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Haunted Cemeteries in Tennessee Part 2

Photo Credit: Danny Richards

Photo Credit: Danny Richards

Concord Cemetery

Concord Cemetery is located behind the Concord Church on Concord Road off the New Manchester Highway in Tullahoma in Coffee County. There are around 1,200 interments dating back to 1829.

There is at least one ghost here and her name is Sadie Baker. She is considered to be the oldest known ghost in Coffee County. Her tombstone only has her name on it, no birth or death dates. Some EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) have been captured here.

There have also been claims of a little girl ghost who has been seen playing here.

Photo Credit: Vic

Photo Credit: Vic

Cowan Cemetery

Cowan Cemetery is also known as Cowan Montgomery Cemetery. The oldest grave is that of William Hugh Montgomery in 1829. There are around 1,300 interments here. It is located on Castle Street in Cowan in Franklin County.

The tale here is that at night some of the tombstones glow or shine. Sometimes there are apparitions seen standing by the tombstones that are lit up.

Photo Credit: Dean Wilson

Photo Credit: Dean Wilson

Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery is located on Greenwood Road in Chattanooga in Hamilton County. There are about 13,000 interments dating back to 1876. The famous jazz musician Valaida Snow was buried here in 1956.

The ghost story here is about the Lady in the Lake and it is really quite sad. There is a small lake near the cemetery that really isn’t a lake at all. It is an abandoned quarry. Many years ago there was a house near the church where a young couple lived. The woman became afflicted with polio and before long she ended up in a wheelchair. Her husband tried to take care of her, but eventually he decided she was just too much trouble so he rolled her to the edge of the quarry and pushed her in.

She has been seen dressed all in white gliding across the lake. She is beautiful and looks like she did before being stricken with polio. She is sometimes seen walking in the cemetery. There are no footprints where she has walked, but there are wheelchair tracks.

Turley Cemetery

Turley Cemetery is also known as Red Ash Cemetery. Turley was a mining town in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The town no longer exists. The cemetery is located off Old Tennessee 63 Highway and is hard to find without help from the locals. Caryville is the closest town in Campbell County. The cemetery is located within the Royal Blue Wildlife Management Area. There are approximately 250 interments here; the oldest is marked as 1845.

Be advised, if you decide to visit here during hunting season you MUST wear 500 inches of bright orange, including a hat. You will be fined if you don’t.

The cemetery and the state highway running by it are both haunted. As bizarre as it sounds, there have been multiple reports of an 8-foot-tall creature that is half man and half goat. It is also said to have a pentagram carved into its forehead.

There are train tracks nearby that are haunted by a young woman. Her exact identity is not known. She could be the woman who was killed on the tracks by a train or the pregnant woman who was murdered on the iron bridge.

There is also a man who fell to his death from a coal tower. He can be seen walking around the area. Screams can also be heard.

People have claimed to see and/or hear phantom trains. One group of visitors reported seeing a real train on the tracks that was stopped, but they could hear the sound of a moving train.

Large blue lights can be seen hovering all over the area. Some are guessed to be as large as ten feet across.

Bethesda Cemetery

Bethesda Cemetery is located on Bethesda Road behind the Bethesda Church in Morristown in Hamblen County. There are around 3,400 interments dating back to 1813.

The majority of ghosts here are Confederate soldiers who seem to be very restless. They can be seen inside the church and in the cemetery. The soldiers are sometimes aggressive toward visitors to the cemetery. Reportedly more so towards visitors with Northern accents. The church was used as a hospital during the Civil War and there are somewhere around 80 unmarked graves of soldiers from both the Union and the Confederacy.

There is another story here of a family plot that is very active with ghostly phenomena. It holds a couple and their baby that died at birth. A crying woman has been seen here as well as the sound of a baby crying.

Photo Credit: snailer12002

Photo Credit: snailer12002

New Providence Presbyterian Church Cemetery

New Providence Presbyterian Cemetery is located on Stoney Point Road off Lee Highway in Surgoinsville in Hamblen County. The church was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. There are around 1,250 interments going back to the late 1700s. The story here is about the grave of Colonel George Maxwell. He was a Colonel during the Revolutionary War in the Tennessee Militia. He was born in 1751 in Augusta County in Virginia and died November 23, 1822 in Surgoinsville.

Colonel Maxwell’s grave is guarded by a big, black ghost dog. No one knows if he had a pet dog when he was alive. As soon as the dog is seen, he vanishes. There have also been reports that approaching the grave after dark causes a flock of birds to suddenly appear on the ground and then fly away all at once. Unseen footsteps rattling the leaves have also been heard.

There is a giant white oak tree in the churchyard that is said to be haunted, too. The legendary bandit John Murrell murdered a family underneath the tree and now voices and apparitions are heard and seen there.

Weaver Cemetery

Weaver Cemetery is located on Peoples Road behind the Weaver Union Church. It is in the community of Gray Acres, about six miles south of Bristol in Sullivan County. There are approximately 2,700 interments dating back to the late 1700s and is one of the oldest cemeteries in the state.

This cemetery has many reported paranormal phenomena. There is a being, not sure of the gender, dressed all in black that is said to roam throughout the cemetery at night. There have been reports of many extremely high EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) readings. Visitors say they feel like they are being watched and/or followed. Some even claim to feel nauseous or light-headed. There are also cold spots and unexplained shadows.

Photo Credit: Loyal Limb

Photo Credit: Loyal Limb

Arney Cemetery

Arney Cemetery is located in the backyard of a house in Elizabethton in Carter County. The locals call it Arney Hill. There are twelve marked graves and one unmarked grave. The oldest belongs to Eugene Johnson who died in 1859.

The only ghost here is called Granny February. The oldest female in the cemetery is Nancy Johnson who died in 1899 at the age of 81. This may or may not be Granny February, but if you visit her grave at midnight on Halloween you can hear the sound of a rocking chair.

Photo Credit: Judy Llamas

Photo Credit: Judy Llamas

Jobe Cemetery

Jobe Cemetery is located on North Main Street in Erwin in Unicoi County. There are roughly 780 interments going back to J. Jobe in 1849.

There is only one ghost here. He is a mean hobo that died in the early 1900s. He tries to scare off anyone who dares to visit the cemetery.

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