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The Haunting of Lakes, Swamps, Ponds, Waterways, Sea, and Oceans - Ghost Ships

Interest in the paranormal dates back to my childhood and thru the years I've researched and studied the topic.

SS Waratah Ship - July 1909 (Referred to as the Australia's Titanic)

En route from Durban to Cape Town, disappeared with 211 passengers and crew aboard in the waters of the Sargasso Sea. Has never been found.

En route from Durban to Cape Town, disappeared with 211 passengers and crew aboard in the waters of the Sargasso Sea. Has never been found.

Maiden In The Lake (Lake Konkonkoma Long Island, N.Y.)

Maiden in the Lake

A legend tells the story of
A pretty Indian maid
Who loved a handsome pale-faced lad
But marriage was forbade.
Her father chose another mate
A fine strong Indian brave.
The Indian girl could not comply
And so her life she gave.
Ronkonkoma Ronkonkoma
The lake of sparkling water.
Ronkonkoma Ronkonkoma
Where rests the Indian daughter.
In summertime the Indian girl
Would call out from the lake
To lure below pale-faced lad
She vowed that she would take.
And so the legend ends of Indian
Maid with lonely wail
Who lingers in the murky depths
But calls in no avail.
Ronkonkoma Ronkonkoma
The lake of sparkling water.
Ronkonkoma Ronkonkoma
Where rests the Indian daughter.

Author: Lois J. Watt

by Between Monsters And Men :Curse of Ronkonkoma| Between Monsters and Men

The Legends of Lake Ronkonkoma Ghost princesses and spirits have haunted lake for years.

Dr. David S. Igneri states who was the head lifeguard at Lake Ronkonkoma for 32 summers, and says " there were at least 30 deaths during that time, all males. On the program Weird U.S., which aired on the History Channel in 2005, Igneri explains that one of the biggest challenges was that visibility in the lake is nonexistent after about the first 10 feet; if anyone submerges lower than that, no one will be able to rescue the person because the lake becomes enveloped in total blackness."

Manchac Swamp In Louisiana

Julia Brown was a voodoo priest who lived in the swamp who predicted the death of the town folks back in 1915, the day of her funeral. She had been heard singing "One day I'm gonna die, and I'm gonna take all of you with me.” They say she enjoyed predicting bad things that would happen to neighboring towns. Turns out as they laid Julia Brown to rest in the ground, a hurricane came and took the lives of the town folks, every last one of them.

Rougarou a Cajun werewolf is also rumored to roam the Manchac Swamp as his hunting ground. The Cajun werewolf has been described in many ways. Usually, ten feet tall, with pale white hair, change form such as to a werepig, weredog, has glowing red eyes and body of a human covered in hair. Some say if you look into his eyes you will become a werewolf but if you tell no one after a year and day the curse will be broke for both of you while others say that the curse must be passed to the other one can be free of the curse.

Manchac Swamp - Image of Julia Brown - Rougarou Werewolf

Manchac Swamp New Orleans Louisana

Manchac Swamp New Orleans Louisana

Image Of Julia Brown

Image Of Julia Brown

Rougarou Werewolf

Rougarou Werewolf

The Curse of Julia Brown 2/16/2015 · HD · by Big Something - Topic

Gardner Lake - Salem, Connecticut

The Gardner family once used to own most of the land in the surrounding area which the lake is named after when it became a state park called "Gardner Lake State Park" in Salem, Connecticut in 2001 when it was added by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP).

February 1895 Thomas LeCount a grocer made the decision that he wanted to move his home across to the other side of the lake. There were two choices, either slid the home across the frozen lake in the winter or tear it down and move it, however; he decided to wait to winter when the lake was frozen so he could slide the home over to the other side of the lake.

The house ended up slipping into a huge snow bank about 300 feet (100 yards) from the shore on the south side of the lake when it was being moved. That would be equal to the size of a football field from goal line to goal line. Thomas LeCount couldn't get the house right so he made the choice to leave it overnight till morning. The ice would have broken thru if he kept trying that night. That night the mill operators decided they needed to drain the lake water until spring which caused the house to sink into fifteen feet (5 yards) of water when the ice thawed.

The piano that sank with the house some fishermen have claimed to hear the mermaids playing the piano on quiet nights. Many years the second story and attic remained above the water and children would fish off of the house.

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Bengal Swamps || Aleya Ghost Lights In West Bengal || Bengali YouTube · 12/6/2017 · by My Way

House In The Lake - Gardner Lake - Salem, Connecticut

House in Lake

House in Lake

Type of Haunting

Absecon Lighthouse (inlet) - Atlantic City, New Jersey

  • 1854 - Powhatan shipwreck
  • Killed 311 passengers and crew members
  • Absecon Inlet nicknamed the Graveyard Inlet
  • 1857 - a lighthouse was built to prevent another tragedy
  • 1857 - 1933 served as a working lighthouse - now restored
  • 1905 - Ghost has been seen
  • 1905 - A keeper saw the Jersey Devil at the top of the tower
  • Other people have seen the ghost - noticed smell of pipe and cigar smoke
  • Spooky laughter, footsteps in the tower, the tower door opens then closes and dime have been found in odd places

