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Guidance From The Gods: Santa Muerte

Nightcat is a practicing witch who loves to write about Wicca and many of the Gods and Goddesses she’s had the pleasure to encounter.

La Santisima Muerte Negra

The black aspect is the one closest to me, so I happily dedicate this page to her in thanks.

The black aspect is the one closest to me, so I happily dedicate this page to her in thanks.

La Santisima Muerte and Worry

Welcome to the third article in my new series. In the first Hub Baron Samedi helped us examine living with less in a Western culture that is obsessed with more. Then Loki was gracious enough to strip away the lies we tell ourselves and set us free. And this time around we seek help from the beautiful and powerful La Santisima Muerte.

Who is she? To many pagans, including myself, she is the Lady of the Dead, the Queen of Mictlan, Mictecacihuatl. A wise and benevolent Goddess, she can teach us valuable lessons, like clearing away that which is no longer useful in our lives and can, in fact, be holding us back. And one of those things is worry.

Why would Death herself care? Because she is a very loving Goddess, and she understands our worries better than we think. We all have our own death, our own personal Santa Muerte, which is why all can turn to her for comfort. Twenty four seven, seven days a week. She was with us from the moment of our conception, watched over us in the womb, and walks with us always.

She can take us at any time, and that’s not a bad thing. We all must continue our juorney, and are only here for a part of it. For those of us who work with her, the idea of a loving figure who will carry us over is a comforting one. And as her presence reminds us, knowing we can cross over at any time makes life richer, not less.

Knowing she will one day take us is not a reason to be sad, but simply to remember to enjoy the precious gift that life is. And when you start living every day fully, you actually let go of fear and worry and enjoy life more. So come along and meet the Beautiful Lady.

Please note: I am not affiliated with any church or cult of La Santisima Muerte. As always, all writing and photography are my original work. If borrowing for Internet use a link back and credit where credit is due are appreciated, thank you.

Santa Muerte's Love

She can push us to be better people, but she is an extremely loving Goddess.

She can push us to be better people, but she is an extremely loving Goddess.

Santa Muerte And Letting Go of Worry

Worried? Is it getting out of hand to the point where you are tense and miserable on a daily basis? Worn a hole in your worry stone or busted your stress ball? Working with Santa Muerte can help ease your worries as her comforting presence can remind us that no matter how tough things get, where there is life, there is hope.

If you like for this meditation you can play soft music in the background and lay back and relax. Breathe deeply and evenly, feeling your body relax deeper and deeper into the surface beneath you. As you relax, imagine a beautiful garden. You are going to meet the lady in this beautiful garden on a sunny day, just the sort of day that’s perfect for meeting a good friend.

As you walk through her fragrant garden you start to relax. The bright sun is pleasantly warm and the beautiful flowers make you happy, as you wander among them. You hear a beautiful voice singing, calling to you and follow it to find the beautiful lady, La Santa Muerte waiting for you.

She is wearing a robe in a color you like her in, but you know no matter what color the robe is, she is still Santa Muerte. “Hello, my little one.” She says in a soothing voice. “Why are you so worried, on such a beautiful day?”

“I have so many problems, and I don’t know what to do, it seems hopeless!” You say, and she pats the seat beside her.

“Come, tell me all that is worrying you, tell me everything. I am your La Santa and I am always with you. I love you very much, my little one, so please tell me.”

And so you tell her about all your worries, taking all the time you need. She listens attentively, not judging you. Perhaps she offers guidance, or just listens, but even having someone listen helps. As you finish she looks at you lovingly. “I’m happy you brought these worries to me. You can leave them with me, you know, I’ll take care of them for you and you won’t have to worry over them.”

If you are worried that you have to worry or something bad will happen, she smiles at you gently. “My little one, what good does worrying do? Does it ever really change things? No, it gets you upset. It does no good. Sometimes it is good to be careful about things, to prepare if we can, but if we can’t do anything other than worry, we must stop worrying. I might pick you up at any moment little one, so enjoy life, embrace it!” She encourages.

You talk some more, for as long as it takes for you to leave her garden in a relaxed state. And as you rise she takes you into her sheltering embrace then pulls back to smile at you. “You are always here, little one, in my heart. And I will be with you. Always.”

La Santisima Muerte/ Most Holy Death

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Who Is Santa Muerte?

