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God Made Man In His Image: Bible Story for Kids of All Ages

Adam in the Garden of Eden with the Animals

Genesis 2:7-25: God Creates Adam and Places Him in the Garden of Eden

God looked at the world He had finished making. It was beautiful. The world had turtles and fish, beautiful stars shining at night, roses blooming, and sunsets. The waters and land were filled with beauty. God saw His creation and He saw that it was very good, but He wasn't finished yet.

God knew something was missing. Then God created Adam, which means human in Hebrew. He created humans to rule over the earth as His representatives.

God took some dust from the ground and made Adam. Then He breathed life into Adam. God said to Adam, "I want you to be in charge of the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, and the animals on the land."

God put Adam in a beautiful garden called, "Eden." The Garden of Eden had a river flowing from it. It also had a special tree called the tree of knowledge. God told Adam that he was free to eat from all the food in the garden of Eden, except the tree of knowledge. God asked Adam to care for the garden. How wonderful this garden was filled with delicious foods to eat and beautiful flowers to see.

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Because God loved Adam, He set His first rule for Adam. God told Adam that he would have a happy life if he trusted and obeyed God. By giving Adam the first rule, not to eat from the tree of knowledge, God had given Adam a chance to be good and obey.

Adam set out to care for the animals as God wanted him to do. He began by naming the animals. A big animal came tromping up to him. Adam said, "I will name you an elephant." Then a friendly animal came to him barking and Adam said, "I will name you a dog." A large brown animal growled nearby and Adam said, "I will name you a bear." A small soft animal purred at Adam's feet and he said, "I will name you a cat." Adam continued naming animals. He named the gophers, zebras, lions, turkeys, doves, and all the other creatures of the earth. It took a very long time for Adam to give all God's animals a name, but it was a splendid job to have.

Video of Adam Naming the Animals in the Garden of Eden- Genesis

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