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Haunted Star Island New Hampshire

The Chapel On Star Island. This chapel is supposed to be filled with ghosts. And people claim to hear singing coming from the chapel when no one is in the chapel at all.

The Chapel On Star Island. This chapel is supposed to be filled with ghosts. And people claim to hear singing coming from the chapel when no one is in the chapel at all.

Rocky Coast, Isles of Shoals, NH. The ghostly ship on fire is often seen just off this point.

Rocky Coast, Isles of Shoals, NH. The ghostly ship on fire is often seen just off this point.

A Visit To Star Island

Haunted Star Island New Hampshire

Star Island New Hampshire is located seven miles off of the New Hampshire coast and it is one of four of the Isles of Shoals. It was in 1677 that the island was first settled permanently. The town of Gosport New Hampshire was established on the island in 1715.

Many people lost their life's on the island over the years and many people claim that the island is simply a hot bed of paranormal activity. The Chapel on the island is supposed to be especially spooky and over the years people on the island have heard singing coming from the chapel and some people have even claimed to see many people in the chapel through the windows only to find the chapel cold, lonely and empty when they go inside the chapel.

And its not just the islands chapel that is haunted. Many people claim to have seen a very strange black dog with bright red eyes roaming around the island at night. And if you approach the dog or it walks towards you it simply vanishes.

Other buildings on the island are supposed to have their own ghosts that have been seen often over the years by many different people. And recently Taps, The Ghost Hunters did an investigation on the island and you will be shocked to see what they found during their investigation on the island. Watch the videos below and see what you think about haunted Star Island New Hampshire.

The stories and legends over the years have always said that the entire Star Island is haunted not just a certain building or place but the entire island. Way back when the white man first came to the area the native Americans told the white men not to go to Star Island that their was something evil there that was not of this world. Strange lights like a ship on fire are often seen in the waters around Star Island but no one has ever figured out what it is. The strange boat afire stories have been told for over 200 years and people have claimed to have seen it for the last 200 years.

Ghost Hunters Star Island

My Ghost Story From Star Island

In July of 2010 I was able to visit Star Island and it was in the cemetery pictured in the photos below where I was to encounter a ghost and strange paranormal activity. I walked up to the foot of one of the graves and almost at once I saw several fist size rocks moving on their own like they were alive. When I reach down to pick up one of the rocks to see what was going on the rocks stopped moving. And even though I stood and watched for over an hour the rocks never did move again. Other people over the years have seen the rocks moving. How or why no one knows. Some people claim to hear the laughter of children when the rocks are moving. I did not.

I did catch a glimpse of a small little girl at one end of the cemetery that one second was there and the next second she was gone. She was wearing a white dress and for just a second or two she was solid. At first I thought she was a real person. But she was not. And yes she was really there. If only for a brief second or two.

I didn't see anything else paranormal anywhere else on the island but I'm sure sure there is paranormal activity all over the island. While I was there on the island that day several people claimed to hear children running and laughing but they saw nothing. So again I'm sure that the island is haunted.

Three Little Girl Ghosts.

The three little sisters died with in a few weeks of each other on Star Island New Hampshire in 1863. The girls died of Scarlett Fever. Over the many years since 1863 people have claimed to see three little girls playing in the area near their grave sites. As you approach them they either run away in the other direction and you can never catch up to them or they simply vanish. It is a tragic tale indeed that all three sisters died that year and it is from tragedies such as this that tales of the paranormal come from. Do you have a ghost story of your own. Why not post it down below now for all of us to read.

Tell us what you think about Taps visit to Star Island New Hampshire. Tell us your ghost story or your paranormal experience.

Richard on June 12, 2017:

I went to Star island four years ago for the paranormal conference. Loved it I also loved the island. There is a special positive feeling that comes over you when you're on the island. I'm going back soon and can hardly wait. Unfortunately I haven't had any supernatural experience on Star island. But I hope to. Everyone thinks of ghosts as scary but they can be friendly and helpful. I'd love to see a ghost and not run away from it. Rather approach it with friendly outreach. Wouldn't it be nice to sit down with a ghost and talk the same way you talk to your friends.

Laurel on February 28, 2013:

Why the hell would they advertize this on other sites as a peaceful retreat place for rent? I would not call a haunted island or hotel peaceful or a "great" retreat spot. I would not stay there. I liked the taps episode. I don't know if ghosts exist.......but I am not taking any chances!!

