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Heaven on Earth

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Let's choose to create a better world.


Can we stop the violence?

I don't know about you, but I’m getting real sick of the culture of violence in the world. As I approach 65 in September, I reflect on all of the carnage I have lived through: the race riots, assassinations of beloved leaders, serial killings, gang and cartel murders, too many wars, and too much terrorism.

For inexplicable reasons, governments seem unable to stop the violence. Religions haven’t helped much either; some even justify the killing of innocent people in the name of their extremist beliefs. Can’t we do anything about this? One might think the human race is surely doomed.

Yet, some of you know me better than that. I still believe in the power of the positive. Dr. Eben Alexander, author of Proof of Heaven, truly impressed me with hopeful lessons he learned from his near death experience (NDE). Here are several of his enlightening ideas:

#1. “We are each eternal beings.”

#2. “The single most import force or principle in the universe is unconditional Love.”

#3. “We are all One.”

#4. “This truth is cleverly veiled from us.”

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Skeptics and naysayers doubt the veracity of Dr. Alexander’s NDE. They suggest that all such experiences are merely chemically induced delusions and hallucinations caused by a dying brain. However, Dr. Jeffrey Long and many others offer a line of evidence that herald NDEs as true representations of external consciousness; e.g., “crystal-clear consciousness; realistic out-of-body experiences; heightened senses; consciousness during anesthesia; perfect playbacks; family reunions with the deceased; same children’s experiences; worldwide consistency; powerful aftereffects and life changes.”

What if consciousness really continues after physical death? What if we don’t need NDEs to experience a profound spiritual awakening, which could shift attitudes, and usher in a better life on earth today?

These ideas excite me with their endless possibilities of healing and positive social change. So, I have formed an online Heaven on Earth Study , and established one at my church as a non-denominational discussion program.

The mission of my Heaven on Earth group is three fold: #1. to share spiritual experiences that have transformed our life; #2. to seek evidence of Positive Power via the Noetic Sciences; #3. and to put love-in-action in our local communities to help heal humanity.

Would you be interested in joining this movement with me? I know that there might be a list of things that could prevent you from participating. The least you could do is watch the video below and check out Dr. Alexander’s book. Then please get back with me and tell me what you think.

One thing is for certain: I do believe in the power of the positive over all that is negative. I’m ready to do my small part to try and stop the violence. Here’s to Heaven on Earth!

Oh, one more thing: Please affirm with me: “Life is sacred. It’s never okay to hurt ourselves or innocent people.”

Dr. Alexander's NDE

My Hub: Positive Beliefs Heal

  • Heaven on Earth Study Group - Humanity Healing Community
    Spiritual Nondenominational Network committed to Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Healing and Growth through Education and Spiritual Activism
  • Positive Beliefs Heal
    So if you are seeking a healing in your life, or some form of positive change, this article is all about speaking words of love, seeing Love-Light making an impact, and feeling your connection to the Source of Love come true.

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