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God Teaches Him - Isaiah 28:2


His God teaches him order; he instructs him. Isaiah 28:26

Order in His Creation

Who am I in Christ? I’m His servant, His Child, and even His friend, but I’m also His student. He teaches me.

God teaches me order.

This is so interesting because the non-believing world pushes the idea of chaos. They don’t publicly recognize the Creator of all. In fact, they say it all came from nothing. Or dust. Even life came from non-life. That’s what they say. It’s all a bunch of chaotic physics they say.

But that’s not what God teaches. He teaches order.

And He teaches me order even in His own creation. His natural law.

The first chapter of bible, Genesis 1 is a study in order.

And yes there is apparent chaos in the world, but the chaos isn’t the creator; the chaos is the breaking down of creation.

He Instructs

Why does it break down? Because Adam and Eve ate the fruit that God told them not to eat. Adam and Eve sided with Satan, the great deceiver. He told them to believe in magic. He told them that when they ate the fruit, they would be more powerful.

And our sinless grandparents became sinful with a bite. They changed sides. They trusted the serpent and paid dearly for it. They cursed the world.

See, they were born into order. They had it naturally. Adam knew how to name the animals. By naming them, he figured out that he should have a mate. He could see it in the natural order. God taught Adam through His creation.

God teaches me order; He instructs me.

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He instructs me through His creation, and He instructs me through His word, sometimes directly as I read it and sometimes when someone else tells me what it says.

Depending on Him

In this process, I make sense of things like the natural world and theology.

I’m no scholar, nor theologian, but I appreciate it. I love reading men who work to make sense of His word.

In His Word, He tells me over and over again, “Depend on Me. Wait for Me. Worship only Me.”

These are part of His order.

He tells us to be humble. Over and over. It’s part of His order.

He tells me to work at these things and that He will work it in me. I work; He makes it happen.

I’m not talking about salvation here. That’s free. The work has already been done. If I’m trying to pay off my sin debt to God, I missed the order of things. He makes it clear. I was born a sinner. He offers salvation freely. He already paid the full price. I accept and hope in that ultimate sacrifice on the cross. I am once and for all His child.

Now, he sanctifies me, that daily thing He does to keep me in fellowship with Him. And though I might drift, He pulls me back.

I work. He empowers.

He teaches me order. He instructs me. And I am learning. Today.

Lord, teach me. May my eyes be open to your order. May I be humble so I may see what’s right there in front of me. And may I have the desire to dig for the golden nuggets that you have buried in your word for your children to find. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

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