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God's Promises to Bless Through Abraham and Jesus Christ

God's promises to bless is real. You may believe it. You may not. But God wants to bless you. Numbers 23:19 says "God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?" If you believe God, then the God's promised blessing is for you.

When God is said to bless men (Gen. 1:28; 22:17), God's blessing is accompanied with that virtue that renders His blessing effectual and which is expressed by it. Because God is eternal and omnipresent, His omniscience and omnipotence cause His blessings to avail in the present life in respect to all things and also in the life to come. ~ R.K. Harrison, ed. The New Unger's Bible Dictionary. p174.

God Blessed Man

In the beginning, God has proclaimed His blessings upon Adam and Eve. This was a reflection of His purpose of blessing His most loved creation - the man He created in His own image. Genesis 1:26-28 says

Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground." So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground."

It was a wonderful beginning. Adam and Eve lived in the most beautiful place ever - the Garden of Eden. But then came the fall of man.

Edens Garden:  Image by Jenny W. (

Edens Garden: Image by Jenny W. (

Death as a human experience, according to the Scriptures, is the result and punishment of sin.  "The wages of sin is death." And though the word is often used in a spiritual sense to denote the ruin wrought in man's spiritual nature by sin, yet in the ordinary physical sense of the word, death is declared to have come upon the human race in consequence of sin. ~ R.K. Harrison, ed. The New Unger's Bible Dictionary. p.293.

A Set-Back on God's Blessings

One day, the serpent tempted Eve to disobey the command that God gave

And the LORD God commanded the man, "You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die."

To cut the story short, Eve fell for it and so did Adam. As a result, they were banished from the Garden. Worst of all, their disobedience left a mark on all the human race - sin that brings death upon all.

However, the story of God's blessings did not end there. God took the initiative to restore those blessings. How?

God's Promise to Restore His Blessings

God's plan to restore His blessings involved an important covenant with a man named Abraham. The Lord said to Abram (the original name of Abraham) in Genesis 12:1-3,

"Leave your country, your people and your father's household and go to the land I will show you. I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."

In these verses, God promised to bless Abraham with land, posterity, prosperity and protection. Moreover, He said that through Abraham all peoples on earth will be blessed.

It is noteworthy to say that it was because of Abraham's faith and obedience to the call of God that God's promise to bless him, his descendants and all peoples became effectual. If Abraham did not believe and follow the Lord, the Lord will not consider him righteous and deserving of the promised blessings (Genesis 15:6).

The blessing that Abraham would become a great nation has been remarkably fulfilled in the increase of the Hebrew people as the dust of the earth and Ishmael's descendants. Abraham's name became great having obtained the title "Father of Many Nations" and a great man of faith. God's protection and blessings followed his descendants showing God to be faithful to His covenant with Abraham.

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But how was it that the promised blessing was extended to all the peoples on earth?

Through Jesus' Redeeming Work

Jesus' Redeeming Work: Image by Rainer Topf (

Jesus' Redeeming Work: Image by Rainer Topf (

Faith in Jesus Extended Abraham's Blessing to All Peoples

"If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise." (Galatians 3:29)

Jesus, being Abraham's seed, came down to earth and redeemed us in order that the blessing given to Abraham might come to the Gentiles through him. When we believe in Jesus and His saving work on the cross, not only do we become children of God (John 1:12), but we also become children of Abraham.

"Consider Abraham: He believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness. Understand, then, that those who believe are children of Abraham. The Scripture foresaw that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, and announced the gospel in advance to Abraham: 'All nations will be blessed through you.'" (Galatians 3:6-8)

While the Hebrew people is the natural posterity of Abraham, all believers in Jesus, whether Jew or Gentile became Abraham's spiritual descendants. Praise God for the fulfillment of the promise "In you all the peoples of the earth shall be blessed."

How much do you want God's blessings?

The most important question now is how much do you want God's blessings? If you desire it that much then let these 2 passages be your guide to claim God's blessings.

  • "For I command you today to love the LORD your God, to walk in his ways, and to keep his commands, decrees and laws; then you will live and increase, and the LORD your God will bless you in the land you are entering to possess." Deuteronomy 30:16

Just as Abraham and all men of faith proved their love and loyalty to God by walking in faith and obedience, so we must do the same that the Lord our God will bless us.

  • "He redeemed us in order that the blessing given to Abraham might come to the Gentiles through Christ Jesus, so that by faith we might receive the promise of the Spirit." Galatians 3:14

Believe in Jesus as Savior and Lord, without whom, we will not have any legal claim to the blessings through Abraham. What an amazing grace and privilege!

