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Healing Ourselves and The World - purifying, clearing and cleansing

Healing Ourselves and Our Planet ...


Healing the world can come from the perspective of matter or spirit. Both energy work and spiritual healing can dramatically alter our experience of the world’s health.

As with spiritual healing work involving human bodies, prayer can evoke miraculous healings upon the earth’s body. Spiritual healing the earth primarily involves releasing unforgiveness, since it is the mass race consciousness fueling social and environmental problems.

Working on the premise that what we focus on expands and grows, it is advisable not to focus on negative events, such as criminal activity, news of disasters, attacks and other relate situations or issues.

At times though, this is unavoidable. When confronted with negativity such as the nightly news broadcasts, use it as an opportunity to focus and send healing to the situation and/or circumstance and/or people involved. Ask the angles to focus their healing energies upon the situation or problem. We can also ask angels to help us release our fear and anger about wordly situations. The angels will gladly respond to our calls for help (when they are asked) as they know that they simultaneously heal the world as they heal the hearts and minds of ‘lightworking’ humans. A ‘lightworkers’ time and energy is best used in healing functions. Becoming involved in discussions, arguments and debates about world problems defeats the purpose of and asking for and sending healing. The time and effort is better spent doing energy work or spiritual healing on behalf of the planet. With this we need to avoid holding any fearful or angry thoughts about the world and those in it.

You may need to remind yourself of the healing benefits of practicing ‘non-attachment’ to matter.


Prayers’ power to heal has been widely documented and there is a great deal of scientific evidence and medical research about prayers remarkable curative powers. While one person’s prayers alone can heal any condition, there is a lot of evidence that group prayers effect remarkable healings.

One singular prayer is like one light beam, whereas when we join our single prayer with that of others with the same intent, our prayers combine to shine a much brighter light.

Purifying, Cleansing and Clearing Yourself and Your Environment

Your aura surrounds your physical body as well as your etheric body. If your essence is pure your aura is a huge light surrounding you and protecting you. If you have unresolved issues, they show as dirty marks or shadows. A person who is ill or in shock might have a wispy or even non-existent aura, while someone very negative would be surrounded in a dark or heavy aura.

When your aura is totally clear and pure, no harm can befall you. No negative person or situation can penetrate your aura. Fear lets in hurt, damage and/or danger. Purity confers safety.

The more we evolve, the brighter the spotlight on us, so that our dark spots can be revealed. When someone serves us by pointing out a negative spot in our aura, we call it ‘pushing our buttons’. We often consider them to be ‘difficult’ or ‘challenging’ people.

Old resentments, hurts and angers automatically form dark patches in your aura, as do any murky feelings such as jealousy, avarice, envy and greed. These dark spots will magnetize challenges into your life to draw your attention to what you need to tend to.

Earth, air, water and fire are excellent purifiers. Walking in bare feet on green grass allows your negative energies to go down through your feet into the earth where Mother Earth will purify them.

Being out in the wind or a breeze will clear your head and bring in clarity.

Swimming, particularly in salt (sea) water washes your aura clean. Sea salt in a bath will have the same effect.

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Fire is the most powerful purification of all. Burning old photographs, letters and objects transmutes the negativity held in the memories and changes the psychic energy around you. You can also bury these old items in the earth as a form of purification. Walking through a breeze will also clear and purify our auras.

Irritability is a sure sign that your aura needs purifying. All addictions are behaviours which we repeat in order to suppress natural feelings. These may be over-eating, compulsive spending, drinking too much alcohol, drug taking … any number of negative behaviours. These locked-in feelings need to be released from your aura if it is to become pure. You can use light to help you to do this.

When you are about to smoke your cigarette or have that drink of alcohol (or whatever negative habit you may have), pause for a moment and ask the ‘light’ to support you in feeling the emotion you wish to suppress. Ask the light to reveal to you the denied emotion. Ask for help in releasing it … then ask the light to heal the emotion for you.

Your aura is your ‘buffer zone’ between you and the outside world. It is helpful to draw it in before you go shopping or into places where there are many people.

Your aura has a colour (or colours), a smell and a taste. It can feel thick, smooth, heavy or light. If it is murky, smelly and/or is heavy with unresolved emotions, you are sending out dark energy. Only people with similar auras and energies will feel comfortable in your presence.

Excess alcohol, cigarettes and drugs pollute your aura. If you swear, say or think unpleasant things about others, hold onto anger, hurt, guilt, feel resentment, anxiety and worry, do too little exercise, live in physical dirt and/or mess, eat unhealthy and over-work, your aura will need purifying.

If you wish to walk the spiritual path, it is imperative to purify your aura so that it is clear, fragrant, light and radiant with beautiful colours. When your aura is pure and light, angels and the more evolved spiritual guides are attracted to you.The time has come for our planet to be purified so that it can ascend. The ley lines which were set around the Earth in Atlantean times as an energy communication system, carry a third-dimensional vibration. They are like an electricity grid which was laid underneath the surface of the earth. Some lines have been broken, others have been taken over by dark energies, and a few remain pure and intact. These old ley lines need to be repaired and purified. This can be done whilst meditating. This old energy system is now becoming obsolete; however it is still important for those who are not yet tuned in to the higher frequency.

The new network, which carries fifth-dimensional frequency, is being laid above the earth at the moment. Because these new lines carry a high-vibrational current, it needs people with high spiritual aspirations and intentions to focus on them to send the energy of peace, light and inspiration along them.

The colour of the fifth-dimension heart chakra, which is the spiritual energy centre at the heart, is pure white.

To Purify the Planet:

· Visualize light and love flowing along the network of ley lines below the surface of the Earth.

· Visualize high-frequency light and love flowing along the new network of lines above the surface of the Earth.

· Close your eyes and ask for a column of White Light to come down through the Universe and through you, to the centre of the Earth.

· Visualize the column expanding and ask that anything it touches be filled and protected by the Holy Spirit.

As we work on making ourselves positive, healthy and uplifted, so the effects of this personal healing will have a far-reaching and wider effect.

We influence our environment by the way we behave, what we think and believe, and our general attitude. We are able to make a difference by having a positive attitude to our lives and by keeping our environment clean and healing it with our positive ‘light’.

If we all play our part in healing negative energies, our world will be a lighter and brighter place, and love and peace will be able to prevail.

Joanne    Sacred Scribes

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