021:

I was rereading some lines my little knowledge couldn't cope. Seriously and honestly my head was berserking, this article is informatively balance. If I was a student for a research about astrology and found this article, surely I will email you for a thank you message. I only know little about it and I'm fine with it cause it feels like it eats my brain lol. Thanks a lot for adding up without causing harm to my braincells. Blessings!!!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on April 06, 2021:

I admit, some of this was "over my head," pun intended, but it was still fascinating, as all of your articles are.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on April 06, 2021:

Chitra, so nice you interacted. Out of all the facets of astrology, the one concerning the Bhrigue is fascinating and intoxicating.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on April 06, 2021:

Pamela, sweet of you to comment. Astrology is the oldest science after astronomy. There is however a peculiarity as a lot depends on the knowledge of the man who interprets the position of the planets. Some of these original horoscopes I have myself seen and they are written in Sanskrit on parchment paper. It is a wonderful world and requires deep study. You could ask your sister to carry out a study of the Bhrigue Samita from the Internet and it is very fascinating.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on April 06, 2021:

I had no idea that that number of horoscopes still existed. My sister is very interested in astrology and talks of it often.

This is a very informative article MG, as I did not know that history. I found it to be very interesting. It would be interesting if they could prove astrology to be a science.

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on April 06, 2021:

An interesting read MG Singh Ji.

I am aware of Maharishi Bhrigu and the Bhrigu Samhita. The facts, which you have referred to about Hoshiarpur, I have heard the same about Varanasi/ Banaras. Though, I haven’t myself looked at the copies of Bhrigu Samhita, but one of my uncles had visited, and found all the references about him, to be true. It’s amazing and intriguing indeed.

I also believe in the authenticity of the Astrological predictions. The birth charts are made according to mathematical calculations. The placement of planets at the time of birth, the place of birth etc. But those who analyse the charts, should have deep knowledge and understanding of this science. It’s how they interpret it, that makes it authentic.

Thank you for sharing another interesting and informative article. I enjoyed reading it.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on April 06, 2021:

Thanks, Tom, my my, you have strong opinions on astrology. Incidentally, what I have related is true and is taken from general Chowdhury's book, rather his autobiography. A lot of research is required on the Bhrigue Samitha. It is a wonder how the old horoscopes still relate to the modern age. Rapes are committed by everybody including astrologers who are after all human. Thank you for commenting.

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