Depending on who you ask she is either a folk saint, meaning a saint of the people the Church will not recognize, a Goddess, or perhaps something else. Simply put, she is Death. But not in the frightening Western sense. In Aztec culture and modern Mexican culture death is simply a part of life. It is a step forward to the next part of our journey, not an ending, but a beginning. Now those left behind are sad, but we can be happy too because we will one day continue our journey and find those we have missed for so long.

As Mictecacihuatl, Santa Muerte rules over the land of the dead, and she is a loving ruler along with her husband and consort, Mictlantecuhtli. It is from this spouse that many of her associations come, such as owls, bats, the Aztec statues and the like. This does not mean she didn’t have these associations originally, simply that more recorded details of Mictlantecuhtli exist.

Overall, Santa Muerte watches over the dead, loving them as her children, and the living too are her children. For according to the old stories we humans were created from the bones she lovingly guarded. And the only way we could be created was if we were promised to return to her some day. So La Santa is our beginning and our end, a loving Mother, aunty, granny, sister or friend who walks with us daily and carries us over in the end.

To work with her Goddess aspect, many pagans use her three oldest colors, white, red and black, but I’ve found her to be a gentle and understanding Goddess who accepts any color those who love her enjoy.

Thanking Santa Muerte

Give thanks after she has helped you in a way you feel drawn to. Here I lit copal, a candle and offered two coffees.

Give thanks after she has helped you in a way you feel drawn to. Here I lit copal, a candle and offered two coffees.

Clearing Out Things Holding Us Back

Along with worry, sometimes we have actual things holding us back. Have you ever entered a room and just felt uneasy? Or maybe you feel uptight in certain areas of your home or stressed? Often there’s a very practical reason. There is something in the room upsetting you. Maybe the object holds bad memories, maybe it has stayed long after it’s usefulness and has now become a hindrance, but it’s something. And while you can’t throw out things like bills you owe and forget them, you can do a practical cleanising on your house with her help.

Asking La Santa to guide you, work on one small area at a time, seeking out any causes of distress. Are you holding onto something to hold onto the past, but only feel worse when you look at it? Let it go. We can never return to the past, but we can look forward to the future while living in the present. You can put any item that simply drains you to look at in a box for now if you aren’t ready to let go completely, but if you let go bit by bit when you have time and consistently, and you will find that she will lead you to a lighter, brighter home.

A good indication you need to do this is if when you enter a room you ignore everything. Your home should be a place that pleases you, no matter how humble or worn your surroundings, it should still make you happy.

Now for things you can’t change and wish you could? Ask Santa Muerte to help you see them in a new light. She may not replace your worn things with new ones, but she can help you appreciate them, no matter how humble they are.

La Santa Muerte's Red Aspect

Between the poles of her black and white aspects, many find her red aspect to be helpful with emotional stability and a balanced home life.

Between the poles of her black and white aspects, many find her red aspect to be helpful with emotional stability and a balanced home life.

The Red Aspect And Worry

The red aspect is the one I like to use for emotional stability and healing. She rules over the home in this aspect, family and emotional well being. She may not be the fastest in this aspect, but she is wonderful for giving you the support you need.

You can of course work with any aspect. The black adopted me and often she is the one that shows up, she’s strong minded and will show up how she chooses. The black aspect is also wonderful for healing, though she tends to be more reserved she is no less loving. Black is her work boots and sleeves rolled up aspect if that makes sense.

White is her sweetest aspect in my experience, and her oldest. She seems to be the one who will happily reach out through other colors to draw you closer. Very sweet, youthful innocent and happy.

Santisima Muerte/ Red Aspect

How Santa Muerte Can Ease Worry

Spending time with her on a daily basis can help with persistent worry. Remember that she is with you, always. Even when you don’t feel her, she is there.

Talk to her! You can speak out loud or in your heart, but speak to her. You really can’t ask her too often. If you deal with anxiety or other problems she understands and will help you through it.

Visualize her holding you, hugging you, holding your hand and walking you through it. La Santa can help us cross over from our worries one step at a time, even if she has to carry us.

Lighting a candle, or visualizing lighting one. Offer the candle as a gift and ask her to ease your worries.

Realize that no matter the problem, either it will happen or won’t. That’s it. Some problems do come to us, but just as many pass on by. If the only thing you can do right now is worry, center yourself, breathe deeply and just let go.