Absecon Lighthouse And Powhatan Ship

Absecon Lighthouse

Absecon Lighthouse

Powhatan Ship

Powhatan Ship

3 True HORRIFYING Ghosts Stories In The Swamp YouTube 7/14/2016 · by PhantomOfDarkness

Sargasso Sea - Only Sea Without Land Boundaries

Ships found without passengers or crew:

  1. London Times, Nov. 6, 1840 -- the Rosalie, a large French ship, bound from Hamburg to Havana -- abandoned ship -- no clue to an explanation. Most of the sails set -- no leak -- valuable cargo. There was a half-starved canary in a cage. (Fort, Lo!, p. 138.) The article:

    1. SHIP DESERTED. — A letter from Nassau, in the Bahamas, bearing date the 27th of August, has the following narrative: — "A singular fact has taken place within the last few days. A large French vessel, bound from Hamburgh to the Havannah, was met by one of our small coasters, and was discovered to be completely abandoned. The greater part of her sails were set, and she did not appear to have sustained any damage. The cargo, composed of wines, fruits, silks, &c., was of very considerable value, and was in a most perfect condition. The captain's papers were all secure in their proper place. The soundings gave three feet of water in the hold, but there was no leak whatever. The only living beings found on board were a cat, some fowls, and several canaries half dead with hunger. The cabins of the officers and passengers were very elegantly furnished, and everything indicated that they had been only recently deserted. In one of them were found several articles belonging to a lady's toilet, together with a quantity of ladies' wearing apparel thrown hastily aside, but not a human being was to be found on board. The vessel, which must have been left within a very few hours, contained several bales of goods addressed to different merchants in Havannah. She is very large, recently built, and called the Rosalie. Of her crew no intelligence has been received." (Times (London), November 6, 1840, p. 6, col. 3.)
    2. Jess Blumberg Smithsonian Magazine |
      November 2007 states that "Capt. David Morehouse sent a boarding party to the ship after finding it abandoned. Belowdecks, the ship’s charts had been tossed about, and the crewmen’s belongings were still in their quarters. The ship’s only lifeboat was missing, and one of its two pumps had been disassembled. Three and a half feet of water was sloshing in the ship’s bottom, though the cargo of 1,701 barrels of industrial alcohol was largely intact. There was a six-month supply of food and water—but not a soul to consume it.

Bermuda - Sargasso Sea Map

Note also how the map implies the seaweed is coming out of the Gulf with the Gulf Stream currents, a passé theory: the sargassum is actually now believed to be adapted and native to this strange sea, with very little of its cousins actually coasting

Note also how the map implies the seaweed is coming out of the Gulf with the Gulf Stream currents, a passé theory: the sargassum is actually now believed to be adapted and native to this strange sea, with very little of its cousins actually coasting


The Tizzie-Whizie was first seen around 1900 and later was captured in 1906 by the Bowness Boatman Grandson.

  • Shy water-loving creature
  • Has the body of a hedgehog, tail of a squirrel or fox, and bee-like wings.
  • Captured 1906, taken to Louis Herbert photography shop.
  • Calmed down with warm milk and morsels of ginger bread then a picture was taken and later postcards were sold from that one picture.
  • Jumped from the table and flew away.
  • The faint cry can be heard if place your ear at water level.



Bean-nighe (Washer Woman) of Scotland

  1. She signaled death by washing the shrouds in the river, ford, or the loch spring
  2. Could hear her singing a wailing lament as she washed the shrouds.
  3. Sometimes they belong to the person who saw her but could be for a family member or friend.
  4. A person who came unpon her could suffer misfortune at her hands.
  5. Very hard to sneak up on her.
  6. "In Mull and Tiree, part of the Hebridean Islands, the bean-nighe had big breasts which hampered her in her task. She would throw them over her shoulder and they hung down her back as she washed the shrouds. If a man came up behind her and took a breast in his mouth, the bean-nighe had to tell him who the shroud was for. If it was for him or a friend or family member, the man would stop her from washing and postpone death for a while" according to Uncovering Scotland


Washing Shrouds

Washing Shrouds

Ghost Ship - The Caleuche Ship

  • Caleuche Ship - Ghost Ship that appears every night near the Island of Chiloe off the coast of Chile - Bright white light sailing ship - The sound of a party can be heard - People laughing, having fun - Once it has been seen it disappears underwater - Known to navigate underwater

    • Summoned to the ship by Sirena Chilota - her sister Pincoya - her brother Picay - Sirena resembles a mermaid - upper body and face of a teenager - long blond hair with golden scales - Pincoya has long blond hair - beautiful and cheerful with a total human body - Picoy has the body of a sea lion with golden fur - face is very attractive like a human man with long blond hair
    • There are two types aboard the ship - those who have been kidnapped the fishermen that are forced to perform the duties of the crew - the others who have drowned can visit home yearly to provide aid to their families - those drowned are summoned to keep them from being lonely and cold

The Caleuche Ship

Mystery Ghost Ship

Mystery Ghost Ship

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Anna Haun (author) from USA on August 03, 2018:

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Sorry about late reply but my computer crashed and ruined everything, all my hard work on an ebook/paper back book was lost but still have notes. Got another computer to use. Thank you for reading. I liked that little Tizzie thing. However, I find it hard to believe as it was the only one ever reported. Kind of reminded me of a gaint flr/part squirrel, lol.

Nell Rose from England on July 31, 2018:

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I really enjoyed this, as it is slam full of spooky happenings I have never heard of. This would be a great article to come back to around Halloween time!

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