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Higher Dimension In God

Chika is a Christian who loves seeing Christ Glorified in every aspects of life.


Higher dimension in God is what God want for every His children, God expects every believer to operate in a higher level of Him in any area they are called. Operating in a higher dimension of God helps us to access the dominion that the first Adam lost in the garden of Eden, so anyone that will ever operate in dominion must contend for higher dimension in God otherwise he or she will be a victim of this evil and imperfect world. Contending for a higher dimension in God starts with having Jesus in ones life but it does not stop there because coming to Jesus Christ only gives a believer an access to contend. Once the access has been given as is now left for a believer to contend for what is his or hers and higher dimension in God. In this article I will focus mainly on two major reasons why we have to contend for higher dimension in God and the tools you need in contending for what is yours in Christ.


Two Major Reasons To Contend For Higher Dimension In God

1. Roman 8 vs 19 ( for the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God): the creation are waiting for the manifestation of every believer in every area. There is what the creations are longing to see from the sons of God. So they are eagerly waiting for that manifestation and the manifestation is not going to be possible if believers did not contend for higher dimension in God. Sons of God don't manifest on their own but they manifest due to God's dimension they have accessed. Everything created of God is waiting for sons of God to manifest. Therefore this is one of the reasons why every believer should contend for a higher dimension in God.

2. Ephesians 6 vs 12 ( for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places): there is always an enemy that try to resist every believers so because of this we must put our whole amour of God in order to combat this enemy. The bible says in James 4 vs 7 " submit to God resist the devil he will flee from you, it starts by submitting to God which was done the day you gave your life to him but there is a resisting part to it and the resisting part is done by putting on the whole armour of God in order to resist by fighting against evil forces in any thing that concerns you as a believer. This forces we wrestling against are four in division couple with the devil their head and all of them is enforced with intense power and knowing this calls for a higher dimension in God for every believer. Giving your life to Christ helps you to sit above all this forces but operating in God's higher dimension helps you to fight them and even defeat them. The agenda of the kingdom of darkness is to pull every believer down to sin, poverty, sickness etc but you have to contend and gain this higher dimension in God in order to live above whatever the devil throws at you. So this is another reason why every believer should contend for a higher dimension in God.

Tools That Will Help In Accessing a Higher Dimension In God

1. The word of God: word of God is one of the major tool that will help you to access higher dimension in God, not just the head knowledge of the word but word of God in your spirit man. Is only God's word that has crystallized in your spirit will serve as a sword of the spirit that will help you to combat the devil. Jesus Christ was able to defeat the devil in the wilderness just because the word of God is alive in His spirit. When you have God's word in your spirit you can easily access a dimension from God easily in order to defeat the devil.

2. Prayer: prayer is another major tool that will help you access higher dimension in God because prayer is not only a way in which we communicate with God is also a means in which we are changed into the image of God. The more we pray in line with the will of God the more we are changed into God's image and at the same time have access to God's higher dimension and the more we do that our ability to stand against the darts of the devil is increased.

3. Fasting: fasting is also another tool that will help us to access higher dimension in God. The Bible says that after Jesus fasted forty days and forty night He returned in the power of the Holy ghost. Fasting gives us access to God. Not just fasting but the right kind of fasting which can be seen in Isaiah 58.

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4. Obedience to God's instructions and commands: this also is another tool that gives us access to God's dimensions. Anyone that obeys God's command will always operate in God's dimensions. This is chief of all I have mentioned because if you are not obedient to God's instructions your prayer, fasting, the word of in you will be a waste. Obedience to God's instructions gives you the opportunity to know God more and once that is achieved every other things will be easy. Devil can't have access easily to anyone that is obedient to God's word.



The Bible says those who know their God shall be strong and do exploit. So when you have access to this tools it gives you the ability to know God personally and once you have known God personally it authomatically input strength in you which is higher dimension in God then after that comes the exploit in standing against the darts of the enemy and manifesting as the son of God you are.

Contend for a higher dimension in God because you are designed to have dominion over the devil. Regain your dominion.

© 2021 Chika Nwankwo

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