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Haunted Charleston South Carolina

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Haunted Charleston South Carolina

Charleston South Carolina is said to have more ghosts than any other city in America and while its true that other cities make the same or similar claim Charleston SC is most certainly haunted and if you look carefully in Charleston you can find ghosts.

Ghost Hunters who have visited Charleston say it's a paranormal hot spot of activity and that its all the tragedy that happened here that has created such an abundance of restless spirits. The old city jail appears to be one of the most haunted spots in Charleston and people visiting the old city jail are always getting photos of orbs and ghosts in the old city jail.

Another paranormal hot spot is the Battery Carriage House Inn which is known as one of the most haunted places in Charleston South Carolina. Several ghosts are seen in the Battery Carriage House Inn including a headless torso that just appears in some peoples rooms startling the hell out of some people. It is believed that the headless torso is from the Civil War era when a large battery of guns blew up in the area.

Legend says that one man back in the 1930s was up on the roof working when the headless torso ghost appeared to him up there on the roof. When the ghost appeared the man working on the roof leaped off the roof and killed himself. His ghost is now spotted both on the roof and standing in the yard below.

Charleston South Carolina also has the best Ghost Tours in the south. Be sure you check out the Charleston Ghost Tours operated by " Bull Dog Tours ". They really give you your moneys worth and if you're into ghosts and the paranormal you'll love the Ghost Tours of Charleston South Carolina. Be sure to watch the Charleston Ghost Tour Videos.

And be sure if you visit Charleston South Carolina that you visit all the grand old Plantation Houses that are open to the public. Many of them are located along the Ashley River Road. But make sure you don't miss, " The Boone Hall Plantation " over in nearby Mt Pleasant. One really interesting thing is that Boone Hall Plantation is still in operation and it has been for the last 320 years.

Check out the photo below of Middleton Place Plantation on the Ashley River Road where you can go and spend the night or spend a week. The Restaurant at Middleton Place is one of the best places to eat in the world. So be sure you don't miss it while your in Charleston.

Haunted Poogan's Porch Restaurant Charleston South Carolina

Haunted Poogan's Porch Restaurant Charleston South Carolina. The Restaurant is located at 72 Queen Street and you really should check it out.

Haunted Poogan's Porch Restaurant Charleston South Carolina. The Restaurant is located at 72 Queen Street and you really should check it out.

Middleton Place Plantation On Ashley River Road

Middleton Place Plantation On Ashley River Road

Middleton Place Plantation House Today

Middleton Place Plantation House Today

The Graveyards of Charleston SC

Haunted Poogan's Porch Restaurant Charleston South Carolina

Zoe St Amand is said to haunt the restaurant known as Poogan's Porch in downtown Charleston South Carolina. Zoe died here in the house in 1954 but many people who have worked in the restaurant say that Zoe is still there and still very active. She likes playing tricks and as been known to move things and at times she has appeared angry slapping or pushing things off tables.

People in near by buildings have seen Zoe often over the years looking out the windows of the restaurant when the building is closed and locked with no one inside. But don't let Zoe scare you away. The restaurant has wonderful low country cuisine and if you visit Charleston South Carolina be sure to check it out.The Restarant is located in the downtown area at 72 Queen Street.  

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The Ghost of Blackbeard The Pirate

The Pirate Blackbeard or at least his ghost puts in appearances often in Charleston SC and in Folly Beach South Carolina.

The Pirate Blackbeard or at least his ghost puts in appearances often in Charleston SC and in Folly Beach South Carolina.

Very Early Charleston South Carolina

Very Early Charleston South Carolina

Stede Bonnet, planter-turned-pirate, was hanged by the neck on December 10, 1718 at White Point (now known as White Point Gardens).

Stede Bonnet, planter-turned-pirate, was hanged by the neck on December 10, 1718 at White Point (now known as White Point Gardens).

Morris Island Lighthouse

Morris Island Lighthouse

What the Lighthouse looked like in 1914 before erosion. Many families were raised , lived , died and were buried at the Morris Island Lighthouse.

What the Lighthouse looked like in 1914 before erosion. Many families were raised , lived , died and were buried at the Morris Island Lighthouse.

