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Sacred to Secret to Awakening

From Sacred to Secret to Awakening


The Journey Begins

If you are reading this, chances are you have been brought to read it by a desire to be released of things that hold you back. This article full circles, in a general way, the evolving consciousness of mankind. And will shed some light (knowledge) on some aspects of this evolution, or the ongoing expansion, of consciousness. If you are willing and open, it will set you free in a way that is unfathomable to explain, but it can be experienced. We'll begin the journey on this full circle journey with the Sacred.

Clarity Part 1

Clarity Part 2

Part One - The Sacred

The creation of humans within the whole cosmos in this 3D world is an event in progress. Mankind has been on the planet for longer than we know, and we have progressed in a beautiful way. Source, God, or what ever name you wish to give to this unknown power, is a Great Architect, and the unfolding plan of creation continues to expand right up to this moment... and beyond. Creation itself, is an eternal event in motion. Unfathomable to the human mind... for it has no beginning nor will there be an end.

From Ancient Ruins around the world many mysteries of mankind's journey can be found. From the grand buildings like the Pyramids, found in many places all over the world, down to the cave drawings found from various aboriginal tribes on many continents. The same stories seem to be told, and the same principles are displayed. They are displayed in drawings, stone carvings, and in some cases ancient text written on scrolls or tablets. Even the precise angles of the pyramids themselves tell a story.

The “Flower of Life,” “Stone Henge,” and even the “Stone Wheels” of Native America's people, bring us evidence that Source “Geometricized” all things into being. From the Mystery schools of Egypt, to the Shamanistic practices of Native Aboriginal Tribes on all continents, we find geometric symbols that have been used to either explain, or waken, the doorway to greater knowing. Even crop circles tell a similar, if not the same, story.

This knowledge was considered “Sacred” and only the true seeker was given access to study and practice what this knowledge was all about. Medicine men, Shamans, Mystics and all other known or unknown spiritual leaders, could access what seemed to be a higher knowledge, but only a proven seeker would be trained or allowed access. The student, had to be sincere and with a pure heart.

This practice lead the general population to believe it was Secret knowledge. Only a true seeker would intuitively know that it was not secret, but was sacred. Sacred of course, has a deeper meaning that is filled with love. Sacred “IS LOVE.” Over time, the fact that is was Sacred, not Secret, was somehow lost, or was purposely kept from the general (unawakened) population. I'll explain this further as we move along.

For a good introduction to Sacred geometry, watch the two videos, Clarity part 1 and part 2.
Science is now confirming what the Mystics have taught for centuries.... the mind functions in multiple dimensions. See Here.

Fear vs Love


Part Two - How “Fear” Created the Secret

At first, the sacred knowledge was kept from everyone who did not prove themselves to be a sincere student. Anyone sincere would be taught and guided to the understanding of these sacred powers. But since the knowledge could awakened powers that are found in every single human being who ever lived, or is living now, the rulers or the upper class had to do something. Being aware of the fact the power is available to all, and being that they wanted to maintain their superiority of position, they counseled with the priests, medicine men and the gurus who had the knowledge themselves, and then made it illegal for all others to learn. So out of fear of losing their egos exulted position, rulers began the journey to keep this knowledge secret. After all, how could they continue to rule, if everyone had this knowledge?

Within the developing Christian Church in that time period, the greatest change to written text and teachings made was by hiding the truth of reincarnation. As far as I know, Christianity is the only religion that does not believe in reincarnation, yet within the bible, the message is hidden in one passage that I know of. Namely-John 14:2 “In my fathers house there are many mansions.” Mansions refers to the mansions of your soul personality, which of course are our physical bodies.

Father, Son and Holy Ghost... Father being the creator or source itself, the son being our ego or physical mind, and the holy ghost our individual soul personality. It is our soul personality that “already has life eternal.” Our soul personality is an expression of, or an extension of, source itself. Our ego, is the mind or physical aspect of our being, and like the body, at this time, appears to have a limited life expectancy.

Within the great pyramid of Giza, in the Kings Chamber, you will find a sarcophagus. This was used in the final stages of training in the mystery schools to “symbolically” demonstrate the awakening of your soul personality. In other words, the ceremony performed in the Great Pyramid, was to demonstrate the releasing of the ego mind as ruler over this lifetime, and the wakening of the soul personality. The adept, or student, would lie down in the sarcophagus, and through rituals demonstrating the journey of the soul personalities gradual awakening to higher knowledge, one would finally rise. Rising now fully embodying their whole soul personality, still within the physical body. In other words, “Awakening as ones whole soul personality, having direct communication with infinite knowledge, power and understanding.” The ego mind no longer in control over your physical body, but rather awakened to the sacred joy of life itself, in direct communication with the higher realms of your soul personalities existence. Herein lies the true symbolical meaning of baptism. It is also the actual symbolic meaning of the marriage ceremony. Namely, "the two become one in the flesh."

