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Who Was Hazrath Abdullah Bin Abbas?


Hazrath Abdullah Bin Abbas was the Companion of Prophet (pbuh) and one of the early Qur'an scholars. He was the cousin of the holy Prophet (pbuh). He was the the son of the Prophet's uncle Hazrath Abbas. When he was born, the father brought the baby to the holy Prophet (pbuh) who saw the baby and prayed for him.

Hazrath Abdullah Bin Abbas was a very noble, cute and intelligent child. He was eager to know more and more about all things around him. Once he went to the assembly of the great Prophet (pbuh). He returned home running and informed his father (Hazrrath Abbas) : "Today I saw a person sitting next to the holy Prophet (pbuh) whom I have not seen so far. It would have been better if I would know who he was?" At this Abbas thought of Jibrail, the angel who used to deliver the divine message to the holy Prophet (pbuh). Later the uncle described the talk he had with his youngest son to Muhammed (pbuh). The Prophet (pbuh) called Abdullah and made him to sit in his lap and patted on the head and thus prayed : "Oh Allah, shower special blessings on this child and spread the light of knowledge through him!"

The Prophet (pbuh) liked Abdullah Bin Abbas very much. The boy too had developed an intimacy with the Prophet (pbuh) and was ever ready to attend to minor tasks. Once the Prophet (pbuh) happened to pass by the place where Abdullah was playing. On seeing the Prophet (pbuh) he hid himself and began to smile. The Prophet (pbuh) saw, caught him, patted on the head and asked him to go and fetch Hazrath Mu'awiah, who used to scribe for the Prophet.

Abdullah ran to Hazrath Mu'awiah and said : "Get up, Sir, the holy Prophet (pbuh) has called you. There is some special work for you."

Hazrath Abdullah Bin Abbas was quite inquisitive to know how the Prophet (pbuh) spends his time in the house. For this there was no hindrance for him because he was cousin to the Prophet (pbuh), as well as the cousin to Ummul Momineen Hazrath Maimoona, wife of Prophet (pbuh). He was loved by both Prophet and Hazrath Maimoona. So he could visit the house of Prophet frequently and sometimes slept there in the night. This was the best thing for him.

On one such night Hazrath Abdullah was awake when the Prophet (pbuh) got up for performing ablution (wuzu). The Prophet (pbuh) looked for water. Abdullah understood that Prophet was in search of water. He got up unnoticed, fetched water for ablution, and slept silently. After the ablution, the Prophet enquired : "Who brought water for the ablution?" Hazrath Maimoona told him that it was Abdullah who got water. The Prophet (pbuh) was much pleased and thus prayed : "O Allah, Bestow on this child the understanding of the religion, high intellect and power of knowledge that he easily understand the deep meaning."

On another night, the Prophet (pbuh) got up after midnight, performed ablution and stood for prayer. Hazrath Abdullah was asleep. He too got up, performed ablution and stood to the left of the Prophet (pbuh). The Prophet (pbuh) took him to his right side holding his head. On another occasion when he stood behind, the Prophet (pbuh) took him to his side. This was an embarrassing situation for the young boy to stand beside the Prophet. After prayer the Prophet enquired about his condition. He pleaded : "O Messenger of Allah how any one could stand by your side! You are the Prophet of Allah." The Prophet appreciated his respect and wisdom and blessed him profoundly.


Hazrath Abdullah Bin Abbas had developed such intimacy with the Prophet (pbuh) that he tried to be always with him. Even in the assemblies of the companions, Prophet (pbuh) used to accommodate Abdullah.

In one such assembly Abdullah was seated to the right pf the Prophet (pbuh). Milk was brought by someone to the Prophet (pbuh). The Prophet took a few sips from the full cup and left the remaining to be shared. The common practice at such occasions was to distribute the remaining part among the gathering starting from the right side. The Prophet (pbuh) looked to his right side and found Abdullah sitting next to him. He addressed him : "My boy, according to the practice, it is your turn. But if you permit, I will offer the cup to elders."

As the Prophet (pbuh) was telling this, Abdullah Bin Abbas had fixed his eyes on the very spot from where the Prophet (pbuh) had sipped the milk. He replied : "O Prophet, I am ready to sacrifice anything but would never forsake the honour of touching the place with my lips at the very spot which has been touched by your lips."

The Prophet (pbuh) smiled and handed over the cup to him. He sipped milk twice from the very spot from where the beloved Prophet (pbuh) had sipped the milk and then extended the cup to others.

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This is how the early childhood years of Hazrath Abdullah Bin Abbas were spent. Obviously the company of the holy Prophet (pbuh) had a deep impact on his upcoming. In addition to this, the supplications of the holy Prophet (pbuh) on various occasions had their own effect. This was in itself great honour and good fortune. People used to call him 'wise' and would enquire about the practices of Prophet from him.

When Abdullah was 13 years old Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) left this world. Even at that age, Hazrat Omar invited him for assemblies and to join in the discourses.

In one such assembly, while many great scholars and Hazrat Abdullah Bin Abbas were present, Hazrat Omar recited Surah Al-Nasr and desired the scholars to give a commentary of this chapter. All great scholars offered explanation according to their knowledge. When the matter was referred to Hazrat Abdullah Bin Abbas, he commented that in this chapter, the demise of the Prophet (pbuh) has been predicted. Hazrat Omar was highly pleased, patted him and said: "I also think so."

Sometimes people would object seeing Abdullah sitting in company of elders. Hazrat Omar would silence such critics by saying that you people are aware of Abdullah's prudence, wisdom and intellect.

Obviously a man blessed by Allah would certainly become a great personality. Hazrat Abdullah Bin Masood a great scholar of that time had recognised his command over Qur'anic interpretation, Hadith, Fiqh, Literature, Poetry and other subjects.

There are many instances which prove that he became a great scholar in his later days.

Once he was deputed to the court of Jarjeer Shah, a monarch in the African continent, for solving a disputed matter. The king was all smile seeing a young lad as the representative of the caliph. But when this young man got up and argued the case, the king bit his lips and commented: "I think you are the most esteemed scholar in the whole of Arabia."



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