Blackbeards Ghost , Pirates and Civil War Soldiers

Over the years the ghosts of Pirates have been reported often under the oaks along the area of Charleston known as the Battery. Over the years many Pirates were hung from those same trees and many people believe it is the ghosts of the pirates that were hung there who appear now walking around and screaming at people under the oak trees on the battery.

The Ghost of Blackbeard the Pirate is seen often out at Folly Island which is only a few miles from Charleston. Blackbeard and his cut throat gang of pirates once blockaded Charleston and they threatened to burn the city. What a lot of people did not know was that Folly Island was one of Blackbeard's hide outs and he had a house built there that has since blown away in a hurricane.

The ghosts of many Civil War soldiers are reported often on Folly Island. It was on Morris Island where Fort Wagner once stood and where the entire 54th Massachusetts were killed. Fort Wagner is now gone as is Morris Island except at low tide. The only thing seen of Morris Island at high tide is the Morris Island Lighthouse. Over the years people have seen a confederate officer at or near the lighthouse. He is also seen on the end of Folly Island on the beach walking looking out towards the lighthouse.

People over the years have also called the police on Folly Beach and the Coast Guard often because they see a woman looking out the door of the lighthouse. She is dressed in a white dress and white apron. Some people claim she is the ghost of a lighthouse keepers wife. Who really knows but she has been reported for over 100 years.

Some people have described the three story house that used to stand in front of the lighthouse. The house has been gone for many years but it was there for many years and families were raised, lived and died there. Maybe it is a residual haunting when people see the house that is no longer there.

Right in this same area are also the graves of Civil War dead. Most of the 54Th Massachusetts were killed and buried in mass graves here in the area. Many people see Civil War era soldiers and then realize they are seeing a ghost. In 1999 a long line of buried Civil War dead were uncovered on Folly Island. They were reburied in place. With all the men who faced brutal horrifying death in this area it is no wonder it is a hot bed of paranormal activity.   

Why Not Post Your Comments About Charleston And The Ghosts Of Charleston Now.


Why Not Post Your Comments About Charleston And The Ghosts Of Charleston Now.

PattiWV on September 10, 2013:

I have a timeshare at the Lodge Alley Inn and have stayed there several times in the 10 years I have owned it. However, one time we had some VERY WEIRD experiences. The weather was 97 degrees outside, but our room would never get warm, even using the fireplace. We were kept awake the first night by the sound of what sounded like bedsprings that went on all through the night. The second night we heard what appeared to be someone walking in a non-stop march down the hallway, when I opened the door and looked into the hallway -it stopped, but continued again that night. There was no one in the room beside us, so it should have been relatively quiet. On our drive home, we were discussing how "loud" the place had been only to come to the conslusion that the beds did not have "springs" and the hallway was" carpeted". After researching, I have found that there are some humors that it does have ghosts, but I have not been able to get the whole story.. I am returning (no I'm not scared LOL) in a week and hope to get more information. We were never "ghost believers or followers" but definitely are now.

andy on September 06, 2013:

Where exactly is the little girl ghost in the tree? I don't see anything as of yet.

SolveMyMaze on June 19, 2013:

Nice hub. I didn't know that Blackbeard frequented Charleston during his 'career'. I would love to go to the jailhouse there to see just how spooky it is and get some photos taken as well. It sounds like it would be nerve wrecking, but fun experience!

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on December 04, 2012:

Thanks very much for a wonderful comment. It is appreciated.

Mmargie1966 from Gainesville, GA on December 04, 2012:

I live in North Charleston and have been downtown several times. I've seen a ghost in my own home, and my animals see things all the time! I recently went on a terrific ghost tour and visited Poogan's Porch.

This is a terrific hub...I used it as a suggested link in one of my hubs.

Thanks so much for the awesome entertainment!

kiera on May 29, 2012:

I lived in Charleston, South Carolina when I was 6 years old for a year. One night my dad took his girlfriend and all of the kids (including me) to the trees, where pirates were hung (i did not know that at the time). We were all goofing off and the kids were running ahead to the gazebo. While they ran off, I started walking by myself. A hand, a strong and harsh hand, grabbed my left wrist and was squeezing it to the point that I let out a slight yelp. Then it was gone. I turned around looking for who was grabbing me, but no one was around. I ran ahead to the gazebo and was scared out of my mind. My dad could see that i was shaken and I told him. It still gives me shivers to this day.