And, now that you have pondered this, look at the deeper message to what Jesus was referring to in John 14:10-12. We ALL have abilities untapped yet available to everyone.

“For God has not given a spirit of fear, but of love and of power and of sound mind.” Thoughts are real (EEG machines prove this) and they have wings. Thus you can now see it was mans Ego, that created Fear. And since thoughts have wings, this explains the basics of how FEAR was used to create the secret within religions. Now lets peek at the makings of the so called secret societies. This is where Shakespeare quote “what tangled webs we weave” begins to make a whole lot of sense.

No Secrets



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Jim Cary ☮ Commencement Address ☮ ℒℴѵℯ

Part 3 - Fear, Puppets, Puppeteers, Money & More Secrets.

The Mystery Schools as I mentioned above, were like the universities of higher knowledge. Sincere seekers could learn to access higher knowledge and awaken to who they really are. They would awaken and put to rest their ego mind, and develop a greater union with their true soul personality and commune deeper and deeper, with source itself.
Corruption to this process began and many of the Mystery Schools evolved into what we call secret societies today. Corruption again was created through the fear of losing their positions in the hierarchy of the people. The leaders of the time developed systems of selecting and training their new recruits. No longer were the students ones with a heart of of sincerity, although they could be, but were rather looked upon as coach-able, or trainable. A chosen existing member would take on a student, or an apprentice, and begin the process of training. Money as you will see, fits into the fear based process.

The training of the new recruit usually begins with certain books that they are recommended to read, and an unusual but effective means of shaking the student out of their current habits begins. The student may get a call at 3:00AM with questions about the last meeting they had with their mentor, or questions about the books they were recommended to read. The student will be also invited to other meetings and introduced to other members. That again will lead to questions that could be asked at 3:00 AM or whenever the mentor meets with their apprentice. Questions about what they observed in the meeting. Gesticulations, subtle phrases and hand shakes are used, that all are secret indications revealing membership. The student will be coached into observing these, and thus slowly integrated into the “closed door” group. In other words through secret codes using gesticulations, handshakes and phrases, every member can ascertain if someone they meet is also a member. Favors begin.

As with religion as stated above, most of the leaders of these initial groups were people of the elite or the powerful in their community. Thus they were in a position to grant favors to apprentices early on in their training. The new recruit, upon proving they were coach-able, may be offered a better job or other favors or opportunities, in the area. As the student further develops, and having proven to be a valuable (coach-able) member, they themselves may be given a new student that they themselves would mentor. Thus creating a huge web of puppets and puppeteers.
If you picture this, the chain continues on up the ladder, and each time a recruit climbed further up the ladder, they would gain a more superior position inside the membership, along with most likely a better paying job and more money outside. Always, as the student develops, he would have above him someone that is his coach or mentor. Every Puppeteer is also a puppet to one higher up in the level of command.
Once in a good position, job wise in the community, it is expected that favors be granted to others who are part of the membership. Even if a better or cheaper product or service is offered from someone outside the group, favors are given to the members. Fear of losing ones own position is on the line at all times in the process. Everyone thus becomes a puppet to the system, while at the same time being a puppeteer to those who are newer and or are lower level members. Shakespeare's quote again.... “what tangled webs we weave.”

It is easy to see how this could happen, especially since the illusion of the power of money is part of the equation. What was once Sacred and Love based, has become Greed and Fear Based to many, not all, of the members of these so called secret societies.

Happily, this is where the beauty of this picture actually can be seen unfolding today. The biggest secret these groups have is “they really have NO secrets at all.” They are however good at using the Power Of Duplication, unfortunately they use it for personal gain and control rather than for the uplifting of humanity. Good news is, "Source," being totally love based, and now through the reincarnation of many awakened and awakening souls, the “Great Awakening” of ALL mankind is unfolding. It is beautifully unfolding right now. A new man, and a new world is awakening.

From The Inside Out




Part 4 - The Great Awakening

Full circle is upon us. More and more people are awakening. Evidence is all around us. Just look at the increasing number of people who are now “channelling,” and there is evidence that this knowledge or skill, is awakening in every single one of us. Acceptance of deeper principles, deeper wisdom and the activating of other abilities such as telepathy, energetic healing and connecting with spiritual guides is awakening in us all. Showing us who we really are. Who are we? We are extensions of, or expressions of Creation itself.