I pray that you might find God's promises to bless to be a reality in your life.

Reach Out to God's Blessings

Reach Out to God's Blessings: Image by Christopher Bruno (

Reach Out to God's Blessings: Image by Christopher Bruno (

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Chin chin (author) from Philippines on April 08, 2014:

You did not finish the whole context of the passage. Verses 27-28 say "But she said, "Yes, Lord; but even the dogs feed on the crumbs which fall from their masters' table." 28Then Jesus said to her, "O woman, your faith is great; it shall be done for you as you wish." And her daughter was healed at once." So even if the woman was not from the house of Israel, she still received what she sought, that is, healing for her daughter.

Urijah Ben on February 28, 2014:

Matthew 15:22-26

And, behold, a woman of Canaan came out of the same coasts, and cried unto him, saying, Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou Son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil. But he answered her not a word. And his disciples came and besought him, saying, Send her away; for she crieth after us. But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Then came she and worshipped him, saying, Lord, help me. But he answered and said, It is not meet to take the children's bread, and to cast it to dogs.

Mikala on July 26, 2013:

nice hub, chin! obedience to the will of the lord is the key to obtaining God's blessings.

Ebube on June 06, 2012:

Thank God for Jesus! May the Lord bless you hub,this is soul lifting.

Lisa Tippette from North Carolina on December 21, 2011:

Well written and very encouraging - nice hub! I just wrote one myself you might like - check it out when you get a chance! God bless!

Primpo from Bayville,NJ on July 19, 2011:

wonderful narrative on the bible. I love the way you write the verse and explain it in simpler terms. God has given us the ability and freedom to choose. That's what a lot of people don't understand. Keep teaching... I will be coming back for more. glad I found you..

Louis Fourie from Johannesburg, South Africa on July 13, 2011:

Very good!Chin!obedience to HIS WORD is the key to God,s love and protection.

The Minstrel on February 21, 2011:

Thank you for this hub.

mrbrent from Atlanta, Georgia on February 20, 2011:

Take a look at this video clip. What a great idea to help remind America of God and our founding values...

Tamarajo on August 26, 2010:

I'm so glad you included the topic of loyalty. It was a lesson I learned late in life but am so glad I finally discovered that reciprocal element to my relationship with God. I used to view Him in terms of simply blessing me I now see that He totally deserves and wants my undivided loyalty and love in return and in that relationship inclines himself to bless, as well stated in your hub. Thank you.

Chin chin (author) from Philippines on February 19, 2010:

God's blessings be upon you, too, heart4theword. God is truly good in making a way for us to know and be restored to His true blessings.

heart4theword from hub on February 15, 2010:

"May His Continued Blessings Shower Upon You!" Thank God! He made a way of forgiveness for us:) That we may know the righteousness of Him! Great Hub:)

Chin chin (author) from Philippines on February 05, 2010:

Thanks for the visit to this hub einron and Moneylady. God bless you.

Moneylady from Texas on December 27, 2009:

Hi Great work! I enjoyed reading this. Looking forward to more!

einron from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA on December 11, 2009:

Thanks for the hub. Blessings!

Chin chin (author) from Philippines on November 19, 2009:

Thanks elayne001 for reading. God bless you.

Elayne from Rocky Mountains on November 18, 2009:

Very inspirational hub. Thank you and aloha!

Chin chin (author) from Philippines on November 10, 2009:

Thanks keira for dropping by. Hope you've been blessed.

keira7 on November 10, 2009:

Hi my friend Chin chin, so happy to see you back with another new quality hub. Good work my dear. Thanks and God Bless you. See you soon. :)

Chin chin (author) from Philippines on November 09, 2009:

Thanks Beth. I do believe that. God blesses the obedient. Though God has made the promise and provision to bless us, we need to follow His will to appropriate the blessings in our lives.

DeBorrah, thanks for emphasizing that point. May all Christians walk in faith and obedience to Christ. As Matthew 6:33 says "Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things (blessings) will be added unto you." God bless you.

Elder DeBorrah K Ogans on November 09, 2009:

Chin Chin, Very good! This is a great synopsis! It is important to know that all of God’s promises are true! Yes, one must believe in Jesus Christ and walk in obedience to HIS WORD in order to realize those blessings! Thank you for sharing! Blessings!

Beth Arch from Pearl of the Orient Seas on November 09, 2009:

Nice hub, Chin! Obedience to the will of the Lord is the key to obtaining God's blessings.

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