Allissa Cook on May 29, 2012:

Im 14 years old and going to Charleston in about a week and i just wanted to know some good places i could visit to see ghost, and ideas?

lauren on November 17, 2011:

that's so freacken cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheri Smith on October 23, 2011:

We just got back from Charleston about 3 weeks ago and can't wait to go back! It was the most enjoyable vacation we have ever been on. We stayed at the Lodge Alley Inn. I had an unusual experience there, but wasn't frightened at all, just was kind of weirded out....I know that it is haunted so I guess that I wasn't too surprised that something happened. We went on the jail tour and I had what I thought was I fly or bug on me, nothing was there, another weird experience, but I wasn't afraid there really either. Can't wait to go back for more fun or haunted experiences!!!

t '

beth on September 22, 2011:

i wish that they would put a torgide telling a gost story Haunted Poogan's Porch Restaurant Charleston South Carolina becouse it has been a long time sense i heard it and i like that story l like that sorry a lot so plz make a video of it and post it on facebook plz thanks from beth hardin my e-mail address is thanks

Aj on September 14, 2011:

Went to c of c and loved charleston. There were many rumors and stories of Berry dorm being haunted.. Apparently it was an orphanage that burned down. I knew girls living in the dorm who heard children running an laughing and heard marbles rolling across the floor, even on the top level! I would love to see that investigated!!

Dakoa Simerly on March 06, 2011:

born in charleston i think every house im lived in has been a haunted house

Rory on October 22, 2010:

I love Charleston's rich history and beautiful scenery sooo much! The southern food and hospitality is at its highest in Charleston, but the reason I am commenting is because of Poogan's Porch. Zoe fell into a deep depression after her talkative sister died and stopped teaching at the local school. She was always antisocial and became very lonely and would watch out the window late at night and smile at passerby. Several times she had to be taken home or to the hospital after a late night of roaming the streets for a friend. She finally died after falling down her front stairs you would pass when coming in through the front door. Don't be afraid, witnesses to her ghosts always report never feeling afraid or threatened. In fact, many years ago one morning, the cook's alarm clock broke and the cook was late to work. When he finally reached the restaurant, a kitchen fire had started! Everyone had made it safely outside, but no one saw the cook and thought he was still inside. What a relief that was to the cook, but who had broken his alarm clock beyond repair? He lived alone, and came to the conclusion that Zoe was protecting him as well as all Poogan employees. Most employee sightings have been of Zoe sitting at tables after hours or moving a coffe mug after having a sip. Neighbors across the street report seeing an old lady watching from the second floor windows sadly. Is Zoe looking for a friend even after death?

If you have ever been to Poogan's, you would notice a small dog statue. That is the namesake of the restaurant, Poogan. Poogan was the neighborhood dog and greeted customers to Poogan's daily until his death a few years back. But is Poogan really gone? Some customers sitting on the front porch of the restaurant report feeling a dog rub against their legs under the table or hearing barking from inside. Hopefully Poogan can share some of his happiness with Zoe and may them finally rest in peace.

Angela laserno on October 14, 2010:

I got a pic of a ghost in the window of the poogans porch. It's a shadow and I can see threw it it's pretty cool if u want to see a good example check out the pic from June 10 of a woman

Sydney Sims on August 21, 2010:

I just saw a picture that my friends friend took while camping there. It's of two of the people, but beside them is a little ghost girl! NO JOKE! The bottom of her dress is transpaternt!

myawn from Florida on July 17, 2010:

Born in Charleston I lived in a haunted house by the battery. The house was restored. I believe it was haunted I had many dreams there moved at age 3. Great informative hub

ashley on May 08, 2010:

im 10 and in school /nc we learned about blackbeard the social studies book said blackbeard is said to haunt the coast of nc so my parents took me to the beach and blackbeard appeard when we got there and yelled his name

Mark Jones on April 01, 2010:

We always advise people to PLEASE research the ghost tour company before just blindly signing up. Read the reviews of previous tours and make your decision from that.

Kittie Danger on November 21, 2009:

I love Charleston, I got a ghost pic at the Calhoun Mansion, it was between tour groups, & in the lace curtain I can make out the shape of a man's face.

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