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Handsome Men from Past Centuries

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Vision of ancient handsome men

On a computer screen I watch videos of animated and non-animated photos of gorgeous men who lived a long time ago.
Watching the ancient men parade, we can only sigh at the sight of them. We are so physically vulnerable, the physical is temporary. But spirituality is forever, our essence has been, is and will be forever with God, our beloved heavenly father. And true beauty is internal.

Within the human being there is a large number of feelings and emotions, values ​​and customs. The beauty lies in following all the guidelines of the holy book: The Bible. God has secrets that he reveals to us in this life or in other lives, through his book of wisdom.

The handsome men continue parading, animated their photos come to life for a few seconds. And it seems a lie to us, to think that they are no longer on this planet. But if they are in another place, their thoughts, their spirits still live, on one of the levels of the big city. The great city, beautiful, because our heavenly father built it. Perhaps some of them are back on earth, and others are not yet.

It is the destiny of every human being; walk through eternal life, if we are with our heavenly father and believe in him in all aspects.

The handsome men continue to parade and cast their glances at the crowd, telling us so many things in the passing gleam of seconds. Behind the curtain of time, they return to their secret spaces, only to return and be remembered through the vision captured by the public.


Antique handsome men animation, 1839-1850.

Let's travel back in time and enjoy these moving images of handsome men from two centuries ago. Technology is magical, every day it advances more and surprises us.

The sensations provoked by these images of ancient handsome men are indescribable. It is as if they shamelessly flirted with us, from that dimension of the past, where they resided with all the splendor of their youth.

And they project security, as today all those people who take selfies and self-recordings with their cell phones project.

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Hypnotic images that fall in love stationed in time, let's enter that reality for a few seconds and perceive the remote era of those men and their environment. Let's dress for them with long and glamorous dresses, we are time travelers. Let's go back after walking for a while, arm in arm with our gallant, before returning to our reality.


Antique handsome men animation, 1839-1950

Through these extraordinary animations, we can see facial movements of men from the past that existed, who were very handsome. It is fascinating to contemplate male beauty in all its magnitude. And we think that his descendants may look like them, and very likely there are exact and almost exact replicas of these beautiful ancient men today.

This is how the females who yearn for a masculine specimen like the men in these photographs of the past want to think. And we all think like that, because it's logical. Genetics manifests itself in several generations, we see it in the close case of father and children or grandparents and grandchildren. The physical resemblance is often almost exact.

Let's get carried away by the imagination. Let's enter the past and take the hands of the man we like the most, and get on the carriage of dreams. Let's look into his eyes and listen to his words, his thoughts, let's be his confidante, his best woman friend. We are women dressed in the style of the time of our gallant. We look beautiful before them.

If any of you falls in love, keep in mind that this trip to the past is temporary, you must be aware that this love cannot be prolonged, since it is impossible to stay more than five hours.

The landscape is romantic, the elegant carriage moves with the galloping of the horses.


Male beauty: military, sailors and civilians.

In all times there have been and there are people with virtues and defects, with the physique and their individual personality. They were have defined characteristics that were pleasing to the people around him and even through the images today: physical appearance, energies projected with gestures, gestures and looks.
In these photos, you can see military men, sailors and civilians, some of great notoriety and fame.

Attractive men, who liked many women of his time. But not everything in life is physical, we know that what is internal is more valuable, but in this video we intuit perhaps some other quality or defect in their character or way of being, or perhaps some physical trait that pleases many but not all.

We take a trip back in time through these photographs. And it is fascinating to imagine ourselves at that time, looking into the eyes of these men who flirt with us through the centuries through these photographic projections. We say, this is mine, and maybe yes, maybe that man has already reincarnated, but we don't know if with the same appearance or the same sex.

Life is so variable, and the afterlife. His enigmas are unpredictable, because we don't really know the complexity of time and the life, until we remember the trips, or when we again have that spiritual experience, which we later forget. In short, life does not cease, it is eternal and God our father is always with us and loves us and protects us in the eternity of life.

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