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Suicide Lines and Signs in Palmistry

The descendant of late poet Sufi Tabassum, Nisar Sufi is also on YouTube where he goes by Know Thy Future.

Cheiro's Language of the Hand (1894)

This image taken from Cheiro's 1894 book Language of the Hand shows the hand of a person who committed suicide. In the book, Cheiro does not mention anything about the subject including when this person committed suicide. But I can guess around which age this person took their life.

Handprint of a Suicide

Taken from Cheiro's 1894 book Language of the Hand

Taken from Cheiro's 1894 book Language of the Hand

Analysis Part 1

Firstly, look at the head line (red). It is sloping deeply into the mount of Moon (green). The mount of Moon represents fantasy and imagination, and thus, with a line of head going towards it there is a high chance that the person loses their sense of reality. The mount of Moon (green) is also highly developed which increases the person's imagination. The head line (red) also has an island on it at the age of 25 and afterwards the line goes completely downwards. Thus, the first problem occurred in this person's mid-20s which caused them to be depressed as the head line going downwards is sometimes a representation of depression.

There also two opposition lines (yellow). One of them cuts the head line (red), the other emerges from the head line and proceeds to cut the heart line (grey) and the sun lines (pink). Both of these opposition lines cut the sun lines which means that a scandal occurred in the subject's life which led to a loss of reputation. The numerous sun lines show that the person had difficulty in concentrating on a particular task and this in turn led to confusion in life in regards to the subject's ambition.

The heart line (grey) is extremely deep and long. Not only is it reaching the mount of Jupiter (area under index finger) but is also curving fully upwards. All these indications point to the subject being hypersensitive and a person who is guided by their heart. This type of heart line also means that the subject took many things to heart, and even slight problems could impact the subject dangerously.

Analysis Part 2

There is a symbol of a star (purple) on the mount of Saturn which means that a person has the likelihood of suffering from an uncanny death. For example, death by murder, execution for a crime and death by suicide. However, to counter this indication, look at the mount of Jupiter under the index finger and there is a sign of a square (gold) there. A square, wherever it appears on the palm, is a sign of protection. However, due to the negative indications outnumbering the positive, it did not come as a surprise that the person took their own life in the end.

If you take a look at the attachment line (brown) under the mount of Mercury (area under little finger), it is sloping downwards and is islanded at the end. An attachment line sloping downwards show that a relationship was cut short due to the subject's partner dying all of a sudden. In addition, the island at the end increased the negative effect this had on the subject's health.

From the mount of Moon (green) there is an intuition line (orange) emerging but it is islanded. As the name suggests, an intuition line helps the person achieve a connection with the spiritual side of life, but due to it being islanded here it meant that the subject suffered from a negative type of spirituality, and he or she had most certainly suffered from hallucinations and nightmares.

If you glance at the mount opposite to the mount of Moon (green) you find the mount of Venus (brown). The mount of Venus, when fully developed, shows a love of life and people with such a mount are the least likely to commit suicide. However, this subject's mount of Venus is not developed at all, and thus, the person was not in love with life and so had little reason to cling on to it.

Notice the thumb and the fingers. The will phalange (blue) of the thumb is in excess which shows a person who acts before they think. And hence, the person did not hesitate to take their own life. The fingertips are pointed which show an idealistic person who prefers to live in the clouds rather than face the problems of reality.

Lastly, look at the line of life (blue). It stops before reaching the wrist and ends in an island. An island found on any line or mount is always a bad sign. On the line of life, and that too towards the end, an island suggests a tragic demise such as murder, and in this case, suicide. The approximate age of death I deduced from the life line's conclusion is the early 60s, and thus the person took their own life between the ages of 60 and 65.


In conclusion, death cannot be predicted accurately by any fortune telling system, at least according to my take on the subject. It is said that Cherio predicted his own death years before his demise but this has been hotly contested in the majority of palmistry forums worldwide.

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