Angela on February 27, 2013:

B orn an raised got to check this out an absolute believer

Kaelyn Age 9 on October 13, 2011:

That is Scary Stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!

jamterrell on August 22, 2011:

I believe in this hub.

marianita2194 on June 03, 2011:

i once saw some ghosts in my last house, and i wasn't the only one.. all my cousins did too. One of them was a little girl, all dressed in white that only appeared when we played hide and seek, so it seems she only wanted ti play with us

Alexander Herwitz on January 06, 2011:

Well this was really cool, because I just applied for a job at Star Island. So, I watched with interest. Questions: Is there software that will help catagorize any infrared images? As to sounds: aren't there applications to help clean up sounds/remove noise from recordings?

judy chapman on August 09, 2010:

Keep up the good work! We need people to investigate those "ghosts" that are still with us! I am a believer!!

loveTAPs on May 21, 2010:

Ive always heard stories about Star Island! I love when TAPs goes to places that are close to my hometown! Im definitely going to the isles this year! The great thing about TAPS is how they investigate. I totally believe everything they find purely because they disprove things ALL the time. So when they find things they cant explain; its believable!

Dodie on October 18, 2009:

Is this a public island? Is the Hotel still open???

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on September 08, 2009:

Thanks for all the great comments. They are appreciated. So everyone feel free to post a comment.

Connie Harris on September 07, 2009:

I am a true bliever in what you do. I am a physic and don't charge for my gift is from God. See and feel things around me and other people. Ghost Esphers, Medium and along time ago John Edwards Crossing over so what you do is very real and keep up the good work. Coonie Harris

Enelle Lamb from Canada's 'California' on June 29, 2009:

I love a good ghost story ...but only in the daylight LOL (I'm such a chicken lol)

Nada,Zilch,Nuttin' on June 15, 2009:

I've been going to Star Island for two weeks every summer since I was 8 years old. I am now 45. In 1980 and 1981 I worked as a waiter and a dishwasher on the Island for the whole summer: June, July, August.. There are MANY stories in the Island's long and eventful history, everything from Native American savagery and Pirate lore to tragic love stories and murders. If any place deserves to be riddled with ghosts it's Star Island. Yet, I have NEVER in all my years seen or heard ANYTHING ghostly or unexplainable. (which is kind of a dissappointment). Oh well.

wittywriter from Concord New Hampshire on May 16, 2009:

I have personally been to Star Island several time over the years, always in the daytime. I can tell you when you adventure around the island some very strange and unexplained things happen. The last time I was at the island was July 2004. They were in the middle of some restoration projects around the buildings on the island. They had to take down some walls and rebuild them. When taking down the walls they found many and I mean many items that were in the rafters and in the studs of the walls. They were personal items. It was said that during this period the paranormal activities increased. I believed that it increased not only because of the restoration, but with the findings of the personal items. Many of these items dated back to the 16 and 1800's. I wonder if the entities were looking for their stuff. My encounters during July 2004 was on pictures and video tapes. I used a digital camera and a camcorder. During the filming of some sites around the island, when played back, we watched and suddenly the screen would go blank like the lens cap was placed back on then taken off to finish the site. When we were filming it, we could see what we were filming. It was all there. With the digital camera the same thing happened. I would take a picture. The picture would show up, but when I retrieved the pictures to my laptop, some were missing and were blank. I have extensive knowledge of my equipment and would not have deleted it accidentally. When I downloaded the pictures even the blank spaces were numbered in sequence. It would have had missing numbers if I had deleted it. My experiences besides that was hearing my name, but caulked it up to the wind. I would be tapped on the shoulder and in the cemetary to the right of the hotel, I saw a mist over a grave and it was perfectly sunny out, not a cloud or rain in site. There were more experiences than that, but you get the gist.

AshleyVictoria from Los Angeles on March 24, 2009:

Wow, very creepy. Ghosts exists, it seems!

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on March 24, 2009:

Please If You Read This Hub Page Post A Comment.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on March 20, 2009:

Thanks AEvans it is pretty erie and I just added a bit more. Thanks for your comment.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on March 20, 2009:

Thanks Sukkran I appreciate the comment.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on March 20, 2009:

earnesthub I will tell you that I myself have seen ghosts. I and other members of my family have had this ability. But no that's not going to make you believe. And I do thank you for your comment. It is appreciated.

earnestshub from Melbourne Australia on March 20, 2009:

I enjoyed the hub, despite the comment I offer.

Any evidence this thin is anorexic! The vested interest is obvious, the video's offer nothing in the way of empirical evidence at any level, and only someone making money from the tourism would even want to believe this.

Mohideen Basha from TRICHY, TAMIL NADU, INDIA. on March 20, 2009:

really a wonderful hub. i love those photos and videos. thks for this informative hub.

Julianna from SomeWhere Out There on March 20, 2009:

Now that is absolutely eerie!! I wrote my ghost stories last year, but I love when these come up. Another wonderful article ..::)

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