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(Psalm 150) Hallelujah Means, "Praise Ye The Lord"

It means, "Praise ye the Lord"

It means, "Praise ye the Lord"

Hallelujah is “The Call to Praise”

Hallelujah is an expression used by Christians, to shout their joy towards God. The most common translation of the word is "to praise". King David captured the essence of praise in all of the Psalms he wrote. Psalm 150 gives us all the imperatives needed, for us to enter into worship, and to praise God. It means Praise ye the Lord in other words, you praise the Lord. It is a personal invocation to each one of us, that spreads corporately.

When we speak the word "Hallelujah" it announces that praise is awakened in us and is ready to be annunciated by us.

When a worship leader announces the "Hallelujah call", spirits rise and are shifted and positioned from natural climates into the spiritual realm, to observe and accomplish this great call. It is astounding that one person can say it, and others are inspired to join in, until words of adoration are formed and flow to praise God.

Life springs forth like living waters washing the words we utter. The words are then purified towards utterance. Searching of the heart for iniquity, is a prerequisite to worshipping God in spirit and in truth.

Hallelujah is the term, we know to mean, Praise ye the Lord. It is an announcement to our spirit, to relay to our soul, to bring our body, under submission to praise the Lord. It is a proclamation that resonates in the spirit realm, and that promotes unswerving worship to God. There is something marvelous that takes place when it is shouted or spoken.

Hallelujah sets the atmospheres, climates and environments up for shifting, and makes them inductive to worship. Praise commands the spiritual climates to shift and the atmosphere to be filled with the glory of God and to make it suitable for worship which leads us into His presence.

Worshipping is what we are doing, praise is how we do it. It is a call to celebrate all that the Creator is. The word is instructional, and is the motivation needed to arise to the call to worship. It is instructional in that it is a term, which teaches us what to do. It is an individual call to each worshiper, and individual involvement is essential for the collective worship to be ongoing.

There is a worshiper within you, that is motivated towards praise by the word Hallelujah being spoken into the atmosphere. There is a song entitled, "Shifting the Atmosphere", wherein the writer of the song declares that our worship is shifting the atmosphere. He had to have experienced something awesome to write such a song. It is sung by Jason Nelson, I am not sure who composed it. The music is anointed and accommodates the song wonderfully.

Our worship and our praises are shifting the atmosphere,

till the heavens are open; this praise is shifting the atmosphere;

for breakthroughs in healing; our worship is shifting the atmosphere;

its moving and its breaking; this worship is shifting the atmosphere,

every yoke is destroyed, every chain is broken,

this worship is shifting the atmosphere.

I've learned a lesson from this song, not to only expect a shifting in the atmosphere, but to expect a shifting to take place within me that is in alignment with the atmosphere being shifted. What absolute good would it do, for the atmosphere to shift and we are standing still. I desire to shift along with the atmosphere, and be positioned under the divine will of God.

Let everyone that breathes "Praise the Lord" whisper it, shout it, and sing it, intentionally purpose to worship Him

Let everyone that breathes "Praise the Lord" whisper it, shout it, and sing it, intentionally purpose to worship Him

Hallelujah sparks worship

The instruction given in Psalm 150, explains the components necessary. It is what sparks worship. it is astounding how praise transcends realms and one voice of praise is collective, as each one of us praises God together. We can't see all that goes on when we are collectively worshipping at the same time. There is always worship coming out of believers every second of the day, and we can join in anytime, because it is spiritual and transcends time.

Praise ye the Lord:

  • Praise God in his sanctuary
  • Praise him in the firmament of his power
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Where are we instructed to praise Him? In His sanctuary; which alludes to any place which is known as His sanctuary, where praise can take place. Praise ye the Lord, sets the precedent, and posture for worship. When the worship leader shouts or sings Hallelujah, what they are doing is telling us, to get in the attitude of praise. To speak only things about or to the Lord. Hallelujah is a call to worship.

I interpret praise ye the Lord in a personal way. Ye means you, we all must take it personally. The term is actually the preparation to praise, and entails setting the right attitude. This attitude should really be set before we cross the portal of the sanctuary, so that we can enter into His courts and right into praise.

We should prepare ourselves to enter His gates with thanksgiving in our hearts, and to enter His courts with praise. Don’t wait until you arrive to Church, set the right attitude prior to your arrival. Hallelujah is a shifting of oneself into alignment, and positioning of oneself into an attitude of praise. Entering praise begins in the heart and spirit first. Repentance before beginning is encouraged as well. Getting rid of anything that will hinder individual and corporate praise should be the desire of the heart. We are not entering praise but for one reason, to worship God with the fruit of our lips or in others words, to speak words of exaltations, adorations and worship.

