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Haunted America: The Specter on 13 Curves Road

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For one pair of newlyweds, their first day together would also be their last.

For one pair of newlyweds, their first day together would also be their last.

A Wedding Day Tragedy

Just outside of Syracuse, New York lies a crooked road that has been the site of countless automobile accidents over the years. The route is known not only for its thirteen dangerously sharp curves, but also for its resident ghost: a bride who stubbornly refuses to give up on her happily ever after.

Although the exact date has been lost with the passage of time, it is believed that the following events took place in the 1960s. According to local lore, a young couple who had wed earlier in the day, set out in search of a place to spend the night. As fate would have it, they wound up on Cedarvale Road, thus sealing their fate.

As they sped along without a care in the world, the groom lost control of the car, causing it to leave the pavement and careen into a nearby pond. The ill-fated lovers were later pronounced dead at the scene. That was not, however, the end of the story.

A phantom bride is rumored to haunt the area where she drew her last breath.

A phantom bride is rumored to haunt the area where she drew her last breath.

The Ghost Bride

In the aftermath of the deadly crash, a lone specter is said to have laid claim to the area surrounding Cedarvale Road. In the decades that followed, sightings of a ghostly figure that emerges from the shadows in the dead of night, attired head to toe in a lacy white wedding gown, continue to make the rounds.

The ethereal vision has been known to walk along the side of the road, her attention focused on finding something, or someone, that has been forever misplaced. When oncoming headlights catch the presence off guard, her eyes are said to turn a fiery red as she fixes her gaze upon those who dare to impede her progress.

Some who have seen the bride firsthand theorize that she is searching for her husband. Since his spirit has never been witnessed in the area, it is believed that he transitioned into the afterlife at the time of the accident, something that his bride is either unable or unwilling to do. As a result, she is doomed to spend eternity looking for someone who no longer exists on this plane.

At times, she has been spotted standing completely still at the side of the road watching cars as they pass by. As she observes them making their way to whatever destination lay ahead, perhaps she is reminded that, for her, the journey never ends.

She is occasionally seen carrying a lantern in her hand as she searches the nearby woodlands. How she managed to procure such an item has never been definitively determined. One commonly held belief is that the light witnesses claim to see does not emanate from a lantern or torch, but from the specter's glowing eyes.

Although she is normally docile and more or less oblivious to those around her, the bride has been known to turn aggressive at times. More than one person has accused her of deliberately trying to run them off the road. As she watches the stunned driver's attempts to gain control of their vehicle, it has been said that the smug expression on her face is one of utmost satisfaction.

The most terrifying encounters by far are those in which the spectral presence has shown up inside the vehicles of unsuspecting travelers. Those who have experienced the unsettling phenomena recall that as they were driving along, they suddenly became aware that they had been joined by an unwelcome passenger.

The motorists later claim that there had been no sign of hitchhikers, or anyone else, on the roadway prior to the manifestation. All they know is that, somehow, a female presence that was something other than human had materialized in their backseat, seemingly from out of thin air.

It has been reported that while in the company of the living, the mischievous spirit never makes a sound or attempts to interact in any way. She simply rides along for a minute or two before vanishing into the night.

While no one knows for certain why the ghost bride pulls this bizarre stunt, some believe that her intention is to deter those passing through from ever returning to Cedarvale Road. If this is indeed the case, her efforts are almost always successful.

A site that is similar to New York State's infamous 13 Curves Road.

A site that is similar to New York State's infamous 13 Curves Road.

A Legend is Born

Once news of the happenings on Cedarvale Road reached the public, curiosity seekers began making regular pilgrimages to the area in hopes of encountering the lost soul that is believed to be bound to its dark borders. Unfortunately, they soon learned that her appearances are as unpredictable as the weather.

Sporadic though they may be, the majority of reported sightings have occurred on or near Halloween. Even so, paranormal enthusiasts who have spent years researching the goings-on associated with the infamous ghost learned long ago that she cannot be pinned down to any specific time frame. According to them, she shows up whenever the notion strikes her, regardless of the season.

For whatever reason, she will occasionally appear for several nights in a row as if on cue. This flurry of activity is then followed by an extended absence that can last for several weeks or even months. Where she goes during these respites, and what compels her to return time and again, is not known. While it may simply be a coincidence, there are those who contend that she resurfaces when interest in her antics begins to wane.

Although it is not advised, if you ever find yourself in Onondaga, New York after sundown and decide to try your luck on Cedarvale Road, do so at your own risk. The perilous route has been nicknamed "13 Curves Road" for a reason. The winding turns that lead one into the next for a solid mile are upon you before you know it. Even seasoned drivers who are not easily rattled are said to white-knuckle it the entire way.

If the idea of taking on the heart-stopping roadway is right up your alley, know that the ghostly apparition is most often seen in the vicinity of the sixth curve. Before you begin, keep in mind that not everyone who makes the journey emerges unscathed. Just ask the specter of 13 Curves Road.






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