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Haunted Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, There Are Plenty Of Ghosts Here.

The Ghost Cat Of The Hatteras Lighthouse

A large black and white cat is often seen in and around the Hatteras Lighthouse. It moves close to people and even rubs up against them but it quickly vanishes if you try to pick it up. The cat has been reported for at least the last 100 plus years and it moved with the lighthouse when it was moved from the old location to the new location.

No one knows when the cat first started appearing but it is assumed by most people that the cat probably once belonged to a lighthouse keeper or to a lighthouse keepers family. The cat is a large cat that looks like it weighs 25 - 28 pounds and some people say it's a male cat. I've never seen it but I've talked to people who claim they have.

Some people thought the cat would stop appearing when the lighthouse was moved but it didn't. Its still appearing both inside and outside the lighthouse and a lot of people meet the cat with out even realizing that the cat is a ghost. I hope to see the ghost cat of the Hatteras Lighthouse someday and I hope if your ever at the Hatteras Lighthouse that you will watch for the ghost cat.

Other ghosts are seen in and around the Hatteras Lighthouse. One is Bob who is said to be an old man wearing a yellow raincoat. He has been seen either in the lighthouse or out on the beach just down from the lighthouse for many years. I don't know if his name is Bob or if he had anything to do with the lighthouse but he has been seen there for many years.

Lighthouses are full of history and quite often filled with strange stories and often stories of despair. The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is on the northern end of Hatteras Island on the North Carolina Outer Banks and you will can quite easily miss the turn off to the lighthouse on the drive to the village of Hatteras.

One of the strangest stories ever concerning the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is the story of the Sailing Ship , " The Carroll A Deering ". On a mid winter morning in 1921 the coast guard men stationed at the lighthouse woke up to a strange sight. The Sailing Ship was stuck just off shore on Diamond Shoals and all her sails were up. It really would have been quite a sight.

When the Coast Guard boarded the ship later that morning they found that the ship had been abandoned and other than a few half starved cats not a living soul was aboard the ship. A meal had just been cooked and served on a table on the ship but no sign was ever found of what happened to the people on the ship. The ships life boats were missing but they were never found.

Several government agencies eventually investigated the Carroll A Deering mystery but no sign was ever found of the people that were supposed to be on the ship. Why did they simply get into the life boats and leave the ship and why did they not lower the ships sails before leaving the ship. What happened to cause them to leave a perfectly good ship.

The ship eventually broke up and washed ashore. But the life boats were never found. Some people over the years especially at the edge of dark or daylight have heard screams coming from just off shore there on the beach just down from the lighthouse. When people try to discover who ever is making the screams no one is ever found.

And all up and down the outer banks of North Carolina you will be told stories of ghosts and paranormal activity. Many people on the outer banks lost their lives in accidents and many of the spirits of these people hang around because they feel they have something left to do here on earth or they may not even realize they are dead.

Do you know a ghost story from the outer banks of North Carolina. Why not tell us about it below in the comment section.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Video

Great Video Of The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Another Great Video Of The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

The Ghost Of Blackbeard

The ghost of Blackbeard has been spotted often down through the years on Hatteras Island standing on the beach on the eastern shore, standing and staring out to sea like he is looking for something or someone. Not far from here just off Ocracoke Island is where Blackbeard was killed and beheaded. Maybe just maybe Blackbeard hid some of his rumored treasure on Hatteras Island.

Did you know that when Blackbeard was killed and beheaded his body was thrown off the ship into the ocean. Legend says that his body swam around the ship three times before it sank below the waves. A lot of people think that the ghost of Blackbeard walks the beaches of Ocracoke Island and Hatteras Island looking for his head.

Ghosts Of The Drowned Are Said To Wander The Hatteras Island Beaches

Over the many years since people have been living on Hatteras Island bodies of people who have drowned at sea have been washing up on Hatteras Island. For many years when a person was found washed up on the beach they were taken up further on the beach and buried. It is said that there are many unmarked graves along the beaches of Hatteras Island.

Burning Ghost Ship Off The Eastern Shore Of Hatteras Island

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Over the last 150 years or so people have been seeing a large sailing ship in flames burning off the eastern beach of Hatteras Island about a hundred yards off the beach in the water. Some people have claimed to see a man run along the deck of the burning ship and dive into the ocean.

So far no one knows what ship it is that is seen burning in the ocean off the eastern shore of Hatteras Island.

Ghosts Of The Sand

It is interesting to note that when a sand covered grave is uncovered by the sand which is moving all the time a ghost will start appearing crossing the road just after you go onto Hatteras Island. Just down the beach there is a graveyard where a dozen or more people are buried.

