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God Is in Control of Your Life - Sermon Transcript of Dr. Kevin Zadai

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An occasional writer who love Jesus and believe in Him. Salvation is only through Jesus Christ. No other way how hard you try.

Jesus said if you believe in your heart that what you say with your mouth shall happen


That blood speaks. Blood has a voice.

Jesus said if you believe in your heart that what you say with your mouth shall happen. You shall have it not from your head. Faith is not a head exercise. Faith is of the heart your spirit is lit up you got a portion of faith in there. It’s a gift just use it right now. Stay out of your head. Go down in your spirit and stand up and receive your healing. Receive your healing right now. Don’t wait till the end of the service. This is it, this is your healing time right now as he walks through pouring oil on you.

There’s all kinds of problems in ladies the womb. The Lord is healing that in your womb right now and in the female area. There’s all kinds of healing going on right now. You’re going to release forgiveness because that’s how you’re going to be healed. You’re going to forgive oh yeah it’s easy just let them go. They don’t get away with it, you’re just handing the case over to Jesus. He’s going to take care of it just forgive

Hand the case file over. It’s not going to be pretty but you won’t have to deal with it anymore, be healed. Forgive, let it drop. When you stand speaking to your mountain if you have offense against anybody take care of it and then speak to your mountain. This is your day, stay out of your head and receive.

I'm telling you the whole place is supposed to be healed right now. I think my hair is growing back. This is real, people this is it. The prophet Joel is spinning in heaven right now dancing. This is it we are about to be extracted out of this world. Let’s make it a big celebration okay hallelujah. Jesus also explained to me about lukewarmness and a lot of the reason why these kind of things are not happening everywhere.

This is the move of God. That is all over the world right now in all the churches and all the believers. It’s not manifesting because we have this mentality that if we can just hold on until he comes. If I could just pay my bills for next month. We’ve gotten to this compromise position because we have been traumatized by this world system. But we’re not of this world system so we have to separate ourselves and come out from among them.

How do we do that? We do that because we discern that our father is able to take care of us. We trust him. When we trust him he starts to manifest his goodness to us. He shows us his goodness and we repent. But after we repent, we need to walk with him.

I don’t have to ask him every day if he still loves me. If you have those feelings that you think that you haven’t measured up you should look at the blood of Jesus, that is between his legs on the mercy seat because he’s sitting. The Father sitting on the mercy seat and those chairs of him are real. They’re not gold they’re the real chair of him and he is seated on that top of that ark of the covenant. It’s God’s throne and those chair of him are huge and the blood has been applied. We don’t go by feelings. That blood speaks. Blood has a voice.

What happened when Cain killed Abel and God came down and said. Hey where’s your brother? I don’t know. Isn’t his blood crying out to me. So blood has a voice. Can you imagine how loud Jesus’s blood is then. It’s speaking right now. It’s speaking good things about you. It’s speaking as though you’ve never sinned or messed up at all. If Jesus appears to you he’s not going to know what you’re talking about as you go through your story starting with when the dinosaurs were here and you go through your whole history. First there was the dinosaurs and then they died. Then there was noah’s ark and then. No, you don’t have to go through all that you have no history.

It’s gone. Paul said I've wronged no man. Stephen’s like excuse me I think you killed me. Paul said I was appointed as an apostle since birth excuse me. Didn’t you get knocked down on Damascus road. Weren’t you like really being stupid until you met Jesus. Like all of us see there’s times and seasons and cycles and we have started this. This is the day, this is it.

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you would pay the for the pearl of great price you would sell everything you had but you want God

Now we go into September and we are a we are the new sheriff in town. They’re expecting Barney Fife. They’re used to deal with Barney who didn’t even put his bullet in his gun. He had it in his pocket he had one. If you even looked at him wrong you got a ticket because you were disrespecting him. He would arrest people under suspicion. Yeah go Barney but see people won’t know how to take you when you walk in authority.

Even the people said about Jesus, they said listen he doesn’t speak like the pharisees he speaks as one with authority. He’s not like them they knew there was something different about Jesus. What it really was. It was the demons that had entrenched people that were nervous. There’s been a lot of lawlessness been permitted. It’s just manifesting now but those demons have always been ready to implement what you’re seeing and that’s why the Lord showed me how bad it’s going to get in the fall if we don’t pray.

I saw cities on fire. I saw troops in cities this was before they actually were sent. I saw Attorney General Barr with a handful of indictments. I saw these things and he showed me if the church prays you can change history. But see what happens is if you are really anointed and appointed and chosen and sent all those words which you are then a demon will not know how to deal with you because it would be like they’re dealing with a new breed.

Do you get it, because they’re so used to lukewarmness and compromise. They sit, the demons sit on the front row and they get to some of these songs where they’re talking about God and not to God. They’re like oh this is our favorite song the demons love some of the songs we sing. You know, when you’re doing this song, I like, I have no idea what that was what that meant. You know Jesus is in here because there’s more than two and we’re talking as though he’s not here. Even here. He’s right there and we’re talking like he’s not here. That’s not worship.

I mean this isn’t a situation room or the the lawn of the white house. This isn’t CNN we’re not just informing people this is a relationship. What happens when someone approaches one of these loudmouthed legislators that have been in for 47 years. No one knows how they get reelected. You walk in within the power of God. They can’t talk, no matter what, they can’t say a word and you just start prophesying. What happens then the power of God. Then they got to get rid of their invisible friend. The demons start leaving then all of a sudden. They don’t have the power. I'm telling you the truth, this is what we can do from our house we can stop the power behind the evil.

