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Goddess Chandi, Rituals, Mantras and Magic to Attain Super Powers Like ESP

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Goddess Chandi

India is the only country in the world where the concept of a female god is in existence. Such a concept does not exist in Islam and Christianity, though it existed in the earlier animistic religions of the Greeks and Romans. Hinduism has many Hindu goddesses and the most famous is the Goddess Kali who manifests in many forms. One of the manifestations is the Goddess Chandi- the goddess of war.
Goddess Chandi has a special place in the Hindu psyche. Many warriors and Gurus have vied with each other to seek her blessings.

Guru Gobind Singh is one of the Sikh gurus who is supposed to have gone to the Himalayas for 40 days to pray to the Goddess Chandi. He sought her blessings for victory in his battles. One can read about what the Guru feels about the Goddess Chandi from the "Dasam Granth" ( The Guru Granth of the 10th Guru) which has an entire chapter dedicated to the glory of goddess Chandi. Titled "Chandi di Var, "it makes interesting reading. The Guru recounts the powers and glory of the Goddess of war and how she can be instrumental in achieving victory.
A tale
The effect of Chandi on the average Indian is quite a lot. Many Indians have a latent desire to be close to the gods. For reasons of faith, many aspire to have communion with Goddess Chandi. I am reminded of a tale. It may or may not be true but I believe there is an element of truth in it. It so happened that a man popularly called a 'chela' or a magician came to my village in Punjab. A look at the man showed that his eyes were bloodshot and a strange hypnotic effect was generated by them.
My best friend who was in the village at that time visited the chela as word had spread that a man of intense power had come to the village. My friend met the chela and he asked him what he wanted
“Huzoor I want a superpower like you to have,” my friend replied.
The chela just smiled and gave him a mantra and told him to go and recite it every night after midnight by entering up to the waist in a pond. He advised him to do this ritual for 40 nights.
My friend started the ritual and he continued for 39 nights. He loathed going for the 40th night thinking all this was a hoax. But finally, he decided and entered the water and went up to waist depth. He had started reciting the mantra when he observed that all around there was a fire. This frightened him and he lost his nerve. He started leaving only to find the pond full of alligators. He just rushed out and ran all the way home reciting the Jap-the sacred prayer of Guru Nanak.
The next day my friend met the chela and recounted the events of the night. The chela told him that he should have stayed there as the goddess was just testing him. Had he stood there the goddess would have come in a ship and taken him to the heavens.
I don’t know whether to believe this tale or not but I have stated it exactly as he told him. Mind you the man is my best friend and ì am sure he was not lying and he swore it was true.


Other Tales

The tale related above of the capture or as the word used "Vass" in the Indian dialect is not the only one. I have been privileged to have heard many more tales. My maternal grandfather was a resident of Firozpur. He had a friend who ran a tailoring shop. Many a time the tailor would disappear and my grandfather used to wonder where he went. He asked him one day about it and the tailor mentioned he was renewing his communion with the superpower.

How did you get this superpower?

The tailor explained to my father that he had met a chela or guru who told him to recite a mantra by sitting on a plank over a deep well in a remote part of the colony. He recited the mantra for 39 nights. On the 40th night, he observed that the water in the well started rising. He had an insane desire to run away but somehow he persevered. The water in the well rose to his neck and soon went over his head. He kept sitting and reciting the mantra. There was a clap of thunder and water suddenly receded and the tailor knew that he had a superpower that he now controlled. The deity told him that he now could use his superpower for the good of the world. The tailor asked him to show his power by pulling a tree from its roots from the ground. There was another clap of thunder and the tree was uprooted from the ground. The Taylor played a significant part in my grandfather's life later in Lahore but that's another story.

I have no doubt the tale is true.

In India, many such tales are related in the villages. There is a possibility that some of them would be a hallucination but in a number of cases reciting mantras has resulted in the humans achieving superpowers. I feel it is just an activation of power in the brain which is already there for all human beings but how to activate it can only be told through a Guru or Chela

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Tantra and Black Magic

Hindu tantric theory, the black arts, and magic clearly mention rituals and mantras to attain superpowers. There are rituals that allow a man to develop superpowers that are out of the ordinary.

Development of ESP
The Hindu Tantra theory has been studied by many. It says that there are certain zones in the human brain if activated can bestow superpowers of divination and telepathy. These powers can be activated by an accident but in the case of others as per tantric theory they can be activated by rituals, mantras, and black magic.
In Hindu Tantra philosophy latent powers can be activated by mantras, rituals, and cohabitation with the opposite sex. This is something unique in Hinduism and Tantra's theory is nowhere else. What is Tantra philosophy? It's not something that can be explained in a paragraph or two. Suffice that it is a ritual that releases energy in a union with a man and woman.

It is known a Dutchman Peter Hurkos developed ESP while cleaning a window during World War 2.While cleaning the window a Nazi air raid took place and he fell down. He became unconscious as he had fallen on his head but when he recovered consciousness he realised that he had the power of clairvoyance and ESP. One can read about this in his memoir titled " Psychic."
Thus praying to the Goddess Chandi through mantras and rituals is one aspect of the development of powers that an ordinary man can acquire. There are many ways one can achieve these powers but they require severe discipline. Even cohabitation with a woman can lead to superpowers. It is a severe ritual where orgasm, as we know, has no part in it.

All these paths to superpowers can only be achieved through a guru. A guru is a center stage for this in Hindu philosophy. Even the act of union with a woman through a tantra can only be under the guidance of a guru.

Hindu mantras and rituals need to be studied. This is the last frontier and I wonder if it will ever be breached.


MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on November 10, 2019:

Clive Williams

Wonderful thought.. There are a few with such pwers. One of them is a Pir Baba from Mumbai.

Clive Williams from Jamaica on November 10, 2019:

wish I had some healing powers right now

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