When the skeletons are covered up again the ghost stops appearing. The ghost most often seen is a young woman of 20 - 25 wearing a gray dress. She is often seen crossing the road just up from the old cemetery. No one knows who she is but she doesn't like it when her skeleton is uncovered. As soon as it is covered again she stops appearing.

The Infamous Gray Man Is Often Seen On Hatteras Island

The Gray Man On Hatteras Island At The Lighthouse

The infamous Gray Man has been spotted quite often on Hatteras Island and in the area of the lighthouse before a hurricane has hit the island. Most people agree that the Gray Man was a sailor who drowned and he appears to warn people of bad weather coming. Some people have claimed he has walked up to them and told them to leave the island that a bad storm is coming and he vanishes.

Strange Off Color Brown Pelican

Other people over the years have claimed to see a off color strange brown pelican before a bad storm comes. The brown pelican appears to follow them and some people who have tried to take a photo of it say that it vanishes almost at once before you can get a photo of it.

Ghost Of A Spanish Lady Dressed In Black

Other people over the years claim to see a lady in dark clothing walking near the lighthouse or on the beach and that she will vanish almost at once if you get close to her. Many people have claimed she is a Spanish lady wearing a black dress and a black cloak. Some people have even claimed to see water dripping from her. Some have even reported a horrible smell of decay. Who is she no one knows but many people over the years have told of seeing her.

Shadow People Are Seen Often On Hatteras Island

People in the Hatteras Lighthouse have also over the years claimed to see shadow people. Some claim that as they are climbing the steps to the top of the lighthouse that a shadow with a distinct human shape will dart down the stairs beside them. Shadow people have also been seen quite often near the old location of the lighthouse before it was moved. It is well known that in the area of the old lighthouse location there are many un marked graves. Many of the people buried in these graves are people who have washed ashore over the years. And many of the identities of these persons are not known. They lay there buried in un marked graves and in most cases their families and friends never knew what happened to them.


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Have you ever been to the Hatteras Lighthouse? Do you know a ghost story about the Hatteras Lighthouse? Feel free to post it now.

Stacy H on July 08, 2018:

In the 70s I was a girl of 15 or 16 a young, thin, but cute man was in his ankles in water and kept falling in! Being a citizen, I called out to him, and he was so excited. He offered me ojay, but at least I avoided that. I think we had a conversation for an hour. One topic was about having lost a finger and it was always yours. He was sweet and I never felt in danger. He was real, had a blanket, but near the end I looked at him. He had a yellow aura. I looked around him, and told him. he was so excited. I saw nothing out to sea to explain the aura. I soon wanted to leave, and he asked for a kiss. I gave him one. He looked like Mick Jagger. I went back the next night and he wasn't there.

Sharon B. on October 01, 2015:

I have visited the Outerbanks many times as a child. I recall the sounds of the surf at night, when we would climb up on the sand dunes and look at the lights of Nags Head. It was the best part of my childhood. I remember one day I was swimming when the undertow took a man of 37 under and his 12 year old son was with him. The young boy held his father up out of the water till men could get to them. They got him to shore and tried to revive him but he did not make it. His wife ran down from the cottage and was in shock. Later, the lady who rented the cabins, related to me that the wife had told her that before they went on the trip she had dreamed her husband drown. I can still see the whole thing in my head even though it happened in 1963.

JCombs on September 28, 2015:

My friend and her family is on vacation there now with her family. And they are experiencing shadows and weired activity on there baby monitors. This whole town is definitely haunted!!

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on March 16, 2014:

Thanks for all the comments. I just added more stories and updated the Hub Page. I hope everyone enjoys the new ghost stories.

alex on May 17, 2012:

the ghost stories are scary

fang on January 09, 2012:

going there for my birthday this year!!!! I have heard many ghost stories about the village of Hatress

taylorkiwi on February 20, 2011:

awesome i love ghost stories

Rory on February 10, 2011:

Awesome story.I had never heard it before,I've been up in the lighthouse a few times. The June 1995 video you linked is actually mine from my first family vacation and I hoped you all enjoyed it and I am honored you linked it.


Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on October 31, 2010:

Thanks for all the great comments. I really believe most of the outer banks of North Carolina are haunted.

sabrebIade from Pennsylvania on March 19, 2010:

ohhh...I need to link to these from my Paranormal NC Hub!

Very cool!

gusripper on March 08, 2010:

Who know's ,maybe some strong spirit have lived there.

Paradise7 from Upstate New York on March 04, 2010:

Cool hub, thank you! I LOVE ghost stories!

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