She Holds The World

Everything ends up with Death eventually, so know that she hold the world, and you in her hands.

Everything ends up with Death eventually, so know that she hold the world, and you in her hands.

How Do You Know It Is Santa Muerte?

Everyone has their own ways of experiencing her, and yes, she can come on a little strong, but here is what works for me.

She is a comforting presence. Even at her most serious, she should comfort you. A good sign you are working with La Santa is that she will calm and soothe you with her presence. I find a black or white candle works well for this. Black smashes negativity and makes things tranquil where as white is soothing and uplifting.

She guides you into a better life. It might not be easy, but she will get you there. You know it is La Santa if you start to live a better life. Now that does not mean instant riches or fame, but you will be happier and start the inner work you need to heal.

She give signs. Goodness! She will give you many signs. You might not see them at first, but she will. Music, an animal, a candle, card readings, a TV ad, anything and everything. You might smell the aroma of roses, tobacco, perfume, the earth. You might hear her voice or feel her touch. Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen at first, it will as your relationship grows.

She is fierce! Yes, she can be silly and happy even dancing in some aspects, but the intant you are in trouble she is a warrioress! She will protect those she loves, and she loves her work. I didn’t say send her after people, but she will protect those she loves.

You just know she is there. It’s OK to just know and never get any signs. Her being quiet is not a sign of anger. Sometimes she is happy to just be nearby, so just know she is there.

Do you work with Santa Muerte?

La Santa Muerte

A Final Look

Yes, she can be very serious, but she does have a fun side, and when she roars into town everyone will know it!

Yes, she can be very serious, but she does have a fun side, and when she roars into town everyone will know it!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Comments or Questions?

Nightcat (author) on January 25, 2017:

You can ask her for a sign, but she is usually pretty forceful, in a good way. She's pretty proud f being La Santa and will let you know it is her if you ask.

Anna on December 02, 2016:

How do you know she's with you I get bet up by my husband every other week I'm tired but he prays her to weaVe a small baby

ThatOneCrazyWitch on June 22, 2016:

I'm not sure where to begin on all the things I want to say about your articles. I feel like there aren't proper words for the amount of love and care that's been put into them, not to mention the gold mine of information you provide for all those in search of answers. I thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of myself and all those readers out there for taking the time to create these gems. You've concisely answered so many questions and have put to rest so many misconceptions about this lovely Lady. I've read many of your articles and I couldn't sit in silence any more. I created my own profile here so that I could finally give you a shout out. Thank you for writing so much about this sweet Lady as well as the Baron and Papa Legba. I have many more of your articles to read and I'm looking quite forward to the journey. I'm very curious about one thing concerning this Lady and I would so love your opinion on it, if you don't mind:

I am a cartomancer through and through. I work with Lenormand cards to playing cards to Tarot decks, the Tarot being my favorite of all. I was wondering which robe colored Santa Muerte would be able to aid me in my readings? (For things such as protection but also in helping with such things as accuracy and/or grounding)

Thank you so much again for all that you've done for us witches, pagans, etc. You've helped so many of us from all walks of life. I'm sorry if anything I say is overzealous but I speak the truth. Thank you for being the teacher that I know myself, and at least some others out there like me, never had.

Wishing you well and endless Blessings,

A Fan :)

Nightcat (author) on April 28, 2016:

Hello, Donna! As long as you do what you can legally, your fiancée working with her will help, now it can take a longer time in some cases, but that doesn't mean she isn't working hard. So, yes, it will all turn out OK, he just has to have faith. You don't have to believe and work with her, just support him in his faith. To help him out, if he needs certain things for her, or asks you to do something for her, that will really help, and she won't mind you not having faith. She can point you in the right direction for legal help if he has not already asked and received an answer. And, of course, you can help by trying to keep thing moving legally for him, though I know that's very hard in some cases. Thanks for commenting with such a wonderful question.

Donna Lopez on April 27, 2016:

No I do not work with her was checking up because I've heard so many things about her my fiance is in prison and is praying to her right now I wanted to know more about her I've heard bad things and good she seems to be a lovιng goddess I'm hoping that she does help my fiance I know he has a great deal of faith in her so I know pretty much the outcome will will turn out okay so I thought I'd leave a comment and maybe info I could get more advice on more to do to help him out while he's in there thank you

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