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God and Our Religious Needs

Could this be God of the future description?

If God does not exists as a man, but exists as a life force energies of the universe, a photo like this, or something similar, can describe how God of the future could be like, using our human imagination.

If God does not exists as a man, but exists as a life force energies of the universe, a photo like this, or something similar, can describe how God of the future could be like, using our human imagination.

God and religions needs

Welcome to our article (125), God and our religious needs

Dear readers, in this article, let me tell you about my spiritual beliefs, and take you through my imaginary spiritual world of the universe, where we are going to talk about God and our spiritual religious needs, in the hope that we come close to the truth, of how God and the spiritual world exist, while we are talking about our world religious needs.

We believe that, God and religions are a must have for humanity. So, before we say anything else, we want people to continue to believe and pray, in the same way as they have done during their lives, because that is the best way to be in touch with the spiritual world. Anyhow, religions are a way of life that brings the community together. Religions beside believing in God, they are a set of rules that helps people to live a meaningful life, and when we believe in the same things that follows the same rules, it is easy to talk about it to other people and be friend.

Most religion fulfil this role very well; but there are times when religions become extreme, one of the most extreme cases, is when people die because of these extreme religious beliefs. If we follow the history of mankind, there are many cases of religious extremism that have happened in the past, and many people have died; today most religions have become more moderate, so, people don’t die for religious beliefs; except the Muslim religion that keeps believing in the same way of 15th centuries ago, when their religion was created. We believe that also this religion needs to be modified, when the religious followers are ready to accept religious changes.

Anyhow, we cannot suggest anything to these people, without the fear of being persecuted, but we can write an idealists religion for the entire world, hoping that one day, they see the need to join us, then, they will modify their religion themselves, so that they fall in line with our future religions. So, let us discuss our future religious needs first.


Gods of the world, Indus Lord Brahma 4 head

While humanity may discusses if Gods exist, and most times we believe that if God exists is invisible because it is a spiritual force; the Indian religions have several statues of gods, one of the main Gods is Lord Braham 4 heads, as shown above.

While humanity may discusses if Gods exist, and most times we believe that if God exists is invisible because it is a spiritual force; the Indian religions have several statues of gods, one of the main Gods is Lord Braham 4 heads, as shown above.

Discussions about our future religions

Here we want to discuss about God and our future religious needs. These discussions are philosophic discussions about God existence. You see, there is a possibility that God may not exist; if that is correct, then God is an invention of our human mind; because man needs God to explain our own existence, and other things as well.

Anyhow, for God being like an old wise man, as most of us would like to believe today, the possibility is almost nil; but the spiritual forces of God of the universe, can make us believe that God is an old wise man. So, God may exist, or exists in another form, because the spiritual forces of the universe and Mother Nature can be called God.

We believe that even if there are doubts in our mind, about the real existence of God as we know it, we must believe in God, because even the beliefs themselves are helpful to humanity. Therefore, we must ask ourselves, which religion has the best God description that we could use in the future, and if there isn’t one, then we must think, how we can describe a new God in the future.

We must also think that for religions to be accepted from humanity, they must be constructed in a way that they will give the religious believers something in return, if they behave according to the rules that the religion provides. To do that, we must believe that we have a soul, and that we can benefit from these religious rules, here on earth while we are living and also in the afterlife, because our souls can be immortal, if we behave the right way. But at the same time, we should not give too much importance to the soul benefits, because they might not be there, and we can sacrifice ourselves and gain nothing.

So, what is left to discuss now is, how we can describe a Super God that can connect all existing religions, in a way that humanity can accept now and for the future, so that all existing religions can be connected to this Super God, and also all spiritual entities can connect to it, and by doing so, one day the world religions can become a single religion, and religious wars can be avoided. If this can be done, a new religious system will be formed. But let us see, if we can choose, or modify one of the existing religions to fulfill this role; which is doubtful, because if they were good enough, we would have known. Now let us look at the present religions.

Our beliefs and the present religions

We believe in God, but then we ask ourselves that God may not exist. According to Sigmund Freud, God is an illusion, based on the infantile need for a powerful father figure. Religions are necessary to help us restrain violent impulses. If that is so, then religions one day will not be needed, or a religion with less restrains is needed.

Freud and religion , The Future of an Illusion,

For what I can understand, Sigmund Freud believes that God does not exist, but then later he somehow says that believing in God can be helpful to people. Now let us look at what some other people think about religions, and which religion is the best to choose. But there is not much to choose from, because most of them fail to perform, to the standard that we want future religions to be.

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So, let us see what people think religions must be like, and what God must be like, to fulfill what we want from God and religions, in the future.

Today because the entire world is going global, we need a religion that reflects that. So, we must avoid the old religions that aim for isolation, we need a God that sees all existing people as being equal, irrespective of any race colour or religious beliefs.

Most people believe that in the future, we need a benevolent God heading all religions; but God and the existing religions, are not made to have a benevolent God, they have been made to have a powerful God, so, most present religions will fail the test, so, let us see:

The old Jewish religions in the Bible fail the test, of being a benevolent God, because Yahweh sides with the Israelites, and order the killing of people many times. You see, the Jews to repossess their Promised Land had to kill the people that now were living there.

The Indus religions fail the test, because one of their God’s tells this follower to kill his family and follow him. I don’t know if it was Lord Krishna or another God. Anyhow they fail the test for this reason.

The Buddhists religion fail the test, because they believe in reincarnation, but they don’t believe that they have a soul, that can benefit after they die. So, there is not enough incentive to behave and save themselves in the afterlife.

The Christian religions fail the test, because they fought in the crusader, where many people died, and they had the Inquisition, where people were burned alive.

The Muslim religions fail the test, because Muhammad and his followers pray to their God Allah, to help them make wars and kill people and win the war. So, their God is too far away from the God we need today.

So, all the main religious Gods fail to do what we need them to do, to choose them as our God of the future. Therefore, we must describe a new God, that can fulfill most if not all what we require from God in the future.


The God we need in the future

In the future we need a Super God that can link all existing religions, because the world is going global; and for this reason, religions need to go global too.

To achieve that is not easy, because we need at least to modify religions, in a way that they can be linked together; if that is not possible, then we must think how to describe God for a future religion that can achieve that.

Since we have accepted that we need God and a religious order, we have two choice of how God can be described, in the future: First choice, God is the entire universe, so, God does not need to create the universe, because God is the universe, but this is not the God that we want or need. Second choice, God is the entire spiritual force of the universe and guides all spiritual and living things in the universe; so, this God is much closer to the religious system that we have now, therefore, this type of God can connect all existing religions together.

Having said that, now I can say that we have already written a theory, called Reconciliation of the universe in Hub Page, which is several articles long; this is one of the articles, God of the Universe description, anyhow, we are trying to shorten our religious theory to make it easier for our readers.

Anyhow, today I can see signs that religious leaders, are considering some minor changes. So, I ask myself, if that is true, or it is my imagination that wants to see this happening; I hope it is true. Now, I believe that this article is already too long, so, I better stop witting, see you next time, where we are going to look at some religious leaders, starting from the pope.


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