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Haunted Cemeteries in Oregon



Early pioneers traveled to Oregon on the Oregon Trail beginning in the 1830s. It became the 33rd state in 1859. Covering 98,466 square miles, there are 2,074 documented cemeteries. Many of these are haunted. Here are nine of the creepiest.

Odell Cemetery

Odell Cemetery is also known as Ebenezer Chapel Cemetery. It is located on Webfoot Road south of Dayton in Yamhill County. There are around 70 interments dating to the mid 1840s.

The cemetery is right next to the Ebenezer Chapel which was built in the 1860s. Legend has it that the preacher, known only as Ebenezer, had seven wives and was a cult leader. He had thirteen children ranging in age from nine months to thirteen years and one night he just went crazy and killed them all. He then burned the bodies in the chapel's fireplace.

The cemetery gets the Odell name from John R. Odell who was buried here in 1869. He had thirteen children and eleven of them are buried here. There are 18 graves that have no headstones.

Like many haunted cemeteries, electronic devices do not fair well here. Cameras, phones, anything battery-operated, loses power within minutes of being in the graveyard. Apparitions are seen in both the cemetery and the chapel. There have also been reports of an odd glowing light that bounces around all over the cemetery and the surrounding woods. Pet dogs visiting the cemetery with their owners have gotten very upset, either acting terrified or trying to attack something that their humans cannot see.

The accompanying video was made by Casper Investigations, led by Brian Robertson, out of McMinnville, Oregon.

Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery

Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery is located at the corner of Northeast Duniway Road and Northeast Dawn Lane in Lafayette. It is just west of the Kunz Reservoir. This Yamhill County cemetery has about 120 interments going back to the mid 1800s.

There are quite a few restless spirits in this cemetery, but one is more active than the rest. Her name has been lost to history, just one of the many women who were accused of witchcraft and hung during the late 1800s.

The accused witch is present in the graveyard regardless of the time of day or night. She has been seen standing and watching or walking slowly throughout the cemetery. Sometimes she will laugh at people and she has even chased some visitors out through the front gates, occasionally leaving scratches on their backs.

A paranormal investigator managed to capture her voice on an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). She said two words, “Run home!”

Photo Credit: Patricia Edmonds

Photo Credit: Patricia Edmonds

Kinder Cemetery

Kinder Cemetery is located southeast of Deer Island on the Columbia River Highway. This Columbia County cemetery has about 420 interments dating back to the 1870s.

There is a ghost here of an old man named George. It is possibly George Bellamy who died in 1914 when he was 80 years old. No one knows why he is such an angry ghost. He has been known to slap or push visitors for no apparent reason. Many cemeteries have cold spots, but after George passes by, hot spots are left in his wake.

Photo Credit: Glenn Scofield Williams

Photo Credit: Glenn Scofield Williams

Historic Columbian Cemetery

Historic Columbian Cemetery is also known as Love Cemetery. It has over 6,000 interments and can be found on North Columbia Boulevard in Portland in Multnomah County. The oldest marked grave is that of Adolph F. Schaffer who died in 1851.

One of the ghosts here is named Lydia. It is possibly Lydia Mallet who died at age 80 in 1915. Many visitors to the cemetery have claimed to see Lydia strolling through the cemetery.

Another ghost is John Mock who died in 1916 at the age of 78. He is seen walking around as if performing inspections. He is known for building Mock’s Mansion on Williamette Boulevard in 1894. The mansion still stands today.

This cemetery also seems to have an exceptionally high number of children and they are frequently seen running and playing throughout the graveyard.

Photo Credit: Sue Barnett

Photo Credit: Sue Barnett

Dibble-Jackson-Larkins-Austin Cemetery

Dibble-Jackson-Larkins-Austin Cemetery is also known as just Larkins Cemetery. Of the 60+ interments only three of them are Larkins, but they are the oldest going back to William E. Larkins in 1850. It is located on South Lowe Road in Molalla in Clackamas County.

This cemetery is considered a hot spot for hauntings. There are many strange sounds. The scariest is a weird howling that doesn’t sound like any known animal and it’s impossible to tell exactly which direction the sound is coming from.


Pioneer Park Cemetery

Pioneer Park Cemetery is a small cemetery on Pendleton’s north hill that was donated by Moses and Aura Goodwin in the 1870s. There are only 26 graves still here as the rest were moved to the Olney Cemetery in 1891.

Some of the graves remaining here are underneath the playground and picnic area that was built here. The residents here aren’t very happy about it. It seems they feel disrespected.

The spirits of this cemetery are present every night without fail. Historic records show many children were buried here that died tragic deaths, including accidents, murders, and even gruesome trolley and train wrecks.

One of the most often reported events is the ghost of a woman who walks around looking quite confused. Many visitors claim to constantly feel as though they are being watched. The entire cemetery seems to be a cold spot.

Paranormal investigators to the cemetery took EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) readings and said the needle went all the way to maximum. A video showed an apparition on the film which had not been seen with the naked eye.

Photo Credit: David M. Habben

Photo Credit: David M. Habben

Pilot Butte Cemetery

Pilot Butte Cemetery is on Northeast Bear Creek Avenue in the town of Bend in Deschutes County. There are almost 10,000 interments dating back to the early 1900s.

There have been many reports of blue orbs in this cemetery. Many have been photographed. There has also been a huge dark apparition seen wearing a cape. Supposedly, it is the Grim Reaper.

The East Gate

The East Gate

Linkville Pioneer Cemetery

Linkville Pioneer Cemetery is at the corner of Upham and East Streets in Klamath Falls in Klamath County. There are nearly 10,000 interments going back to the 1860s.

There is a grave here that supposedly glows green when the light of a full moon hits it.

Many other strange lights and sounds are witnessed here.

Photo Credit: Wendell Merck

Photo Credit: Wendell Merck

Rock Point Pioneer Cemetery

Rock Point Pioneer Cemetery is west of Gold Hill on Highway 99 in Jackson County. There are a little under 1,000 interments dating back to the 1840s.

There is a hooded figure here that is seen strolling through the cemetery carrying a lantern. He only disappears if living people get too close to him. Strange lights are seen and mysterious noises are heard. A green fog has also been seen on occasion.

Another peculiar phenomena is the appearance that some of the crypts are on fire. If anyone goes to investigate, the flames mysteriously vanish.

Haunted Cemeteries of Oregon


Dibble Larkins Austin Jackson on November 02, 2018:

I have an old Photo taken before 2009 of the Larkins Cemetery you might be interested in seeing.

There is an object in the background that wasn't seen with the naked eye.

It looks to be a gold object in back of the Dibble Stones. What a phenomenon. Patricia Niday care taker pannniday1@hotmail.com

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