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Gods and Aliens - Wating for Doomsday in America

Wayne Ruple has been researching and writing about the supernatural and UFO sightings for the past 25 years

A saint medidates in the high mountains of Tibet

A saint medidates in the high mountains of Tibet

A Look Back

In the 1940s and 50s the aliens gave dire warnings against nuclear weapons. Now the problems are environmental degradation and global warming.

They seem to have conveniently grabbed a hot news topic and ran with it, building support among those who would listen and perhaps changing or helping change our thoughts and actions.

But how involved were they really? How much did we really listen to them or do they want us to think we were listening?

They seem to have only warned mankind about things that we really already knew about.

As we approached the Millennium there seemed to be an over-abundance of predictions related to the year 2000. One abductee predicted 2010 would be the year a “lot of shit happens.”

There was indeed a lot of shit coming down but it would have been nice if we had received more details.

Alice Bailey’s “Tibetan Master” Djwhal Khul, speaking through her, said one-third of humanity must be removed from the earth and 2.5 million would be dead by 2000 to usher in the New Age . Well that was one that was way off the mark!

What is perhaps more frightening is additional pronouncements from some of these New Age gurus and their “spirit guides.”

American occultist author Dr. Christopher Hyatt predicted much pain and bloodletting on a massive scale before the New Age would come.

New Age teacher John Randolph Price’s claimed his spirit guide Asher informed him that 2.5 billion people would perish in a coming chaos (note the figure 2.5 billion keeps coming up) and popular Ruth Montgomery said much turmoil and destruction would affect millions of people around the year 2000 (another false prediction!) while Maharishi Yogi noted the unfit and ignorant won’t survive.

One abductee spoke of a re-population plan by a new hybrid race after the destruction of the populations of the earth … a blink of an eye.

What we are dealing with, I believe, is possibly beings from some sort of other dimension rather than from some other planet.

And since 10 percent or more of the population is able to see light frequencies above and beyond visible light, perhaps it is they who are getting a glimpse into this other fascinating and frightful world co-existing with ours.

These contactees may be viewing radiations, objects and invisible energies that most people cannot normally see.

Some have suggested the possibility the beings are actual mental constructs or tulpas – thought projections. These same people consider ghosts as the mental projected residues of powerful minds and UFOs and associated phenomena are tulpas created by ancient people, as there is a lot of UFO activity around ancient sites.

Science writer Dr. Ivan T. Anderson felt UFOs are a normal condition of this planet and called them OINTs.

UFO researcher writer John Keel believed they lived here on earth concealed from us as a form of tulpa. “They are not from outer space. There is no need for them to be. They have always been here" he said (John A. Keel, The Mothman Prophecies)

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Several researchers have noted how the phenomena adjusts itself to support certain beliefs, even among researchers, and escalate that belief – hardly something I believe a space traveler would do.

Erich Aggen Jr., writing in an old issue of Saucer News speculated that some UFOs “might be advanced ‘sensory organs’ serving a multidimensional special intelligence.”

These “organs”, he said, would serve as eyes, ears and nose of a non-material intelligence and the “organs” would be artificially created for various purposes and tasks.”

Such intelligence, he speculated, would have no use for direct contact with mankind. Points well taken as it seems very few contacts are made which make much sense.

If contacts were made these could be accompanied with semi-robotic creations – “quasi-men” - programmed with rudimentary intelligence and simulated human thought, thus accounting for the “space people’s’ messages of peace, love, understanding and brotherhood –very basic human ideals – and perhaps explaining the Men In Black - three mystery men who some UFO and paranormal researchers have plagued them for many years.

Meade Layne of Borderland Sciences Research Associates in California advanced the idea that UFOs exist in another dimension and that they have the ability to “pop out” of their dimension into ours through a “mat” and “demat” process through which the object’s atomic vibratory rates change.

Many of the people claiming contact with the space brothers have gained much publicity. But there are other “contactees” who just seem to stumble upon these beings as they sit in highways or pastures. These are people who had rather not have the experience of meeting the “space bothers” and having their lives messed up.

Their experiences with the “space brothers” are usually frightening and there are no messages of universal peace or love.

Lately there has been reports of possible mind manipulations and threats against UFO sighters and researchers.


Are We Pawns in an Age-Old Galactic Game?

Are we pawns in an age-old galactic game?

Has an outside “intelligence” been busy manipulating humans toward a predetermined goal?

Are UFOs and other “Fortean” occurrences evidence of this interaction?

Interesting motifs have developed as our civilizations have developed.

The ancient Assyrians saw objects resembling flying bulls while the Greeks saw flying horses and the Arabs reported flying houses.

The Persians described flying carpets and the Romans saw flying shields and spears.

With the advent of Christianity there were reports of fiery crosses.

As the Renaissance dawned those caught up in the euphoria reported flying galleys and caravels while the early French saw flying globes following their first attempts at balloon flight. During the 1800s UFO reports took on the shape of spindles and cigars – familiar shapes to a growing industrialized world.

Colin Blackmore of the University of Oxford said much of what we perceive is a construction of our own making – our own minds which have been molded via heavy doses of social conditioning.

Could this social conditioning be a part of some “outside force?”

But what if mankind was a plant – an experiment? Or, what if, during our evolutionary path the earth was bathed in radiation that mutated our minds to a higher state –so that people with higher sense perception represent a mutation in the nature of consciousness.

Some researchers claim that for such mutations to occur, radiation of a very short wavelength or particles with very high energy would have to be employed and secondly, this “broadcast” would have to be modulated in order to transfer genetic characteristics much in the same way television images are transferred.

And where might such transmissions originate? Could they be coming from some other dimensions or from high radio galatic emitters such as Alpha Centauri, Epsilon Eridani 61 Cygni A, Epsilon Indi or Tau Ceti?

Russian scientist I.S. Chklovski has speculated that quasars and pulsars may actually be a form of interstellar biological activity as could multiple star systems and type R stars.

Perhaps one of the best ways to determine what we are dealing with is to look at some of the messages.

New Agers have been parroting the sayings from the “other side” for some time and a few of their ideas are somewhat frightening.

New Age globalist Donald Keys has stated, “This planet has got to be managed” while Foster Bailey of The Lucius Trust says, “Our children, and men …. Will have to live with the New Age standards. Those who do not will end up as irreconcilable outcasts.”

Some of the New Age prophets have harkened back to the Biblical Mark of the Beast saying The Mark will come to be seen as the capstone of the new religion. Everyone will want it. Anyone who refuses it will be thought of as a weirdo, a rebel.

Whitley Streiber in Communion relates how he met the spider bug-alien goddess Ishtar and awoke with two triangles etched on his arm.

Other contactees report changes in the lines of the palms of their hand – some finding six-pointed stars – and some said they learned to accept the changes in their bodies – even feeling special.

A spirit claiming to be Mary appeared to Barbara Reuss in Marienfield, Germany and told Reuss, “I place my sign on the forehead of my children”

Whitley Strieber “Communion” movie clips

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