One major key to awakening is compassion. The Dalai Lama encourages compassion towards all. That includes compassion to ourselves first. Considering, we have through reincarnation, lived and experienced many roles, compassion for self is first. Why? We have been part of the creation of the density that now is now being transmuted. Through thousands of life times we have been and experienced both the murdered and the murderer. We have been the rapist and the raped. We have been the gay, bi and heterosexual, likely in both male and female bodies. It is most likely we have been part of all the good, all the bad and all the ugly in every situation. Thus compassion for self precedes all.

Compassion is being taught in many ways. More and more speakers are showing up, guiding people to understand life energetically. An increased interest in Yoga, Reiki, Shamanistic studies and the like are becoming common place on every continent. Deeper wisdom, and the awakening of man is evident and is definitely happening. Secret knowledge is no longer secret.... the sacred is now returning.

Scientists like Nassim Haramein are uncovering scientific knowledge from Sacred Geometry. We have the Thrive Movement building momentum and people like Jacque Fresco exploring alternative life style and living conditions through the Venus Project.

Even the collapsing of the current political and monetary systems on the planet are all part of the process of transcending the density. Density? Again I quote Shakespeare “what tangled webs we weave.” And I am happy to say we are now transcending the density and are ready for the awakening of a new world. A new world, created first by Building A New Man, from the inside out, then by molding the monetary and political systems into one whereby mankind will Thrive. See Thrivalilsm.

Be prepared to awaken to the Sacred within yourself. Awaken to LOVE. We have come full circle. Since thoughts are things, turn gently toward Love and give Fear, NO more consideration. The Wide Awakening is NOW.

These truly are exciting and beautiful times. Rise above the density and see for yourself. Better yet.... rise above the density and BE your WHOLE SELF. Awaken.

The Great Awakening Begins With You.

Thriving with Compassion is Just A Paradigm Shift.



Build A New Man From Inside - Out ⪼ ⪻


Power of Duplication ⪼⏩ ⏪⪻



Michaela Koster on November 24, 2019:

Hi Neil. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article about the Great Awakening and the Sacred and Secret that have played their parts in this journey of all mankind. Thank you!

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on June 09, 2016:

Larry - thanks for taking time to read and comment - much appreciated :-)

Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on June 09, 2016:

Interesting perspective.

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on February 10, 2016:

Dana Tate - That's a beautiful reply and I love your story ... "it comes to you in a box" ... AWESOME.

Thanks for taking time to read and an extra thanks for commenting. THANK YOU

Dana Tate from LOS ANGELES on February 10, 2016:

I was awakened spiritually a few years back after having an operation. Since then I have been on a quest to discover who I am. It's been a beautiful journey as I unlock gifts, passions and a compassion that I never knew existed. I was taught that we are castaways in this world, left to our own devices to survive. My spirit has told me that we came into the world with all the tools we needed to thrive and survive. I like to use this illustration. You order a product and, it comes to you in a box. It's not assembled, but everything you need including the manual is in that box. Once you put the pieces together you will realize that you have a product that is complete and, ready to fulfill its purpose. I pray, I explained it the way I understand it. This article is fantastic! Thank you for sharing.

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on February 08, 2016:

Kathleen Kerswig - Awakening is an amazing never ending expansion and I have to agree it is very beautiful indeed. hanks for taking the time to read and comment and I wish you Peace Profound in this unfolding moment. Thank You

Kathleen Kerswig on February 08, 2016:

Great hub! The experience of awakening is beautiful. It is even better when we can see the awakening occur in someone else. I have learned to love my "sacred human" self. This acceptance of self allows me to live life in the present moment rather than haphazardly or like a robot. Thanks for sharing! Blessings!

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on February 08, 2016:

MizBejabbers - thanks for being the first to comment - The awakening will open doors to mountains of suppressed knowledge and that is exciting. Also - I think the whole plan is unfolding beautifully.... and the timing for awakening could not have been any sooner. We are now ready, and this time we'll get it right. Awesome journey ahead. Thanks Again

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on February 08, 2016:

Neil, just think of what spiritual creatures we could have been if we had not ventured off into the world of the secret. As it has been mentioned by many historians and archaeologists, it appears that we may have had a little extraterrestrial help. Maybe today we are getting the chance to do things over and right some of the wrongs we created. I certainly hope so.

I enjoyed the videos on the sacred geometry.

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