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God knows our thoughts even as they arise...


Statement of situation

The way in which Swami approved a wedding-match for my sister was very convincing. But a secret story hidden got revealed only months later. And when that revelation came, my jaw just dropped to the ground in absolute wonder at the way our Lord works!

There is a saying in India which states that if you have to become a man, you should construct a house and perform a marriage. Both these projects demand so much in terms of energy, thoughts, discussions and decisions that anyone who has successfully completed them is considered man enough to face anything in life! In this light, I can say this much that when it came to getting my sister married, it was a tough situation for both me and my father - we were getting a flat constructed in Puttaparthi at the same time.

Match-fixing is something that is seen in a negative light when it comes to sports. However, when it comes to matching alliances and agreeing upon marriages in India, it is an integral and important activity. This is because, the tradition is such here that a marriage happens not between two individuals but between two families. Thus, I wanted the consent and blessings of Swami (Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba) before finalizing on the boy.

The unfolding of the story

There had been quite some activity going on along the ‘groom-search’ front. My parents were convinced that Swami was at work when a prospective candidate turned up. The prospect materialized as a result of ‘Swami talk’ in the darshan lines between my mother and a lady who is today my sister’s mother-in-law.

My mother was happy and interested in this prospective son-in-law and her thoughts found resonance with my father and sister. Moreover, this family had been devotees for decades and the boy had been a Bal Vikas student. The horoscopes and stars also seemed to favour the couple. Thus, my parents and sister decided to travel from Mumbai (where they were staying) to Bangalore (now Bengaluru) and take the talks further. But before anything could be finalized, I put forth my condition,
“All of you see the boy. Interact with him and his family. If you are satisfied and happy, take a picture of the boy and send it over to me. I shall show it to Swami. Only if Swami agrees, shall we go ahead.”

Everyone, including the boy’s parents seemed to agree with this condition. I was happy.

The anti-climax

The Bangalore visit was done and my father sent me a photograph of the boy who was to soon become my brother-in-law. I had a picture of my sister dressed in a magnificent yellow saree. My idea was to show both these pictures to Swami and ask,
“Are they a good match Swami?”
I saw the picture of a boy and was shocked!

Here was a guy who had a stubble and long hair. He was dressed in a shirt and jeans pant! Why was he not in whites? And why was the vibhuti dot missing on the forehead?
“Oh my God! What will Swami think?”

These were my thoughts. I decided to take the pictures to Him nevertheless. 2 hours before the evening darshan, I got a phone call. It was my sister.

“Hello Aravind... I have something important to ask you...”
“Hey sis! Yes.. Go ahead...”
“Today, when you take the pictures to Swami, what are you planning to tell Him?”
“I will tell Him that this is the pair. I will ask Him whether we should proceed.”

And now came the surprising request,
“Don’t ask Him anything. Just tell Him that this is the couple and He should bless the marriage...”
“Hey Shruti! Don’t jump the gun... Remember, we decided that we will do anything only after asking Swami? How can you tell me to do otherwise? Instead of seeking His opinion you want me to only ‘inform’ Him? This is not nice... Give the phone to mother...”
“She is not here...”
“Okay then, give it to father...”
“He is not here...”
“Where have they gone?”
“They are at home...”
“At home??? Where are you then?”
“Nandi Hills...”

I was totally confounded. Nandi Hills is about 55 kilometers from Bangalore and I was wondering what she was doing there.

“With whom have you gone to Nandi Hills?”
“With Maha...”
“Maha who??”
“Mahadevan... that’s the boy remember? We have just come on a long drive and are going back home now. ”

I was so upset. Why could she not have waited till I asked Swami? What was she doing? What if Swami did not approve the match? I just cut the call there and resigned to fate. I was feeling quite upset and worried.

The anti-climax builds

I sat in the darshan lines, waiting nervously for Swami to come. I was unsure as to how things would go. Soon, the darshan began and within 10 minutes, Swami was nearing me. As a last minute modification of plans, I placed my sister’s picture over the boy’s picture. I got up on my knees and showed them to Swami. I said,
“Swami, sister’s marriage... “

Swami immediately moved my sister’s picture and began to look at the picture of my going-to-be brother-in-law. He kept looking at the picture. I added advertising from my side,
“Swami, he is a Bal Vikas student. . . Swami, his mother is a singer in the bhajan group at Brindavan for many years now... “

Swami did not seem to want any sort of advertising. After a few moments, He asked me,
“What did the boy tell the girl?”
“What did the boy tell the girl?”

I had no idea...I stared blankly at Him.
Making it easier for me, He asked,
“Did the boy say ‘Yes’?”
“Swami, I think the boy is happy with the proposal. If You bless the match then we will go ahead.”
A smile came on His face. Holding the photo in His left hand, He patted it thrice with His right hand,
“Definitely, Definitely, Definitely! My blessings are there.”
And He moved on. It was the 19th of July 2009.

"What did the boy tell the girl?"

"What did the boy tell the girl?"

The climax

On the 3rd of September, 2009, my sister, Shruti got engaged to Mahadevan. I had a mini video camera with me and I was taking some shots to make a ‘funny video’ as it is called. I was interviewing my sister and brother-in-law about the past 1-2 months. It was then that the startling revelation came.