As King David did, we should declare that our tongues are the pen of a ready writer; and that His praise will continually be in our mouths. While we are in praise we should tell Him how wonderful we believe He is, and how magnificent and marvelous He is. The approach to praise is not to receive, but to give Him praise, or it just may be flattery to receive something, we should praise Him for everything He is, and not always for the things we receive. Praise Him for His mighty acts, praise Him according to His excellent greatness and praise Him for all that He is, and who He is.

  • Praise him accordingly to his excellent greatness

Tell the Lord how great and powerful He is. Lord You are greatness, great and mighty are You Lord. It is not just speaking or singing about Him, but speaking and singing to Him as well, makes it directional, as it is instructional.

Use every instrument to exalt and magnify Him.

  • Praise him with the sound of the trumpet
  • Praise him with the psaltery and harp
  • Praise him with the timbrel and dance
  • Praise him with stringed instruments and organs
  • Praise him upon the loud cymbals
  • Praise him upon the high sounding cymbals

Let everyone that has breath, praise the Lord, He is worthy of all praise.

  • Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord
  • Praise ye the Lord
Praise must begin individually within our own heart

Praise must begin individually within our own heart

Hallelujah the motivator

Praise is personal, and depends on where you are spiritually, because we are all at different levels. I may be praising Him for goodness, you may be led to praise Him for holiness, however when the culmination of praises takes place, only He receives our praises as we endeavor to render it from a pure heart. Hallelujah is what incites within us the words to utter. It is really more of a preparatory term, not a praise, but rather the unction to function in praise.

Hallelujah is the most motivating, inciting, impelling encouraging and inspiring of all words to activate praise, and it sets the ground work necessary, for the cleansing of attitudes which lead to praise. Hallelujah leads the spirit, to lead the soul, to bring the flesh into submission to praise; it is a call to praise. It is a beautiful terminology and leads to beautiful thoughts and words of expression to God as impressed by and through the word Hallelujah.

In the natural, when a compliment is given not to flatter with words, doesn’t it sound nice and kind? Kindness in the spirit towards God in praise, is the highest you can ever render. Hallelujah is a term of endearment which is only applicable to God.

The term in and of itself doesn’t mean you have praised or are praising God by merely speaking or singing it; it means you are being unctioned and are unctioning yourself and others to praise the Lord. Praise you the Lord….Praise ye the Lord. I must instruct myself to do it and when it is uttered others automatically repeat it or speak it also. All in preparation for praising God.

Hallelujah speaks to my spirit to give all glory to God, speak and sing good things to Him, thank Him, love Him, adore Him, tell Him you appreciate His goodness, mercy, grace, salvation, and all the wonderful things you want Him to know from your heart. Ascribe to Him glory. The Hallelujah shout inculcates to go forth and encourage others to praise Him.

When you are by yourself, praise Him within yourself, shout, cry, laugh, sing, and make melody within your heart to the Lord. When in the sanctuary do the same and endeavor not to be a spectator, or a watcher or observer, intentionally be a worshiper, and shout your own Hallelujah to the Lord.

Hallelujah is a prompt for the spirit and soul to come into alignment with the attitude of praise, it sites us and gives us the cue, it unctions us how to function in praising the Lord. It takes the anointing to communicate with Him in praise. Hallelujah is a call to worship. It is likened to a trumpet blast that only our spirit and soul can hear, and knows the value of. It then trickles down to the flesh to bring it under submission, because we need our mouths to speak and sing, we need the breath to praise the Lord.

Hallelujah doesn’t mean you have arrived at or in the place of worshipping, it is not until utterance of words that acclaim glory and adoration are released verbally, and spoken to and about the Lord, then are we praising Him. It is the place of preparation to enter into praise and where we desire to be to make His praise glorious through our singing and our spoken words. Hallelujah means Praise ye the Lord. Get ready, get set with your voice proclaim His majesty and greatness.

Gently and kindly tell Him, Lord I love You with all of my heart, my mind, my strength and my soul, Lord I love You with all of my heart.


mabelhenry (author) from Harrisburlg, Pennsylvania on July 30, 2013:

Yes, "Romeo" Praise ye the Lord!

mabelhenry (author) from Harrisburlg, Pennsylvania on July 30, 2013:

Thank you "Lady Summerset" it is the motive and intent of my heart to motivate and inspire praise of the Creator in the hearts of others. Praise ye the Lord.

Lady Summerset from Willingboro, New Jersey on July 27, 2013:

I like Hallelujah, the motivator! Wonderful hub on Praise!

Romeos Quill from Lincolnshire, England on July 26, 2013:



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