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Haunted Cemeteries in Indiana Part Two


Carpenter Cemetery

Carpenter Cemetery is also known as 100 Steps Cemetery. Located in Cloverland in Clay County, it has roughly 300 interments dating back to the early 1820s.

The legend here has to do with the 100 Steps. On the grassy side of the graveyard there are a set of rock stairs going up the hill. Walk up the stairs at midnight, counting them as you go. When you reach the top, turn toward the open field. The ghost of the first undertaker of the cemetery will appear.

As soon as you see the undertaker you will have a vision. You will see how you are going to die. When the vision ends, turn and go back down the steps, counting as you go. If you don’t get the same number going down as you did coming up then your vision will come true. If you get the same number, then the vision was wrong.

If you try to cheat and don’t take the stairs down at all, then an invisible hand will push you just before you reach the bottom leaving a red imprint that will last for days.


Highland Lawn Cemetery

Highland Lawn Cemetery is a large cemetery established in 1884 in Terre Haute. It has over 16,000 interments on 139 acres. The Vigo County cemetery was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990. The oldest marked grave is from 1820.

One story here is about Stiffy Green in the early 1900s. Stiffy Green was a little dog that belonged to John Heinl. He was so named because he had a stiff-legged walk and piercing green eyes. The man and the little dog were always together.

In 1920, Mr. Heinl died and Stiffy Green was heartbroken. He wouldn’t leave his master’s side and stayed outside the mausoleum where his best friend lay. A friend took in the dog, but he kept running away and going back to the cemetery. The man started leaving the dog food and water at the mausoleum, but he wouldn’t eat or drink and he passed away. The friend had Stiffy Green stuffed and placed in the mausoleum with his master.

Many people have heard Stiffy Green barking at night and a few have even seen Mr. Heinl and his beloved dog out for a stroll late at night.

Photo Credit: Joey Asbury

Photo Credit: Joey Asbury

Bethel Cemetery

Bethel Cemetery is in the town of Hymera in Sullivan County. There are around 700 interments, the oldest marked grave belongs to William T. Mahan who died in 1831.

The legend here is about the grave of Private Nathan Hinkle. He was a Revolutionary War soldier who enlisted in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and served two years and nine months. He fought at the battles of Long Island Brandywine and Paoli. He died at the age of 89 on Christmas Day in 1848.

The story says if you go to his grave and say “Nathan Hinkle, Nathan Hinkle, Nathan Hinkle,” he will answer you.

Stepp Cemetery

Stepp Cemetery is located in Bloomington in Monroe County. The oldest marked grave is that of James R. Stepp in 1850. There are roughly 100 known interments. The cemetery is literally in the middle of nowhere. To reach it you have to leave Forest Road and travel on foot on a path that leads to it. It is in the Morgan-Monroe State Park, south of the Mason Ridge Camping Area.

There are several ghosts here. One is a woman whose baby died. She can be seen sitting on a tree stump shaped like a chair beside the grave. Sometimes you can hear her humming to the baby.

There is another ghost named Anna. She wears a black gown and is said to be mourning the death of her teenage daughter and husband in an accident.

Photo Credit: Terry Kinman

Photo Credit: Terry Kinman

Blackfoot Cemetery

Blackfoot Cemetery is located in Coe in Pike County. There was a church at one time, but it is long gone. The cemetery got its name in the late 1700s or early 1800s when a wagon train headed west stopped to camp there. A woman in the group died while they were there and they didn’t know where to bury her. The local Blackfoot Indians showed them where to bury her on top of a nearby hill. There are fewer than 1,000 interments.

Visitors to this cemetery report that strange lights and orbs are quite common. There are a lot of unidentifiable noises.

There is one grave that is set apart from the rest. The story is that it is the grave of a witch, though witches were generally not buried in consecrated ground.

Bonds Chapel

Bonds Chapel Cemetery is in the town of Bond in Orange County. It has over 400 interments dating back to at least 1849.

There is a tombstone here with a chain engraved on it. The legend is that the chain grows or changes length. I found seven different stories explaining why. Here are three of them.

One is that it belongs to a woman who was strangled to death by her husband and every year on the anniversary of her death another link grows. If you touch it, you will die.

Another one is that a 21-year-old boy was strangled to death with a chain. At night you can see links forming on the tombstone in the shape of a cross, 13 links up and down and 7 from left to right. The cross is completed at midnight and then disappears by the morning.

Floyd Pruitt haunts this cemetery and his tombstone has a chain engraved on it. He caught his wife cheating on him and he choked her to death with a chain. The number of links in the chain varies from day to day. If you touch it when there are 9 or 11 links you will die. If you touch it when there are 13 or 15 links you’ll just go insane.

Photo Credit: Seth Musselman

Photo Credit: Seth Musselman

Mount Zion Cemetery

Mount Zion Cemetery is located on Blue Lick Road just west of Henryville in Clark County. The church was built about 1838 and the oldest marked grave was in 1832. There are over 800 interments.

There is a ghost here called The Green Lady. In the early 1900s a woman was killed in a horrible car accident on Blue Lick Road beside the cemetery. She was buried there and is said to wander here, but instead of the typical white or grayish color, she glows green.

If you park in the cemetery at night she will jump on your car. Maybe she’s looking for a ride? She leaves behind a green goo on your car that won’t go away until it is washed off.

Bridgewater Cemetery

Bridgewater Cemetery is also known as Owens Cemetery. It is a small cemetery at the end of County Road 400 S in Scottsburg in Scott County. There are 106 interments, the oldest is that of Samuel Bridgewater in 1827. The most recent was in 1961.

This cemetery is in an isolated location on top of a hill surrounded by fields of grass. Between midnight and daybreak there is a glowing tombstone said to belong to the ghost of a man who guards the front gate.

There is also said to be an entity called Red Eyes that can be seen at the back of the cemetery with glowing red eyes.

Visitors have been driven out of the cemetery by a white horse. Sometimes cars won’t start and handprints appear on the cars.

Photo Credit: Sharon Kay Dean

Photo Credit: Sharon Kay Dean

Hanover Cemetery

Hanover Cemetery is located on Lowery Lane in Hanover in Jefferson County. There are over 800 interments here.

Benjamin H. Bennet was a student at Hanover College and drowned in the Ohio River in 1829. His body was never found. His family and friends erected a marker to him which reads, “The students of Hanover College have erected this stone in the memory of their friend and associate, BENJAMIN H. BENNET who was accidentally drowned in the Ohio River near this place.”

Many people have claimed to become nauseous, cold and disoriented when standing in the vicinity of the marker.

Photo Credit: Jerry Smallwood Peterson

Photo Credit: Jerry Smallwood Peterson

Greendale Cemetery

Greendale Cemetery is located on Nowlin Avenue in Dearborn County. There are well over 15,000 interments here dating back to the late 1700s. There are two congressmen and two Union Civil War generals buried here.

There are apparitions here that appear to be either white or gray in color. There are feelings of being watched and cold breezes on hot days. These feelings seem to happen more intensely and more frequently at the Tebbs family plot. There are five people buried there.

Haunted Cemeteries in Indiana

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