To the question, “Did he propose or did you propose”, my sister replied,
“Awww! It was so sweet. When we had gone for a drive to Nandi Hills, he pulled out a rose and proposed to me. Oh! How wonderful I felt. In my heart, I knew this was the man for me. I accepted. And that is why I called you that day. I thought that it would not be nice to ‘ask’ Swami after I had already given my word. So I requested you to seek His blessings..."

The happy pair...blessed by the Lord in a special way

The happy pair...blessed by the Lord in a special way

I stopped the camera after that. I was in a sort of grateful daze. I remembered Swami’s question to me on the 19th of July,
“What did the boy tell the girl?”
Had I been omnipresent like Him, the answer would have been,
“Swami the boy proposed to the girl saying that she was the perfect woman for him.”
And there would have been no need for Him to ask me that modified second question,
“Did the boy say ‘Yes’?”

Is there anything that He does not know? Is there anything that He does not do for our good?

Little Dhruva being blessed by Lord Narayana (Vishnu)

Little Dhruva being blessed by Lord Narayana (Vishnu)


God knows our thoughts even as they arise in our mind and heart. And so, when it comes to prayer, I have always had one feeling,
“Why should I pray? Does not the Lord know everything? Then, why?”
After experiences such as the one above, these thoughts are totally justified right?

Swami has given an answer,
“I know everything. But in order to give you an opportunity of interaction, I ask things from you.”
Truly, if information flow was the cause for divine communication, then there would have been no dialogue with God at all!

It was a few days ago, while listening to a divine discourse by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, that I got another answer from Swami. Swami was narrating the story of Dhruva, the child who went to the deep forests to seek the Lord.

Lord Narayan appears before him and asks,
“What is it that you want my child?”
Dhruva replies,
“Lord, you knew exactly where I am in this dense forest. You know everything. Don’t you know what is it that I want?”
To this Lord Narayana says (this was Swami’s beautiful and unique answer which is not there in the original Dhruva story)

“Child, I know everything. It is said, Manas Ekam Vachas Ekam Karmanyam Ekam Mahatmanam (meaning a great one is that who had unity in thought, word and deed.). You have had the thought to attain God and you did the actions to attain God. It is time now to even state the intent in words and make it complete!”

Prayer is not for the Lord to get information from us. It is needed for us to connect with God! It has to be done in thought, word and deed indeed!!

And what would be the best prayer to offer the Lord? That is a subject for another discussion by itself.


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Deepa Venkitesh on January 30, 2013:

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very nice reading this, all are HIS plans

Disillusioned from Kerala, India on November 09, 2012:

Interesting, as usual. While blessings are very much there, I think there is a clear difference between blessing obtained after OUR making a decision versus blessings that come WITH a Mahatma's approval. While you sister took the former path, what you wished is the later path, which is the path of true Saranagathi.

There is a difference between the two. In the former path, WE have to bear the consequences of our decisions and in case of trouble, we have to keep knocking at the doors of the Mahatma for help again and again! Whereas, in the later path, it is the Mahatma that carries the entire burden and we can be far more relieved and carefree. Even if something perceptibly wrong happens, we can have a much better balanced mind to face it, because it was His will right from the beginning.

Madhava on August 07, 2012:

In every Avatar, one hand would bless and the other shows the feet. But, this is the UNIQUE Avatar, where, Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba, Blesses, Blesses and Blesses, tirelessly, un-interruptedly, ever compassionately, ever Lovingly.

He answers each and every thought that comes, as He is the indweller.

Aravind Balasubramanya (author) from Puttaparthi, India on August 06, 2012:

@ Madhavi Alapaty - Thank you for the kind words...Your analogy of the mother receiving the letter from the child is so apt and accurate...May our love for God grow stronger with each passing moment... :)

Aravind Balasubramanya (author) from Puttaparthi, India on August 06, 2012:

@ An Impressed Reader - Am also realizing that these articles are my path to fulfillment and salvation! Am grateful to Swami for providing me this beautiful route...

@ Vardharajan A V - The same story hit me too!

@ Shruti - Yes sis! You are really special for Him just as each one is!! :)

@ Aarthi - It is all His doing...

@ Sai Saraswuthi - Yes! :) I noticed.... And that made me very very happy... Grateful to Swami

@ Poornima Srinath - nice episodes... :) The thing about the stories of the Lord is that when you share one, so many of the similar type surface!

poornimasrinath from Midrand, Johannesburg, RSA on August 06, 2012:

Wow..perhaps your post on this topic is a proof that Swami was listening to what was happening at our end as well!!!

Swami has always been extra sweet when it comes to right marriage proposals. Your sister's story is so lovely.

