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Have a Magical Holiday: Kitchen Witchery for Thanksgiving

Sage has been celebrating the Wheel of the Year for 25+ years. Being a holiday junkie, she just can't get enough of the sabbats!

Kitchen Witch for a Day

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Sure, it’s not a religious holiday; but everyone brings a little bit of their religion (if they have one) into their celebrations. Most people will thank their Gods (whomever they may worship), have a special prayer or food blessing for the special dinner.

If Witchcraft is part of your religious practices, you can do some “kitchen Witchin’” this Thanksgiving season. Prepare your holiday dinner using the same principles of magic that you apply the rest of the year.

If you don’t know how to charge an item for spells, you can learn here.

The Magic of Food Magic

Thanksgiving Magic!

Thanksgiving Magic!

Spice it Up with Witchcraft

Kitchen Witchcraft is a time-honored tradition.

Kitchen Witchcraft is a time-honored tradition.

Charge Your Foods

All natural ingredients have their own properties, and most likely for Thanksgiving you’re going to be sprinkling around a lot of herbs and spices. Think about charging your herbs with a certain intent before you sprinkle it on your food, or perhaps sprinkling a handful of salt or herbs around the home while you cook to bring about a desired atmosphere that day.

Some traditional Thanksgiving herbs you might use are:

Cinnamon: for financial success; aids in healing if any of your loved ones suffer from illness

Nutmeg: to bring luck or prosperity.

Olives or olive oil: to bring peace and harmony (great for those families who love to bicker on holidays)

Parsley: eat to promote fertility (if you have any couples trying to conceive, present them with some herbal parsley butter at the dinner table).

Rosemary: promotes love and lust (having an intimate dinner for two? Here’s your seasoning).

Sage: eating it promotes longevity and wisdom.

Thyme: brings courage and increases energy.

Likewise, a lot of Thanksgiving foods have specific properties that you can charge them with as you cook:

Apples: love and happiness.

Celery: bring out lusty feelings.

Cranberries: bring protection and banish negativity.

Pumpkin: for protection.

Sweet potatoes: enhances your ability to give and receive love.

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Bubble, Bubble, it's No Trouble

Cauldron cooking.

Cauldron cooking.

Make your Punch a Potion

As your guests enter, enchant them with a little magic to set them at ease, to promote harmony and peace among the entire group. Mull some wine by simmering it with ½ cup of honey and a handful of cloves—be sure to charge the honey to promote sweet words and deeds, and the cloves to banish negative feelings and anger.

If you prefer a soft drink, use soft apple cider, cran-apple juice or orange juice. Mix juice with a sparkling water, and add a dash of lemon to bring good will and cheer. Crush some fresh mint leaves to heal hurt feelings, and stir them into the mix as well.

Remember when you stir any potion/concoction, stir clockwise for promoting good things. You would stir counter-clockwise only if you are trying to do some serious banishing, warding or to really destroy something (such as if you’re trying to help destroy someone’s disease).

A Little Thanksgiving Magic for You...

Thanksgiving Candle Magic

Candle Magic for Thanksgiving.

Candle Magic for Thanksgiving.

Set the Table With Candle Magic

Did you know that you can charge a candle with specific energies well ahead of time? When you are ready, light the candles to release that energy. One way to promote a positive atmosphere at the dinner table is to charge you candles there.

First, choose the appropriate color and this will give a little bit of help toward your goal:

Red: if you and your lover are having Thanksgiving alone

Pink: promote all-around harmony and affectionate feelings for each other

Orange: if your family gets boring or too mellow around the holidays, it should perk them up

Yellow: if your family has been sad or depressed from a tough year

Green: like pink, promotes all-around lovey-doveyness

Light blue: to calm anxieties, and ease bruised feelings

Brown: to promote family unity, solidarity, and remind everyone of their bonds.

Ahead of time, take your candles and go into a meditative state. Pour essential oil of the appropriate energy (look at the herbs above for a hint) into your hands and charge it. Lean the end of the candle against your chest. Rub the oil on the candle, wick to bottom, hand over hand going towards you. Pick up momentum and envision all the feelings you were meditating on pouring into the candle. Do this until you feel the candle is pulsating with energy.

Put them in decorative holders on your Thanksgiving dinner table, or light them anywhere around the home on that day where your guests are gathering.

Looking for more ideas? Try Kitchen Witchin’: Wishbone Magic for Thanksgiving!

Are there any other ways you’ve thought of bringing a little magic into your Thanksgiving holiday? I’d love to hear about it—please share with us in the comments.


Tammy Jackson on November 24, 2019:

Wow thanks Mackenzie this is an awesome sabbat

im going to try this thanks giving

Ashton on August 08, 2017:

i've been studying through you and many other witches ( who in turn pass on things from other witches ) for three or four months now. your main hub with the links to all these pages is what really started me on it. i wanted to thank you for sharing all the information you've shared. last night i held a small ritual by the full moon using associations i've learned through your pages, associations from other witches, and what feels right to me combined with sigil magick i learned from someone else and i had such an immensely successful ritual and spell casting. i focused everything on a medical situation that was troubling me for a month and a half now, charging my intent and casting it into the world. i made channels for it in the past and made the spell itself specific enough to work, but vague enough to give it room. just four hours later, i got the good news i'd been waiting to hear, and then some on top of it. i'd never felt so accomplished and connected with something i've devoted myself to before in my life. it was incredible and has really solidified me to this path. i wouldn't have been able to do this without you and the other witches i've been studying through in this time. so thank you so much for all these informational pages you've written and may you always prosper in your craft and in your sharing of it with all of us.

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on November 14, 2013:

Thank you Nell Rose-- isn't that a sweet little video? I adore it! I appreciate your comments, have a wonderful holiday!

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on November 14, 2013:

Thank you so much, billybuc, I have been enjoying your hubs as well today and coming from you that is quite a complement! Much appreciated!

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on November 14, 2013:

You made me crack up, lol! Now you know-- thanks Daniella!

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on November 14, 2013:

Thank you, Crafty. Glad to be able to give you some ideas. Have a wonderful holiday.

Nell Rose from England on November 14, 2013:

This was really awesome Wiccan! I love the way you wrote it, and as I am a candle fanatic it was great to see your ideas with these too, oh and that video was lovely!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on November 14, 2013:

You are a good writer. It is a pleasure to read something so well-written, no matter what the topic is, and this topic was interesting as an added bonus. Well-done!

Daniella Lopez on November 14, 2013:

Well goodness, no wonder I keep getting pregnant. My husband and I eat parsley daily! HAHA! Thanks for the great read. Blessed be!

CraftytotheCore on November 14, 2013:

I had never heard of these meanings before. We don't need any parsley butter on our table, although it sounds delicious. Between the two of us, we have 9 children. I'll definitely pull out the yellow candles. We could sure use some cheering up around here. Great tips! What a fun Hub!

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