In these times and seasons when this anointing comes on on people and in this dispensation what the Lord is doing now is the church. But it’s not the lukewarm organizations. It’s people that speak from the fire. If you’re five-fold you speak from the fire that’s where I want to go because I want to get built up. Listen, I'm telling you, I know people when they can choose to go to the lake on their boat on Sunday or go to church because the the factor is not the new engine you just got the new motor you just got for your boat and the new bass gear. The factor would be I want to be where God is and if he’s in my church I'm going to go. But they choose the bass boat because at least they can have fun. But they go to church and they don’t get nothing okay.

If you go to church and you get something or you are able to minister and give something then I would trade that I would go there because I want to be where God is. There’s no one here that’s a Christian in their right mind if God is in a house where you would want to go. You would pay. If you would pay the for the pearl of great price you would sell everything you had but you want God. If you’re going to sit there and sing kumbaya with a three-string guitar and hope that he comes by. I'm sorry, do you understand why people do what they do.

It’s got us into a lukewarm state but the problem is that just like Moses built the tabernacle of meeting the tent of meeting and God gave them another chance. When they rejected him, didn’t come up on the mountain, he gave them another place to meet and guess who showed up in that tent of meeting nobody. But Moses and Joshua they would come out of their tent and watch Moses and Joshua go because the fire pillar of fire would come onto that tent.

All of Israel would come out and they all would walk down. They’d watch him go in and disappear and none of them would go in and that’s where we’re at right now. We would rather have someone do it for us. Can you pray for me. Last time I checked. The holy spirit was a counselor seven miles up. You gotta start down between 160 miles out of your destination or you’ll miss your state in an airplane. Can’t just come seven miles out of the air. It takes a while takes a hundred miles sometimes so you gotta start down at a certain point or you’re gonna miss your whole state.

Those who are led by the spirit of God are sons of God

That’s okay if you’re by yourself but usually you’re not. There’s going to be some people mad at you. I thought you were a pilot. You have to learn to manage and think ahead. That’s what the holy spirit would tell you. The reason what you’re in is because you didn’t manage your approach with him. You didn’t let him. You give him the controls when you’re ready to crash.

Thanks a lot, it’s all yours, thanks a lot. Now think about it, the spirit of the Lord speaking to us. Here you end up in your destination because there’s times and seasons of the Lord and he will interpret those times and seasons. Now you know this, I checked it out because Perry Stone did all these studies, but I checked it out.

Hillel is the Hebrew word in the bible for Lucifer. Lucifer is not in the bible that’s the way they interpreted that word but it’s clearly Hillel. In Hebrew which means bright and shiny one. He had nine stones. The breastplate of the priest with 12. so I thought well I'm going to find out what he doesn’t have. What’s missing because, you know in government we compartmentalize everything for security reasons. So no one has the whole thing.

It’s like I have friends that are working on aircraft right now that are classified. It’ll be 20 to 30 years before you know about it. But they only have a part of it. They cannot tell by the part they have what the aircraft looks like or the spacecraft they can’t tell. They just have a piece of it and that’s good because then other countries only get a piece of it.

So God in his infinite wisdom he already knew Hillel would become Lucifer so he didn’t give him everything guess what’s missing Issachar. Issachar’s stone is missing out of his breastplate. What does Issachar's anointing in the bible. They were able to interpret the times and the seasons of God. That explains why he missed Moses, he missed Noah, he missed Jesus and now he’s missed the generation that’s the prophetic generation. You get it he doesn’t know.

While you’re waiting for the antichrist and trying to figure out his number in his name, Jesus told me that every generation had an antichrist. Satan doesn’t know when his time is coming so he grooms someone every generation in the slot ready and they die unseated. So I'm in the mood. You want to unseat this one okay. Well then what we do is we rise up and we be who we’re called to be. We start owning everything. I don’t need a middleman there’s only one mediator between God and man and it ain’t any of you. Last time I checked. It’s not even the Pope. It’s Jesus.

Small wars have been fought over this denominations. Have come and gone because they tried to take the place of the counselor. I got to go to a priest. I got to go to a prophet. Those who are led by the spirit of God are sons of God. Not those who are led by the five-fold.

I think we have an elephant in here. So the times in the seasons of the Lord are being revealed by his spirit but see Satan is not in on this. He always has to have people like Herod working for him and pharaoh and the wise men magi. He’s always trying to figure it out with the stars.

At what point do we just put it down and say, you know what, you can have the controls. You started this you can finish it. You’re the author and finish of my faith. I am in your hands and you start to realize with Him I cannot fail. Even though the circumstances are screaming otherwise.

I remember this one day when when I was struggling in turbulence to keep the airplane right and I didn’t know it but the turbulence had actually had subsided and you know there it was amazing to me that even the autopilot will hold you to a certain point and then at a certain point it’ll just give it back to you because it cannot do it. And it just says you can have it. I'm like thanks a lot but there’s a point where we get fixated on the problems and it subsides and we don’t know it’s subsided and I'm telling you this because that’s what the spirit of Lord is saying right now you have to discern the seasons and times.

The the captain for our airline was also my instructor, one of the captains that I knew he was instructing me and he said let go of the aircraft let go of the controls I got it. I go, you got it you sure, you yeah, and he didn’t grab the yoke or the throttle when I let go and it went to smooth perfectly smooth and level flight, he goes, see the airplane does better without you. I was fighting it because I didn’t know that the problem wasn’t even there anymore.

I was shadow boxing and I'm telling you by the spirit Lord as that is what’s happening to you right now Satan did this he did some traumatic events in your life he’s done what he just did but he you don’t need no but he’s left the room.

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