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Have You Got Psychic Abilities?

Michael loves nothing better than a good conspiracy served with a side of paranormal investigation.

Where to Start?

Have you ever seen things out of the corner of your eye? Perhaps you have heard voices but turned around to find no one there, seen the image of a loved one who recently passed or even see colours only by touch. All of these could be signs that you are sensitive to the other world. In other words, that you could have some form of psychic ability.

This is not something to instantly dismiss out of hand, and it is not as crazy as it might initially sound. We are not talking about stage psychics here, utilising confidence tricks to con desperate people. Both the CIA and the Soviets investigated psychic abilities in the 60's and 70's, perhaps even continuing to this very day. Some may say that even a very strong intuition is evidence of some kind of ability.

How to Develop Your Abilities

I believe that we are all born with the innate ability to see and experience the spirit world. As children we are open to these things and think nothing of accepting them. It is an unfortunate effect of growing up that we start to loose the ability to believe. But can we re-connect or is it lost forever?

I choose to believe that the link is never truly severed, and that with dedication, training and willpower, we can regain what we tragically lose. Sometimes it takes a tragedy, like the death of a loved one to fully open our minds to what is possible. Certainly a strong emotional reaction seems to help re-establish the link to the spirit realm, but it is not a necessity.

How will you know when you are ready? There are signs to watch for, if you are open then visitation can take the form of spoken word, familiar smells and movement of items such as photographs. Even the feeling that someone is close can be a pointer.


Every object carries inside of it the vibrational qualities of those who have come into contact of it. Some people have the ability to "feel" these vibrations, and furthermore read them to establish the history of the object. Older objects are thought to be easier to read, like inherited jewellery. That being said, houses of course present a massive area for these impressions and vibrations to permeate.

So, how do you do it? Well the most important thing is to use objects that are unknown to you, and of course strangers items are much better in this respect as your previous knowledge cannot come into play. Clear your mind, let it wander and take the item into your hands. Feel the item, its shape, weight and textures. Can you feel warmth? Energy? How does it make you feel? Angry, tired and drained, or perhaps happy?

Just let the information flow freely. Say the first things that come into your mind. Don't be surprised if you feel pain as well, as both possitive and negative emotions and experience.

Poll Time

Empty your head

Empty your head


Cliché alert! This is your typical gypsy crystal ball, but it could easily be a mirror, or a bowl of water. Scrying can be accomplished on any reflective surface.

All we need to do is empty our minds again and stare intensely into the reflective surface. Focus on your own image and then slowly close your eyes with a question in mind, Open your eyes and return to staring at the reflection whilst keeping the question in mind.

What your are looking for is changes in the reflection, images, faces, perhaps even smells and sounds.

Nostradamus was widely believed to have used scrying in his prophecies, and it has been used in many different cultures over countless centuries.

Reading the Aura

In many forms of spirituality it is widely believed that every living thing emanates a type of energy field around their body. Furthermore, some people can read this aura and ascertain someone's health, mental well-being and spiritual strength, all by seeing the colours the field contains. Some even go one step further and truly believe that by healing the aura, you can heal the person inside.

To try this yourself, take a piece of white paper, and sit calmly with you hand upon it, perhaps resting on a table. Lighting should not be harsh, but gentle and soft, perhaps candles would be best.

Focus intensely on you hand and let your mind open, relax your eyes and let your focus fade. Let the edges of your hand blur into the paper. Can you see any colours? Be patient, even blinking can upset the image. Draw the colours you see onto a simple diagram of a person as a way of recording what you have seen.


A Word of Warning

We have talked a lot here about opening yourself up, opening your mind, being willing to communicate with the other side. This can be incredibly dangerous to the uninitiated. We need to make sure that we cannot be taken advantage of, tricked if you will by something communicating in a way that hides its true intentions. If you are at a low ebb, tired, feeling mentally drained or weak then you will open yourself up to the demonic, and that is a place we just don't want to go.

I believe that demons are real, and furthermore that they exist purely to trick and deceive, to cause pain and suffering. What is more, they are waiting for weak minded people to let them in and become their vessels. This is called possession and it is a real danger. Drugs do not enhance the psychic's progression, they simply create more weakness waiting to be exploited.

It is vitally important to bless your home on a regular basis. It is vitally important to ask for God's protection and blessing when communicating with the other side. Protect yourself people, and close down yourself after each session by visualising a strong white light coming out of the top of your head, flowing down into the ground around you. Visualise a cloak of this light shrouding you, protecting you. Say a prayer and express gratitude for the protection.

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Gina on July 21, 2016:

Good information to know.

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Interesting Hub. may you progress safely on your journey to Light. Peace.

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