Let me share what I heard from our friends this Saturday. We were discussing about an advert shoot for the upcoming overnight sadhana camp. As the agenda has marriage and relationship as part of the program, some discussions were going on as how Swami unites couple in his inimitable way as there were lot of unmarried youth. Here are some of the interesting stories that came up... A couple here had visited Parthi as part of youth group few years ago. They were called in for the interview. It seemed the guy was interested in one of the girls and the girl was not interested in that boy as she had felt both were contrast to each other. In the interview room Swami had asked the guy "where is your wife?" looking at the girl and the next question was to the girl "Where is your husband?" looking at that boy. Every body had giggled at that moment knowing what was happening between them. Before they returned from the trip the girl's mind changed and now they are happily married couple leading a very disciplined life.

Another story I heard was Swami had materialised sweet meat for another friend and asked him to give to the future mother-in-law as she seemed to be bit disinterested in him becoming son-in-law. As he gave the sweet she had nothing to say but agree to them getting united!

v.sai saraswuthi. on August 06, 2012:

Sai Ram brother Arvind!!

Do u know... the best part of these hubs is

1.They talk of a point which is in the minds of many people "at the correct time".

2.They answer many prayers and doubts that linger in one's mind and thoughts.

3.They are spiritually uplifting.

4.No doubt we are educated going thru them but...

5. we also end up having a great sathsung after every hub,sharing beautiful thoughts and experiences.

6.They act like thought for the day and we connect with Swamy through everybody's experiences as if we ourselves had it first hand with Swamy.

Arvind's hubs are tools for spiritual sadhana.

Madhavi Alapaty on August 06, 2012:

Thank you Aravind for sharingthis !! Such beautiful revelation about communicating with GOD !! my kids, my husband and me always ponder on this question..when LORD knows everything why do we have to talk to HIM or even ask HIM. You beautiful said it in your article. I read it somewhere..a devotee asks SWAMI the same question..Then SWAMI replied by saying ‘a mother knows her kids..but a smile comes on her face when she receives a letter from the kid.. I also feel the same way when I get a letter from you’..a beautiful analogy..My husband always says ‘’’SWAMI knows what is in my mind…why should I ask HIM for anything?(not the physical things…he asks things related to work or Sai Center(he is a devotional coordinator at our Sai Center in Raleigh). So I forwarded your paragraphs to him this morning so he will get his answer…I have never thought the way of communicating with HIM will fall into the last part of the sequence in ‘thought..word…deed’ …beautifully explained…thank you very much for giving us the Satsangh on these topics.. I look forward to visiting your hub everyday..I feel that I am there witnessing the events alive when reading your interactions/thoughts/analogy on SWAMI …it fills me up with SWAMI’s essence for the rest of the day:

Aravind Balasubramanya (author) from Puttaparthi, India on August 06, 2012:

@ Alastar Packer - Thank you for the interest and the Vote. I have been so tremendously impacted in my life by Swami. It is natural that I feel so towards Him!

Thank you for dropping by...

Aarthi on August 06, 2012:

@Aravind, had tears once more. Blessed to have a bro like you who is such a strong support for me. Ur writing is helping me at many levels. Thank you so very much!

@An Impressed Reader -- Thank u for ur valuable thots. I felt u were resonating my thots. I do the same thing -- I tell Swami what I want but I also tell Him that He should do it only if it is good for me in the long run.

Similarly, I keep saying "Swami, I'm like a child asking its mother several things and even being adamant, but you alone know what is good for me. Pls dun say 'Ur wish' and give me something that wud be bad for me. Many times, I dun even know if I'm asking u the right thing."

Shruti on August 06, 2012:

Thanks a lot bro... Made me feel like it was just yesterday that you showed Him the photos.... But to see, it has been three years.... Although He has been blessing me through you at every important point of my time, He felt the need to bless me more. During every important decision to be made during the 6 months period before my marriage, He has constantly blessing me by appearing in one of my friend's dreams. She says that she dint get even a single dream during her wedding, but got six just before mine!

I still get goose bumps when I think of those beautiful days!

To what an extent He fulfills His role as a Divine Mother... I feel so blessed and humbled!

Vardharajan AV on August 06, 2012:

Sairam Arvind,

This experience is excellent. I very much liked the explanation Swami gave as Lord Narayana's answer to Dhruva.

An Impressed Reader on August 06, 2012:

Perfect timing ..

I have been ruminating in mind for quite a while now if it is ok to be telling Swami what I want .. On one hand, I would think that he knows everything that arises in my mind along with its intent even better than my own self .. And he knows what is best for me too .. So is it wrong to tell him what I want? I was even scared that if I kept telling him what I wanted, he would go into that 'your wish' mode and give me what is not good for me because I asked !!

On the other hand, I wouldn't know how to curb those wishes and preferences that arise in my mind .. So I started telling Swami everything with a disclaimer added that I was 'just telling him' in order to relieve my heart of all that arises there .. But he should still do only what he thinks is right ..

Reading your post now, I feel he has told me it is allright to pray and tell him my wishes ..

'You have had the thought to attain God and you did the actions to attain God. It is time now to even state the intent in words and make it complete!”

Those lines said it all!! Thank you so much for this timely enlightenment .. I need to read this many times over .. For I still feel there is something more to it than what I have understood at the moment ..

Thanks a ton brother .. Your writing is proving to be the connecting chord for so many of us with Swami ..

Alastar Packer from North Carolina on August 06, 2012:

Very intriguing with the Swami power. Vote up.

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